timi & leslie Sophia 7-Piece Diaper Bag Set, Cherry Red/Taupe

timi & leslie Sophia 7-Piece Diaper Bag Set, Cherry Red/Taupe

The Sophia Bag puts a smile on everyone’s face. It’s fun, stylish and oh so chic. It is divided into three compartments making it a great bag for moms with multiple children or for having separate mommy and baby sections. It’s made from easy to clean faux leather (PVC free) and features our custom hardware in an antique brass finish. Sophia comes with many functional and fashionable accessories and features: A cross body, adjustable detachable strap so you can wear it hands free whenever you need to; Our specially designed changing pad with a front mesh pocket where you can store your diapers, wipes and creams when you need to make a quick diaper change trip; A zippered sac to put away soiled clothes; A stylish clutch that you can use as your purse (who wants to carry a purse and a bebe bag?) with interior credit card slots and an inside zipper pocket; An insulated bottle tote to keep your baby’s bottles warm or cool; Matching stroller straps so you can hang your bebe bag from your stroller; Water resistant, light colored lining so you can easily see everything in your bag; Two exterior pockets; Three inside compartments; Six interior organizational pockets.

Main features

  • 7-piece set (diaper bag + 6 accessories)
  • 1 clutch for mom’s essentials – with credit card slots and zippered pocket
  • 1 pair of stroller straps and 1 detachable/adjustable shoulder strap
  • 1 insulated bottle tote, 1 zippered clothes sac
  • 1 changing mat with pocket for diapers/wipes

Verified reviews


Attractive and practical

This diaper bag costs around twice as much as others, mainly because of the brand/looks.While sometimes the look isn’t worth the added cost, this product might just have gotten it right.It comes with all the extras you’ll want:- changing pad- padded/climate storage for baby bottle- water proof compartment for wet clothes and what not.It’s also made of a very real looking faux leather, and the paint job is really great quality. The handles, zippers and details of the bag are all really well made, making the added cost justifiable/worth it.Add in the fact that this diaper bag could easily double as a purse, and it’s an extra bonus for the moms out there.It would make a wonderful gift for a style conscious future mom.We get many compliments on the bag, especially when we start unpacking the baby stuff and people realize it’s a diaper bag and not just a big purse.Note:It’s probably not big enough for more than 1 baby, but does a good job for all you need for one child.Update 10/29/2013:The faux leather and paint job are still holding up quite well, as well as the zippers and other details. It looks almost like new still.Amazon has also lowered the price and it’s an even better buy.

Christa Quentin, PA

A perfect and stylish diaper bag for mom on the go!

The timi & leslie Sophia bag is first and foremost an attractive looking bag. I love the color, which although stated as yellow can change from a yellow color to a green color depending on your surroundings and lighting. I actually think it comes across green more often than yellow, but no matter the shade it is always eye-catching and appealing. I have received numerous compliments!This bag helps keep me organized and efficient while out and about. It is divided into three compartments; so there is a compartment for me, a compartment for the boys, and a compartment for the new baby {once she arrives}. Each compartment also has little sections that help to further keep me orderly while on the go.It comes with so many extra. I don’t think that I was prepared for all of the extras you get when you receive this bag. There is a changing pad with mesh pocket, a zippered sac for dirty clothing, a matching clutch for mom, an attachable cross body strap, attachable stroller straps, and an insulated bottle tote. Now that I have them and have used them I cannot imagine going back to not having all of the extras. They are fabulous.The bag itself is faux leather and can be easily wiped clean – This is wonderful since I have little boys who like to get into everything and tend to make quite a mess.This is my go-to diaper bag. When taking my children to my mother-in-laws house for a visit I leave the Sophia Bag with her and just pop out my clutch and head out the door. She has everything she could possibly need for an afternoon with the boys and I have my essentials for a little mommy shopping time! When I go shopping with the boys the bag easily fits in my favorite strollers basket… or in case I need that space for shopping bags it can clip onto the stroller handle. It is the perfect bag for me and my family.I was given a Sophia bag for the purposes of a blog review on “Mom Mart” – it was such a fabulous bag that I had to come and share my opinions here as well!

