Tiny Love Classic Mobile

Tiny Love Classic Mobile

Classic developmental mobile will enrich baby’s cognitive and emotional development. The baby will follow the intricate movements of sweet characters while listening to classical music. It has an unique 4 way movement, easily attaches to crib.

Main features

  • Classic developmental mobile that will enrich baby’s cognitive and emotional development
  • Baby will follow the intricate movements of sweet characters while listening to classical music
  • Unique 4 way movement easily attaches to crib
  • Birth to 5 months

Verified reviews


it is nice

you can not use this for long.. before you know it the kids are grown up enough to bit the hell out of this so if you care to use it for your next kid wrap it up when you see your baby can reach it and knock it off.we got it.. used it barely… didn’t get a chance to remove it before my kid was 1 year old now it became bunch of plastic parts around the house..——————–If you fine my reviews helpful please mark it as so.. Thank you.

Julianne Lorida, FL

I love Tiny Love

I had the older version of the classic mobile and loved it just as much. This newer model has a night light which I am fond of and pleased they added. I recommend Tiny Love mobiles to all parents! I feel they work towards your infants development and not just looking cute (although they are aesthetically pleasing). With a sleigh crib it can be difficult to find a mobile that attaches correctly; this one comes with an adapter piece that helps securely fasten the mobile to the awkward shape and design of a sleigh crib. The characters are fun and pieces are always moving, which is attention grabbing. Add the classical music and you have one amazing mobile. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Maura Jupiter, FL


This is probably the best product I bought for my baby girl. It is the most useful, handy, coloful, pretty, entertaining mobile. She is memorized by it, which buys us time in the mornings when we are getting ready for work. The music that plays is nice too. They way it spins makes my baby squirm and squeek and giggle. It’s wonderful! There are little discs that are meant to be noise makers which are annoying, but they can be easily moved so that they don’t make any noise.

Sydney Barceloneta, PR

Goes thru batteries way too fast, loud motor, cheap look

This mobile may seem like a bargain, but there is a major design flaw with big hidden costs. Namely, be prepared to spend A LOT of money replacing the batteries! This mobile uses so much power that it can eat through the batteries in a single 15-minute period of use. We’ve had to replace batteries weekly — and we are not using the mobile all that much! (Also, replacing the batteries is time-consuming and a hassle, especially when you’re trying to soothe a fussy baby. You have to remove the motor from the side of the crib, painstakingly unscrew the compartment, and so on. It’s not a quick process.)Some other complaints:* The motor is LOUD. You can hear it over the music.* Also, this mobile doesn’t fit all crib rail sizes, so measure them first.* Finally, the materials (the plastic and fabric) look and feel a bit cheap.Given all this plus the major battery-eating problem, I’d recommend that you look elsewhere for a mobile.

Daphne Latah, WA

Its ok,,

The toys in it are great!! My baby loves them but the music options suck! They sound depressing. What happened to regular lullaby’s? Its also a little bulky the part that goes in the crib to hold it all together. I would recommend the main change to be the music but besides that – its very cute!!!

Summer Bismarck, ND

Mobile didn’t work at first, problem solved

I loved a similar mobile that was loved by my first daughter but when I went to use it with my second, the batteries had exploded. When this one arrived I was very excited but the mobile doesn’t spin. If you hold the post back it was go but only if someone stands there and holds it. I cannot return to amazon because the packaging has been thrown away but I will try to call the manufacturer. I am very disappointed that it doesn’t work.*update, I called the manufacturer and they were very helpful. All that I needed to do was to provide my amazon receipt and they fixed the problem. I cannot be upset b/c these things happen. Now that it has been resolved, my daughter loves this mobile. It is such a help for me when I need to get things done. It keeps her entertained and safe in her crib. I do recommend this item very much and I am glad that the issue was resolved so quickly. I would buy it again.

Paige Menomonee Falls, WI


My baby boy is 15 months old and he still enjoys this mobile. Its so bright and colorful. i would recommend this mobile!

Adeline Washington Boro, PA

Buying this for the second time

We had this mobile with our first 2 children. They were both fascinated by it! We are now getting ready for baby number 3 around here and I knew exactly what mobile I would get for this baby. I love Tiny Love products and this one definitely does not disappoint. The way this mobile rotates really stimulates babies and that helps those little brains develop. Glad I found it on Amazon because it was a steal compared to the retail store prices!

Shanna Amelia, OH

Pros and Cons to this

I have to admit, I was sucked in by the pretty colors on this mobile. When I received it, I had no trouble at all putting everything together. It’s actually nice to have something so simple to assemble for once. My son has loved looking at it since he was 3 months old (now 6 months). You can hear the mechanism a bit as it spins, but the little rings on each arm clack as it goes around, and that is a little more distracting. It’s not awful, though. The music is pretty good, but there is a setting that has music and a bird singing, and it’s my favorite (I’m not sure about the kiddo!). The biggest con to this is the fact that it’s a huge battery killer. We use rechargeable batteries in it and after about two operations, it’s dead. I can’t figure out if it’s our fault or not, but I’ve never gotten it to last past a few 10-minute sessions before charging the batteries again. All in all, though, he has always loved to look at it. I just wish it would go longer before the batteries run out.

