Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold, White, Size One

Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold, White, Size One

Thirsties is revolutionizing the most widely used cloth diaper in the world. Prefold cloth diapers are popular for their affordability and are the most common diaper supplied by cloth diaper services. Though they don’t share all the bells and whistles as other more modern cloth diapers, they have their definite and permanent place in the industry and they have been proven dependable and economical. However, Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds are no ordinary prefold! We’ve solved many of the cons of prefold diapers in our patent-pending design. Ordinary prefolds are bulky and take a long time to dry. When hung to dry, they can become stiff and crunchy. In addition, most prefolds are 8 layers thick in the middle, which makes it difficult to clean all layers of the diaper thoroughly. Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds are designed to allow water and air to flow through the 2 layer thick panels, permitting thorough cleansing with little effort and quick drying times. Our custom hemp jersey is as soft as your favorite t-shirt and it’s knitted with love right here in the USA. Hemp is an ideal diaper fabric as it displays antimicrobial properties, is many times more durable, and is more absorbent than cotton. In fact, our hemp jersey is 25% more absorbent than a prefold of the same weight made from cotton alone! This translates into a very trim and effective cloth diaper with a hefty amount of absorbing power. The mission of Thirsties, Inc. is to make it easy and affordable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in our local economy and sustainable business practices. We are very proud of the fact that all Thirsties products are manufactured in Colorado, USA, by a group of very talented individuals, many of whom are moms who work in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. We delight in the opportunity to sell products that contribute to a happy and healthy start for your children while helping to minimize your baby’s first carbon footprints.

Main features

  • Revolutionary design is easy to clean, quick to dry, and grows with your baby
  • Made from soft custom hemp jersey knitted in the USA
  • 25% more absorbent and much more durable than pure cotton
  • Maintains a trim and comfortable fit
  • Pair with Thirsties Diaper Cover or Duo Wrap

Verified reviews


Stiff, Thick, Stains, Short, Dense, Heavy, Forever to Dry

I returned an earlier order because of erroneous information about sizing. But I received a Thirsties prefold recently to try out. The dense, heavy fabric – almost twice as heavy as a 100% cotton prefold – takes forever to dry. It has a strange design in which double layers wrap around in a cylindrical shape, and it’s too short unless you use it as an insert (but, then why call it a prefold?). This isn’t a true prefold. It’s one giant 2-layered sheet wrapped around itself and sewn closed in an infinite loop, so it’s essentially 4 layers when laid flat. It stains easily, and bleach doesn’t even remove it. However, if you have plenty of sunshine, the sunlight will gradually fade the stains. It becomes stiff when wet – like cardboard; so it’s not comfortable for baby. Whichever way you fold it or use it, the combined 4 layers is too thick and stiff. It’s not organic, and the hemp is chemically processed.

Lilly Baudette, MN

useless as a prefold, usefull as insert

For prep I did 5 washes, as hemp absorbs more after 5 washes. Our baby was born at 7 pounds and lean – this prefold wouldn’t fit him. I finally decided to use this as insert and it is a wonderful insert. Wished I bought the thirsties stay dry duo insert instead of this.

Autumn Sunflower, MS

More absorbant than just cotton

These are the only prefolds I have purchased so I don’t have much to compare them to. I do have the kissaluv hybrid diapers and I noticed that the thirsties absorb more than the hybrid diapers which are cotton and polyester blend. The kissaluv hybrid diapers get completely soaked while the hemp prefolds only get about half soaked. However, these diapers are not great when it comes to poop. Because they are folded and just a narrow bit of fiber between the baby’s legs the poop is not “caught” and it goes everywhere inside of the diaper cover. So the prefold and diaper cover must be changed at the same time. If you have spares and your baby only poops once a day this is ok. I try to put the hybrid or a disposable on the baby when it is close to pooping time.

Bobbi Dodge, ND

Worth every penny!

