Tilty Smoothie Cup Lids, 2 Pack

Tilty Smoothie Cup Lids, 2 Pack

For Smoothies, Puree, Yogurt, Older Children.  You can even put a restuarant straw in it to turn it into a straw cup.  Since your TILTY doesn’t require much tilting, your baby won’t tip straw cups upside down on themselves.

Main features

  • Fits your 7 Ounce TILTY
  • Dishwasher safe (Top Rack Only)
  • Large hole makes it easy to drink thick fluids. i.e. Smoothies, Juices, Milk

Verified reviews


Great for smoothies

These lids work perfectly for the yogurt smoothies I make for my daughter. She loves yogurt, but makes a mess eating it. With these, there is none of the mess. I just mix her yogurt with some milk & it’s good to go! The Tilty cup itself was hard for her to hold until she was about 10 months old, as it’s kind of wide for little hands. We love the Tilty!

Rhoda Closter, NJ

Tilty Smoothie Lid

So we have been using the Tilty cups since our daughter was 8 months old and love them. She was drinking from them on her own by 10 months. At one and a half we got the smoothie lids, not so much for smoothies but just so she doesn’t have to drink through the teeny holes on the other 2 lids and to start transitioning her to regular cups. No problems so far (these were replacements for old worn out smoothie lids). Of course these are not leak proof, nor do I want them to be so she learns cups are not for throwing/shaking/turning upside down. But they are less messy than a regular cup. Would buy again.

Andrea Locke, NY

Perfect for travel with your “tilty”

I purchased Tilty cups for my granddaughter when she was learning to use a cup. At 4, these cups are still her favorite – probably because you don’t have to "draw" the drink out of them. However, travel was an issue, if she dropped her cup, we definitely had a spill. With ths "covers" that is no longer an issue!The cover (this is not a replacement for the cup lid) goes over the cup lid and keeps it spill proof. While i am happy with having something to use – i do wish the travel version of this lid provided some way of sipping through it while maintaining spill proof – which this does not – it works perfectly though for keeping a drink in the bag or pocket or purse while travelling

Georgina Rabun Gap, GA

Less mess, but still not for beginners

I love tilty cups. We are exclusively with tilty cups around the house for my 3 yr old.Now for my 1 yr old… The Tilty cup was a huge mess, of course. She is just learning and still finds it very amusing to turn the cup upside down and shake it. So I decided to try this slow flow lid. It helped, but it certainly cannot stand up to the upside down shaking. It doesn’t claim to be ‘no leak’, so it has met my expectations.When my daughter gets out of the upside down shaking the cup phase, but is still knocking over her cup frequently, this cup will be great.If you are looking for a true ‘no leak’ cup, we really like Dr. Browns. It was a little hard for my daughter to get the hang of it, but it is truly no leak.

Marlene Blanchard, IA

Lids don’t seal the tilty cup

First off, I love the Tilty cups and so does my 8 month old. However, these lids just don’t work very well. I’m not sure if they are intended to go over the original sippy lid or replace it, but either way doesn’t make sense. If they replace the lid, you have to find a place for the sippy lid to go while you travel, which is a pain. Plus then they have the awkward sippy top sticking out still. If it goes over the sippy lid, it doesn’t seal at all and pops off all the time. Either way, the little tab is perfect for getting caught on things and pulling off. This sort of works to just keep the sippy spout clean, but serves no purpose as far as containing liquid if you want to put the sippy in a diaper bag. I really hope they would redesign this lid!

Angela Novice, TX

Also good for transition to a regular cup

I purchased the Tilty cups for our now 2 year old son when he was an infant, and we have been using them from the moment he began using a sippy cup. They are fantastic and we use them ALL the time. They are tough and have lasted through hundreds of washings in the dishwasher and by hand. Our son dropped or threw these on the floor numerous times and the only damage to them was a crack in the very bottom of the cups, which didn’t affect use. We regularly make smoothies and drink yogurt smoothies, but using a regular cup was very messy so I was thrilled to find these lids. They work great, just enough flow for thick liquids, and we later began to use them for juice, milk, etc to get our son more used to a faster flow like a regular cup. He is now using regular cups at mealtime but we still use these for smoothies to prevent big messes.

Myra Surry, VA

Ok but not really practical

These lids fit fine and are spill proof as far as I have encountered, but I haven’t tossed them into a diaper bag where they have been turned all about.Unfortunately they require you to remove the “sippy” lid and replace it with this one, so when you want your child to use the cup, you have to take the travel lid off and replace it with the regular lid. So you have the problem of having to carry around the regular lids and swicth them back out when your child is done drinking. Not very convenient when you are traveling. You might as well bring the drink in a bottle or something and pour it into the Tilty.Or you can put the travel lid on top of the regular lid but it doesn’t create a seal of any kind and just sort of rests on top, which works only if you are just wanting to prevent sloshing spills when putting it in a stroller or car cup holder.I love the Tilty cups, I have 4 and they are all I really use. I wish they’d design a functional travel lid.

Dawn Churchville, MD