Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper, Brown

Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper, Brown

The Tiny Love 3 in 1 Rocker Napper will keep baby comfy and content with its super soft plush seat, engaging lights and music toys, and gentle, rocking motion. Baby will giggle with delight as they pull on the friendly overhead toys and activate the lights and music or if parent prefers, they can just turn on the switch for continuous lights and music. When baby is ready for a nap, the 3 in 1 Rocker Napper easily converts to a safe and cozy flat napper with raised borders. Best of all, baby can remain in the restful comfort in the 3 in 1 Rocker Napper as parent adjusts from seat to napper position. The rocker seat holds up to 40 pounds, so your child can enjoy it for years. It’s light enough to easily move from room to room, but so stylish you will want to show it off in your living room.

Main features

  • polyester 70%/cotton 30%
  • Imported
  • Soft, plush, cozy seat will keep baby content as the 3 in 1 Rocker Napper easily converts from seat to napper
  • Great styling, beautiful fabrics, adorable light and music toy
  • Gentle rocking soothes baby in all 3 reclining positions
  • Safe and cozy flat napper position with raised borders
  • Grows with your baby as a toddler rocker that can hold up to 40 pounds

Verified reviews


Cheap and not what I expected

I was so excited to get this product but when I received it, I was very disappointed. It took me about 30 minutes to assemble. Once I got it together, I realized first that the rocker didn’t rock very well. It was an uneven rocking that would not get a baby to sleep. It kept jolting my baby awake. The materials felt cheap. The padding was scratchy and not soft for a baby. The plastic pieces to hold the baby up were thin and flimsy. Some of the pieces that we received didn’t even line up correctly. Overall, a great idea but a poor quality product. Returned it.

Winnie Oakwood, IL

Poor quality

I ordered this for my 2nd baby. I thought this would work very nice for a new born.Installing was already pretty difficult and the quality of the materials is poor. It is not sturdy.The music is not suitable for a newborn. It is not soothing and soft.The quality is so poor of this rocker. After installing it, I just did not want to uninstall it, put it back in the box and return it.Don’t buy this, look further for something else. Especially for the money. This is way too expensive for what it is worth

Neva Brownsburg, VA

Baby loves(d) her rocker napper!

Our baby has been resting and sleeping in the rocker napper since she came home from the hospital, and at six weeks old, she still loves it! We use it with the Summer Infant Snuzzler to make it a little more cushy and to position her well within the napper.The rocker napper is small and light enough to be moved from room to room, and I even use it in the bathroom to keep baby nearby while I bathe or shower. It’s not built to be pulled around with baby in it; you have to move the napper first and then place baby. But it’s so light that I can carry baby in one arm and push or pull the napper with the other hand.She sleeps in the rocker napper every night, and I love that I can pull it up close to the bed. I can lean over and touch her without having to get up, which allows me to get a little more sleep! We have tried her in the crib, but she wakes immediately. Something about the size of the rocker napper must be more comfy and soothing.Baby loves the snail toy that hangs down; it was one of the first things she smiled at. So far, she doesn’t seem to care about the vibration feature or the light/music show at all, but both do work fine and may interest her later. You will need a C battery for the vibration and AA batteries for the light/music.I’m not sure about the reviews that said this item doesn’t rock. Maybe they assembled it incorrectly? It rocks fine. It’s not a big, dramatic rock, but for a baby, it’s the kind of gentle rocking you want to soothe them. My husband sits at his desk and rocks the napper with his foot while working on the computer.One flaw: the mobile arm makes a loud clicking noise and shakes the napper a bit when we rotate it out of the way to pick up the baby. We’ve tried to figure out if we somehow installed it incorrectly, but we can’t find a problem. If this is the norm, it is a flaw that should be corrected when there’s a new version. The first time baby fell asleep in there, I rotated the arm to pick her up and move her into the crib, and the noise and shaking startled her awake and made her scream. Since then, we rotate the arm out of the way as soon as she looks sleepy.Without this flaw, I’d definitely give the napper 5 stars. Even with that one flaw, our baby really loves it, and it’s definitely a piece of equipment that we use every day and night!Update: Baby is now 4.5 months old. She rarely uses the RN now. My little one is a big girl, very long and lean. During her third month, the rocker napper started to seem strained under her weight, even though she hadn’t reached the 20 pound limit, so we transitioned her to co-sleeping.We used it as a seat for about a month, but then she really wanted to sit up straight all the time, so the rocker napper seat, which reclines even at the highest position, was no longer her favorite. She graduated to the Summer Infant positioner seat, which helps her sit up like a big girl (similar to bumbo seat). I am still really glad we had the RN during her newborn months, but just wanted to give you a timeline as far as how long this may be useful.She never did care much about the mobile or vibration feature. We really could have done without.I would still 100% recommend this as a purchase for a newborn. It was such a comfort to me to pull her close to my bed so I could touch her in the night, and she slept in it much better than in the crib.

