timi & leslie Kate 7-Piece Diaper Bag Set, Black/Saddle

timi & leslie Kate 7-Piece Diaper Bag Set, Black/Saddle

The Kate bag’s upscale sophistication will make you the envy of all the moms on the block. It’s made from easy to clean vegan faux leather (PVC free) and features our custom hardware in an antique brass finish. Kate comes with many functional and fashionable accessories, some of which you never knew you needed, including: A cross body, adjustable detachable strap so you can wear it hands free whenever you need to; Our specially designed changing pad with a front mesh pocket where you can store your diaper wipes and creams when you need to make a quick diaper change trip; A zippered sac to put away soiled clothes; A stylish clutch that you can use as your purse (who wants to carry a purse and a bebe bag?) with interior credit card slots and an inside zipper pocket; An insulated bottle tote to keep your baby’s bottle warm or cool; Matching stroller straps so you can hang your bebe bag from your stroller; Water resistant, light colored lining so you can easily see everything in your bag; Three exterior pockets and six interior organizational pockets; Inside key fob – never lose your keys.

Main features

  • PU
  • Imported
  • 7-piece set (diaper bag + 6 accessories)
  • 1 clutch for mom’s essentials – with credit card slots and zippered pocket
  • 1 pair of stroller straps and 1 detachable/adjustable shoulder strap
  • 1 insulated bottle tote, 1 zippered clothes sac
  • 1 changing mat with pocket for diapers/wipes

Verified reviews


Hello, lovely. Where were you when I had my first child?

Well hello, lovely. Are you sure you’re a diaper bag? Because you look like you’re ready for a night on the town! Just saying…I must first say how funny it was to receive this “diaper bag” from Amazon. I’ve gotten broken and poorly packaged items before, but THIS hard-to-break “vegan leather” bag was packed in a HUGE box with about 3 feet of bubble wrap on top. Haha! Nicely done, Amazon. I’m happy to report that my BAG arrived in one piece.So here’s the truth about this “diaper bag” (I’ll explain the quotations in a brief moment). I’ve never heard of Timi & Leslie before, though I wish I’d had one when I had my first baby. Folks, I’m on baby #3 now, he’s about a year old, and so I know NOW that you don’t need the ridiculous Mary Poppins bag–what, with diapers and changes of clothes and spare lamps packed inside, because, HEY, you might need EVERYTHING they sell in a Babies r Us while you’re out on a brief errand with your child.Might I remind you real quick, I’m on baby #3. This ain’t mama’s first rodeo. I’ve owned SEVERAL diaper bags at this point, including a handmade, a Petunia Picklebottom, and a basic Carter’s bag. I eventually ditched all of those for one big giant momma tote bag which holds anything and everything–though I’ve been growing tired of it. This Timi & Leslie deal was a nice breath of fresh air. I feel like I own my first ever cute handbag…but it’s not a handbag at all, is it?! Nope! It’s a stinkin’ diaper bag! Get out!This is a MOM BAG, let’s just put it that way. Nothing about it’s appearance says “diaper bag”, which is why I’m ” ” the words DIAPER and BAG because this bag really doesn’t feel like that at all. Yet, it functions as one. Yes Sireee, I was blown away by the accessories this diaper bag comes with. Look, I’m used to the changing pad and little elastic-sinched bottle holding sections in your typical diaper bag. But THIS bag from Timi & Leslie comes with just about everything.- So first, there’s the changing pad. It’s thin, it’s not bulky, it’s just enough. Trust me–remember, I’m on baby #3–you won’t use this as often as you might think. But they include it so, hey.- Then, they included a dirty clothes zippered pouch. Now THIS, you will sadly use more often than you expect. Hello blowouts, I’ve got a matching dirty clothes pouch now…so go ahead…make. my. day.- Stroller straps!? They’re included?! I mean, I’d hope so at this price, but that is a REALLY nice touch on Timi & Leslie’s part to include the stroller straps. Because yes, you will use them. I always wanted them with my older diaper bags but was too cheap to pay the extra $15 for a couple of straps when I was paying an arm and a leg already for diapers and things my baby actually NEEDED.- An extra, longer strap. I prefer the two shoulder straps so I can just tuck this baby under my arm and go. But the longer strap is super for those who prefer a messenger bag style.- The insulated bottle bag. Zippered and lined with that thermo stuff that is supposed to help retain temperature. Plus, the diaper bag has two inner pouches designed for holding bottles upright, you can slip the bottle bag into those easily. I used the insulated bottle bag on day one during a family outing, and I’m pleased to inform you that it kept my one-year-old’s bottle of whole milk nice and cold! This is a great added touch. I don’t use it daily, but I keep the pouch in the freezer and ready to go when I need it. As for the bottle-holding compartments inside the bag itself, I find those to be perfect spots for: sunscreen on one side and hand sanitizer on the other.- Last but not least, this diaper bag/purse comes with a matching, smaller PURSE. Or, “pouchette” as they call it. But hello! This is just a perfect idea. This one makes this diaper bag TOPS over the others, they include a smaller clutch-like bag for you to grab quickly on the go. It’s a cute “vegan leather” bag that holds just what YOU need. For those too-few and precious moments when you’re relieved of your mommy duties for a moment and you get to go out on the town or what-not. What a great feature! I love it.So that’s what I think about the bag and it’s accessories. I do have a few minor notations, if you will…- The stitch quality and overall quality of this bag is very nice. The stitches are great. This bag is made from “vegan leather”. Okay, haha, Timi & Leslie. That’s a nice way of putting it and it’s great to be vegan and all, but let’s just be real: it’s fake leather. Still, it’s soft and pliable and LOOKS SO PRETTY. If you’re vegan, it’s guilt free. We all win.- The zippers are metal, and maybe not the BEST quality of metal zippers. So, as a few other reviewers have pointed out, I have had them catch a time or two. But you know what? It hasn’t been that bad. The main zipper up top has worked perfectly. As for the smaller zippers, I’ve had to two-hand them a couple times to get them to keep sliding. Not a big deal.- The inner fabric is what I would call mom-friendly. I’ve seen some criticism here about the “cheap” fabric inside. And yes, it’s not like velour or satin. It’s just a thinner, easy-to-clean type of fabric. Nothing to write home about. It’s fine. Doesn’t bother me at all. And honestly, considering what is tossed in the mom bag these days…I’m just fine with a cheaper fabric.I really have no real complaints with this bag. It’s SO attractive for a diaper bag. The irony is that it looks nothing like a diaper bag, and yet it’s the most well-featured diaper bags I’ve had. If you have any questions that I did not answer here, please feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer! I definitely, obviously, recommend this diaper bag! Even if you don’t have a baby…it makes for a nice purse too!

