timi & leslie Abby 7-Piece Diaper Bag Set, Ocean Blue

timi & leslie Abby 7-Piece Diaper Bag Set, Ocean Blue

The hip and happening Abby Bag makes any outfit look great while keeping you super organized. It’s made from easy to clean faux leather (PVC free) and features our custom hardware in an antique brass finish. Abby comes with many functional and fashionable accessories and features: A cross body, adjustable detachable strap so you can wear it hands free whenever you need to; Our specially designed changing pad with a front mesh pocket where you can store your diapers, wipes and creams when you need to make a quick diaper change trip; A zippered sac to put away soiled clothes; A stylish clutch that you can use as your purse (who wants to carry a purse and a bebe bag?) with interior credit card slots and an inside zipper pocket; An insulated bottle tote to keep your baby’s bottles warm or cool; Matching stroller straps so you can hang your bebe bag from your stroller; Water resistant, light colored lining so you can easily see everything in your bag; Seven exterior pockets; Six interior organizational pockets.

Main features

  • 100% Polyurehtane
  • Imported
  • 7-piece set (diaper bag + 6 accessories)
  • 1 clutch for mom’s essentials – with credit card slots and zippered pocket
  • 1 pair of stroller straps and 1 detachable/adjustable shoulder strap
  • 1 insulated bottle tote, 1 zippered clothes sac
  • 1 changing mat with pocket for diapers/wipes

Verified reviews


Another good timi & leslie bag

I have two timi & leslie bags, and they’re both very sturdy and loaded with accessories. I was excited about the peacock blue color of this bag, which matches my nursery. However, once I received it, it seemed like an overgrown purse wannabe that didn’t quite have as much room as a typical diaper bag. I think this will work better as a purse, but it’s a little frumpy on that end. It however is incredibly functional, with a bottle carrier, extra straps, lots of zippered compartments, and a wallet wristlet. Just not quite as large as I hoped nor as fashionable. I give this bag 4 out of five stars just because it wasn’t quite as good-looking as I’d hoped.

Janette Hornbeck, LA

Great size, color, and very organized!

First off I love the color of this bag. It does seem a little bit darker in person but it is a really pretty shade. I have used two other diaper bags, a winnie the pooh bag and another no name brand diaper bag. The no name one is the one I replaced this one with. I use one to take to and from daycare and then I have my more personal one that has my stuff in it too. The diaper bag that I replaced this with was longer than this Timi and Leslie bag and I thought no way everything from my first bag would fit in there. But, I was wrong. Everything fit with room to spare. I put in two outfits, 8 diapers, a 4 oz container of snacks, diaper wipes, hands and face wipes, pacifier wipes, two bulky toys, and two burp blankets. There are so many pouches to fit things so thing don’t get lost. There is a hook for you keys. There is a separate small purse for you credit cards, money, phone and other small essentials. It has an insulated bottle tote, which I ended up taking out and haven’t used yet but I can see putting bottles or baby food in it to keep in cool.The two straps fit easily on my shoulder but if that doesn’t work for you there is another strap that you can hook on and wear this as a messenger bag and it is adjustable. There are also two other straps that you can hook on so you can hook the diaper bag to a stroller. It is so versatile!It doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all, which is kind of bad for my boyfriend when he takes our baby out and takes this diaper bag with him. But, I guess as long as he has the baby with him people will realize it is a diaper bag :PThere are so many zippers and pouches on the outside too that I don’t know what to do with all of them. But, it is nice to have them there to stash things. I put my keys and phone in one of the outside pouches so I don’t have to open the diaper bag.The changing pad is great. It folds out larger than my other changing pads and there is a pouch on it that you can add the wipes and a diaper. There is a place in the diaper bag where all that fits and snaps nicely in place. My old diaper bag changing pad would slouch in there and get in the way and it was hard to get it back in as well, but this one is so much more easier and organized. There is even a soiled clothes bag. Which I needed a week before I got this, my baby had an accident where I had to change his clothes. Lucky I was at my dads where I could steal a zip lock bag from him and put the soiled clothes, but if that happened somewhere without access to that I would have be SOL, but not anymore. Now I can just put the soiled clothes in that bag and it won’t get anything else smelly or dirty in the diaper bag.It also isn’t that heavy and it fit really snug on my shoulder and hangs in a great spot so it isn’t in the way when I am carrying my baby. Plus, it is easy to put on the shoulder when I already have my baby in my hands. It is a perfect all around diaper bag.