Lakesha Warrenton, MO


I was so excited when I found this item! Unfortunately it sounds wayyy better than it is in reality. Putting it together was pretty easy, taking it apart was another story (blood shed.) The materials used are really cheap, it hardly rocks, the mattress is not thick & plush enough, so you’re putting your baby on a lumpy and bumpy surface.Great concept, poor & cheap design! End of story…2 Stars for the concept/idea…

Kay Milton Freewater, OR

We love it, but not perfect.

My son is 2 months old. We have had this product since birth and its the only product he tolerates being put in. He hates our swing and traditional bouncy seat. He loves to lay in this rocker, kick his legs to make it rock, and watch the lights on the mobile. So worth it to have a few minutes to out a load of dishes in! It does not rock very well on carpet, even low pile, so you may be disappointed if you don’t have a floor to put this on and make it work. Also, there is no cushioning on the inside. I see the point of this: to make a safer napping environment. I do think the padding on the mattress pad itself would be perfectly comfortable, after all he sleeps in a crib at night with a rock hard mattress, my issue with it is he still does not have enough body control to sit in this without support. Even laying down he tends to slump over. Sitting up he can’t sit in it at all, even buckled , without a positioner. We put a car seat positioner likeJJ Cole Collections Body Support, Graphite, 0-8 Monthsand he is perfectly content. We would never leave him alone in this product and do not use it for naps. He probably wouldn’t nap in it anyway, but he enjoys using it while awake. Overall, this is a nice product, but it does have its flaws. You will not like it if you have to use it on carpet because it won’t rock much, it can be difficult to change the seat positions, and a young infant is not going to be able to sit in it without added support. Also, you can’t really put a bassinet sheet on the pad because then you can’t access the buckles and my son has peed all over it more than once. But he likes it so therefore I like it.UPDATEMy son is now 5 months old and we still use this product every day. We took out the positioner as he has enough body control to sit in this in the inclined position without slumping over….harnessed in of course. He still loves the gentle rocking motion and continues to be fascinated by the mobile. I think the mobile is designed exceptionally well with the large circles that light up and have high contrast colors. He can reach out and grasp the two toys that hang from the mobile as well at this point. I am still very glad I purchased this, it has been used a lot and keeps him happy when I need to put him down.

Faith Sasakwa, OK

good > but some WEIRD problems with WATER!

okthe thing is kind of coolhas a lot of featuresi won;t go into thoseyou can see them elsewherehere are the flawshard to rockunless the baby is balanced very precisely front to back , it won;t rockif you get it right , it will rock just by the baby movingbut it;s very fussy and the baby usually moves so it gets wrongwhy can;t it self rock for this much money?the vibrator thingy is odd, it works but it kind of uses batteries fastit;s this high speed buzzy thing reallynot at all like rocking would becheap construction in some partsthe 3 position tilting bed mechanism can start not working if a couple of screws fall outor – worse – strip out, they only screw into plastic so it would be very easy to just come outthis is in the lower pan, a 2 part white plastic thing that forms the whole base of the bedin taking this apart i discovered the WEIRDEST thinga ton of water droplets in this white trayi tilted the bassinet to work on itall this mystery water came outi have twinsyes it was in BOTH of them!ickysmelled sour and badbut it wasn;t pee or drool, the intermediate layers between baby and tray were drysomehow this icky water collects in channels in the white trayyou don;t know WHAT it isi really don;t knowcondensed sweat?something to do with a humidifer we run in their room?it isn;t on the BOTTOM of this tray where it would make senseno it is on the top, touching the lowest cloth layer of the bassinetit was there long enough to rust one of the screw heads in thereew!it;s winter when i saw itbut that still doesn;t make sensebaby heat should keep the whole thing a degree or 2 above ambient – PREVENTING condensation, especially on the INSIDE layers~!!!!someone else tell me what this is, or if you ever saw itjust tilt the thingif water runs out, there you have itwle

