Tilty Sippy Cup, Clear, 7 Ounce, 2 Pack

Tilty Sippy Cup, Clear, 7 Ounce, 2 Pack

TILTY’s patent pending ergonomic design makes learning to drink easier and more comfortable. TILTY cup’s patent pending ergonomic design creates a comfortable and natural drinking experience. TILTY keeps the liquid at an angle and allows it to flow to the spout with minimal effort so that your little one doesn’t have to tilt his/her head back as far. TILTY makes finishing the last drops a c” and creates habits that will help your baby transition from sippy cups to “grown up” cups easier and quicker. TILTY comes with a snap on lid and does not have a valve, which according to the American Dental Association is better for a toddler’s dental development.

Main features

  • 7 Ounce
  • Dishwasher safe (Top Rack Only)
  • Unique design makes transitioning from bottle easier

Verified reviews


Best sippy cup I’ve found, somewhat unsure about #5 plastic

These first two paragraphs are an update to my original review. I’m motivated to write them because of a recent experience I had while communicating with Tilty about the plastic used in their cups. I initially contacted the company after purchasing their new smoothie lids (with larger opening) to find out whether or not those lids contain BPA (the packaging at the time did not say). I received a response within 24-48 hrs, over the weekend no less! The response indicated the new smoothie lids do not contain BPA; they are made out of the same #5, BPA-free plastic as the original Tilty cups.Then, after doing a little research online, I found that there have been some studies linking #5 plastic (polypropylene) to the leaching of chemicals that are not safe for human consumption. To be fair, it appears there has not been a ton of research done on this, so I don’t want to be alarmist, but when I contacted Tilty to see what information, if any, it could provide on this concern, the company never responded. It’s been about 2 weeks now. If there isn’t any known, confirmed safety issue with the #5 plastic it’s using, why not say that?Subsequent to this updated review on Amazon (this is now a second update, May 2011), I received an email from Tilty asking me if I’m the one who wrote the review on Amazon questioning the safety of #5 plastic. The rep said the company never got my email asking about #5 plastic (if true, then how did the company suspect I wrote the review on Amazon?) and said to check back on the Tilty website for a posting responding to this concern. I never went and did that, but I give the company credit for seeking me out after my Amazon posting. I’ve received some comments on my review telling me that #5 is safe, and I very much appreciate the input, but I think that notion is really just the conventional wisdom right now, not necessarily backed by any hardcore science. Nevertheless, I’m resigned to the fact that we can never be totally sure that anything is 100% safe.Original review…There are a plethora of sippy cups out there and many of them work just fine, but several are a pain to clean because of having 3 parts and many have a spout that encourages chewing rather than sipping (because of the similarity to a baby bottle nipple).The Tilty only has two parts (both very easy to clean) and the spout is quite different from a baby bottle nipple. It’s hard to see in the picture, but it’s just a small, sloped, smooth piece of plastic with two holes in it. There are definitely other cups out there with similar spouts to that on the Tilty, but usually they have another strike against them like not being BPA or PVC free (this applies to many cups) or not having a lid that can easily be removed (such as the Green Sprouts cup).It’s true that the cup will leak if turned in various ways, but I think this is the price you have to pay for having a cup that is closer to a real cup than the no-spill variety (such as Munchkins or Nuby, both of which have a spout on which my 13-month old likes to chew).I see now (update May 2011) they make a travel lid, which is great. That should take care of the leak issue. Luckily, I have a second child now, and I can use those lids with him! I used the smoothie lids with my toddler, and those worked great.This is a very good cup, despite my reservations about #5 plastic, one of the best available on the market.

