Thirsties Duo Diaper Snap, Honeydew, Size Two

Thirsties Duo Diaper Snap, Honeydew, Size Two

The Thirsties Duo Diaper is easy to use and even easier on your wallet. This innovative two-piece diapering system combines an absorbent insert with a waterproof sleeve diaper for quick, simple changes and easy cleaning. Even for cloth diapering novices. The adjustable rise provides a snug, comfortable fit as your baby grows. Two sizes take you from birth to potty. Available in a variety of fresh, fun colors and prints. Made in USA. About ThirstiesThe mission of Thirsties, Inc. is to make it easy and attainable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in local economy and sustainable business practices. All Thirsties products are USA-made by a group of very talented women, many of whom work in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Only the best of USA-sourced components are chosen in order to reduce carbon footprint, to help support domestic textile mills, and to ensure Thirsties diapers will last wash after wash. Thirsties, Inc. is judged as providing the very best in comfortable leak-proof cloth diapering while practicing superior ethical business practices.

Main features

  • Grows with your baby so you only need two sizes from birth to potty
  • Leg gussets for advanced leak protection
  • Microfleece liner wicks moisture providing wetness protection and stain resistance
  • Seven thirsty layers of absorbency
  • Durable, secure snap closures

Verified reviews


Not a fan of covers

In fact….I dont ever use this. If it is over a fitted diaper…things are so bulky down there it is ridiculous! Prefolds under this is even worse. Buy there AIOS….but even then I am not super happy with those as well. Way too bulky. I only use the aio for over night as it seems to work well. Makes red marks on my son from the skinny elastic that they use. I hate diapers that have skinny elastic in the back!

Caitlin Lambert, MS

Best swim diaper yet!

I have 3 boys and these haven’t seemed to work for any of them. The insert isn’t big enough to cover all the boy parts, so they leak every single time. BUT!!! I found that you can take the insert out and keep it as a doubler in another diaper. Then use the cover as a swim diaper. It’s awesome!!!! The poo doesn’t get stuck in the mesh like it does in a swim diaper. It won’t leak like a swim diaper, not even for runny breast fed poo. And you get a doubler to use in another diaper. All for the same price as most swim diapers!!! I have been doing it for a while now and no issues at all with delaminating, but I think if you are going to do it that you should make sure you have designated ones just for swimming just in case the chlorine does anything to the diaper.

Emily Stringer, MS

Was excited for these to arrive and was disappointed.

I had heard so many happy endorsements for this diaper. The patterns are ADORABLE and I was super excited for these diapers to arrive. I have been trying out a few different brands before I make an investment into our supply. We have tried FuzziBuns, Happy Heinys and now these. The Happy Heinys were small and leaked up the front. The Thirsties are not going to make it to 40 pounds.The first time we used them they leaked out the side. My child is in the 95th percentile @ 7 months old, so these may work just fine for a slimmer child. The leg gussets were way too tight and we are on the very last set of snaps. The diaper was also very tight around his belly. Our baby is 29 inches tall and 24lbs. The Fuzzibuns, although larger for a cloth diaper have never leaked and I believe will make it through potty training. The other thing is the inserts that were provided with the Thirsties diaper took forever to dry when I washed them. They were washed with the BabyKicks 3 Pack Joey Bunz Premium inserts and it definitely took a lot longer to dry the Thirsties inserts than the others.Unfortunately, these and Happy Heinys will not. Amazon was very gracious about providing a refund. I would not recommend these diapers if your child is ‘thicker’. Also, the BabyKicks 3 Pack Joey Bunz Premium inserts are the best that I have found. They are pricey, but they definitely do the job. The FuzziBuns inserts are great as well if you are looking for a less expensive alternative to the BabyKicks 3 Pack Joey Bunz Premium. Also, some good advice that I’ve found is that if your diapers start to repel after a while of use, use the Blue Dawn dish soap (Dawn Ultra) in with the load and it will strip them down and normal absorbency will take place again.Good Luck! This whole cloth diapering thing is so confusing, but I think I’m starting to get it down. Please feel free to post questions or message me through my profile and I will help if I can. I decided to cloth diaper because I was tired of applying A&D; ointment daily to my son’s bottom due to redness. When we use the cloth diapers, it clears up. And it’s really not that bad to wash, etc. I’m a simple and efficient mama with a lot going on and I don’t have a lot of time to invest into much. I figured out how to make this work for us. Also, for storage while we are waiting to build up a whole load, we just throw them into a pillow case to keep them separate. Run them in a cold soak load. Then HOT wash load using a Tide Free (White bottle with light blue lid).