Olivia Brownville, NY

Very Noisy

Nobody wanted to love this product more than I did. I love the bright colors and thought it would be interesting to my son. Unfortunately, this mobile is just too darn noisy. I have to turn the volume on high to drown out the sound of the motor. I had read reviews saying the motor was noisy, but I thought surely it couldn’t be THAT bad. I was wrong, it’s terrible. The motor noise isn’t the only loud part. There are these sliding wafers attached to each arm of the mobile and as it turns, you hear the constant slide and clink of the little disc. I have no idea why this was even added onto the mobile as it doesn’t stand out and isn’t very noticable other than the noise it makes. Lastly, my 6 month old was only interested in this mobile for 2 days. I waited to install the mobile until he was a little older… I am unsure if that was a mistake or not. I wonder if a newborn would even be able to sleep with the noise?

Hilda Mifflin, PA

Great mobile

I purchased this mobile to replace an older version that was handed down to me that broke. My daughter really loves this mobile. It helps calm her down before she goes to bed. It comes with an adapter for cribs that can’t mount from the top (like the convertible cribs like we have) so that it can be placed in between the crib posts. I was looking for something with black and white and that isn’t just cute from the parent’s view. The music isn’t annoying. We are happy with this product.

Frances Burns, KS

Almost 3-month old LOVES it!

My 10 week old daughter LOVES this mobile. She can stare at it and keep herself occupied for 20 minutes, which is 20 minutes more I have to myself! She laughs and talks to the mobile as it slowly spins around. It’s really colorful and looks like something out of a Dr. Suess book. The music can get a little annoying, but it has two volume settings so you can set it to low so only your baby can hear it. Looking forward to using the nightlight option when we finally get our baby to sleep in her own crib.

Deidra Stacy, MN

WONDEFUL mobile!!

We’ve had this moble for about 5 months and since day one it has captivated my daughter’s attention. Because the mobile is tilted, she constantly sees it from a different angle and I believe that’s one of the reasons it holds her attention so well. The music is very good too, although I’m not sure how much that holds her attention other than she knows when she hears the music she’s about to see her “friends”. The battery life is also very good. We have this mobile on several times a day and have only had to change the batteries 3 times since we got it! It shuts itself off after 15 minutes and I’ve found that this is a decent shut off time. Not too long, not too short. This mobile is a must!

Keisha Hubbard Lake, MI

Nice music, long run-time but noisy-ish motor sounds

My baby adores this mobile – she gets super excited when it runs, and it completely holds her attention long enough for me to get in a meal or quick nap. She waves her arms around and smiles as she watches the figures spin around. I also really like the sound quality of the songs it plays — it’s more realistic piano music, and it’s quite soothing to have it playing. The different volume options are a bit limited – quiet (which does conflict a bit with the noise of the motor) and loud (which isn’t too loud, but a decent volume for when she wants to be entertained – not for falling asleep to).

Vivian West Lebanon, NH

Best mobile ever!!

My son loves this mobile and we have gotten it as presents for a lot of our friends. Their babies loved it too! Must have!

Faye Center Harbor, NH

Baby Loves It but Quality Not Great

My daughter loves looking at this mobile and she can do so entranced for some time (enough for me to get a shower). The design takes advantage of the fact that babies love black and white high contrast and smiling faces. Further the color scheme goes well with almost any nursery and is gender neutral. The nightlight doesn’t seem bright enough. We use an additional one.UPDATE: 05/20/2013 We used the music feature several times a week but certainly not daily or several times a day. At about 5 months the motor just conked out and started moving the mobile verrrryy slowly and the music sounded like it was coming from the bottom of a tin can under water and far away. I would have liked to use this again for baby number two and since we only used it until she was sitting up at 5.5 months, and there was no incident with it, you would think it would last longer.

Janell Richland, WA

great mobile, but a little loud

This is a great mobile. My son loves to watch this. We use it this every day! I have owned this product now for 2 months and have not had to change the batteries once. I do agree with the other comments. The motor is a bit loud, but I can live with it. My son doesn’t seem to care at all. The music is alright. I actually just turn the music off and use the baby einstein lullaby CD we have. I do love the fact that you can change the volume of the music and you can also just turn it off. I have seen too many mobiles that do not offer that option. I think this is definitely worth having!

Lelia Luquillo, PR


My baby and I love staring at it. I love the “marionette” movement of the animals and they are so cute and colorful. I can also detach the mobile part and just have the music on. The only thing I don’t like about this is that the small plastic “chips” on top make noise (on purpose) when the mobile is moving. It is not a sleep inducing sound and annoying.

Carolina Tallapoosa, GA

Battery life is bad

The mobile looks really pretty. However, I used this mobile for not more than 30 mins and the battery was dead. It uses 3 C batteries.