Rae Arnold, MD

Spacious, convenient, stylish, great quality

This bag is great, if a bit expensive.Pros:- The leather is very soft and has some texture to it.- Excellent work with colors (nice blue tone, that looks well ingrained in leather)- Plenty of room for stuff inside- Bonus items: (container to keep a baby bottle cool, changing pad)- waterproof container for wet clothes (keeps the pee away from the clean stuff!)- Straps are comfortable- Looks really good, and everything seems of great quality.Cons:- A little on the expensive sideOverall I’d recommend this bag, it has become a favorite in the household. It’s large enough and loos great – so much so that it’s sometimes used a regular purse, or an overnight bag for the mom.

Anita Rives, MO

Stylish bag to replace handbag

I like this bag as a handbag + diaper bag combo. It’s the size of a normal large handbag so it doesn’t look uncomfortable and it comes with the following1. Key fob2. Small pouch for credit cards3. Stroller straps so the bag can be hung off a stroller – this is a brilliant addition to this bag4. Sack for dirty clothes5. Shoulder strap6. The bottle holder and changing pad that all diaper bags come withThis is great for a parent with toddlers who no longer needs to carry a pile of stuff around. It’s too small if you’re cloth diapering and need to have all your supplies in one bag.I’m giving it 4 stars because the one I received had some stains / discoloration around the zip and a weird chemical smell that lasted for a while

Marina Fairfax, VA

The Holy Grail

I have used 3 very popular model diaper bags before receiving this timi & leslie Abby Diaper bag, and it is the holy grail of diaper bags. It seems like every bag on the market is either focused on function with some afterthought of a design pattern, or it’s really a designer bag where they toss in a changing pad and then declare “look – it’s a diaper bag”. Here’s why the timi & leslie Abby Diaper Bag is really the best of both worlds1. It Doesn’t Look Like a Diaper BagYou can take this bag from daycare to the office or to a night out, and no one will know it’s a diaper bag. There’s NOTHING about it that says diaper bag, unless someone recognizes it. I walk my daughter to daycare and then head to work. Until now I had a separate bag for my things, and skimped just a few baby items in it. Because I could not show up to work with a diaper bag, and I didn’t want to hassle with two bags. Now I can actually take this bag to work with me, and it’s ok.2. But it *is* a diaper BagIt will hold anything you need for the baby in well organized compartments + anything you need for work + all your personal stuff. And then some. This is a BIG bag. It’s almost a travel bag/duffle. For my 8 month old I can fit 2 outfit changes, her sweater, 2 bottles, some snacks, a half dozen diapers, wipes, mini first aid kit, changing pad, a few toys, and my laptop (!) wallet, phone, etc … and still have of room.3. It’s gorgeous.I would totally wear this bag pre-baby and not even think twice. It is the opposite of dumpy. It is completely stylish and sophisticated with really nice hardware too.4. It will hold your laptopYes, even your 15 inch macbook pro5. You can wear it cross-bodyIt has a wonderful and soft detachable cross body strap that expends to whatever length you need. Even if you are a bigger person, the crossbody strap will be ample for you. And the bag still looks good down at your hip, where you can reach it. I’ve found many bags have stiff or short cross body straps. not this one6. It is organized — Many exterior and interior pockets7. It comes with all the accessories you would otherwise have to buyInterior clutch for mom, bottle holder, changing pad, dirty clothes pad8. It clean easilyJust wipe it down9. Yes, it hooks onto your strollerOverall, this bag is going to last me not through the diaper bag years, but for a long time after. It’s totally a wonderful handbag that doesn’t stop being useful when the baby is big. The second you touch it you will know you made the right choice. If this wasn’t a diaper bag I think they’d sell it for twice the price.(Note – I also have the Sophia bag which is also great -but this one is my favorite because of the design and softness)

Alta Yucaipa, CA

Super cute and super light!

I was so happy by how light this was, normally the leather looking bags are so heavy. It came with all sorts of fun extras, and I love the color!

Letitia Lincoln, CA

I wish I found this when my son was a new born!!!