Geneva Leslie, WV

Lovely and Useful

I absolutely love this diaper bag. It looks chic, stylish and beautiful but it is also durable and extremely useful. The bag is big enough to fit all of the things you need to carry around with you for your baby. At the same time, it is still of the size that makes it comfortable to wear.My baby hasn’t been born yet but I already have to fight the temptation to use this great bag for work. There is nothing about it outwards appearance that reveals it is a diaper bag. On the inside, however, it is perfectly designed to fulfill the needs one has when taking a baby out. The bag is spacious and has many compartments. There is a changing sheet and a bag for a soiled diaper. There is a receptacle for the baby bottle that will prevent it from leaking. A detachable clutch is perfect and extremely useful. There is a removable shoulder strap which makes the bag even more versatile.Another reviewer suggested that people only praise this bag because they got it for free. I got mine for free but I would have definitely paid the full price for it. I bought quite a few diaper bags over the years (for gifts) and now that I need one for myself and my own baby, I couldn’t imagine a better diaper bag than this one. It looks happy and I smile every time I look at it.

Janette Creola, OH

Big and Chic

This is the flashiest looking diaper bag I’ve ever owned. It looks like an extra large purse. There are three main compartments plus the front pocket, so there is plenty of room for all your belongings. The bag comes with a really nice changing pad. I like that the changing pad has a mesh pocket that fits either a diaper or wet wipe travel container.The bag has the double straps as well as an optional shoulder strap, so choose your carrying preference. It also comes with a small purse/clutch and a bottle carrier. Nice features, but I haven’t used either one yet.This is my main diaper bag now, so I use it frequently and like it, yet there are two little drawbacks. First, the bag is a bit bulky and heavy to lug around. Second, the zippers are difficult. Other than that, it’s a fun and classy option for a diaper bag.

Johanna Hebron, KY

Well built bag that may very well be fashionable, too

Don’t ask me about fashion, but I can tell you about construction: this is a solid diaper bag, well made, and with a lot of extras. The (fake) leather is easy to clean, the bag has a lot of compartments, zippers, flaps, and attachments. Other than the sharp outside zippers, this bag seems to really hit the mark -that is, if you are looking for a colorful well made bag that you might be able to pass off as a large purse.PROS:*** COMES WITH A LOT OF STUFF. 1) Matching changing pad with diapers/wipes pocket 2) Separate mini-purse 3) Stroller straps 4) Insulated bottle holder 5) Dirty clothes bag 6) A guilty conscience because do I really need ALL this stuff?*** MANY POCKETS. This is the Leatherman Tool of diaper bags… These are the cargo shorts of maternity. I swear that I would lose a baby in this bag. You have several tension holders in the bag to holder extra diapers or bottles, and there are enough zippers and snaps to make you pine for simpler times…** ADJUSTABLE/REMOVABLE SHOULDER STRAP. The ends of the strap are thick, high quality hooks, and they close and open with ease. There is also ample space within the bag to store the strap.** MINI PURSE INSIDE. As noted above, there is a purse on the inside large enough for personal essentials so you don’t have to take the whole bag with you, if you can leave the rest of it with someone.** COMES WITH PADDED CHANGING PAD. This pad hides in an interior pocket, and has a mesh holder on the side which allows you to store a diaper in it as well. The pad closes with velcro, and is definitely large enough to use easily, along with being water resistant and easy to clean.** HANDLES SECURED WITH RIVETS. I’m always happy when my clothing/apparel involves rivets. That bag handle ain’t going nowhere -even if I fill the bag with bricks.* WATER RESISTANT LINING. So the bag claims. NOT water proof, but I can see that spills would not easily pass through the bag walls.* STROLLER STRAPS INCLUDED. This is neat, and they come with a picture on the bag tag on how to use them.* PVC FREE BAGS. This is good, right?* INSULATED BOTTLE HOLDER. There are two secured inner bag spots for bottles but only one bottle holder. The bottle holder is a thin padded material with reflective silver on the inside. I suppose it will work, which is why I consider it a positive, but I am not crazy about it. I would buy something specifically for my bottle if I really wanted an insulated holder.NEUTRALFAKE LEATHER. If you want real leather then avoid this bag. If you don’t care, then this may be for you.KEY HOLDER INSIDE. Basically this is a tension hook where you could hold your keys or something. Not sure of the necessity for it, but maybe it is like the awl on your Swiss Army knife for some people. It just gives you a warm and fuzzy knowing that it is there and you could make an extra hole in your belt if you really had to…CONS:– ZIPPERS ARE LARGE AND SHARP. This is the only thing I didn’t like about the bag. Though their color is a very nice antiquated brass, they seem to be industrial style zippers which look very sharp. You could easily scratch yourself on these. If zippers could be a little intimidating, then these are.- PRICEY. You are probably paying a lot for the style factor. I hadn’t heard of this brand so that part was lost on me. I bet you could get something similar for half the cost. But, if this is your thing, then I have to say it seems quality.Recommended.