Sonja Hartland, MI

The only sippy that has worked for us

When we started the endeavor of introducing sippy cups to our little one, I never thought it would be such an arduous process. We purchased nearly a dozen different types. This is the only one that he took to. The ones with soft spouts he would simply chew on and he couldn’t quite figure out how to use a straw. The other thing that I love about the Tilty cups is that there are no valves. I realize that this means that the cups leak if turned over (which is inevitable with a little one). However, I have worked with a pediatric dentist and nutritionist in the past and both recommended either using sippy’s without valves or removing the valves. No valve also means that the Tilty cup is easy to clean. I do, however, wish that they came with a cover or something that made it possible to toss it in the diaper bag and take it along. I also would like it if they had a cup with handles. But all-in-all, it’s been a great first sippy for us.

Tisha Farmington, AR

An awesome product with only one flaw!

I wanted to give this cup 5 stars, it’s a really great idea. The slanted interior of the cup makes it super easy for a baby/toddler to learn how to drink. The top seals very well and it won’t be easy for a little one to pry off. But why oh why isn’t there some kind of a sealing mechanism for the spout itself??? If you’re carrying the cup in a bag and the cup tips the wrong way everything is gonna get soaked. Because of this these cups have become a house only item for use. They’re still great, but really need something to seal the spout to avoid drips.

Roxie Georgetown, CA

Perfect for weaning!

I bought these to try to wean my son off the bottle…he will not drink anything other than water out of his other straw cups and can not get the hang of the sippy cup. These are amazing! He drank the entire cup of milk with out any problems at all! I bought the clear and the colored ones, as well as the travel lids and smoothie lids which I will be using this spring and summer in the car. These are GREAT!

Rosalinda Vernon, VT

great cup for toddlers reluctant to use sippy cups

I LOVE THIS CUP! I hope they improve the design by making a lid that toddlers can’t pull off the cup without changing anything else.My 6 month old was somewhat successful with a Nuby but as teeth sprouted, would’nt use it or any other sippy cup, even the type with straws. I got tired of spending money on a vast array of sippy cups, reintroducing them periodically without positive results. I couldn’t get my child to suck out the contents and the cups pretty much became toys.Fast forward 13 months, my child eats baby food thickened with baby cereal and ground chia but refuses mashed or cut up table foods, wet or dry table cereal (including cheerios) and still refuses to chew with 12 teeth (frustrating). To compensate, about 3 of my toddler’s meals are 2 jars of thickened baby food per meal and 2 liquid meals in bottles (a mixture of formula, whole milk and baby cereal). I do give my toddler single jars of baby food throughout the day as snacks, jello, greek or whole milk yogurt, coconut water and teething biscuits. I add an extra ounce of regular water wherever I can get away with it since I haven’t been successful at getting my little one to drink much of it by itself. My 19 month old seems content, is in the 50 percentile for weight and is currently wearing 18 month clothes so it seems adequate.On the first try, my toddler drank the liquid meal from a Tilty Sippy Cup with no issues and just as fast as if drinking from a bottle. I was so happy, I teared up a little. My baby also drank whole milk by itself and coconut water from the cup without incident. FINALLY, I have ditched the bottle!! There was literally no transition period, no fight, no whining, no crying and no changed temperament. My child immediately drank from it without complaint and doesn’t appear to miss the bottle at all. The trade off though, is that I have to watch my tot intently until the contents are finished because there is no mechanism to stop the liquid from seeping out of the drinking holes if laid down or held upside down. I AM HAPPY ABOUT THIS because if it had such a feature, my child probably wouldn’t drink from this cup either. Not a big deal because if it does happen, the trickle is so slow in these positions that it’s literally only drops (don’t know if done for longer than a few minutes). The other trade off is that the lid does not lock onto the cup. It snaps on securely but my child can easily,imo, pull it off if desired. No problem as long as you’re supervising.