I absolutely love everything about this bag! And my only regret is not finding it sooner. My son, now 3.5, still needs a change of clothes, wipes, sippy cups ects. So I wasn’t ready to go back to my "pre kids" purse…. This has tons of pockets, which are great for his stuff and mine, everything is neat and organized and always easily found!I will say the graphite is a black bag with a silver metallic sheen to it….. I was expecting more of a dark grey. But no matter, I love it and will be a year round bag !!!!

Frankie Garden Valley, ID

LOVE this bag!

I absolutely LOVE this diaper bag, it is the perfect bag after all of my searching! It’s great for a slightly older infant (mine is 9 months) where 1-2 small outfits, a bottle, a few diapers, some toys are all you need. I LOVE the internal wristlet/clutch bag with included credit card slots. It’s perfect to grab to run into the store. There is a hook so you never lose your keys. The pockets are perfect. The material is so soft and feels like real leather, but it’s wipeable. This diaper bag is truly perfect. You would never suspect it’s a diaper bag but all of the features are there. I take it to work and all of the baby stuff is there when I need it.

Carol Fertile, IA

So Nice!

My first diaper bag was a plastic-y, patterned diaper bag that I didn’t particularly enjoy carrying around. It was also too small once the baby gets bigger (as diapers and clothes also get bigger). I have dreamed of one of the fancy diaper bags, and this one doesn’t disappoint.The ocean blue is a beautiful color (happens to be the same color as the purse I was most recently carrying). It is amazingly soft. The zippers and zipper pulls are relatively heavy-duty, but I was surprised at how light-weight the diaper bag is while empty. (Different story once you start filling it, of course!)I carry it with the handles, but it also has a strap that lets you carry it across your body. I love having the stroller straps to attach it to the handles of ourBritax B-Agile Stroller, Black, rather than trying to stuff it the in the little basket under the stroller.The included clutch is plenty big enough for a drivers license, credit/debit cards, etc. The bag easily fits diapers, spare clothes, diaper cream, sunscreen, cell phone, etc. It has lots of pockets. I don’t use the bottle holder, so that gives me some extra space. I plan on using the bottle holder later for transporting frozen baby foods. There is a “dirty clothes” bag, but I don’t carry that either. (Personally, if I have dirty/poopy clothes, I put them into a plastic bag, which can be disposed of later if needed.)I am so pleased with this bag, and have become the envy of my mother, who dreams of having a bag like this for a purse. I anticipate that this bag will last a long time (years), so will easily carry through multiple children. So happy to have a practical diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag.

Shannon Oviedo, FL

Love, Love, LOVE this bag

This really is everything a diaper bag should be for the on the go urban mother. It’s sturdy, has tons of pockets that can actually HOLD things from diapers to toys to a change of cloths to an iPad and snack for mommy. It’s easy to clean and comfortable to carry. All of that and the best perk of all, it doesn’t look or feel like a diaper bag! Worth every penny!

Sofia Ibapah, UT

Beautiful Bag for Baby and You, and Just You – Will Become Your Favorite

Personally, I absolutely Love this bag. It has become my favorite bag to use when I am out with my kids (and some times without them!) You can wear it as a shoulder bag or cross body which is great. Its quite stylish and functional with many pockets. The style alone is a huge factor. Its a beautiful ocean blue color – great for any season and any clothing article. You can use this dressed casual or dressed up – its so versatile! Its made from faux leather so its easy to clean- a wipe down is all it takes. It does not look like a diaper bag but functions 100% as one. Yet- if your baby is older and you don’t need a diaper bag or happen to love this bag and think its a diaper bag only – well, good news – its a great “non diaper bag” as well. Just take out the baby items such as the mat and bottle tote and there you go – you actually have a bag your going to love regardless.For baby it has a changing pad with a mesh pocket to store diapers wipes or cream. It has a zippered sac for soiled cloths. It also comes with an insulated bottle tote. It has matching straps that connect to your stroller as well. In addition it as a clutch that matches the bag with credit card slots and zippered pocket.The lining is water resistant and a light color, so you can find everything in your bag with ease. There are 5 exterior pockets and 6 interior ones along with a key fob.I use this bag as my main bag all the time, where ever I go and people have complimented me on it whether I am with my toddler or alone. Even though its a “blue” color it really can go for a boy or girl, thats how stylish this bag is! I think its almost safe to say everyone will love it!