Kelley Lynn, NC

Great Color, Love The Fake Leather

I received this as a gift in exchange for an honest review:So although my children have moved on from the ‘diaper bag’ stage, I am in need more than ever before of a bag that can hold all that I need, and at the same time, not look lame. I remember registering for a diaper bag a few years back, boy things have changed since then. This is by far the most beautiful bag I have ever had, AND it comes with all the perks of a diaper bag. So maybe for some, this doesn’t meet their standards of a nice bag, but for me, I’m coming at it from the perspective of it works really well to keep me organized with multiple children.Some of the features I really like:1. It’s a fake leather. This is great from a PETA perspective, but for me that feature is great because anything that gets spilled on it wipes away easily with a baby wipe.2. The multiple inside pockets. I can use one side for me, the other for the kids, keeps things organized.3. The key ring. Critical to getting the kids in the car faster, no more searching to the bottom of my bag for my keys.4. The construction. It isn’t a flimsy bag, very well made, no random strings hanging out from places, and well placed buckles and straps.Personally, I obviously don’t need the bottle holder, but it will hold drinks for my young kids. I have had so many supposed leak-proof cups spill inside my purse, this will make things easier. I also don’t need the diaper changing pad, but that would have come in super handy when I was in airports or other public restrooms and there was no diaper changing area (or it was too gross to use).I got this is red, and it’s super cute. For me, I could either go with a super compact bag, but it doesn’t really hold much, or use a bag like this and always be sure I had everything I needed. And at the same time look “cool”. I would definitely recommend this to my friends.

Sondra Novelty, OH

Nice diaper bag in a very cute color (red)

This diaper bag, while pricey, is a nice one. The color is very pretty and it doesn’t come across as a “diaper” bag really more as a hip and trendy large handbag. It has a multitude of divided pockets (though the outside one is kind of difficult to open and close – especially with one hand.) It has a great mat for diaper changing and an insulated bag for holding a bottle. There is a second inside pocket for an additional bottle or perhaps a bottle of water for mom. It can be used as a handbag or the straps can be attached for a shoulder or across body style.I only have three issues: 1) the zippers and other fasteners are hard to use – they shift out of position easily and you need both hands to maneuver them back into working position; 2) the material on the outer part of the bag does not seem to be very sturdy – I can imagine it snagging or ripping easily, and finally 3) it is pretty heavy empty and loaded, it is extremely heavy. That is an issue with any diaper bag but this one seems a tad heavier than others I have seen.I recommend it for it stylishness and function; however, if my issues are important to you, you might want to look for a lighter weight more sturdy bag.

Janet Brandon, VT

Great bag!

This bag works wonderfully as a diaper bag, but with much more style than your typical baby diaper bag! I really am pleased with it.I would have given it 5 stars, but I had to take one star away because yes, the material is slightly plastic-looking (but on the up-side it is very easy to wipe off). However, it is true to the photo in the online description – you can see it looks a little shiny – well that is just how it looks in real life. I do, however, think it looks very nice and it really doesn’t cheapen the look much at all.Things I love about this diaper bag:I LOVE the 3 large separate compartments! As a mom of 2, soon to be 3, this is perfect for keeping my things, baby’s things and my toddler’s things separate and organized.In addition to the 3 main compartments there are small pockets on the outside as well – perfect for those things you need to get to quickly.I love all of the extras that come along with it, such as the bottle holder and ESPECIALLY the little clutch for mom’s wallet and personal items. It is so cute and really helps me keep my things from getting lost (which ALWAYS happens in my other bags).The construction of this bag is great, I see no threads hanging, flaws or holes as mentioned in another review. The handles work fine for holding it over your shoulder, but there is also an optional shoulder strap you may attach (as well as stroller straps). This is a well-made, versatile bag.I love the size of the bag – it is very spacious (in fact, I may use it as my hospital bag!) – perfect for mamas of little ones with lots of diapers, clothes, accessories and more. This is a great go-to bag that can hold all that you need.I love the red color with the grey accents – very nice-looking!In conclusion, this is a wonderful bag! If you don’t mind the material looking slightly shiny, then I think you will LOVE it.

Marisol Charlotte, MI

large bag, pretentious style

This is a sizable bag, with a glitzy style. You can clearly see the style in the photos, and in real life it also has that Versace/Coach look. Quite shiny. In other words, it’s uglier in person. The faux leather is easy to clean. That said, the craftmanship is poor. It’s too early to say, but I don’t think it will hold up well.I’m only knocking the review to 3 stars (for craftsmanship), even though I don’t like the bag, because style is personal and I probably shouldn’t have gotten the bag in the first place.