Katie Mason, MI

Great sippy

I was fed up with cleaning various valves and parts that come with most modern sippy cups. I wanted something that was simple with no valve, and that was more similar to drinking from a regular cup for my 19 month old son. This cup fit the bill. It is simple to clean and use and my son seems to enjoy drinking out of it more than his other cups…he actually seems to drink more. I also appreciate the fact that it is not totally spill proof, as I am wanting to teach my son not to turn cups upside down, throw them, etc., and it is easier for him to see the cause and effect of this with a valve-free cup. The one thing I wish they would improve about the cup is make it of sturdier/thicker plastic. My son occasionally chews on his cups, and after a couple uses, there were already chew indentations on the spout. Other cups he has are made of thicker plastic, so this takes longer to happen. I love the cups, but I am afraid we will have to purchase more ones sooner than I would like because they just don’t seem sturdy enough. I am trying to use these as our exclusive meal time/table cup and rotate in other cups for traveling and snacks in the living room, so hopefully these will last longer.

Roseann North Truro, MA

These work really well

These are durable, and easier to keep clean then some of the sippy cups with straws or "rubbery" tops. The lids don’t pop off. It might leak a little if left laying on its side, but over all its great.

Maricela Reddick, FL

Good sippy cup

We tried similar sippy cups from the grocery store before we bought this. The grocery store ones were cheaper in price and material but the holes were smaller so they leaked less. When I remember, I try not to let baby run around wih anything else other than water in the tilty because it easily sprays liquid when shaken and it will also leak more when tossed and left upside down on the floor.The tilty cups were better at letting baby reach more of the drink so less drinks are wasted in that way. Also because of the tilt it holds less. We would have to fill the other cup all the way to give baby good access to the drinks.Tilty cups were also easier to clean by hand washing especially with the spout. They are more annoying for the dishwashers sometimes because the underside would collect dirt and water even with the drain holes. The drain holes are so small, food would get stuck and block the water while in the wash.The grocery store cups came with this great stopped you put on the spout that I wish the tilty would come with. From reviews, it looks like he separate lid you can buy is not so good. I wanted to buy the other lid types also but I am discouraged from doing so because they are more expensive than the cups with lids!Lastly, baby is still confused sometimes about how the cup should go. Sometimes she tries to drink from it while it’s upside down and she can’t get anything out of it. I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing. I just help her turn the cup around.Overall a good learning cup.

Edith Caseville, MI

maybe ok for older babies, but too messy for 8 mo old!

In search of a sippy cup that works for my twins, I tried quite a few, so this review is based on my experience with each brand/model. I have 8 mo old twins, so I bought 2 of each cup and both babies tried each cup for at least 2-3 days for water/juice. I am listing the cups in the order in which I bought and tried them.Nuk/Gerber Graduates Soft Starter 2 Handle Cup – 2 starsPros:- easy to wash- spill proof- makes a good chew toyCons:- VERY HARD to suck from. I could hardly get any liquid out of this cup. My babies couldn’t get anything out of it at all- no measurement notches of any kind, so need to measure liquids by weight or premeasure in a different container – a real pain!- can’t go into a sterilizerOverall: as a sippy cup, unusable.***Tilty – 2 starsPros:- the tilted construction does make it MUCH easier for the babies to get the water out of the cupCons:- I know this was not supposed to be spill proof… but seriously, when your 8 mo old is using this cup the water goes EVERYWHERE. My twins were literally soaked through by the time they were done with their afternoon water and I was never sure how much they actually drank and how much they “watered” themselves- can’t go into the sterilizer- the two pinholes that are supposed to drain the water from the cup when it’s in the dishwasher get CONSTANTLY plugged up when I dishwash mine, very annoying- again, no measurement notches!- The plastic on this cup looks very cheap and flimsy; it got warped on the top rack of the dishwasher after a couple of washes.Overall: as a sippy cup, I found it unusable. I am holding on to these, though, because I think they may make ok training cups later on, when I transition my girls from a sippy cup to a real grown up cup.***Munchkin Straw Cup – 4 starsPros:- Easy to clean- The straw and the silicone lid can be sterilized- Spill proofCons:- Again, no measurement notches!- The silicone spout was a little too LONG for my girls. They could suck the liquid out through the spout ok, but they want to put the entire spout into their mouth and I can tell that it’s uncomfortable for them, unless they find just the right angle to hold the cups at (which doesn’t always happen)Overall: these are good cups and my twins have managed to drink out them quite well. I am going to hold on to mine so that I could use them as back up cups once the girls get older and can coordinate how they hold/tilt the cups better.***Vital baby – 5 starts. ABSOLUTE THE BEST SIPPY CUP WE TRIED SO FARPros:- All parts can go into the sterilizer!- Has measurement notches!- Nice grippy sides, not too wide, perfect for baby hands!- Spill proof!- My twins took to them right away; sucking the liquid out of them must take just the right amount of effort as they don’t mind it at all and actually like holding the cups and drinking out of them.Cons:- I wish the company would sell replacement parts (straws, valves) separatelyOverall: I have 4 VB cups total now (2 for each twin). My babies love using them and we really had no “training” period with these cups – both babies just started using them. I was worried if they’d be swallowing more air when drinking from a sippy, but no unusual spit ups so far. Overall, these are easy to clean, easy to use, very affordable – highly recommended!

