Thirsties Hemp Inserts 2 Pack, Small 6-18 Lbs

Thirsties Hemp Inserts 2 Pack, Small 6-18 Lbs

Need an overnight solution? Looking to add on to your current reusable diapering system as an answer for your little heavy wetter? Accessorize with a Thirsties Hemp Insert for the very best in bulletproof protection against leaks. Made from 6 layers of remarkably soft hemp & cotton blend knit jersey, you will find that these are exactly what your baby needs to sleep comfortably through the night without leaks. The steady and stable absorption characteristics of hemp works best behind the fast absorbing power of the microfiber terry soaker of Thirsties Fab Fitteds and One Size Pocket Diaper. Our experience has proven that the combination of microfiber terry and hemp provides the very best absorption capabilities with the least amount of bulk. Adding an additional Thirsties Hemp Insert into a Thirsties One Size Pocket is simple. Stack the Hemp Insert with the inserts that came with your diaper on top of one another. Stuff the sleeve of the diaper with the microfiber terry portion on top. This combination is very absorbent yet pretty trim fitting and is perfect for an overnight solution. When adding to Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted diapers, tuck the insert into your Thirsties Diaper Cover or Duo Wrap. Wrap and fasten your fitted diaper around baby first and then add the insert and cover. The mission of Thirsties, Inc. is to make it easy and affordable for every family to choose cloth while simultaneously investing in our local economy and sustainable business practices. We are very proud of the fact that all Thirsties products are manufactured in Colorado, USA, by a group of very talented individuals, many of whom are moms who work in the comfort and convenience of their own homes. We delight in the opportunity to sell products that contribute to a happy and healthy start for your children while helping to minimize your baby’s first carbon footprints. Proudly manufatured in the USA

Main features

  • Hemp, Cotton
  • Made in USA
  • Adds significant amount of absorption power to any cloth diaper
  • Perfect accessory for overnight cloth diapering
  • Very trim fitting; only 025″ thick
  • Slow and stable absorption resists compression leaks
  • Pairs nicely with thirsties pocket all in one cloth diapers

Verified reviews


Absorbent, but not a great option when used with disposable diapers

My 7 month old baby boy was soaking through his overnight diapers (I have used both Huggies and Pampers overnight diapers), so I began using a second inside absorbent portion of his daytime diapers (Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive) placed in an overnight diaper. The extra absorbent diaper pad solved the problem and his clothing finally stayed dry, but it was wasteful and expensive, which led me to buy the Thirsties hemp liners. The liners absorbed all of the wetness and my baby stayed dry, however, he woke up after 4 hours of sleep both nights I used these (he generally sleeps 8-9 hours). He returned to sleeping well when I stopped using these liners and returned to a second disposable pad, so the only conclusion I can come to is that the liners are uncomfortable compared to disposable diapers. Also, I followed the weight guideline for the liner and the liner did not fit very well in his disposable diaper (it was too large). These may work for babies who are used to cloth diapers, but I think it’s a big change for babies who only wear disposable diapers.

Eugenia Baldwyn, MS

We compared these to the Jeoy’s babykicks hemps – these lost.

We actually tested these vs the Joey’s hemp inserts. These ones absorbed 3 oz of water, the regular Joey’s (single insert) absorbed ~5 oz of water (almost 6 oz), and the Joey’s premium (a thin double insert) absorbed nearly 9(!!)oz of water. They’re all nearly the same price and about the same size, so I wouldn’t recommend these. I’ve been told before that organic cotton (they’re all a cotton+hemp mix) is more absorbent than regular cotton, and now I believe it! 🙂

Amalia Lincoln, NE

Super absorption and value

I have been cloth diapering my 2-year-old since she was about two months old, and these inserts are among the best products that helped us continue using cloth after she was no longer an infant. As she got bigger, I tried adding a microfiber doubler or a second insert, which worked okay, but these inserts are really much better–they’re pretty thin (thinner than a regular microfiber insert), but they absorb and hold onto liquid–that is, they resist compression leaks (from the diaper getting squeezed out and leaking when she is sitting for a while, like if her diaper is wet while she is in her high chair or car seat). They are also a really good value for hemp–less than $4 each for six layers of hemp jersey, which is the best value I found (other hemp inserts are cheaper, but often only 2 layers). I’ve been really happy with them–they make cloth diapering much more feasible as an option for an older child or for overnight.