It was my first time cloth diapering and I purchased all Thristies products after doing a lot of research. My son is now 13 months old and still using them all. I have had zero problems. Their products are made in the USA and the quality is excellent. I do nothing “special” to clean them and after over a years worth of wearing I have zero stains on my diapers and have never had to strip them once. I should also mention that my son has NEVER had a single diaper rash!!! They are great. All of Thirsties products are easy to use and I will be using these same diapers on my second baby! They still look brand new! I ordered the prefolds in size one and two, the covers in size one and two, 2 large wet bags, two small wet bags, and a handful of the hemp inserts which I add in at night for extra dryness so my son sleeps through the night. Each item was worth every penny and I didn’t waist money trying a million diapers from a million different companies. I trusted my gut after doing the research, went with Thirsties, and haven’t regretted it a bit. Love, love, love this company. I should also say that Thirsties prefolds dry in ONE dryer cycle which is a huge deal. With an all-in-one or other styles where the diaper is sewn in, you are looking at multiple dryer cycles to get them dry. You can check out the unique design of their prefolds too, which helps them get cleaner in the washer and dry faster in the dryer. I paired these with the snap covers and this system has been really easy for myself, and surprisingly my husband has commented many times on how easy they are. Thirsties will also tell you on their website that there is no need to purchase or use snappi’s with their diaper system which is great. My son was 8 lb 15 oz at birth and the size one fit him fine and says it can fit as small as a 6 lb newborn. With their adjustable sizing I spent NO money on “newborn” diapers. I give the double gusset design all the credit for the fact that in the 13 months my son has been in diapers he has NEVER…yes, literally never, had a blowout that came out of the diaper onto his clothes. As far as wet leaks, when he grew and it was my turn to adjust the rise and waist to fit his growing body, I had a couple leaks when I was trying to figure out which snap would work best at his new size. Along that journey I had a couple wet leaks at night as I was figuring out a good fit but as soon as I discovered the right fit, no leaks. My son transitioned seamlessly from size 1 to size 2 EXACTLY when they said he would (at 19 lbs) and has a great fit since birth due to the fact that there are so many different ways to snap Thirsties covers. (as a side note, if you buy the covers I prefer the snaps rather than the Velcro. Velcro eventually would wear out where snaps do not) Also, if you are purchasing these for an upcoming baby but they are not here yet, wait as long as possible to purchase them because Thirsties 6 month warranty starts from the purchase date (so if you purchase them when you are only a few months pregnant the warranty will be expired before the diaper ever hits your baby’s bum!)There are many other diapers out there that will cost you a whole lot more than this company charges. This is a great product at an affordable price.

Wilma Keller, VA

Awesome prefold

I love these prefolds and use them with Thirsties Duo Covers. They are absorbent and easy to fold and use. They are not very bulky but still work great. I just wish they were cheaper so I could buy more.

Constance Shorterville, AL

Not sure it’s worth the price

This is probably the most absorbent diaper I have tried. However, like every other prefold I have tried, it shrunk and now hardly fits around my chunky little daughter. And she is only 2 months old. I fold it up and use it as an insert inside her other diapers for overnight, but Thirsties sells hemp inserts for that purpose that work as well. At $7 each, not worth it.

Cheri Lamont, MI

Great diaper

We use these diapers exclusively with our baby boy since he was a few days old and he is 2 months old now. I love the diaper- they are very absorbent and bleach out nicely in the sun. They are kind of thick when tri folded into a cover, but I guess most are. The reason I gave it 4 stars are that a couple of them have started coming a part at some of the seams. I did put them in the dryer quite a few times, and just recently have started line drying them since the days are hotter outside now. They really would take a long time to dry inside hanging. But they are really soft on his bum and he is comfortable in them.

Kimberley Lutcher, LA

Great for overnight diapering

I use this to stuff my small FuzziBunz pocket diaper. I only have one, as I purchased a few different inserts to try out. This one I save for night times because it is so absorbent. It’s pretty bulky for a small diaper, but not horrible. I think I will like it better once my little guy gets a bit older and bigger. I plan to buy more of these as we move to bigger sized diapers. I’ve not used it as a prefold, but I can see why some people would. It’s super soft. Stains come out beautifully when sun-bleached.

Latoya Saxton, PA

Great Product

These are very absorbent prefolds and so soft. If you are using with a cover I would get a stay dry liner to keep the moisture off the bottom. When we switched to pockets I still use these as inserts. I will intentionally stuff with these when we go out because I know they will hold up!

Margarita Whitetop, VA

Not as good as the reviews state, but good(ish)

My other cloths are just as absorbent, even the cotton ones- like Osocosy brand (size2). I have to use this as an insert because at 18lbs my 9mo’ old doesn’t fit into this w/a large snappy.It works, and it’s not disappointing.. but the price I paid for this makes me kind of nauseous when I could have gotten four for the same price from hempbabies or osocosy.