Brianna Placentia, CA

nursery must-have

My daughter has enjoyed this mobile from birth and still at 6 months old enjoys it every night to "wind-down" before bath time. The songs are soothing and the bright colors with the black/white contrast is great for the developing eye sight. It’s also great that there is a night-light part. I’m sure we will continue to use the night-light/music machine long after we remove the mobile attachment.

Janet La Grange, CA


I really love the look of this mobile – it has cute colours and is unisex in case number two isn’t wearing blue. The toys are really cute too. My only complaint would be the music – it only has two settings – very quiet and very loud and the one of the tunes is a bit too full on to sleep to!

Veronica Retsof, NY

materials seem cheap

Its cute & baby likes looking at it, but it doesn’t lull him to sleep & the material just seems cheap.

Melba Barstow, CA

Best mobile ever. End of discussion.

It may not perfectly match your nursery theme, but you will love this mobile. It is highly stimulating and my baby can watch it for the full 20 minutes that it runs without getting bored. This mobile allows me to wash bottles, throw in laundry, and go to the bathroom! Tiny Love makes GREAT developmental baby toys, I only wish they made more.I do find this mobile to be a bit heavy and cumbersome, but it attached very firmly to the crib. Once I had it completely set up and attached I had no concerns about it going anywhere. It’s large because there are so many components to it, which stimulates your baby, so this is not at all a complaint, just an observation.My SIL has the older model and it is just as stimulating and much more appealing to the adult eye. The colors are better (pale blues, greens, yellows) as opposed to the bright color palette guaranteed not to match anything, ever, that is used in this one. The old one has the tilted rotation, sliding beads, black/white umbrellas, characters that actually face down at the baby, etc. It even has the same music. I’m not sure why the company would go with such bizarre colors (aqua? orange? lime green? magenta?).However, it’s still a great mobile for baby.

Christa Curllsville, PA

Baby loves this mobile

I had an earlier version of this mobile for my first son. He loved the mobile. So six years later, when we needed a new mobile, I purchased this one again. My second son also loves this mobile. The colors are bright and contrasting, which is easy for a newborn’s eyes to discern. The mobile plays Mozart, Beethoven, and nature sounds. The mobile portion can be disconnected to use as a music box. The music turns off after around 20 minutes.I have a crib with thick woodwork and this attached easily. Still satisfied.

Arline Booneville, KY


My son loves this classic mobile. He is 7 months and still will lay in his crib and smile and talk to it. This is a great mobile.

Sybil Penland, NC

I would pick a different mobile if I could do it over

I purchased this for my son when he was 1 month old, he is now three months old and still loves it! He will kick his feet, laugh, coo, and just watch it go around. It has been a huge live saver for me. So I can get things done around the house. A definite must have for a fussy baby!! It does clank as other people have said but that is what helps keep his attention. It is also nice that it goes for 20 minutes!Update. I have had to return it once due to the fact that it would not always spin around. I tried changing the battery but it did not help. Second one works better but must have full batteries or doesn’t work consistently. I would choose a different mobile if I could do it over again. I choose this one since I had one like it for my first child but it was made by baby Eisenstein company and it was amazing, that was 9 years ago though.It goes through batteries extremely quickly.

Virgie Glenn Dale, MD


A great mobile! Very colourful and has a very soothing music. We only wish it had more options for different melodies – we’ve heard the 3 (that it has) so many times already, that it would be nice to have a lager verity.

Myra Oakland, NE

Beautiful modern baby mobile

I love the bright colors and black/white spirals on this mobile. It’s got more of a modern feel to it than your typical mobiles with pastel-colored plush animals and a wind-up music mechanism. My daughter wasn’t too into this at first, but I think once her sight became better, it was a great distraction to keep her occupied in her crib.Pros:- Bright colors, black and white spirals great for catching baby’s attention- Option to choose from three different songs- Volume adjust- Night light (though I really don’t ever use this…seems sort of useless given your baby probably wants to look at this with the light on)- Quick release to take the mobile off the base unit is really handy for when I’m changing the sheets in the crib- Quick and easy installation on crib, secure fit- Automatic timer shut-offCons:- I wish there was an option to cycle it on longer!- This is as bit loud with the plastic beads that slide down as the mobile turns. If you’re looking for something more “soothing”, this is definitely not it. I found this mobile to be more stimulating for my daughter than anything.

Nora East Islip, NY

great product

great mobile. I like the timer and the night light. Keeps my infant occupied for 20 minutes. The motor is a little louder than the previous model, but it does not seem to bother him.

Kelly Greenville, TX

great newborn toy

i’ve used this for 2 babies and i love it. it assembles easily and can be taken down off a crib/chair/etc very easily as well. my only complaint is that it runs for 15-20 minutes and then stops. it took my a few months of use to realize you can press the one of the music buttons to restart it. overall, for $25-$30 it’s a great purchase that’ll give you a few minute break and engage your baby!

Alba Carlyle, IL