Francesca Rushford, MN

I rate them just ‘okay’ for my needs…

I’ve primarily used disposable diapers, but as my little guy approached a year, I wanted to turn to cloth diapering as he doesn’t need a change every hour.I initially bought these inserts based on the glowing reviews. I used them in conjunction withThirsties Diaper Cover – Baby Bird, Blue, Medium (18-28 lbs)The do an amazing job of absorption and do require extra time to dry after being washed (hang them up overnight is fine).However, when my little guy had his first bowel movement it really STUCK to the diaper. And this was just a regular ol’ movement. I spent way too much time trying to scrape things off and was discouraged from continuing down this route.Then I heard about microfiber inserts over at (it’s okay to mention them…Amazon owns them), so I tried those out.Good golly, those inserts allowed the pooh to flip right off into the toilet with only a bit of coloring left to show.They also do a phenomenal job of absorbing pee.If I’d known about these much earlier, I’d probably have switched to cloth diaper much earlier.All told, I still use these hemp inserts to double up if he’s going to sleep. I put them under the microfiber so the pee is wicked away from his skin better as he tends to rash a little in the front.

Melissa Boys Ranch, TX

Not a pocket insert

Someone warned of this but it clearly states this is a thirsties brand insert and therefore works for diaper covers not pocket diapers. I purchased these thinking they are pocket inserts and instead use them as doublers with them. They are very absorbent and soft. A little large since they go into covers.

Janet Marine, IL

Too wide for sunbaby diapers!!

I bought these to see if they would fit my Sunbaby diapers but they are just too wide for them :(. Too bad b/c other than the fit they seem like they would be good b/c they aren’t too thick.

Sherrie Meridian, NY

there ok

Good for night time, but I noticed that the poop gets stuck and you’ll have to spray it off vs other inserts I use.

Keisha Turners Falls, MA

SLOW drying time but absorbent!!

Absorbent and love how trim the liners are. They hold a LOT of fluid without the bulk of the microfiber liners. They do take about twice as long to dry as other inserts. All of my diaper/ inserts are dry overnight hanging however these are still pretty damp in the morning. Other than that, no complaints!! They are about 1/2 hemp & 1/2 cotton

Jeanie Dierks, AR

solved our nighttime diaper leaks

The perfect nighttime combo for my son (now 18 months) is a BumGenius insert + Thirsties Hemp + cotton prefold.

Odessa Gorham, IL

Disappointing, take too long to dry, soak through and don’t wick away pee

These inserts were very disappointing. They take forever to dry, and leak right through!! Worst inserts I have tried. I recommend the Flip inserts, they are much more absorbent and dry faster. These inserts also stain more than any other inserts, they don’t contain newborn pee or poop at all, and take a very long time to dry (longer than any other inserts I have tried).The flip inserts soak up the pee and wick it away from my daughter’s skin. These Thirsties inserts just soak and sit wet on her.

Cecelia Aredale, IA

Great for overnight and long naps!

These doublers have increased the absorbency of my prefold diapers from two hours to four. This allows my Little One to take a long nap and sleep longer at night without feeling wet. They are trim and the size small fits well with a prefold diaper in a size small PUL wrap (Bummis or Thirsties). They pull the moisture down to the prefold, instead of just getting soaked after one pee. I wash these with my prefolds and wraps and have not experienced any stinkiness, staining, or repelling. I hang them up overnight to dry and occasionally pop them in the dryer. No pilling!

