timi & leslie Jessica 7-Piece Diaper Bag Set, Black

timi & leslie Jessica 7-Piece Diaper Bag Set, Black

The Jessica Bag is as stylish as it is functional. It’s made from easy to clean faux leather (PVC free) and features our custom hardware in a gold finish. Jessica comes with many functional and fashionable accessories and features a cross body, adjustable detachable strap so you can wear it hands free whenever you need to. Our specially designed changing pad with a front mesh pocket where you can store your diapers, wipes and creams when you need to make a quick diaper change trip. A stylish clutch that you can use as your purse with interior credit card slots and an inside zipper pocket. An insulated bottle tote to keep your baby’s bottles warm or cool. Matching stroller straps so you can hang your diaper bag from your stroller. Zippered clothes sac to keep your wet or dirty clothes contained. Water resistant, light colored lining so you can easily see everything in your bag. Seven exterior pockets, six interior organizational pockets and inside key fob.

Main features

  • 100% polyurethane
  • Imported
  • 7-piece set (diaper bag + 6 accessories)
  • 1 clutch for mom’s essentials – with credit card slots and zippered pocket
  • 1 pair of stroller straps and 1 detachable/adjustable shoulder strap
  • 1 insulated bottle tote, 1 zippered clothes sac
  • 1 changing mat with pocket for diapers/wipes

Verified reviews


not as big as i thought, seller albee baby had a horrible customer service

a little too small for a diaper bag. fashionable and doesn’t look like a diaper bag (which is what I’m looking for, but the size is just not big enough for me.if you’re buying it from albee baby, beware. my order took a month of waiting for nothing. I called to follow up on my order since it has been more than a month. It took a phone call where they put me on hold for half an hour only to find out that the line I’m holding for is not available. then I emailed them twice and finally got a response stating that the order has been canceled. No notification for the sake of courtesy, i waited and waited only to find out it was cancelled and this is after I followed up with them. Don’t buy from albee baby. Unless you want to wait for nothing.

Rita Dalton, MO

Wife loves it

Bought this for a surprise for my wife for the baby shower. She loves it, she has been wanting this ever since we started looking for baby items.stiching is very uniform and nice, color and feel of the material is "rich", nice feeling. She hasn’t used this for the baby yet, but everything so far is great.Not only is it great quality bag but we got it on a discount and was very very happy with amazon on that amazing deal.Would recommend to any mom that enjoys a nice looking bag but also very functional as well.

Paulette Naylor, GA


I highly recommend this bag for so many reasons! I am a mom of three kids, all five and under and the organization provided by this bag makes my life so much easier when out and about and the best part is that I can look stylish while doing it! I’ve used many, many different diapers bags such as Kate Spade, Skip Hop, JJ Cole, OiOi, Storksak, Vera Bradley, Petunia Pickle Bottom, custom made, etc. and I’ve never been satisfied until this Timi and Leslie Jessica bag. Here are the many benefits:
• detachable messenger strap as a carrying option
• stroller straps for easy access when using a stroller, grocery cart, etc.
• the shoulder straps are the PERFECT length so that you can easily reach inside the bag with one hand to get keys, wipes, etc. while carrying a baby on your hip, it also stays nicely behind your arm when strapping kids into car seats, shopping carts, etc., the straps do not slip off your shoulder and they are soooo comfortable because they are flat and not rounded
• it is lightweight, really important when carrying a lot of things for your kids
• the interior is a light color making it easy to find things
• the shape of the bag lends itself well to finding things easily, as opposed to a bag that is deep where things can get lost
• the main compartment closes with a zipper closure for security and keeping little ones out when needed
• the exterior has 7 pockets, three of which zip (so great for grabbing phone, hand sanitizer, etc.)
• the inside pockets are fabulous for organization, especially the two interior side pockets for holding water bottles, bottles, etc. upright and easy to access quickly, there are many other interior pockets as well
• the bag holds a ton, everything you could need, yet when you don’t need as much it lays nicely while carrying it
• it comes with wonderful, useful accessories including a clutch that doubles as a wallet and can hold your phone and other personal items when that is all you need to just grab and go, it even has a strap that is long enough put over your shoulder so you are hands free
• I have black and it looks amazing, sooooo much like a chic, hip bag and NOT at all like a diaper bag. There is no question you can take this bag out without kids and no one would suspect it is a diaper bag.
• Timi and Leslie provide amazing customer support and offer a one year warranty so you can have confidence in your purchase.One of the reviewers mentioned the bag wasn’t tall enough to hold a wipes case but I’ve had no issue with the height being tall enough. There is plenty of room for a wipes case and then more room above it so that you can easily zip it closed. I hope this helps! As you can see, I definitely recommend this bag. You won’t be disappointed!

