timi & leslie 2 in 1 Backpack Diaper Bag, Mackenzie Black

timi & leslie 2 in 1 Backpack Diaper Bag, Mackenzie Black

Timi and Leslie 2 in 1 backpack diaper bag mackenzie

Main features

  • Leather
  • Imported
  • 2 in 1 backpack gives you 2 bags for the price of 1
  • Tuck away the cross body strap and wear the bag as a backpack, or zip up your backpack straps and wear the bag as a messenger bag, also hangs on your stroller
  • 15 pockets, water resistant lining
  • Custom timi and leslie non slip stroller straps
  • 2 insulated bottle pockets to keep bottles warm or cool

Verified reviews


good bag… but could be better…

It is a beautiful bag and I love the canvas material it is made of. It seems light and sturdy. The bag weights about 2.8 LB including all straps and changing pad. The backpack straps are built-in and when you want to stow the straps away, you just unclip the bottom clips, place the backpack straps in the zippered compartment in the back, and zip up. You can also store the messenger strap in this pocket. Nice and neat. The side pockets can accommodate 17oz water bottles, although if you put one bottle each side, it may take away a little space away from the main compartment. I love the additional outside front pocket — a good mommy pocket if you don’t mind your smart phone near the magnets. I love the 2 stationary insulated bottle pockets inside, again large enough even for adult water bottles. Under the messenger flap is a deep zippered pocket.But a few things bother me. I hope timi and leslie can improve on.1)The inside lining is dark chocolate. Very very hard to see, especially it is a deep bag. It seems I have to “scoop” the bottom of the main compartment to make sure things did not get forgotten. The lining in the main compartment is not sewn down. You can flip it out and get rid of crumbs, etc.. which is good, but on the flip side, it often creates crevices and hard to see the bottom of the bag.2)In the backpack mode, the hard board at the bottom of the bag pokes at my back. The company should get rid of the cardboard and instead, reinforce the bottom with leather to give it structure.3)back of the bag is not padded for comfort.These are deal-breakers for me. They may not bother you.Another minor complaint i have is it takes two efforts with one hand or takes 2 hands to close both flaps, because each flap has 2 small magnets at the corners. Not a big deal… but for a mom on the go, it could be annoying.Also, pay attention to the picture of the internal main compartment. That is how big it is… not very big but it’s deep. It is because of the 2 inside insulated bottle holders taking up space.

Mavis Pickerington, OH

Love love

This is the second diaper bag I ended up buying, and have gotten several compliments on it. I love the fact that you can wear it as a backpack because then my arms are free to hold my child or do other things without it slipping off my shoulder. The shoulder strap is nice as well. I can fling over like a messenger bag and again have my arms free. The different compartments inside are very nice to organize my stuff. I would recommend it to anyone!

Jeanine Westport Point, MA

cute diaper bag, poor quality

I first received this bag and while unpacking it immediately noticed 2 areas with poor sewing where the fabric was coming undone. One area was inside one of the exterior bottle pockets. The lining was completely unsewn along the top. The second area was on one of the backpack straps. The padded strap was not sewn well and the fabric was coming apart along the edges. I sent it back and received a replacement. When I unboxed I looked it over to check for any similar areas and I found the same thing on one of the padded backpack straps. The fabric was not sewn well and was coming apart along the edge. I find this kind of quality control disappointing, especially in an expensive brand. The first time I was willing to chalk it up as a fluke, but after having a 2nd bag with the same issue I am now suspicious of the quality of these bags and this brand overall. I will likely send this one back for a refund rather than getting another replacement.

Judith Ripley, OK

Expensive, good looking but now torn

The bag was very sturdy looking and had a lot of functions, but alas the side has torn at the strap already. The tendency is to load it up too much because of the size, and the stitching is just not strong enough. Started using only 3 months ago.

Jacquelyn Lexington, MA

Love this

This diaper bag is awesome. I love it. My only con is that I wish there was one more snap on the big flap. There are only two, one on each edge. So the middle doesn’t cover when full.

James Bayboro, NC

Love it but not the best quality

I initially wanted the messenger bag style, but when I saw there was a 2-in-1 backpack option I had to have it. I loved how versatile it was, especially for traveling through an airport. However, when I would use the backpack option, the straps often didn’t stay tight as I was putting it on, and eventually the straps frayed and broke away, leaving me with only the messenger bag option.Also, when I received it, one of the magnetic snaps had a male attachment instead of a female, so that compartment did not close securely. It was something I didn’t notice until it was too late to return, but I worried because I always put my wallet there.As for the positives, the changing pad is very nice, and the large strap is very sturdy. The stroller hooks are nice, but I usually find they’re not necessary because it’s easier to drape the bag handle across the stroller handles. (This won’t work if you’re trying to use a small stroller, but I think this bag would make a small stroller tip over anyway.) It fits a pack of wipes, 4-5 disposable diapers, a change of clothes, snacks, the changing pad, a nursing cover, pacifier, and a bottle, plus room for your wallet and maybe a pair of glasses, if you’re trying to use it as a purse. Since I mostly cloth diaper now, I find it’s a little tough to haul more than 2 cloth diapers and a wetbag around in it with all that other stuff. (This has gotten easier since eliminating the nursing cover, but now that’s been replaced with a small cooler with milk in a sippy cup. Can’t win!)Ultimately, while I love how stylish the bag is, the quality leaves much to be desired, and I would recommend going with another bag.