Greta Cary, NC

Great, even for overnight

I used the duo’s in the smaller size and then switched to pockets when baby got big enough for the next size. These are better than microfiber inserts b/c they hold more and are less bulky than using 2 microfiber inserts. I do use with 1 microfiber insert to keep baby’s skin dry. Then only kicker is that these take an eternity to dry. They are usually still damp after a 70 minute cycle in the dryer.Tried everything for overnight. Baby is a big time heavy wetter all the time and even disposables barely do the job at night. I use this in a Kawaii overnight cover with 2 microfiber inserts. Its pretty bulky but it works and it doesn’t seem to bother baby. The only reason the bulk doesn’t create leaks around the legs is b/c baby is so super fat. This might not work for the average sized baby.

Courtney Selah, WA

Leaks all the time

I’d heard great things about hemp’s absorbancy so tried these because the reviews were decent as well as the price. They have leaked nearly every time we have used them. I have tried them alone and they leaked after 20 minutes down my daughter’s legs, requiring an outfit change after I’d JUST gotten her dressed. Every time I’ve tried them overnight she has woken up soaked and we have to change her entire bed. My daughter is 2 so she may just pee too much at once, but we generally use these with another faster absorbing insert on top and we still get leaks. I’m pretty much tossing these to the bottom of the pile and I’m sorry I wasted my money.

Helga Bellevue, ID

Absorbent and NOT too big!

I was nervous when I received these inserts as they were HUGE! I thought they were way too big to use in my FuzziBunz One-Size diapers and almost sent them back. I hesitated when I didn’t see any other reviews saying they were too big. My husband pointed out that they may shrink in the wash, so I gave it a try. So glad I did! They did shrink down to the perfect size to fit in my diapers and provided the extra absorbancy we need to get my 5-month-old son through the night. I’m back to being one happy cloth-diapering Mommy!

Casey Alice, TX

Buying more!

My kid is a crazy heavy wetter and these do the job. Period. They are SUPER soft against his skin. They wash up easy and dry well in the dryer with my prefolds. Just don’t try to line dry them–they take forever to dry and become a bit stiff.

Ingrid Lane, KS


I bought these to see if they would work better than the inserts that came with the types of cloth diapers we use. Those brands are BumGenius, FuzziBunz, Bummis and Happy Heinies.Although they fit in all of the brands except the FuzziBunz, these are not most definitely not as absorbent as other inserts I have.I will not be purchasing these again.

Carla Crested Butte, CO

Great inserts!

I am a huge fan of these inserts! I plan on buying more in the future! They hold well and fit my toddler nicely. I use them with theThirsties covers as well in some of my pocket diapers and have never had a problem. They do take a little longer to dry than I would like on rainy days when I need to put them in the dryer but overall a wonderful insert for the money!

Cathleen Tybee Island, GA

Great Instert

I purchased these with the intentions of using them as doublers for overnight, long trips or times I knew I wouldn’t be able to change the baby for a little while. When they first arrived I was kind of scared because they seemed really long and kind of thick. I inserted them together with a bumgenius insert and I was surprised to see they’re actually quite thin. My sons diaper didn’t seem at all over stuffed or bulky. They absorb magnificently and I’ve had no over night leak issues since doubling with them.I haven’t use them just by themselves so I can’t speak to their efficacy that way, otherwise I highly recommend these inserts.

Jessica Burns, KS


I use these to double up the absorbency for my daughter overnight and they work amazingly well! I use Bumgenius 4.0 pocket diapers exclusively and when I couple up a thirsties hemp insert with the large microfiber insert they last all night long (12 hours) and keep my daughter completely dry.

Sharlene Brigantine, NJ


These are super absorbent and keep my son dry when paired with a microfiber liner. They do take forever to dry but that is why they work so well!! I hang them to dry in the evening and overnight and put them in the dryer the next day. Wool dryer balls help too.

Grace Mulliken, MI

Great Insert

I like these inserts….yes they do take a long time to dry. But I have found them to be a great over night doubler. They are not super thick so doesn’t add too much bulk. A little on the wide side so they do not fit my Charlies or any other diaper with a trimmer fit.