Libby Bryant, AR

Like a “real” cup!

The Tilty is great – the effort and motion required for most sippy cups is too much like bottles, I like this cup because it DOESN’T have a valve and is much more like a real glass. Like real cups, it does drip a wee bit, so we use a more traditional sippy cup for car rides (or in any situation where one would use a travel mug). At home, however, our daughter drinks from a Tilty.

Cathy Ivan, AR

good alternative to regular sippy cups

My daughter could drink out of these much better than regular sippy cups since she didn’t have to tip these ones back the whole way. They do take extra effort to keep clean because of the crevices inside of the cup, but overall I would recommend.

Sydney Louise, TX

Great cups

These cups are awesome for a child who is just learning to drink. Easy to use and clean – it does not have a lot of parts.

Beth Harrison Valley, PA

Perfect for older babies and toddlers

This is our favorite sippy cup. Easy to fill, easy to clean, easy for our toddler to drink from — and he doesn’t have to tilt his head way back to do it. Highly recommended.

Holly Beech Grove, IN

Great sippy cup for an older baby

After finally realizing that there is no sippy cup out there that is truly leakproof AND not increadibly hard to suck from, I tried this cup for my 8 month old baby, and it is great. No valve (so it will leak, but not a lot), only 2 simple parts to clean, love the tilted bottom that allows baby to drink without bending backward too much. And the additional hole-less cap for traveling is so handy. It is not a training cup (Playtex Sipster is great for that) because it doesn’t have a soft spout that eases the transtion from the bottle and no handles. However, it is a perfect cup right before the real thing. In terms of the leaking, that is in my opinion a non issue when babies are only allowed to drink where they should and under supervision, not allowed to throw things etc…good table manners shoud start young!

John Pittsford, VT

Love this!

This really is a great cup. DD is not picky about her sippy cups and this is awesome. She barely has to lift the cup and she gets to drink. No vents or valves, so it’s easy to drink from. The open smoothie cup is great also for kids learning to drink from a cup with a more free-flowing liquid.No bad things to say. You do have to line up the lid just right, but I have had no problems doing this!

James Netawaka, KS

Great Cup

I have had great success with this cup. It is a good transitional cup. The flow of the liquid through the cup isn’t too fast. My son coughed at first only because he needed to get used to the new flow. We also got the smoothy lids which we really like as well for yogurt drinks. The plastic is a wee bit cheap. It doesn’t seem too durable, it’s a little thicker than those disposable sippy cups, with that said, we haven’t had any problems thus far…..If you are expecting something that is spill proof, this is not the cup for you. If you do decide to get this cup, go directly to the Tilty website. The cup is something like $6.00 vs the outrageous $29.00 Amazon is selling it for.