Eleanor Coopers Plains, NY


I LOVE this bag and I’ve been through my share of diaper bags, everything from Kate Spade to Vera Bradley to OiOi to Petunia Pickle Bottom among many others. Timi and Leslie is by far my most favorite brand. They have amazing customer service, a one year warranty on their products, have incredible interior organization, AND the bags come with a ton of useful accessories. This is my most favorite T & L style! They hit a home run with the Abby bag! I have a five year old, a three year old, and a one year old so a bag that makes my life easier is key. Here are benefits:
• it is very lightweight, surprisingly so considering it isn’t nylon, the material is soft and very high quality (this is SO important because moms have so much to carry, the bag shouldn’t be adding any unnecessary weight)
• the strap length is just right, you can easily get in and out of the bag while it is on your shoulder with one hand (necessary for the many times you are holding a baby on your hip and your other hand is busy)
• the straps are comfortable and stay on your shoulder
• there are so many useful exterior pockets placed in just the right places
• as I mentioned above the interior organization is wonderful including a key clip to easily and quickly access keys
• love that it comes with a cross-body, detachable messenger strap AND stroller straps
• it has a zipper closure, so helpful when you have a 17 month old trying to dig through your bag :), also for the times when you need the bag to be more secure
• the color is my absolute favorite color, the blue is beautiful
• the matching clutch is great for times when that is all you need
• you can use this bag without kids and no one would know it is a diaper bag, getting more for your money
• the exterior and interior are wipe-able
• it lays nicely while carrying it and can carry a lot without being bulky
• the size is just right, not too big or small
• this bag looks BETTER in person, at first I wasn’t sure if this bag was my style but after it arrived I was really impressed and love it’s lookThis bag is a winner in so many ways! The only negative is that the price is high, but considering all the positives I think it is worth every penny!As you can see, I definitely recommend this beautiful and practical diaper bag!

Casandra Wilson, TX

Nice looking and versatile bag

This is a very nice diaper bag. It is a nice color blue and resembles a large purse. It has several pockets, an insulated bottle holder, and enough room for diapers, toys, and everything else you might need. It comes with a changing pad as well as sack for soiled or dirty clothes. It also comes with straps so that you can attach it directly to your stroller handle. What I really like about this diaper bag though is that it comes with a place for credit cards and money as well as a key fob, so you can choose not to carry a purse and just put your essentials in the diaper bag. This is such a nice looking bag as well that once you no longer need a diaper bag, you can just turn it into a purse. I could not have done that with my old diaper bag which was not that attractive and looked very obviously like a diaper bag. All in all, this is an extremely nice diaper bag and I love the features its has and its versatility.

Tasha Smoot, WV

Great diaper bag that doesn’t like the part!

I’ve received many compliments on my "purse" and laugh each time when I receive them. I like bigger purses to begin with so this was no larger than my usual purse. The color is great and vibrant. The material, although fake, looks pretty real. It is soft like real leather but if you look closely you can tell it’s not. But for fake leather, they’ve done a good job at making it look pretty real. The straps are large enough to easily put over your shoulder, even with things spilling out of the bag and the body strap is handy though the purse, when full, is a bit too bulky to comfortably wear across the body.The inside has plenty of pockets around the edges to keep things organized but when the pockets are full their doesn’t leave much room in the main pocket for too many things. Here are the things in my bag for an idea of what it can hold: diaper cream, Arm & Hammer diaper disposable bags, 4 diapers, the changing pad with wipes container, a pacifier, a small receiving blanket, nursing cover, bib, burp cloth, hand sanitizer, and hand/face wipes all in the inside pockets. In the large open area I can keep my large wallet, a complete change of clothes, my keys, water bottle, and an infant toy or two. In the outside pockets I keep my iphone, small umbrella, and ancillary things like chapstick and gum. Ok- so I guess it can hold a lot!The only thing I think could be improved upon are the zippers. They’re fairly cheap for the price of this bag. They’ve held up well but they are really sticky meaning they’re hard to open and close. Overall, I’ve now used the bag for 5 months everyday and have traveled overseas and through the holidays with it and there’s no sign of wear anywhere. This will last for years I’m sure.

Alba Bosler, WY

Like it so far!

