Thudguard Baby Safety Helmet – Blue

Thudguard Baby Safety Helmet – Blue

The Thudguard helmet is ideal for babies who are still less than sure-footed when developing their newfound mobility. Learning to walk on hardwood floors, tiles, patios or near hard furniture can cause painful accidents. The helmet is lightweight, sturdy and comfortable plus has been impact tested and endorsed by emergency and medical experts. The Thudguard hat is designed to absorb and reduce the impact of head injury due to fall or collision from a child’s own height. It has an adjustable soft elastic chinstrap and is made of ultra lightweight foam and materials to avoid pressure on developing neck muscles. .75 inch thick impact tested foam to absorb severity from bumps. A comfortable stretchy circumference band allows for growth and holes and air channels on inside of helmet for ventilation. One size fits all. Helmet design eliminates the need for sizes S/M/L. (16″ circumference plus 4″ provided by stretchy band.)

Main features

  • Comfortable stretchy circumference band allows for growth and holes for ventilation
  • ½ inch thick impact tested protective foam to absorb the severity of bumps and thuds
  • Ultra lightweight materials avoid pressure on developing neck muscles
  • Thudguard is medically endorsed and supported by experts
  • Promotes early helmet wearing habits

Verified reviews


Gets so hot it is useless

The helmet seemed a necessity once the baby started pulling up. However, we used it for a total of 30min. The helmet gets so hot, the baby was dripping sweat within 5 minutes of having this on. I read the reviews about this problem, but figured it would be ok since it was winter when we bought it, and we keep the house cooler than the average person. I dread to think of parents putting this on a baby in the summer. It would be borderline dangerous. Supervise your baby and save your $$$.Update 6/2012Having mentioned that this is not a good product should not deter you from finding something else suitable. I don’t think that we should overprotect our children, but head injuries are serious. My 2.5 year old slipped on a wet tile floor and had major behavior changes for 3 weeks as a result. Unless the head bump causes a concussion, the medical profession is useless. So although in my case, I was sure the head bump affected my child, three different doctors told me it was okay as long as he didn’t throw up. (I was about to throw up at them for being so useless.) Pre-verbal children may not be able to articulate what they feel and how the head bump affects them. Supervise your children, re-configure your living areas, wash your floors only when children sleep, and why not, try to find some kind of contraption that protects accident-prone children.

Minnie Ooltewah, TN

cute but my guy WON’T WEAR IT

So my guy started crawling at 6 mo, standing at 7 mo and walking by 9 mo. And he refuses to wear it. The head gets super sweaty and hot so beware of overheating. It was a waste of money for us, but he’s so darn cute in the hat with the ears. Just beware the return policy on this product is NOT friendly before purchasing– I think they take about $10 off if you return it? In any case, if your baby hates it, there’s really no point in returning it and you’re left with a funny $50 item that worked for a day.

Regina Raton, NM

Great Product

I purchased the blue Thudgard Protective Helmet for my granddaughter. It has done its job many times over, while also giving me peace of mind. She started walking a little before 9 months, and at 10 months she had a hard fall that sent her to the emergency room. Worst experience of my life! Since then she has fallen a few more times on a tile floor, and this helmet protected her little head. It has been a life saver ~ hers and mine! I sincerely wish that I had found this helmet earlier. It is true that the helmet can make the little one hot while wearing it, but that hasn’t happened often, and there are plenty of times to remove it and cool off. Even though she no longer needs a walker, we use it for snack time, so she doesn’t wear the helmet during snack time, naps, baths, lunch, walks using the stroller, watching Super Why & Sesame Street, playing in the playpen, or when she’s in my arms. It’s not like they should be wearing the helmet 24/7, so if you’re concerned about the helmet being hot, then just check your baby often and use good judgment. Since my granddaughter loves to climb on everything and run on her tiptoes – the helmet is a must! I would recommend this to anyone who has tile floors, stained concrete floors, and wood floors on a concrete slab. This is a wonderful product and I am very happy with it!