Bessie Hustonville, KY

Wanted to love this, but it was just OK

I bought this to use as a sleeper for my newborn. It worked for a little while, but he quickly became too long for it. Once that happened, I used it to sit him up a bit – the toys, lights and music worked to keep his attention long enough for me to do dishes or vacuum (which is a plus).However, they say this can be used as a toddler rocker. There are two problems with that:1. It doesn’t really rock at all.2. I don’t think this thing is big enough for a toddler to sit in it. My son is 9 months old and we already gave it away because I felt he outgre it.You can get some good use out of it in the early months, but I don’t feel like it’s worth the money since your baby will likely outgrow it quickly.

Dorothea Earle, AR

2 for now

I was really looking for something that was a swing, bouncie chair combo for small spaces. I only found one product made by fisher price and honestly it was so ugly that I was drawn to this one. Here are the problems I find with this product which unfortunately we wouldn’t have known without seeing it in person or reading a review. Overall the reviews didn’t seem too bad but here’s a breakdown of what I see is wrong with the product.1) It doesn’t rock on it’s own and the feet that fold in actually prevent it from really keeping a rock on it’s own.2) the vibrating is extremely subtle (and the description says it only calls for AAA) but it actually requires a C.3) The hanging toys swing so fast when the rocker rocks and it seems so crazy.Here’s the upsides I see so far1) It is compact and won’t take up too much room2) Design for baby stuff is not too bad, thankfully no bright colors and ugly monkeys all over it.

Elisa Richford, VT


I bought this because I thought it would be a nice portable napper to move around the house. Unfortunately it’s a little bulkier than I imagined, and quite cumbersome to get through doors and areas of the house with more furniture. On top of that, we use it as her main bassinet in our room and sometimes getting her from sleeping in our arms down to almost the floor wakes her up. Probably should have purchased something elevated.

Elaine Mazama, WA

So cute!

I LOVE this rocker! The selling point for me, when shopping for baby items, was that it can hold up to 50lbs, as opposed to the 25lbs that every single bouncy seat I found would hold. It can rock, be stationary, vibrate and play music. And it’s so nice that, if my infant falls asleep, I can lay him down, safely, with the pull of one little lever. I have this, and a swing, and, as a second-time-around-mom, I highly recommend this product to any mom-to-be!

May Kittitas, WA

We love our tiny love!!

This was so easy to assemble. And its cute, lightweight, very easy to use. I bought this because my son is young, but he is a heavy boy and having him out grow every bouncer, swing and chair at five months really makes my day to day life difficult. Thank you tiny love for making a baby product for little ones over 25-30 pounds!!!!

Virginia Myers Flat, CA

Would do extra research before the buy!

Generally I love Tiny Love toys and baby gyms but for some reason this napper looks and feels cheaper than other products. Easy to assemble but all the parts become quite shaky once starting to use the napper. The mobile arm looks crooked and loose after so much twisting every time we take out the baby. The fabric of the seat is a bit too cheap and gathers dust and threads quite easy but it’s not very easy to clean.One great feature of this napper comparing to others out there is that it quickly converts into a seat or napper depending on the situation. My baby loved napping in it. The toys even not great can be easily replaced and changed with others in case the baby gets bored. All in all, it is a nice product but for an extra hundred I’d buy the Mamaroo for example. This one it’s a bit too expensive for the materials used!

Stacey Meredosia, IL

A great alternative to a traditional bassinet

We have been using this product as the main place baby sleeps for his first two months. I love it and he sleeps through the night in it. It is so nice that I can rock him to sleep (or back to sleep) in it with one hand and he is right next to my bed. We generally took the toy off of it- I only occasionally put it on and bring him to the upright positions in the last week or so, and he does like the lights and sounds. He doesn’t really seem to notice the vibration feature. I’d pay double for this thing if it could rock itself!! We did not find it that difficult to put together. In order to avoid having no place to put him when he spits up too badly or pees through his diaper, I found that this sheet saver fits like it was made to go in this product http://www.amazon.com/American-Baby-Company-Organic-Waterproof/dp/B001KZH6AG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid;=1367955684&sr;=8-1&keywords;=sheet+saverIt ties exactly right over where the pad that belongs to this product ties on. I have two- when he soils one, I pull the first one off and put the second one on.My only sadness is I wish it was just a bit longer- Baby is growing fast and already looks like this will soon be too short for him to sleep in! I know I should put him in his crib but this has been so convenient!