Evangelina Sarahsville, OH

At least it was free.

I ordered a brand new thirsties duo wrap and was sent a used duo diaper. The seller gave me a refund but let me keep the diaper. My 2 year old is potty trained but needs a diaper at night and for naps. He is a tiny little stick of a boy, he weighs 23-24 pounds and is 35 inches tall, he’s in the 5th% for weight and 10% for height. There is no way this diaper will last until he is 40 pounds, we’re on the biggest rise, but its barely enough. The wraps seem to be made much bigger and will last, they are also what I prefer to use, this is the first pocket diaper I have ever used and I’m not crazy about it. Its easy to stuff and I like the insert, but this just doesnt meet my expectations.

Elva Springville, AL

My favorite cloth diaper

I have tried a handful of "the best" cloth diapers and quickly got discouraged, as many of them didn’t fit like they were supposed to on my newborn son. I ended up using prefolds, and I started using the Thirsties wraps that I had and LOVED THEM. Even on my newborn, the leg gussets contained everything, they never leaked out the front, back, sides, etc. and they instantly became the first cover I reached for.As he grew a little more, I started to using the Thirsties Duo Diaper and loved that even more. I absolutely love that the inserts are so easy to stuff into the diaper because there is an opening in the front and the back, so you can simply pull through. (Fuzzibunz do not have this feature and I dread stuffing those pockets)He was a larger baby at birth (over 9 lbs) and now is 3 weeks old. For my little chunk, I don’t see this diaper lasting as long as it says it does, but we’ll see. Either way, I’ll gladly move to size two.

Jodi Greenbank, WA

Opening at Both Ends

The one and only thing about this diaper that I like is that the pocket has openings at both ends. If you have a poo diaper you can pull the inserts out from the non poo end which is really nice. This diaper is one of the biggest One Size (OS) diapers that I have in my stash and it does have gussets but I don’t find that they make a difference. The PUL fabric is quite crunchy sounding too, similar to old school diaper covers. This diaper comes with 2 inserts, a micro terry and a cotton/hemp blend. Both inserts are the same size and so when the diaper is on the smallest settings they would be too large. The snaps on the wings are not situated in a way that keep the excess material there flat. I was hoping this would be a good night time diapers but I noticed that by morning the potty had started to leak around all of the snaps and you could see a yellow halo around them. This diaper is not one that I would recommend to a friend.

Rosalind Hanover, MN

Great diaper, runs a little small

Great diaper for reasons already mentioned by other reviewers: double gusset, two-layer insert. Just wish I had bought the size 1 when my son was first born to get more use out of it!

Annie West Mansfield, OH

leak free, easy dry

weve got couple of these in our stash and i find that thyy are some of my fvvorites. love the leg gussetts, and the ability to cusoomize th absorbancy. thyy adjutt really well and such cute patterns!

Lillian Maplecrest, NY

Great diaper!

Love all my Thirsties products! The liner being one part microfiber and one part hemp makes it very absorbant. And the leg elastic doesn’t let ANYTHING through, even on newborn babies!

Kaye Pellville, KY

Great diaper

The rose color is very pretty. I love the snaps…easily put on. The double stuffer pad is very nice for extended diaper wear. I love that the pockets are open on both sides to allow the stuffer to aggitate itself out in the wash…however, sometimes it doesn’t come out. I’m used to bumgenius diapers (really like them besides the one-side open pocket) and this was very easy to use. However, due to the price (about $19 each), I’ll be purchasing more Daiper Safari pocket diapers. They are my new favorites (about $14) even though they come with only one stuffer. I’ve got plenty of bumgenius stuffers to compensate.