Patrica Aubrey, AR

VERY nice design, but fabric and execution leave a lot to be desired

This bag is very well designed, but I wish as much thought had gone into the execution of its fabrication. For the price it needs to be much better.I love all the compartments, I had a single chamber diaper bag and everything gets jumbled together and is hard to find. This bag has three chambers and is easy to keep organized. The stroller straps are handy to pop on and off and make it easy to access while shopping. I like how it comes with great accessories that coordinate with the bag too.I deeply wish more care had gone into the material it is made out of. It looks like very cheap plastic to me, it DOES NOT look like leather or even pleather. It has the same gloss to it as “hooker boots” and does not look like patent leather. I have some pleather pieces that look great and wipe clean so I am puzzled why such an inferior material was used. The red color is nice, but the taupe is a very muddy mushroom brown that looks awful in the shiny plastic. The zippers are stiff and stick while opening. However the hardware is nice and comes wrapped in tissue to protect durring shipping which is such a nice touch that I am that much more shocked about the lack of quality on the shell. The interior is fully lined which is nice, but the key ring is just stitched onto the lining so it flops around inside since the lining is not anchored to the plastic shell and looks like it will tear the lining eventually.For a diaper bag that boasts a price tag of almost $200 I expected much better quality ingredients considering its very thoughtful and appreciated design. I am puzzled why it is not offered in black, it would look MUCH better since cheaper fabrics look better in black. I would have given it 4 stars if it were solid red.5 stars for design, 1 star for quality and appearance.

Jeanne Samaria, MI

Love Timi & leslie … but not this bag

I love Timi & Leslie diaper bags for the fact that they are primarily fashionable bags that you can take anywhere without anyone knowing they are diaper bags. Anywhere – work, a bar … no one can tell. So you can really make them your handbag and not have a separate diaper bag. But they still work as diaper bags because they have all these brilliant compartments and features. Insulated bottle bags, bag for soiled clothes, pockets for diapers, Hooks for your keys. So overall, I think way above other diaper bags. Most other bags do one thing well – like Skip Hop does diaper bags well but fails on fashion, whereas nearly all the boutiquey diaper bag designers that I’ve seen just take a regular handbag and call it a diaper bag without realy catering to the diaper bag need.Anyway … so I love Timi & Leslie, and this bag is no exception in most ways.The thing I don’t like is the material. It’s too much like plastic. Too crinkly. The two other T&L; bags that I have are a very buttery (fake) leather. The material on this one just doesn’t compare.Overall, it’s still a great diaper bag. I’m just diappointed in it compared to the other T&L; bags I have. I’d say consider the T&L; Abby diaper bag. That one is AMAZING and it’s the one I use every day. I also have a more detailed review on it there.4 stars because this is still a good diaper bag. But you can do better.

Bernice Kopperston, WV

Very fake leather look such as picture but works for my needs

From the pictures, you should be able to see that it is pretty fake and plastic looking. The actual product is pretty close. I personally am fine with the look of it and fine it kind of cute but if you really want something to look like the real leather then this won’t be the bag for you.It does come with a lot of accessories and for someone who has been using a backpack for diapers that had a tie enclosure that wasn’t working, this was great! First of all, there are multiple straps that come with this so you can either use the ones that are already on there or if you want a longer shoulder strap, you can attach it. You can also use a stroller strap to strap this to stroller.The bag also has a changing pad, which was better than a plastic one I used to have, although the material isn’t exactly very waterproof. If it got wet, it wouldn’t just come off easily. There’s also a dirty clothes bag, which was a bit thin. There was also a small wallet type so you can put your cash and cards in there but I prefer to use my own wallet. The bottle holder was nice and pretty standardOne thing I would have liked improved is that the key fob was actually located in the last pocket in the back. When I am getting my keys, I have to pretty much take the bag off to get to the back pocket to get it off of the key fob. This would have been better if it was put in the front, where I normally would have had my keys.I use cloth diapers so my diapers are bigger than the disposables to carry around. I found that this bag was big enough to carry all of them, including her wipes as well as my wallet and personal belongings. I now no longer have to carry two bags as I go out.Overall, the product is great and comes with a generous amount of room. The fake leather look might bother some people. Also, I think the price is a little steep. Other than that, you do get a lot of accessories and it has been great.UPDATE: This brings down this product to about 3.5 stars for me… I have been noticing as I use this more that the zipper is really sharp! I’ve had times where I got a nice scratch on my hand from just grazing by it. Also, I can see from just regular wear and tear, the zippers are prone to break at some point. It still works for now but I can’t seeing this lasting too long.

Alejandra Swoope, VA