timi & leslie Messenger Bag, Mackenzie Black

timi & leslie Messenger Bag, Mackenzie Black

Timi and Leslie messenger diaper bag mackenzie

Main features

  • Leather
  • Imported
  • Lightweight durable messenger bag is made from water resistant poly canvas accented with silver hardware
  • Custom timi and leslie non slip stroller straps
  • 15 pockets, water resistant lining
  • 2 insulated bottle pockets to keep your bottles warm or cool
  • Changing pad with mesh pockets for diapers, wipes, and creams

Verified reviews


Works great for me1

I’ve been using this bag for 4 weeks, and so far I really like it. I can fit a full-day outing’s worth of diapers (cloth with covers), blanket, wipes, hat, cream, etc. without a problem. Have gotten a lot of comments, since it’s not a copycat of all the other bags, and it matches my Mia Moda Atmosferra stroller perfectly.

Corrine Calhan, CO

Great diaper bag!

I always get a ton of compliments when using this bag, which isn’t much. If you tend to carry alot of stuff I wouldn’t recommend this. I have 2 under 2 and everything I need fits just fine but I don’t over pack or bring a ton of stuff just the essentials, which is a few diapers and wipes and an extra shirt for the baby we don’t use bottles or formula so if you do the bag will be pretty full. The part that won me over is that it doesn’t have a zipper, i can just close the flap and keep going. It is very good quality.

Grace Hazel Green, WI

Adorable & Spacious

This is a good sized bag, with out being huge. It will hold everything you need for baby with enough space to hold keys, phone, and wallet for mom. I love the included stroller straps and changing pad. Enough inside pockets to organize diapers and wipes instead of just throwing everything in there.It’s spacious enough to use for an overnight bag, but compact enough to use every day. Love this bag.EDIT: I have been using this bag for well over a year and there has been minimal wear on it. The lining around the top edge has become a little worn and resulted in small holes, but it doesn’t cause a problem for us. I received this bag along with a Vera Bradley diaper bag and I much prefer this one. I’m not sure about the other complaints saying it’s awful quality, because nothing has gone wrong with this bag. I’ve tried out quite a few in the last 5 years and this is my all time favorite.

Lelia Greentop, MO

One of my favorite pieces of baby gear!

I received this diaper bag for Mother’s Day and I LOVE it! I had the Skip Hop Duo originally and hated it. The way the Skip Hop was laid out, I could hardly fit anything in it!To give you an idea of how much this bag holds, here’s what I’ve currently got in my diaper bag:Front Pocket:lots of coupons and receipts (I really need to clean this thing out!)my walletmy sunglassespensmiscellaneous junkInside:2 GroVia Cloth Diapers with inserts (bulky!)1 Changing pad (came with the bag, cute, works well)1 wet bag for the diapers1 velcro swaddle1 receiving blanket1 wipes case1 nursing cover2 changes of clothes for baby1 small bag of my makeup1 burp cloth1 flanel wash cloth for wiping up hands/face1 set of keys, on the handy dandy key clip in the bag1 tube of Lanisoh(I could still fit a little more in here too if I wanted to)Left Bottle Pocket:my iPhoneRight bottle pocket:my little point and shoot cameraBack zippered pocket:a magazinemy kindlethe stroller straps that came with the bag (these work great, I just don’t like to leave them on the stroller because they come undone)There’s NO WAY I could have fit all that in my Skip Hop!!!

Vivian Livingston, AL

Lots of Compartments

This is a great diaper bag that comes with a nice size changing pad. I am able to fit the following: 8 disposable diapers, case with wipes, two sippy cups, two fruit pouches, snack cup, change of clothes, a pair of shoes, and my wallet, keys and cellphone. Adding any larger items makes the diaper bag pretty large, but you can still get the bag closed. It is comfortable to carry and I have not had any quality issues. I really like the different compartments as it makes it very easy to organize. I would highly recommend this diaper bag and really do not have any complaints.

Emma Juniata, NE


This bag is the best one ive ever had!! It has all the compartments and a shoulder strap !!!! I have to have a bag that can go across my chest b/c i have 3 kids so i can’t mess around with a shoulder bag! This bag is great!!

Maggie Seminole, PA

I love this modern & roomy diaper bag!

I researched diaper bags for days, maybe weeks, before settling on this one. I’m so happy I bought this diaper bag – it’s modern and has lots of pockets and room for everything you need. Plus, I like that it’s a darker color so it doesn’t look dirty easily and my hubby wouldn’t be totally embarrassed carrying this around, lol. A great diaper bag!

Tara Salem, MI


I got this as a gift for one of my best friends. I was kinda bummed that when my son was younger I hadn’t found it for myself!! It is designed wonderfully, looks great, holds everything you need and then some and is gender neutral. My friend has been using it for about a month and made it a point to tell me the other day how much she loves it.Highly recommend.

Sabrina Ponca City, OK

Pretty, But Not Big Enough

I love the design on this bag, and it was made of high quality materials, however, with all the pockets, it was too small for my needs. I don’t think I pack too much, and after trying to pack the needed items for the hospital, it was bulging and too full, and was very hard to root around to look for a specific item without taking everything else out. I sent it back and got a basic bag with only a front pocket (Apple & Bee Baby) that was a lot cheaper.

Liz Gomer, OH

I love this diaper bag!!

I chose this bag because it is the perfect size, has just enough pockets, and I love the stroller straps. The bag is excellent quality and I love the prints that are available.

Meghan Mine Hill, NJ

Love this bag!

I ordered this bag after returning the Skip Hop Duo Messenger Bag (poorly made). I reviewed/researched diaper bags for days before deciding on this one. I was so happy with my decision. It’s a great size, I can fit so much in it, lots of compartments and it seems to be very well made. It’s also comfortable to carry. The strap can be used on my shoulder or I can carry it across my body. It also has stroller attachments. Great bag!

Juliet Three Rivers, MI