Nanette Ola, AR

It’s great, but won’t last as long as they tell you.

We use this as a nap space for our little daughter, 10 months old. She is nearly too big for it, so if you’re looking for something for the first year of your child’s life, this is fantastic… but they won’t fit into it after that.

Kasey Exeter, NH

Versatile and good for day time activities

I wanted this because it was the only non tacky bassinet that I had seen and since it now a piece of the living room, we needed something mellow looking. I love the multiple positions which makes it definitely worth the money since you can use it for so long. (Though, we received it from our registry.) I never use the vibrating feature or even the rocker feature but nice to know it is there in case we need to try it. We love the mobile but wish there was a way to put it on the other side so a baby with a side preference would be forced to look the other way. However, it is easy enough to manipulate if this is the case, just little more work. I also just figured out how remove the mobile all together.

Rhoda Labolt, SD

Comfy and extremely practical!

We live in a multi-level home and wanted a “sleeping station” for our baby that was compact and multi-functional. This napper seemed to be a better option than a play yard especially in terms of mobility…and having been using it for the past several days, I can say we made the right choice!The baby sleeps flat – just like we had wanted, and is very comfortable in it. We use it ALL day – either in the living area or master bedroom and move it between levels 3-4 times in a day with utmost ease.Our baby is too young for us to use the most inclined position and hence I cannot comment on it…but the other 2 positions are great. Frankly, even if the last position is unusable, I would still rate this product 5 stars just cos of the mileage we’ve got out of it for 70-something dollars. Great value!—–Update 4/12Reducing from 5 to 4 stars after realizing that the plastic parts on either side of the rocker are too accessible from inside it. My 2 month old is constantly hurting his hands when he is moving them vigorously (like babies normally do). I wish they had slightly padded that area and covered it. It’s far away from where the head is, so it wouldn’t have been a safety issue.Not a deal breaker at all, but just putting it out there.

Eula Verona, PA

Didn’t really use

We bought this thinking that it would rock as well. But it doesn’t rock it vibrates. You need batteries for this and we rarely use it. We used it maybe a couple of times, we have another bassinet that is by the bed that we use more. But we’re about to go stay with relatives so we’re actually going to bring this with us since we won’t have our bassinet and so it will be helpful then. So our little one won’t be sleeping on the floor or in the bed with us (big no, no!!).

Diane Tollesboro, KY

We loved this until…

I have to say my baby LOVED this tiny rocker. It worked soooooo great for us until… we had it for about 3weeks and the legs started to get loose and because it required a special triangle shaped tool, we were unable to tighten it so we had to return it. Which was very sad for us because we loved seeing his face light up while in it.If tiny rocker can work out the bolt loosening problem I would recommend this product to everyone!

Louella Pickens, MS

Amazing, a must have

This was perfect for our very large little one, he was born average size but grew in the 99th percentile. Month 4 we still use it but not for sleeping in just for sitting in because he’s a bit too tall to set him down easily to sleep, though he would still fit at 29 inches. Baby loves the music, lights, & vibrations especially for soothing an upset tummy. I would purchase this again, it has been wonderful.

Charity Woodville, WI

Perfect for a small space!

I bought this specific item because our bed is low to the ground and other bassinets would be too high up. My baby is 7 weeks old and it has worked great as a bassinet. We tuck a cotton receiving blanket around the pad /mattress thing to keep from having to wash it. Also the toy arm is awesome. My baby loves it and the songs are not annoying. They remind me of Zelda. I love the rocking option but it is not a very big rock. So if your baby needs a big rocking motion this won’t do it. We have a small apartment and it fits nicely. We can move it from room to room easily. My only wish is that it was able to fold up to be more compact and that it had some kind of handle to lift it with. When we move it with her in it we basically grab the edge and drag it having a handle or even wheels would be nice but I guess you can’t have it all. I will probably sell it on craigslist when I’m done with it because we have no where to store it.

Shanna Bound Brook, NJ

Glad it’s versatile

My husband and I purchased two of these for our twin baby girls on the way. Based on other reviews, we intended to use these as bassinettes. However, after assembling them we found that they were extremely low to the ground. We don’t think we will be able to use these as bassinettes in our girls early months home because of how far we would have to bend over to pick them up/put them down.We still kept them because of their versatility. We will be able to use them to set the babies in while we bathe/do tasks around the house etc… The other thing we did not like about this product is that the "rocking" option is not very functional. You have to rock them yourself and the bars on the bottom make it very jerky and only allow you to ever so slighty rock it.