Kirsten East Randolph, NY

so far so good

So far these diapers are working out well. I have a 5 1/2 month old who is around 12 lbs. They seem to be pretty absorbant and I haven’t had any leaks thus far. The one things that I think could use just a little improvement is that they could be just a touch wider and a little bit longer. My baby is a thin baby and sometimes its a little challenging to make sure he’s fully covered but once I get it just right they would great. I use them with the inserts because I figure what’s the point of chancing a leak.

Nora Igo, CA

Good but too expensive

They are bulky, but i have not had any leaks with my 16mo. He goes through about 8 of them in one day. They do stain so I need to soak them in soapy water before washing. It’s similar to a t-shirt material. The negatives: it is heavy and takes a long time to air dry and only 1 cloth diaper is included so it can get expensive to buy a day or two worth of diapers.

Marion Henderson, MN


I seriously don’t “rave” about products, especially a prefold DIAPER!! But this is really an amazingly absorbant piece of cloth. Exteamly thin. If I had the money, I’d replace all my lousy, bulky kissaluvs and prefolds for these. My daughter is 10 months and is a very heavy wetter. I don’t add a doubler with this prefold at naptime because it’s THAT good!

Tessa Lincolndale, NY

These grew on me

At first I have to say I hated these. I was used to being able to snappi my prefolds. These prefolds are not wide enough and the fibers are too dense for the snappi to grasp it. So they went into my misfit diaper drawer. However, I noticed my daughter was struggling to sit up over the bulk of the prefolds I thought I loved. So I brought these back out. They are much thinner than regular prefolds, but still very absorbant. I fold them so they flare out at the butt and narrow up front. They fit well inside a medium thirsties cover. My daughter is able to move easier and sit up better so the threat of a twosie everywhere inside the cover (cuz you can’t snappi it) is a small price to pay.

Jewel Tygh Valley, OR

good stuff

this is my daughter’s night time diaper prefold. i don’t like that i can’t use a snappi to hold it, nor does it fold like the regular preofolds i use. you have to trifold it which leaves it so bulky. BUT it is so absorbant and I tried many other products to counter her heavy night time wetting.

Susana Filer, ID

Absorbant but limited

These are very absorbent but they’re very difficult to snappie on my 2 month old AND my 2 year old (so size 1 and size 2). You’re pretty much stuck with just laying them inside the cover. I use them with a thirsties duo cover. They take a while to dry but that’s to be expected for the absorbancy.

Faith Marine, IL


Amazing! A little thinner than the competition and since we’ve been using these overnight, we haven’t had one leak! We tuck them in our BG new style elementals as an overnight dipe.

Polly Ruby, NY

OBSESSED with this diaper!!

This is by far my favorite diaper. I wish my entire stash would magically replace itself with all of these!I’m shocked by the poor reviews of this product! I didn’t purchase through amazon, I purchased through another retailer. These diapers are so absorbent. I can trifold these and stuff them in a pocket diaper and that is all I need for night time. But since it is so trim (about as thick as the newborn sized micro fiber insert that comes with a BG 4.0) I use these day or night. I never EVER panic about waking a sleeping baby to put her in a “night time” diaper because this diaper soaks and soaks. I’ve never had a leak with this diaper. EVER. And the design of it helps it dry much faster than a traditional hemp prefold/insert.This prefold is designed to be tri-folded and laid into a cover/stuffed into a pocket. It is not designed to be used as a traditional prefold (ie, wrapped around and snappied/pinned onto a baby). It clearly shows that in the pictorial description on the packaging. You could possibly do this with a newborn but that’s about it.Love love love love this diaper. LOVE IT.

Vonda Green Mountain, NC

A great prefold

This is a great prefold diaper! I have others that pill when you put them in the dryer, but these are diaper perfection! They are super soft and they are very absorbent. A little pricy, but worth every penny!

Lori Readfield, ME

amazing and totally different from everthing else

This is the only prefold with this design that I know of…the material is sewn into a loopt is hemp blended and therefore antimicrobial..this helps to prevent rash…it dries very fast and is very absorbent. Most of my hemp products dry very slowly. We trifold this prefold and cover it with thirsties duo wraps or marvels one size covers. No snappis or pins required with these wrap style covers.Plus I can quickly hang dry the covers. These prefolds also wash up very well. Overall I prefer these over pocket diapers and all in ones. My only problem is that they do not wick away well..typical of we lay bummis microfleece liners inside

May East Templeton, MA

Great but not for the price

First use with poop they stained and took a while to clean. Yes they are absorbent, but I do just as well with my Oso Cozy prefolds. For the price paid I prefer the Oso Cozy diapers. They fit well on my two month old, but again not supper impressed.