Beverly Greer, AZ

Beautiful, Doesn’t Look Like a Diaper Bag

This is a gorgeous bright blue diaper bag that looks like a large purse. There is no hint on the outside of what is inside! It is lovely, and looks like pure leather even though it is faux.The goodies inside are useful and neat. Also, the lining is light beige so you can see what you are looking for while you dig around in the bottom. There are zip pockets and elastic pockets, a nice changing pad, bottle holder, and a very nice-looking small purse for mom’s stuff. There is a long strap if you want to carry it over a shoulder or cross body. And there is a bag for clean baby clothes. Lots of room for diapers, blankie, toys, books – it’s a very good sized bag.It loses a point for weight. JUST loaded with everything that came with it, this bag weighs almost 4 pounds.

Roxie Friendship, ME

Not a fan

I really wanted to love this diaper bag. So many diaper bags scream diaper bag… this one could almost pass as a large purse. The color is beautiful and the design is stylish.That’s really where the positives end for me.I didn’t have this thing fully unboxed before the strong odor of the "faux vegan leather" hit me. The smell dissipated after a couple of days and isn’t a deal breaker but was my first impression of this bag.I unboxed the bag and just as it appears on the website, the blue color is beautiful. The bag itself however feels cheap. The zippers slide roughly and stick. The material has no rigidity to it and the bag does not stand up like in the photo. This bag, unless full, flops over. This is highly irritating when you want to keep the inside organized and need to be able to reach in one-handed for a diaper or pacifier. The plethora of pockets inside is nice in theory but there are so many pockets inside that if one were to fill them all there would be little room for anything else. My bag came with an inspector tag on one of the stitches that is supposed to secure one of the pockets to the interior of the bag, indicating a defect in that this thread is just hanging loose and that side of the pocket is not attached fully to the interior of the bag. I’m guessing this bag wasn’t supposed to pass quality control yet somehow did.For the price point I was expecting much more and unfortunately this bag just fell short in too many areas. What a shame.

Emilia Laurens, IA

Fake Leather

This is a really nice bag for a new mom. New moms believe they need to carry everything they have for the baby just in case. This bag manages to hold everything and more. With all of the extras, this would make a really thoughtful shower gift.I was annoyed at first by the faux leather but it’s really nice. And easier to wipe down than leather or fabric. I loved the mommy wallet that you can take out of the bag to grab your wallet if you’re leaving the baby with someone else. It’s a good sturdy bag, love the colors. The Changing pad has a mesh pocket which is ingenious to hold wipes so I don’t have to keep digging for one or the other. They stay together. I got loads of compliments on it this weekend. Stroller clasps are work great. It’s a really nice diaper bag. The only thing I can think of negative is that the zippers are a little catchy but it doesn’t bother me that much. Two thumbs up.