Marylou Evington, VA

I love it

We got this napper as a hand me down gift after a friend’s child out grew it.Even tho i saw my friend use it every day with her newborn, it was still in absolutely perfect condition.I Love it! It is cozier than most bassinets, but still completely safe.I use it mostly near the couch in the living room because it is just as high as a couch and it works wonderfully there.(we have another bassinet in the bedroom that is higher which is more appropriate for the bed)My #1 favorite thing about this napper is that my child’s infant carrier actually fits perfectly inside of it.So if i get home and baby is still sleeping i stick the infant carrier right in the napper and she can sleep up offthe floor but still be absolutely safe. I do not allow infant carriers on counters, tables or couches. I also have avery excitable 3 year old and they do unpredictable/dangerous things with All great intentions!!But this napper is low to the floor (which i like) and it has a sturdy base. So I feel very safe to let the baby sleepin it after arriving home.And when my child had to sleep in the infant carrier in order to keep her chest elevated (bc of a cold that my son broughthome) i felt good being able to get the infant carrier off the floor and into a nice safe/stable place off the floor butnot up too high either. It’s great i highly recommend.

Kathrine Westbrook, MN

Great purchase

This was amazing for our daughter for the first 2 months. She didn’t sleep well in the crib at first and really liked that this was a tighter fit and not as much space.

Jasmin Hillsdale, NJ

Awesome gear to have but…

This was really a cool piece of baby gear to have, but for the price and the amount of time my baby used it, I am not sure it was worth it. Unless you get this and use it from day one, it probably isn’t worth the price. I did not get this until my baby was about 3 months old and she only used it for about 2 months before she outgrew it.I really loved how it was adjustable though from a sleeping position to a upright position. I am going to keep it in case we have another baby though. It has a little "vibrating" feature too that I didn’t even know about until my baby was too big to sleep in it and could only sit in it. I was sad about that but she got to use it for a couple weeks at least.

Ruby Mathis, TX

Creaky, cheap plastic

I saw this in a parents magazine as one of the best products so I purchased it. Its very annoying (not hard but annoying) to put together. Once together is creaks VERY loud and the plastic feels cheap. The pad that baby sleeps on is that material that collects everything. Also there is no option to shut off the lights to play the lullaby music so when its dark there are lights blinding the baby, cannot see how it can hold up to 40lbs

Penny Hot Springs, NC

very practical

This was very practical, my baby slept in it until he was 3 months old, I could move him around the house just by dragging the rocker. I would recommend this to a friend!

Olive Walters, OK

Wish I’d bought this before

My daughter is two months now and she wasn’t very happy with her original bassinet (uppa baby) so we bought this one for the grandparents place and we loved it so much we got rid of the uppa baby and bought one of this for our home.She naps and sleeps in it happily and during the day she loves sitting on it and looking at the lights and toys hanging. It’s also a rocker and it vibrates. It has everything you could need plus is light and compact and looks really nice.

Maxine Mantee, MS

Bed was a little flimsy

I was really excited to get this bed and even got it next day. It came and was missing screws. Then I put together anyways thinking if we like it, I can run to Home Depot for screws. Our newborn baby kept sliding to the side. Even with the safety buckled, the bed is tilted and the baby kept rolling to face the side which seem like a hazard. He is newborn and cannot possibly roll on his own. The materials seem very cheap inside and could be a little nicer for baby sleeper. Overall I still gave it two stars because for the price, it seemed okay. I ended up getting the fisher price rock n play sleeper which we love.

Guadalupe Stanley, NM

I love this product

I love this product. there is nothing i have found fault with. my husband was able to put this together in less than 20 minutes. the company offers a video showing how to put the napper together. We have used the napper everyday since receiving it as a gift. I have 3 kids and live in a 2 story home, so this rocker helps if i need to put the baby down to tend to the other children or if i need to keep the baby within earshot.

Luann Brainerd, MN

A little disappointing

The pad slips if you use it frequently in the sitting position, rather than lying down. It collects all kinds of fuzz and junk that’s impossible to clean off. That said, I use it every day at meals to keep the baby close while we eat and she doesn’t care for the music or vibrating but loves the lights and mobile.

Ronda Gordon, KY