Estella Adamsville, OH

Pretty good.

I got these to have a trim option for trifolding in covers. They fit will in my Flip covers on the small setting and are trimmer than regular prefolds, although I fold in half rather than thirds, otherwise they are too narrow and expose too much PUL. Because of that I don’t really see them lasting as long as they say for size, but I do appreciate that there are fold lines both ways. They are soft but seem kind of worn out or something, like an old t-shirt. I don’t see them lasting as long as other options. I’m also not a fan of the extra bit of fabric on the end, it doesn’t fold over well and is just a hassle. All that being said, they are very absorbent and work great for my heavy wetter, no leaks. I do like them for the most part but I wouldn’t buy more.

Norma Ocean View, HI

Good for overnight use

We paired this insert with a Flip cover and a Flip organic insert, along with a Joey Bunz hemp insert, and it held my super-soaker son all night! It’s easy to wash and I never have stink issues. It’s fairly trim and fit nicely into the Flip cover on the largest setting.

Rosalyn Fairview, MT


I did a lot of research on cloth diapers and tried out several. At first I thought I was an AIO person until I discovered Thirsties. These prefolds combined with the Thirsties covers are SO easy to use and so thin and absorbant! If you are shopping for cloth diapers make sure you look for something with a hemp or bamboo blend, not microfiber or 100% cotton. The hemp and bamboo make them SO much more absorbant – and I know this from experience. My heavy wetter wears cloth at night. I use 2 of these at night and only have to change him if he nurses more than twice overnight (which is rare). Oh, and I will add that when he does nurse, he eats a lot – he was nearly 10 lbs when born and has maintained this size on the growth curve – he is now 7 months and these still work great. I replaced my entire stash with these!

Opal Slate Hill, NY

Love these

These inserts do a great job. Wish they were a little more cost effective to stock my stash with, but they are a great addition. I use them when I need a diaper to hold a little longer – store runs, overnight, etc. and don’t have leaks. Great idea how they are sewn together. Dry easily and are trim fitting.

Carmella Calabash, NC


The quality of these prefolds is totally worth the additional price. We have only been cloth diapering for 6 weeks now, but these hold in the moisture, easily fold onto baby, and clean really well. They are also very soft, and get softer with washings.

Arline Fort Smith, AR

LOVE. Like, as in a burning teenage Romeo and Juliet love that lasts forever and ever until death do us part.

OK, so my daughter is a really heavy wetter and we have not been able to find a nighttime diaper solution AT ALL. We’ve tried double stuffing, triple stuffing, using a regular prefold with a microfiber insert, using a prefold with a bamboo insert, and even disposables – nothing worked. I bought two of these, along with 2 of the Thirsties hemp inserts. I prepped them in the wash 4 times before using them. Last night, I put one of these on her with a snappi, and an insert underneath towards the back, and covered them with a Thirsties duo wrap snap. My daughter goes to sleep REALLY late, so this diaper went on her at 11pm. She also slept all the way until noon today because she’s teething and hadn’t been feeling well and I didn’t want to disturb her sleep by waking her to change her diaper. (She dream feeds at night and doesn’t wake up.) So, we’re talking 13 hours in the same diaper. When I changed her, the prefold and insert felt damp. DAMP. Not soaked, like her cotton prefolds and pocket diapers do after 2 hours of wear. Not only were her clothes dry, but so were the edges of the gussets on the Thirsties cover, which get damp if the prefold is soaked. And the kicker is that earlier, she had a slight rash coming on the day before. I put a little coconut oil on her before putting this prefold on last night, and today – no rash. Needless to say, I just ordered 3 more! 🙂

Fannie Aurora, ME

Wonderful, and a great size

So, the cotton size 2 prefolds I bought are ginormous. These fit perfectly in the Thirsties covers. Isn’t that amazing? It’s like they planned it or something. ;)Soft, absorbent, great. Yeah, a little pricey, but I am expecting them to last a year or so, so it’s worth it to me.

Jennie Coulters, PA


My daughter is an extremely heavy wetter. I have gone through bumgenius, fuzzibunz, and other prefolds. None held her flood gates, but these do! Try them! Totally worth the price in my opinion. Especially compared to pricy pocket diapers.

Lillie Hancock, ME