Cherie Canajoharie, NY

Not as good as hoped for, but better than I thought

Let me start off by saying Thirsties is one of my favorite brands. I love their snap wraps! I could use flatfolds and prefolds with a Thirsties duo wrap exclusively, but I was looking for something with more convenience so my husband would be more apt to jump on board with cloth diapering…you know, so he doesn’t have to touch the wet and dirty parts. ;)I had a couple of BumGenius 4.0’s because I heard high reviews (I love them, by the way) and was going to get more, but these duo diaper snaps were on sale for $15 so I got one to try out.The gussets will always be my favorite feature, but there were a couple things about the duo diaper that I just didn’t find that appealing.First off, the micro-fleece seems flimsy and of cheaper quality (compared to bumgenius) and I find myself wondering just how long they’ll last. (Now, worst case scenario, if the micro-fleece falls apart like it feels it’s going to, I can just cut it out and use it as a duo wrap, so no huge loss.)Second (and last) complaint might be a little petty but I’ll share it anyway. The way the pocket openings are put together seem sloppy, both front and back. They’re loose and you need to stuff the inner end back into the diaper before letting your little one run around. Nice idea to be able to stuff them two different ways, especially if the Little One’s in the midst of a diaper change, it’s nice to be able to empty and re-stuff from the front, plus the instructions state that because of the design, you don’t have to manually remove the insert before washing…it supposedly comes out in the wash automatically, but I’ve not tested this myself.I’ll definitely continue to go after the duo wraps, but I can do without the duo diapers. If we decide that we want more pockets, it’ll be the BumGenius brand.Update: After several weeks of use, I’ve changed my opinion of these. The fabric liner is not cheap or flimsy, like I had originally believed, and the openings aren’t as sloppy as first observed. The convenience of front or back-stuffing far outweighs any before-thought inconveniences. I will definitely buy these again; I like them nearly as well as Bumgenius: whether I buy one or the other will probably depend on the prices of each at the time of purchase.

Samantha Norcross, MN

Cute and no leaks!

Pink argyle has got to be the cutest diaper pattern of all time. Beyond that, I was also really happy with the fit and experienced no leaks with this diaper. The materials have a great feel to them. We were very satisfied with this diaper.

Luisa Oaks, OK

Really good diapers

First of all a few facts.Thirsties Duo Diapers …….do have gussets….do not leak….do have microfiber and cotton soaker pads….do dry fast, as the 2 different parts of the soaker come apart in the wash….do not have to be separated to wash. The soaker agitates out on its own….really are easy to stuff….have really strong snaps….have a stay dry fabric that touches baby’s bottom, making for a very comfortable all night diaper….colors that are very true to the pictures on this site. And I do love the colors and prints.These diapers are absolutely awesome. I bought them ahead of time long before my son was born. He was 7 lbs 3 oz when he was born. The Thirsties Duo Diaper had a very comfortable fit, but was still slightly loose around the thighs, this caused them to leak just a little bit.By the time he was 3 weeks old, he weighed 10 lbs 2 oz. That is when I started him in these for real. They fit so well around his legs. They are not that bulky, they are extremely absorbent, and best of all they DO NOT leak! Thirsties Duo Diapers, like the Thirsties Duo Wraps have gussets that keep even the biggest newborn explosions inside the diaper where it belongs. The diapers also do not get wet on the outside like some diapers do, even tho the pul side of the diaper is very soft and squishy.He is now 6 weeks old and slightly over 11 lbs. The diaper still fits, but is on the very last setting with both snaps on the diaper. This is the only Con this diaper has. The snaps are beside each other. This really limits the sizing in my opinion. I can see these as fitting for a little bit yet if my baby would lengthen and not get any fatter. But the problem is, my baby will get fat. All my babies are fat. They are fat, roly poly little snugglers. So I need a diaper that has a broad range of fit.If you have babies who are long and not so roly poly then this wold be (in my opinion) the perfect diaper for you. They are soft, cozy and very comfortable for baby. But for me, I will sadly have to trade these diapers for an option with a longer and better fit for a fat baby. These are my second favorite diaper ever.The diapers I have tried are Bumkins, Bumgenius, Fuzzibunz, Swaddlebees, Itty Bitty’s, and a few more brands that I can not remember.