Gabriela Flora, MS


This is definitely a versatile diaper bag. I think Timi and Leslie did a good job in designing this product. The bag has several different compartments inside and out, some with zippers. This bag comes with a matching changing pad with a mesh pocket to hold diapers, two stroller straps, a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap, an insulated bottle holder, a dirty clothes sack and even a small pocketbook for the mom! The lining is water resistant and the interior and exterior can be wiped clean. The bag zips closed so the contents can’t fall out. And what I especially like about this bag is that I can also use it as a travel bag once no longer needed as a diaper bag. I think the exterior looks stylish, I can use the different compartments to separate my travel stuff and I actully like all the colors that it comes in. I would definitely recommend it!

Jenifer Tunnel, NY


The blue color of this diaper bag looks even better in real life than it does online. It is absolutely stunning and both my wife and I are in love with it. It’s a nice bag too, with a leather diaper pod that can pass for a clutch when the kids get too old for diapers. There’s a changing pad, wet bag, an insulated bottle bag (which is awesome because when a sippy leaks, it ruins everything).It’s a decent size (though I think we’ve been spoiled by having some absolutely massive bags) and appears to be well constructed. You’d never know this wasn’t leather if they didn’t tell you! The handles appear to be securely riveted on, and the zippers work well. The inside is a plasticky material that appears to be reasonablyEven though it’s blue, it’s still sort of feminine…maybe it’s the saddle color? When I walk around with it, I look less like a man with a murse than a guy carrying his wife’s bag… his wife’s AWESOME colored bag! 🙂

Donna Owendale, MI

GREAT diaper bag

Things I love about this bag:- It doesn’t look like a diaper bag. Once my child grows up, I can still use this bag as a multi-purpose bag and I like the way it looks. The color is vibrant and the style is classic.- It’s got lots of pockets and is roomy inside with ample storage options.- Easy to clean both the inside and outside.- The accessories it comes with are outstanding. I especially love the little purse; it’s really cute and cuts down on me having to tote around something separate. In fact, even when I go out without the baby, I still use the little purse because it’s just so cute. The bottle holder has also seen much use. I use it whenever we are on the move, but I use it at home too. We have a two story house and rather then run up and down the stairs for the bottle at night, we just keep it in this bottle holder with some reusable ice.-Love that it comes with extra straps, great for wearing it as a crossbody (when you want your hands to be free) and stroller straps for hanging on the stroller.Things I don’t like:-The
• only
• downside to this diaper bag that I’ve encountered is the price. This is a
• great
• diaper bag, don’t get me wrong, but with a baby in the house, most people are trying to get the best bang for their buck and I’m not sure this is it. Yes, it’s a great bag if you want the best of the best but part of me feels like you can get comparable bags for a smaller cost.

Carolina Lewisburg, OH

Wow I didn’t know what I’d been missing

If you’re one of those that tries to avoid the bags that scream "diaper bag", this is an excellent option for you. It has all the basics and luxuries too like a changing pad, stroller straps, dirty clothes bag, insulated bottle holder, and even a pouch for mom that’s like a mini purse in itself. The water resistant liner that can be wiped down is one of the best features as there are so many bags on the market that seem to have no idea that a diaper bag will need to be cleaned.Personally I like the fact that this bag can take you through diaper changes and yet look like a regular handbag. You can even make it your personal purse or travel bag when the diaper stage is through. It’s large enough to fit a laptop or similar item.The only issue I’ve really found is the zippers stick a bit at times but nothing like battle I’ve had with cheaper bags.This is an eye catching bag that is fun to use and I can see using it for travel long after I’m done with the diaper stage. It’s simply a comfortable bag to have on your arm.

Roxie Brush Creek, TN

Awesome bag!!

This bag is the most amazing diaper bag I’ve ever seen. For starters, it just looks fantastic. It’s so well made and so many little details are included that most other bags don’t even consider. I love that I can wear it hands free because that is necessary so many times with an infant. I love the changing pad and all of the other little extra bonuses. This is going to be my go to baby shower gift from now on and I’m absolutely certain it will always be a hit.

Jenna Converse, IN

A Diaper Bag that Feels Like a Purse!