Frieda Alvord, TX

Flat enough to fold over and stuff for front wetters-

These are brilliant. We started with Charlie Banana, moved to GDiapers, then Rumparooz (insert-styled), then prefolds (osocozy, dandelion & gerber), now to the original flats. Flat diapers take longer, but don’t give my 4mo’ old the butt of a 3yr old because they’re so trim and neat. One thing they don’t do is focus on his wetting toward the front, and I WAS using my old C.B. inserts under his flat-fold diaper until I bought a pair of these.– SUPER absorbent (don’t even NEED to be folded, but I just do it over night) and super thin/flat, so his diapers remain very trim and not even a little bulky. At night I fold one in half and put it in the front and the flat diaper isn’t even wet in the morning, because of how much these drew in.This is coming from my BB peeing so much at night through 2 C.B. inserts, an osocozy prefold and a diaper cover that his clothes would be soaked in pee all the way up to his chest.I’m buying another pack of 2 right now, and the 4 we have will be saving us from midnight clothes changes. (we only do laundry that often anyways anymore)

Sheree Log Lane Village, CO

Very useful.

I bought this to use as bib/wipe baby during/after feedings. This feels too heavy for the use that I had in mind. But for those who would use it for the cloth diapers, I think and feel this would work very well. It is thick, has durable and natural material. Feels soft.

Sue Lawrence, PA

Take forever to dry, like BabyKicks Joey Bunz much better

The Baby Kicks Joey Bunz Premium inserts are much better than the Thirsties hemp inserts: the Joey Bunz dry in half the time, they’re contoured, they’re softer, and they’re organic. I had to either put the Thirsties through the drier twice or hand them to dry after an hour in the drier. I don’t recommend the Thirsties.

Matilda Mattoon, IL

So far, so good!

We don’t use these all the time yet, but they already seen very dense and absorbent. They are great with the Thirsties Duo diapers.

Terri Ciales, PR


These hemp inserts work GREAT. They are thin, soft and VERY absorbent. I really think that they are a must have for overnights! My one semi negative comment is that they take FOREVER to dry. But I guess that’s an expected, and reasonable, side effect to them being so absorbent! I’ve already recommended them to my friends.

Susanne Romance, AR

Very absorbent, no overnight leaks.

I use these overnight with prefolds, and they work great. Awesome absorbency. They do tend to stink in the morning, but I have heard that happens to most overnight diapers. Most importantly, we don’t have any leaks overnight! Very happy with these as part of my cloth diapering routine.

Stephanie Maiden, NC

Perfect accessory for cloth diapering

I use these for overnight cloth diaper. Super absorbent! My 13 mth old can go all night in her cloth diaper with this insert added without soaking through.

Frances Seaview, WA

Very Absorbent!

I love these. I use one with a bamboo fleece insert in my son’s pocket diapers at night and he lasts 6 hours with them together. They really hold the urine well, better than microfiber in my opinion. They also stay pretty soft even when hung to dry. Well worth the extra money, especially if your baby is a super-soaker. I know a lot of people say that hemp holds onto the urine smell but I haven’t had that problem yet, maybe because I do a wash every day? Either way, with my other inserts that have begun to smell a little, I just treat with some Bac-out and it’s gone.

Nora Wallace, NC

Super absorbent, Our go-to night-time solution

I love these liners!! They are super absorbent. We have used these for night-time for six months now and have NEVER had a leak yet! I stuff them in pocket, fitted, or prefolded diapers and all work great. I have some other unknown brand hemp liners that I purchased used that now curl up along the edges and seem like they’d be uncomfortable for baby. My Thirsties hemp inserts have not curled. They seem to be holding up well. I highly recommend these for use as a doubler for day or night-time use. One note on the care of these: make sure that you properly prep these before use. They should be washed and dried three times (or boiled) before use. This should be done separately from other diapers since hemp initially releases oils that may cause repelling; just throw them in with your regular laundry a few times before use.

Martina Chappell, KY