Brandi Pinesdale, MT

Great Diaper Bag So Far

I have been using this diaper bag for several weeks now and it has been working great. It is larger than my last diaper bag but with two kids still in diapers it gives me plenty of room for baby stuff as well for my stuff like my wallet, phone, and keys.In the past few weeks that I have been using it we have gone to an amusement park and the zoo and the bag was plenty big to pack for those all day trips for 2 little ones and 2 older kids as well.I like all the inside pockets as well as the zip pockets on the outside.One of the main reasons I bought this bag was because it looks like a big purse rather than a traditional diaper bag. I’m not the type to carry around a traditional diaper bag.

Florence Blanchard, OK

Couldn’t get past the bright gold hardware.

In the search for the right diaper bag for me (new baby with 3 other kids age 4, 9 and 10), and hoping for a functional yet stylish option, I ordered four bags..this one, the timi and leslie Tag-a-long, and Skip Hop’s Studio and Grand Central to compare. See my detailed reviews on the others as well. I was very hopeful this would be the bag as I wanted to find one that looked more purse-like and functioned as both a purse and diaper bag. The brown synthetic material was fine, I didn’t notice significant gold streaks as another reviewer did. The changing pad is bigger than most and folds up nicely, but it is not as nice of material as the Tag-a-Long’s pad. The inclusion of a matching clutch was nice – inside it features 6 credit card slots and a zippered pocket. The inside of the bag includes 4 elastic pockets, a large snap pocket and a large zippered pocket. The bottle holder takes up a lot of space inside the bag. Due to the shortness of the bag, there was no pocket tall enough to hold a pack of wipes upright. Overall the bag didn’t have as much room as I needed, but the real deal-breaker to me was the blingy gold hardware on the outside. It’s just not my style.

Jesse Adrian, TX

Cheap but cute.

My mom bought this for my baby shower gift. I started using it immediately. I’ve used it for approx 5 months (baby is 3 months). It has been used almost daily. Buuuut the zippers are already ripping off the bag (always having to fuss with them) the side zipper always gets stuck on the lining. I would NOT recommend this bag (especially for the price) it is SO cheaply made.

Serena Maryland Line, MD

Looove this diaperbag

I love this diaperbag, if does not look like one, great space lots of pockets, I have to say I’m in love with this one.

Dena Plaistow, NH

Gorgeous bag! Just not meant to really last.

4 stars only because the main zipper broke after a year and a half.But, I LOVE this bag! It’s beautiful, lightweight, and HUGE. I have received numerous compliments on the bag. I have twins and found this to be the perfect size bag (and I could fill a duffle bag of "essential" things). I’m heartbroken that the zipper broke. Also, the edges of the main straps started fraying early on, but they haven’t broken.

Jill Waialua, HI

Great bag!

I absolutely love this bag! I have a 1 month old and a 15 month old and it fits everything I need in a nice and organized fashion! The leather material is very soft and easily wiped clean. There are several pockets inside and out which allows me to organize everything for each child. The only thing I do not like about it is the color of the gold hardware on the bag. It is a really bright yellow brass color which almost takes away from the bag. I wish the hardware came with a silver option because the gold hurts my eyes. Once I got over the gold color, I was able to enjoy the bag and appreciate the other perks of the bag. The mommy purse is great but I have not used it yet. I love the changing pad with the pocket. Overall this bag is a great buy. I spent several months researching different bags and this is by far the best for me because of the storage pockets. I definitely recommend this bag!!

Leah Westminster, VT