I have been looking for a diaper bag for quite some time and have to say that I am very pleased with the timi & leslie Kate diaper bag set. It feels very durable and is extremely comfortable to wear. There are many pockets for storage inside, and two convenient smaller zipper pockets outside of the bag. I really like the key attachment on the inside where I can hook my keys for easy access since I usually put quite a bit in this bag.I am very surprised at the amount of stuff I can fit in this bag as it doesn’t look huge, but can contain everything I need for baby and what I would usually carry in my purse. I love the matching clutch which fits right inside the bag, something that I can quickly grab when I am at the store. It has helped me stay organized while feeling stylish still as a new mom.I use the double straps, but like that I have the option for an over the shoulder and the stroller straps too. The changing pad is a little thin and doesn’t feel very durable, but it is holding up so far. Since we cloth diaper, I also like that it has a matching wet bag too. We also use the insulated bottle carrier. It is supposed to fit inside an inner pocket, but it can be tough to get in and out of the bag when it is in the pocket. This is probably because our bottles are smaller still. This may be different when we switch to a larger bottle. It does keep her bottle insulated though.Overall, I am very pleased with this diaper bag, and even see myself using it as a larger purse when I don’t need to worry about diapers anymore.

Selena Riverdale, MD

Beautiful bag for anything!

This "diaper bag" is really more than that simple description. Oh yes, it is excellent for anyone with young children who are also looking for a beautiful and stylish and durable bag; however, if the children have outgrown this need, or if you want something just for you, then this is a great overnight or carryon bag for personal travel! As the advertising says, this will work as a "diaper bag, handbag, or work bag".First, this bag is made of a material that appears to be leather, but is not. This means that it looks great and is easy to care for with just a simple wipe with a damp cloth, and everything is PVC free,Next, you get a lot for the price. There is the bag itself, which also has a water resistant lining. There is a double strap for carrying over the arm, and another strap for over the shoulder, then additional straps for luggage or strollers. There is one large, exterior zippered pocket on one side and two medium, exterior zippered pockets on the other side. Inside there is one, large interior zippered pocket, one large, snap-close area, and four elastic-cinched other pockets to hold your items. There is also a key older/guard inside the bag. Then as well as the bag, you get a beautiful clutch-type purse for mom big enough to hold a phone, credit cards or check book and other essentials, a changing pad with pockets for wipes and/or diapers, a sack to hold dirty clothes or personal items, an additional insulated bottle holder to keep baby or your bottle cold or hot as needed. The exterior corners are covered in additional material that looks like brown leather and this will ensure durability over the long term. The zippers are all heavy duty and will also last a long time.I have the bag in the beautiful deep blue, and have already used it as a carry on when flying. It is deep and roomy for an overnight trip or as an addition to a longer trip. The construction is excellent and I see this lasting for a long time.The only drawback to this bag, especially for young moms, is that even when it is completely empty, it is heavy due to the the construction materials. But if you are able to handle the weight, the beauty and durability are well worth it.

Shelly Arcanum, OH

Can be used as a diaper bag intially and later as a hand bag …

I was looking for a diaper bag that would have large amount of space within to accommodate all of my baby’s feeding needs like his milk bottles, formula, cereal, fruits, thermos flask with water, diapering essentials like changing pad, diapers, wipes, few change of clothes and travel size body lotion. This bag fitted my bill perfectly.Below are the features and plus points of thus bag:1) The diaper bag attracts one’s attention at first glance itself. The bag has got a classy look and looks very pretty.2) It comes with a small purse with handles, diaper changing sheet, a bag for storing wet clothes, extra handles and an insulated bag to store milk bottles.3) It is very huge and accommodates all of my baby’s feeding accessories and diapering needs under a single roof. It has an insulated bag to maintain the the temperature of milk bottle either warm or cold for some time.4) It is a must a mom should have while traveling with her babies and infants and while on long trips.5) It comes with stroller straps and hooks up to the stroller for easy transportation.6) Though some of the other reviewers have mentioned that the zip is not that easy to open and close, I have not yet faced any problems with the zipper.7) Once the child grows up and no longer drinks milk from the bottle nor wears diaper, this bag can be used as a trendy hand bag to take to work place. This way it works as a multi-purpose bag.

Deirdre Danville, KS

What a gorgeous bag!

What a gorgeous bag!What a color! I received a free cobalt bag and love it. (Granted, I would have never spent this much money myself on a diaper bag.) You really can’t even tell it’s a diaper bag, it’s so pretty. And as promised by the manufacturers, it can easily be transformed into a regular work bag. The material it’s made of feels like leather, but I don’t think it is.What’s inside it has a varied applicability I suppose. I find diaper mat, stroller straps, dirty clothes sack extremely useful. Insulated bottle holder – not so much, it won’t fit every bottle. And the least useful item is a purse. I am sure every mom already has a wallet of her own and the one which comes with the diaper bag isn’t the best purse you’ve ever owned for sure.The bag is also very, very roomy – a ton of pockets of various sizes – to hold bottles, food items, toys, whatever.I’ve read some complaints about the zipper. Mine hasn’t caught once, but I see how it could happen. The zipper itself is of a design that is prone to catching, in my experience.As I’ve said, I do love this bag and intend to keep and use it for as long as it lasts. Its price is a different consideration entirely.

Twila Elliston, MT