Janell Bellvale, NY

Too Big and Heavy

I bought this diaper bag because I wanted a backpack style, but it’s just too big and bulky so I just use the shoulder strap. I’m selling it for a smaller one that is not so heavy.

Alexis Union Center, WI

I LOVE this bag

This bag is gorgeous (I have Felicity). Every time I look at it, the color and design just make me happy. I originally wanted a backpack because I have two kids, and needed a bag to keep my hands free. I love that you can wear it as a backpack, or as a messenger bag. Even though I do love it so much, there are a few things that I wish they could improve upon.Pros:-Gorgeous and unique design and colors.-Many, many pockets and zippers, and pockets within pockets. It keeps my things very well organized, along with everything for my two boys.- I LOVE the changing mat. It is HUGE and also has a pocket on it to store the diapers and wipes so all you need to carry around is the folded changing pad. It is one of the best changing pads I’ve seen.- I Love the backpack feature- It has a nice sturdy bottom with feet to keep the bag upright and cleanCons:- the fabric is a little thin, and I can see it wearing thin after prolonged use. However, overall the bag is pretty good quality.-the pockets in the main compartment are HUGE and really nice. The problem is that if they are filled, there is very little room to put anything in the middle of the bag. Or, if there is anything in the middle, it is very hard to get to the bottom of the bag because the large filled pockets literally take up the entire space of the bag.-The bag is large, but not quite big enough for my needs. I have two boys under two, and I need to carry a lot of stuff. The bag is really, really tight and this bag would be perfect if it was a little bigger.-the bottle pockets on the side are nice, but are a little deep and it can be a challenge to get a bottle or sippy cup out if they are short.- the fabric on the inside of the bag is loose and not connected to the bag, so it bunches up a little bit. However, since it is only connected at the top, the fabric can be turned inside out to get any crumbs out.Overall, this is a gorgeous bag with the awesome ability to become a backpack. It is a lot cheaper than the other backpack diaper bags out there, and it is good quality as well.

Alberta Yutan, NE

Great diaper bag

I bought this diaper bag because I wanted something that was convertible from over-the-shoulder to backpack format. I didn’t use it as a backpack until our son was 6 months old (and heavier!), and I wish I would have done it sooner, because it makes things so much easier! I like that its design suits both my husband and me (not too cutesy for him to carry) and it was affordable enough to not break the bank — plus it is easy to wipe down — consider that it will be around poopy diapers and burp cloths! The front pocket is a convenient place to stow wallets, phones, etc. The flap snaps are magnetic, and that gives me a feeling of extra security that things won’t fly out of the bag unexpectedly. The changing pad is also a nice inclusion. Just recently (6 months after purchase), one of the magnetic circles popped off the back at one of the closings. I was able to reattach it, but I watch it now to make sure I don’t lose it. For this reason I am not giving it five stars — I shouldn’t have to bother with something like that. I’d also like it to be just a bit bigger/expandable, but it has been a great bag so far. We are happy with this purchase!

Chris Tuskegee Institute, AL

i like it

I loved the design, has many compartments, is original, but after three days the lining of the cover broke off shortly and is not very noticeable.

Terrie Southfield, MI

Perfect perfect perfect.

I love love love love this bag. I use it as a back pack. It’s so practical, has tons of space and pockets for organizing, and it’s not constantly slipping off my shoulders while trying to lug my baby and all his stuff around. I never have to dig around to find anything because everything has its place in this bag. I’m a first time mom so I over prepare 90% of the time and I have no problem fitting all of my stuff AND my baby’s stuff in this bag. I recommend it to all my friends as well and always get compliments on it.

Sheryl Whitney, TX

I like this, but…

Its bigger than I thought it would and it is so hot to wear as a back pack. I wish it was cotton. Although, it is pretty and easy to care for–you just have to wipe it down, it is so darn hot against the skin when you wear on your back. Also, it is deep. So you have to dig to get to the bottom. Not really for everyday running around. This bag is for a whole day away or even overnight.

Erika Fort Spring, WV

Great Bag

I think this diaper is great. I love the backpack feature, which is why I got it. Using it as backpack, it feels great. Nothing uncomfortable about it. The only thing I don’t like it is that the lining is black, so I have a hard time finding things! The lining can be better. Other than that, it does what it supposed to! I also wish there was a handle on the top to carry it. -It sounds something so little, but noticed it’s really needed. The changing pad is pretty neat with the cool pocket for dipes and wipes. Love the magnetic closures. Love the affordable price too!