Katina Islesford, ME

Looks so adorable and does the trick

Every mom wants to protect their child and even though this doesnʻt protect him from everything, I do feel better as he starts walking when he has it on. It looks super cute on him, he doesnʻt like it too much but fortunately it has the strap to keep it on his head. He also likes to play with it when it is not on his head. Fabric is lightweight and comfy for him, strap probably isnʻt too comfortable but thatʻs the price he pays! lol

Leanne Lanesboro, IA

a life saver

child was an early walker but hadn’t managed the control aspects yet so this ( although a bit hot and sweaty – we live in ahot climate) was great for inside and just added that little bit of security needed

Elsie Orson, PA

Thudguard helmet blue

My son wore this everyday because we have wood and tile floors this was great to have when he wore it…lol I always told daddy to put it on.

Mae Wallace, NE

Works well, but has drawbacks

My son used this from the time he started crawling until he was walking well. It did save him from injury a couple times, which is great. But on the other hand, it doesn’t breathe well and his head was often sweaty after a few minutes of wearing it. It also fell in front of his eyes easily at times. Then when he got a little older, he constantly pulled it off, which is when he stopped wearing it.

Lauri Oak Park, MN


Liked this product. As advertised.Really helpful for baby safety with this helmet and the color is pretty good. Thank you!

Cecilia Altus Afb, OK

Didn’t like it as it makes my baby cry due to heat.

My baby didn’t like it at all as it makes her head sweating. This may be just because of the material it is made up of. This also doesn’t fit well.

Maude Hill City, KS

Great for Added Peace of Mind

I bought this for my son when he was four months old. He was already learning to crawl and pull himself up and would topple over. Needless to say it made me nervous and he fell a couple times to the side before I could grab him and he would hit his little head on the carpet or couch which of course made me worry and feel horrible. This helmet was a bit large at first because he was so young when he first started to use it but it really does help and it’s helped me learn to let him learn to fall and catch himself as he’s gotten older without worrying too much. He doesn’t like it at first but he forgets he has it on after a while and I haven’t had any problems with him sweating. The holes help with the ventilation. It seems a little pricey but my baby’s safety is well worth it. And those ears are adorable.

Reva Brookpark, OH


Not bulky, super cute… But baby fugured out how to take it off in anout a minute… Going to wait a few weeks and try again. Good product.

Rae Glen Riddle Lima, PA

great product

This is a nice helmet that has a cute design. It is light weight and has a lot of ventilation holes. My 9 month old wears it and it does not seem to bother him. The Velcro that straps under the chin gets wet from where my baby drools. This is the only problem I have noticed so far.

Terry Morrisville, MO

You’ll be happy you got this…

When my husband wanted to get a helmet for our 5 month old I thought that he was being too overprotective, but it has turned out great.First of all, it is adorable! Our son looks so cute on it, and the little ears on top really do add to it, everyone comments on them. You might not think it matters, but it really helps, it doesn’t look as dorky as you might think, and it’s always nice to have your baby look cute ;)It helps you breathe easier when he has it on. Our little guy is fast! He’s crawling at 6 months, and it’s great, it’s peace of mind. In a big way it actually makes us less overprotective and allows him to be more free because we don’t worry as much about where he goes (so long as we keep our floor clean). It really is easier to “house proof” the baby, rather than “baby proof” the house, cheaper too! I originally thought it was too expensive, but now i do think it was worth it.The only downside, the reason i gave it 4 stars instead of 5, is that it’s kind of big. Now, mind you, that our son is only 6 months, and he’s in the 25th percentile, so it will probably fit your baby better. We put a hat under the helmet and that makes it fit really well, but it does make the baby hot. Though, on the upside it will probably last a while.It does seem to be made well and is holding up nicely. Oh, and the baby loves it, he really doesn’t seem to mind, and indeed seems to feel more free in it (according to my husband anyway.)All in all a good buy, and you will definitely use it, if only for the trucks and cars and all the horses the baby is eventually going to ride.

Alison Toronto, SD