I had a skip hop bag with my first daughter and hated it. I really love weight of this bag and all of its many pockets. I haven’t even begun to fill them all. Read the reviews below that are more detailed and enjoy your purchase!

Marisa Walland, TN

Watch for quality control issues!

This diaper bag is downright epic. I wish I’d come across it far sooner and yet here I am in the potty training stage and having to tote around extra clothes for my youngest again. Which has made this bag ridiculously helpful!It is so roomy and has a place for everything. I love that it has both handles and a removable shoulder strap. The included stroller straps are just plain genius! And an open but snug pocket on either end makes juggling my keys and phone so much easier. I managed to stuff my iPad, large coupon holder, several reusable grocery bags, calendar/planner, wallet, and makeup bag in there in addition to pullups, extra clothes, wipes, and snacks for my daughter. The very best part about this hands down though, is that it doesn’t look like a diaper bag. It’s attractive and can easily become just your purse after you move to other stages of childrearing and back again if another one comes along.There are some issues I have with it though and they’re things you should consider and take note of if you’re going to spend this kind of money. First off, if you have a daddy involved… he may not love carrying this one around, I used a messenger bag when our daughter was born so my husband would feel comfortable packing it around without me. Second, this is NOT real leather and is awfully pricey considering. It’s also NOT machine washable and trust me when I say you may prefer one that you can wash… babies (and toddlers) are messy and leaky bottles or baby food pouches can ruin a costly bag. Lastly, if you do buy this bag be sure and go over it with a fine tooth comb for quality control issues. Mine has a broken tooth on the zipper that catches when I try and unzip it, not the end of the world but if you’re going to pay this much be sure yours isn’t flawed.Overall, a lovely solution to the hideous or cutesey diaper bags that have been popular for decades if you can afford to invest in it.

Sophia California Hot Springs, CA

A Diaper Bag for the Fashion Fabulous Mommy!

Timi & Leslie Abby Diaper Bag is the ultimate in diaper bag fashion. The bag is made of faux/imitation leather. It’s easy to clean just simply wipe the down with a damn wash cloth or baby wipe on the go.The Timi & Leslie Abby diaper bag is also very versatile and it comes with extra straps which allow you to change the bag from a hand bag to shoulder as well as positions for strollers etc. It also comes with a matching changing pad, bonus mini clutch/purse, dirty clothes sac and insulated bottle holder.I absolutely adore this bag! Not only does it not look like a diaper bag it’s also big enough to carry all my baby’s essentials, bottles, diapers, wipes sippy cups, and it still has room for my tablet, cell phone, make up, hair brush and more!So if you’re a fashion forward mommy who loves her bags this is a must have!

Bernadette Mill Spring, MO

My Favorite Mom Luxury

With my first son, I tried to avoid higher priced items assuming they were all just for flash and for show. I ended up going through multiple diaper bags when the straps would break, the cheap plastic linings would tear, and I was never really satisfied with any of the bulky designs and childish prints. With my second son I decided that three items are ultimately worth putting some good investment in:1 – your stroller (this will get years of use and the more expensive ones really ARE designed for better functionality, honest, and the cheap ones will break on you eventually in my experience)2- your carseat (safety first, this should never ever ever be an item you choose based on budget alone)3 – your diaper bagYour diaper bag will be used daily, and will get a lot of wear and tear over time. It also becomes an item that hugely defines your looks and style as a mother, since rarely are you going to want to carry a diaper bag AND a purse. Sure, I totally thought I would when I had my first, and I even tried it a time or two, but eventually you give up and sling that brightly colored plastic sack of a bag over your shoulder and give up.Enter Timi & Leslie – diaper bags so beautiful you’ll still want to carry them after you’re done carrying diaper bags. They are incredibly functional, with pockets and accessories to fit every need (and all the accessories are INCLUDED which is a major plus,) but they dont scream “this bag was made with toddlers in mind” when you look at it. If anything they quietly whisper “yes, I DO have children and you’re right, I DO still look incredible – thanks for noticing!”You’ll spend money on all kinds of things with a new baby, but give yourself a little present as a mom – invest in a quality bag, so that you dont end up going through 3 or 4 cheap ones and never loving them anyways. Treat yourself and feel guilt free – its worth the investment.

Kerry Steuben, ME