Selina Watersmeet, MI

one of the better sippy cups

This was my favorite sippy cup until I got the First Years Take n’ Toss, which I actually like better. This cup is only two pieces, so easy washing and comes with different lids to adapt for travel, thicker liquids, etc. Overall, nice and simple concept. However, they do break more easily than some. My 12 month old throws his milk/water on the floor often enough for the lid to pop off every once in a while, which can make a huge mess. Also, most of our cups last about 3-6 months before cracking under the heavy use so we have been through quite a few. The Take n’ Toss have held up better and you can snap on the optional handle which holds the lid on securely. They are also a bit cheaper and we haven’t had one break yet.

Jeanie West Dummerston, VT

A must have for every parent frustrated with sippy cups!

I have tried numerous sippy cups and all my 11 month old cared to do was chew on the spout. I purchased these after hearing rave reviews on them…I’m so glad I did! The first time I gave this to my baby, he picked it up, put it in his mouth, and actually took a sip! Then he sipped again, and again! He drank 1/2 the cup in one sitting. That was the most I’ve ever seen him drink besides out of a bottle. These are wonderful cups and are even recommended by the American Dental Association due to the lack of non-spill device. This isn’t a glorified bottle as most sippy cups are. This is hands down THE BEST CUPS! I’m actually about to purchse 4 more in the blue and green colors.

Debra Talmage, PA

Easy to use

My sone has never taken to a bottle. However, he has always been able to drink out of this sippy cup. He really has problems with anything with a valve; so, it is nice to find one out there that is designed to work without one.

Rebekah Kersey, CO

Must have for toddlers learning cup skills`

I purchased these for my granddaughter. They quickly became her favorite cups. They make the art of sipping easy to learn, because you don’t have to fill it totally full (and therefore dangerous to spills) in order to make it easy to drink from. The diagonal fill feature makes it easier for kids to tip the cup to drink without having to practically hold it over their heads. It is not spill FREE, but it is definitely a trickle if spilled over and quick to catch the drops. Well made, washes great in dishwasher

Michelle Huron, TN

Probably perfect for more experienced kids — not a good first cup after bottles

The lid does not hold up to my 16-month-old’s vigorous bashing or holding upside down and squeezing. But it’s not really designed for that. I have a feeling it will be the preferred cup once he gets tired of how slowly the more secure cups let the liquid out and really wants a drink more than he wants to experiment with mess-making, but he’s stuck with those slow ones for now, unless I want milk sprinkled all over him, me, our clothes, the rug, etc. I look forward to that time, especially since these and their lids are much easier to clean thoroughly than the tiny-toddler-proof ones.

Rosella Greenfield, NH

12 month old loves it.

I bought this cup for my 12 month old son because he hates having to put his head way back in order to get the last bit of juice or milk out of his sippy cup. Sometimes when he is drinking and does not put his head far back enough he won’t get any liquid out and would get mad and just throw the cup. Once i received this cup i tried it with him, and it instantly makes drinking alot better. He can basically get every drop of liquid out of the cup without even tilting his head back. The cup is very durable, and i do not see how it can easily be broken. I will definitely be buying more. This cup is a must have, for babies just learning to use a sippy and has not learn to tilt their head all the way back, and for older babies and toddlers that has already mastered sippy cups. Makes everything alot better.

Natalia Van Vleck, TX

Great sippy for older toddlers

I really like this sippy for my two and a half year old!Pros:transparent, so you can see what’s inside and how much is left without opening itappears to be easy to use, less cup/head tilting needed to get out all the liquidEASY to clean and disassemble/assemble, so few parts (just 2), dishwasher safeif knocked over or turned upside down, it does leak, but really not very muchinexpensiveBPA freeCons:does leak more than a properly assembled and functioning Foogo (although overall we like this one FAR better)probably not appropriate for toddlers just coming off a bottle or who are still throwing their cup, etctends to attract dishwasher soap residue (i do use a powered soap, so this may be the issue)lid can be very difficult to remove at first, but this improves with usedesign does cause quite a bit of water to be left around cup rim after going through dishwasher, so hand drying is always neededOverall, I definitely recommend this cup

Jeanette Success, MO

Decent, but not for my daughter!