Aida Springerton, IL


After our daughter was born we started off with disposable diapers! However the chemicals in the diapers were causing her to get severe diaper rash. After going through many brands, we finally decided to try cloth diapers! After much research I decided that I really wanted to try the Thirsties ( We have the Duo Wraps for daytime with prefolds and Duo Diapers for night use and outings). I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed! I absolutely LOVE these! They are so simple to use and leaks….WHAT LEAKS? Not these! I have not had any blowouts, leak or anything! The double gussets are marvelous and the fact that you can adjust the rise of the diaper to custom-fit your baby is what keeps them from leaking. I am completely convinced that if someone has leaks from these that they are doing something wrong with the adjustments somewhere! It does take some getting used to as the fit of disposables and cloth diapers is definitely different but once you get the hang of it, it definitely becomes simpler! I use these mainly at night with the duo insert that comes with it and one of the fab doublers. Every time I use these she stays dry and happy! As for the diaper rash? I am glad to report that it is now non-existent! My baby girl definitely has a happy bum these days!

Willie South Gate, CA

My favorite cloth diapers — and buy American!

I will try to keep this short. Have tried many many types of cloth diapers…Thirsties are my fave brand. So happy with their products and customer service. Bonus is that they’re 100% US sourced and manufactured. All Thirsties products are hand sewn by American ladies (located in the South I believe). The best kind of cottage industry, IMHO. I am a bit of a Thirsties cheerleader these days, lol. And no, I don’t work for them, just a very satisfied customer.After much experimentation I decided to go with Thirsties AIOThirsties Duo All in One Snap, Meadow, Size One (6-18 lbs)for daytime and Duo Diaper SnapThirsties Duo Diaper, Mango, Size One (6-18 lbs)for night, car trips or whenever baby may go an extended period of time between changes. The duo diaper has the wonderful double gusset which means there is absolutely no leakage. The insert is easy to get in and out so you don’t have to stick your hand in poo to remove it. I also love that the insert has two layers – hemp and fleece – that snap together.Thirsties Stay-Dry Duo Insert, White, Size One (6-18 lbs)You can use either or both inserts depending on the level of absorbancy required. The snaps and materials are highly durable — they still look great after daily washing for months. They fit my 6 mo old perfectly! And not too bulky, either. Highly recommended.For an ultraslim silhouette, I prefer the Thirsties AIOs. Sadly they do not have the double gusset that I love. They are very easy on/off. There is a tunnel under the second layer of fleece, into which you could slide an additional insert. I have never tried it because I use these diapers specifically for their lack of bulk. They are great for daytime or for potty training (because baby will be able to remove them herself by potty training age, esp if using velcro closures). The only downside to these is that they take a while to dry if you hang them on the line. I line dry all of my diaper covers and AIOs because I find that they get roughed up in the dryer. On a side note, I don’t buy velcro diapers anymore because I found that the velcro falls apart with repeated washing. Snaps are much better.At first I felt that it was more expensive to buy the Thirsties, because you have to get them in 2 sizes. It didn’t take long to realize that “onesize” diapers are actually far too big for young infants and too small for toddlers of potty training age. After I brought my 6lb baby home from the hospital I discovered that NONE of the diapers we’d bought came CLOSE to fitting her. I had to buy an emergency stash of Thirsties XS size diapers and covers. Great for petite babies and preemies! She was able to wear the Thirsties size 1 at 8 lbs and the other brands’ one size diapers at around 14 lbs. If you have a large baby, perhaps the one size would work for you, but my small baby wasn’t able to use them until about 5 months old. Right now, at 15 lbs, she can fit both size 1 and size 2 of Thirsties diapers (so double stash bonus for a little while, yay!)

Liza Princeton, KY


Difficult to insert the inserts that accompany it, so I have resorted to using it as a cover, and ok so far.

Lillie Hoffman, IL