Thirsties Duo Wrap Snaps Size 1, Gender Neutral, 6 Pack with Dainty Baby Tote Bag

Thirsties Duo Wrap Snaps Size 1, Gender Neutral, 6 Pack with Dainty Baby Tote Bag

Thirsties® Duo Wraps are easy to use and easier on your wallet! The adjustable rise of this wrap design means one size will last twice as long. In fact, only two sizes will cover your baby from birth all the way to potty-learning. Similar in feel to our best-selling Diaper Cover, Thirsties® Duo Wraps are completely waterproof yet remain breathable, pliable, and very comfortable for your baby’s delicate skin. The inside of these wraps can be wiped clean between uses which allows for fewer wraps in rotation and great affordability. Durable snap closures provide a perfect and secure fit at every diaper change. Leg gussets provide advanced leak-proof protection and bindings are super-soft against baby skin. Image shown is a representation of colors that can be sent. Actual colors may vary.

Main features

  • Features an adjustable rise for extended use to suit your growing baby
  • Two sizes will fit from birth to potty. Snaps provide added longevity.
  • Leg gussets provide superior protection against leaks
  • Pair with basic Prefold Cloth Diapers and save $2000 over disposables!
  • Bonus Dainty Baby Reusable Bag. Image does not represent actual colors that will ship.

Verified reviews


meh. just buy the bumgenius freetime diapers.

I don’t like that these are just the covers. i thought i wouldn’t mind but it’s a pain in the neck.

Angelique Onekama, MI

Great Diaper covers

I really like the Thirsties diaper covers. The snaps in the rise mean that you can get a good custom fit that grows with your baby. I like the snap closures as well, but I wish I had gotten the velcro for more intermediate options in the waist. The snaps will be handy when my guy is big enough to open velcro, though so I’m not too bummed about the snaps for now.I love the double gusset on the leg and am able to be really confident that if someone’s holding my baby there are going to be no leaks which would be so embarrassing! My baby can really soak a diaper in a moments notice and the only leaks I’ve ever gotten were my user error allowing the edges of the prefold to stick out of the leg, never diaper failure.I would suggest to not dry these in your dryer but line dry instead. It will help them stay water proof longer and I’ve gotten some scorch marks on a cover too.These are great covers though and I’ll definitely use them for number two when the time comes.

Beatrice Goldsboro, MD


Doesn’t seal well for chubby leg babies. It doesn’t fit well for bigger baby boys. My son was born 9.9 and they did not do well for him.

Lessie Evening Shade, AR

The best

These diaper covers are just fabulous. Yea, we experienced a handful of poop explosions but I’m pretty sure that’s to be expected. But other than those few episodes, all materials stayed within the confines of the cover. We are about to purchase the next size up and our little one is 7.5 months old, 16lbs. The covers are starting to get tight around her chubby thighs. As far as the waist, she still has room to grow in this size. Also, I never had to strip them. I use Planet HE powder.

Fanny Cuddy, PA

Great quality

Love these. It has made our cloth diapering journey so easy! The cost is great and when I ordered mine I specified boy colors and got exactly what I wanted. Orange, green, blue, brown, white, light green. These have held up to numerous washes and blowouts and we couldn’t be happier. The blowouts were user error, couldn’t figure out how to fold the prefold correctly and it stuck out from under the gusset. Haven’t had an issue since!

Viola Gray Court, SC


I did A LOT of research and found thirsties were better in size 1 and blueberry brand were better in size 2. I have a super pooper and on the rare occasion she blows out of the prefold (osocozy unbleached) it NEVER blows into her clothes. The only time it leaks is on a rare overnight diaper (she’s usually a light night soiler) when the back of her onesie gets wet at the top of the cover. Mind you we don’t use liners overnight (since she usually never needs them), if we did I doubt they’d leak at all. And I have a VERY active baby to boot, she’s ALWAYS kicking her legs around. I can’t say we had the same results with disposables, she blew put of them constantly. I always needed at least 2 backup outfits. Now I only need one and only for non diaper-related issues.I’m a huge fan of thirsties and HIGHLY recommend them.

Rowena Gamaliel, KY

Good diaper cover not my favorite

These are pretty good covers….but not my fav. The biggest problem with these covers is stains. I have tried everything to get the stains out of the PUL part of the diaper.

Dena Ester, AK

Occasional Blow Out Mess

I love these diaper covers. AS a first time cloth diaper-er, I am very happy with them. There is an occasional blow-out that gets passed the lining of the diaper cover, but other than that I would recommend these to a friend.

Marjorie Willis, MI

love Thirsties!

We love the Thirsties diapers. The snaps are our favorite for mobility purposes and they hold up more than the velcro. Love the variety of colors!

Dale Castlewood, VA


Just WOW! These are terrific! They adjust and grow with the baby. They protect well. I love the different colors. Im using clothes diapers since clothes is the best and reduces rashes. These thirsties are so much better than plastic panties! Thank you.

Bertha Cleveland, AR