My daughter is 19 months old and uses straw cups. I figured this cup might be a good start to transition her to be able to drink from a regular cup. It DOES seem to help so the cup doesn’t have to be as tilted, but at the same time, my daughter gets frustrated with it. This doesn’t mean the cup is bad, it just hasn’t worked so well for us!

Mavis Caledonia, MN

soft tip and handles would be great!

If the Tilty cup came with soft tips and handles, this cup would be perfect. My son has a hard time lifting the cup and prefers softer tipped sippy cups. Great design though!

Glenda Jeff, KY

Great 1st Cup!

I ordered this cup for my baby when he was 9 months. He has been drinking independently at every meal with it. It’s not spill proof but only a little leaking occurs if tipped sideways or dropped. The doctor wanted us to get a cup that did not make the baby suck rather allows controlled drinking, like a really cup. It’s perfect and we plan on ordering more.

Aline Bismarck, MO

Almost perfect sippy

I really like this sippy cup, and so does my 8 month old son. We started giving it to him when he was 6 months and he has gotten pretty good at using it by himself. I really like the concept that they don’t have to tilt their head back – I’ve tried this and other sippies myself to see the difference, and it really is remarkable. Also, I like that there isn’t a valve, which is supposed to be better for their oral development. It doesn’t leak much even without a valve, since the holes are pretty small and there is no other way for air to get through. When tipped at the right angle, fluid can come out fairly steadily, but if it is just on it’s side, or all the way upside down even, only drops come out. That said, this isn’t for you if you want something spill proof – it’s designed to be a transition to a cup. If your baby shakes it, liquid will come out, and although it has survived dozens of throws to the floor, at least once the cap has come off. The only things I wish they would change are:1. If it were a teensy bit narrower it would be easier for little hands to hold and fit in cupholders/diaper bags easier.2. The tabs on the top could be redesigned. They stick out, again making for a little bit of unnecessary cupholder difficulty. Also, for some reason it seems all my other family members instinctively want to line up the tabs to close the cup, when you actually set them opposite. (If you line them up, the lid doesn’t seal = more spills).3. The travel cap, sold separately, is horrible. It needs a better travel solution if you want to throw it in a bag. Also, removable handles might be nice.Overall though, the best sippy I’ve found so far, especially for home use.

Fern Vandervoort, AR

Easy to use, but not great for little little ones.

I love the slant in the middle. It makes it so easy for little ones to just be able to tilt a little to get there beverage. However, since they are not spill-proof, they can be quite messy. Therefore, I’d probably only recommend using them for older kids. By that point though, they probably don’t need the slant on the inside and could just go with a regular cup. Therefore, there doesn’t seem to be a need to spend more on these.

Anna Fairview, MT

A godsend!

I freakin’ love these cups! We have tried countless others and he hated them all. Tried this and he drank from it immediately.I love that they aren’t ‘leak proof’. Leak proof sippies are essentially glorified bottles. And bad for babies’ teeth. It will make the transition to a regular cup much easier.Can’t live without these!

Marcella Sorrento, FL

Could be better.

I like the the tilt idea and that the cup is simple and lightweight.But it didn’t come with travel lid, so for first months couldn’t take it outside the house (I just saw I can buy it separately). Also my 15 months old son loves water (like every child) and when I give him a cup he will spill water on the coffee table and play with it-spilling all over and than drink directly from the table. He figured it out immediately that there is constant spill when cup is upside down. Other sippy cups with the soft spout or some straws let kid drink with the suction only and there is no leakage. I have a better experience with Nuk and Avent cups and Thermos Funtainer bottle.I will keep them for later. Looks like the cup is better for older kids.

Terra Bristol, GA