Tiny Love Activity Ball

Tiny Love Activity Ball

This may look like an ordinary ball, but look out! Here comes a head, and an arm, and a leg! When you pull the head and legs from the center, they vibrate their way back into the ball, thrilling Baby with the silly peek-a-boo game and fun motion. Many different textures and 5 fun sounds stimulate Baby’s senses. Features fun, bright colors. 100% polyester. Machine wash. Imported. 10Hx7Wx10D”.

Main features

  • throw it up in the air or roll it on the floor and hear the silly sounds
  • multitude of tactile features for baby to discover
  • peek a boo surprise in the center

Verified reviews


color full

Fun toy very color full seems durable but my grandson is 9 months old and lost interest right away

Maritza Cranesville, PA

nice thing to have in the car

I bought it at a garage sale, so I didn’t spend much.I thought my 17 months old is way over these kind of toys, but she liked it. She pulls the head out and carries it by the head, and she kicks it around like a ball.I bet if she was even younger she would have more fun with it.

Bessie Corinth, KY

Keeps 8month old busy

My son loves this thing. He rolls is around, hits it to make it make noise and pulls on the plastic rattle. He can’t pull the head out, but loves when we do it for him. I can see how it will be even more fun for him to chase when he gets into crawling mode. Great purchase.

Kellie New Deal, TX

Fine but not Fabulous

There are some things that would interest a baby such as rings to slide, a crinkle flower, and a magnetic hand. The ball also has a cute face that vibrates when you pull it out. It does have some flaws unfortunately. The ball is supposed to make sounds, but it only does so when it is thrown or hit very hard. It isn’t very sensitive to touch I guess. The head is also very hard to pull out.

Gretchen Alvin, TX

Love it!

My daughter loves this toy now at 6 months and I can see it growing to be even more fun for her in the next few months since she hasn’t even tried to pull the head out of the ball. It features a magnetic hand that she loves to pull away from the lady bug over and over. She also likes to play with the attached rattle and there is a crinkle flower she enjoys as well.

Christy West Haverstraw, NY