Cecile Glenford, NY

I Love This Diaper Bag!

I get compliments on this diaper bag all the time! I bought this diaper bag on Amazon, while I was in Germany, based solely on its description. I am so glad I did!ProsIt is well organized.It is not too big, nor is it too small for everyday use. However, I would not recommend this for packing many things for an extended trip.It may be used as a backpack. If you use an infant carrier, you will definitely appreciate this feature. It is very uncomfortable to use a shoulder strap while carrying your baby.The backpack straps may be conveniently stored in the back zipper compartment.The backpack straps are lightly padded.The backpack straps are adjustable. I am only 4’11”, at 110 pounds, while my husband is 6’1” at 170 pounds. Neither of us has any problem adjusting the straps to fit properly.The shoulder strap is removable.The shoulder strap is lightly padded.It comes with easy-to-use stroller straps.The design is simple and the colors are pleasing, without being too girly.It comes with a changing pad, which I have found to be indispensable.The changing pad has a pocket that you may use to store wipes and diapers. It makes it easy to change my daughter’s diaper while we’re out, without having to take the whole diaper bag to the rest room.ConsThe stroller straps broke after only 3 months of use.The shoulder strap is not long enough for most people to be able to use across their bodies (It is barely long enough for me at only 4’11”).The bottle pockets do not keep bottles warm or cold for very long (maybe 2 hours).

Juliet Rockwood, ME

Great bag! Very organized

My daughter is 7 months old and I’ve had the same diaper bag for a while and it was always so huge and just one giant big bag with not that many compartments. We had to switch to the lightweight stroller and decided I needed a book bag type diaper bag. I haven’t used it yet but it already fit all my things I had in the old one.. There are a lot of pockets and compartments and keeps everything very organized. It’s very light and the straps seem comfortable. The only thing is that the picture makes the white design seem very bright white but actually I would say the design is more of an ivory color but it doesn’t bother me. I like color. Overall a nice bag!

Natalie Floyd, NM

Love back pack feature, I use this everyday

This is my second backpack diaper bag. I needed that feature and I love the design and quality. It’s easy to get on and off. It’s a bit big so I thought it’d hold more then it really does, but it gets stuffed fast and can be a tad cumbersome. After all the research and for the money this was perfect for me and I would buy it again. I don’t have to worry about it falling off when I bend over to pick up the baby and the material is sturdy and rugged. I’m happy

Marilyn Amherst, WI

really cute and functional as messenger bag

i just recieved this bag after doing soooo much research on diaper bag backpacks. i really wanted a back pack for my toddler, since we often go to the zoo or out on long day trips. I havent put it to use yet, but i moved out of my other diaper bag and into this one last night.first of all, it’s cute. next, the back pack straps are actually pretty comfortable. That was a concern of mine, in purchasing a convertable bag, however the bottom of the bag, is rigid, and it DOES poke into your back. Next, it has a zippered area upfront for all of your small things, and two other larger zipper areas on the outside. It has two pockets on the edges for sippy cups… will hold the wider sippy cup, too. The main compartmetn has 4 more elastic pockets that are the perfect fit for diapers (size 6), wipes and butt paste. There is a larger inside zipper pocket for the changing pad. Changing pad is big, and soft. A lot bigger than the usual changing pads that u see in diaper bags. The fabric is the same as the bag itself. and it has the pocket for you to stuff a diaper in there if you need to run in… nice, but not a necessity. A downside to teh changing pad, is that it is big, and you notice it’s in your diaper bag. Nonetheless, the overall inside is great. I usually take our own full size juice bottle to refill for my son, and the bottle will easily fit in this bag, with all our other stuff. Which brings me to my next point, the size… The bag is big. Look carefully at the picture of the lady carrying it on her shoulder. It’s a big bag. But i havent found a diaper bag that didnt feel huge. BUT, the fabric is nice, sturdy easy to clean… it looks well made. the only concern i have with quality is WHERE the backpack straps are sewn into the bag. There is a zipper in the back of the bag, which is a large pocket, but thats where the backpack straps are kept, and the straps attach inside the pocket, under the zipper. It feels secure, but it just doesnt look like it’s going to hold up well. Not only that, if u use it as a backpack, then you kinda loose use of that pocket in the back. Only time will tell.Update, after use for one day. It’s really uncomfortable when used as a backpack. It doesnt have a handle on top, like most back packs do, so it’s difficult to get in and out of the car and stroller. The shape of the bag, which makes it good for a messenger bag, does not lend itself to being a comfortable backpack. it’s so bulky right around the area where it lays on your back. It feels like someone is pushing in on your back, while wearing this when all full. We went to the mall, and I left the bag in the car. not even wanting to get it out. So dissapointing. I’ve returned this bag and will be getting a dadgear backpack.

Jane Garland City, AR