Thirsties Fab Fitted Cloth Diaper – Lavender, Medium

Thirsties Fab Fitted Cloth Diaper – Lavender, Medium

Ditch the bulk. Thirsties Fab Fitted is shaped for a trimmer appearance and are more comfortable for your mobile baby. Thirsties Fab Fitted Diapers are designed to hug your baby in fabulous comfort and functionality. They’re expertly crafted from stretchy and buttery soft textiles with a stay-dry inner liner that offers wetness protection for your baby’s delicate skin. Encased elastic wraps snugly yet gently around baby’s legs and torso and provides superior protection from leaks. Thirsties Fab Fitted diapers are incredibly easy to use. Simply wrap around baby and secure with the sturdy Aplix velcro closures. Irresistibly cute and soft to the touch, you are not going to want to cover-up these diapers. However, Thirsties Fab Fitted diapers are not waterproof on their own. At the times when you do need a watertight system, we recommend pairing your Thirsties Fab Fitted diaper with Thirsties Diaper Cover for the perfect size, fit, and color combination. The mission of Thirsties, Inc is to make it easy and attainable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in local economy and sustainable business practices. All Thirsties products are USA-made by a group of very talented women, many of whom work in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. Only the best of USA sourced components are chosen in order to reduce carbon footprint, to help support domestic textile mills, and to ensure Thirsties diapers will last wash after wash. Thirsties, Inc is judged as providing the very best in comfortable leak-proof cloth diapering while practicing superior ethical business practices. Care and content-machine wash warm or hot. Dry in dryer or hang to dry.

Main features

  • Irresistably soft and squishy in a variety of fun colors
  • Hook and loop closures for a true custom fit
  • Easy to use; cloth diapers that even dad and the babysitter love
  • Gentle elastic around the legs and waist provide superior protection against leaks
  • Use from birth to potty with Thirsties diaper cover

Verified reviews



I bought this diaper from Amazon on the recommendation of a friend and cloth-diapering guru- but I had no idea they were polyester! It says that nowhere on this Amazon page and I finally went to the Thirsties website. The entire lining and all the microfleece (the part that touches your baby’s skin) is 100% polyester! If you are ok with that, then it’s fine. However, I don’t like the idea of synthetics to hold in all that moisture right next to my baby’s skin. No thanks. I use cotton flat diapers normally with a wool or cloth cover and while they are messy, they don’t normally leak. I was excited about trying this fitted diaper, but now that I know how they work, I will stick to REAL fabrics. I guess this diaper will make a nice gift for someone who doesn’t mind polyester. They may work well in holding in liquid, but gee, that’s what polyester DOES. I can’t in good faith rate this well when it uses cotton only for the outside.

Vivian Herrick Center, PA

Makes a good gift!

I am giving these as a gift – I think they will really like them. These seem to be very durable and easy to use – you put them on just like the disposables! Very bright color and very soft fabric, if I was a baby I don’t think I would mind having them on my booty! 🙂

Rhonda Mackinaw, IL

Very trim diaper

This is a very trim diaper when you combine it with a Thirsties or Bummis cover. It hardly seems like they are wearing a cloth diaper! Because it is so trim, it makes it a great choice for diaper bags too. They are super easy to use, stains easily sunned out of this diaper, and they wash beautifully. They also save time in prepping; I only washed mine a couple times before using vs. 5 or 6 with prefolds and contours. Just ordered a few size small to replace the x-small my son is growing out of.

Michele Niwot, CO

No instruction sheet, pilled after one wash!

I purchased these fitted diapers to use as an overnight diaper for my son. I purchased three diapers in size small (all colored). The shipping was prompt, but my box didn’t come with laundry instructions. I thought that because the diapers are mostly made of polyester, they would be ready to go (absorbent)after just a quick rinse to remove anything leftover from manufacturing and set the color. I thought wrong. Though the diapers are a cotton/poly combo, they must be washed in hot water at least three times and then dried completely in the dryer for maximum absorbency. I found this out the hard way…by using them after only a hot water rinse! The laundering instructions can be found on the Thirsties website. After this pre-use washing, the diapers were already pilled inside and out! The velcro has begun to curl up recently (after about four weeks of use). After that one time in the dryer, they have been line dried. However; the diaper is very absorbent, hasn’t stained, and makes a great overnight diaper combined with a hemp doubler and PUL wrap. The small size still fits my son at 13 lbs. and 25 inches long. Overall, an okay fitted diaper.

Shana Pelican, AK

Great for Newborns, Not for Bigger Babies

I had a couple of these diapers in size XS when my daughter was a newborn and I LOVED them. They fit great, were available in such gorgeous colors and they laundered well. Because of the great experience I purchased some in size Small.The Small size worked for a bit, but then my daughter started peeing less often and with more intensity. These diapers could NOT keep up. Within an hour she would completely drench the entire diaper to the point that the PUL cover (Thirsties) would leak. I never had this issue with any other fitted diaper in my stash.I highly recommend this diaper for newborns, but don’t think it’s thick enough to handle older babies.

Katrina Millington, MI

Easy to use and does the job well

After trying a bunch of different diapering systems, my husband and I settled on Thisties fitted and Thirsties covers. The main reason being that this is the only cloth diaper my husband, who was super skeptical about cloth, will tolerate using. Checking for a wet diaper is super easy, we just unvelcro one wing of the cover and touch the fitted diaper to see if it’s wet.My baby is currently 3.5 months old, and we’ve had no leaks, blow outs, or accidents to date with the Thirsties system. His explosive watery breast-fed poo has only managed to leak out of the fitted diaper a handful of times and hasn’t made it past the cover yet. Can’t say the same for our disposables.So far, these diapers have been easy to clean and use and are holding up well to washing just about everyday.I love the bright colors! I know the diaper gets covered, but I enjoy looking at the brightly colored diapers while doing laundry and putting them on. I bought a bunch of white ones, but they are used last.For the person who gave the poor review based on the fact that they require a cover, I think they were looking for All-in-ones. These are fitteds, not all-in-ones. If you want to use these diapers without a cover, you have to be prepared to deal with a damp diaper either by changing it immediately or putting the baby on a surface that can get wet. It’s just like wrapping a towel around your baby’s bum.

Valeria Big Oak Flat, CA