Tiny Love Clip and Go Musical Mobile

Tiny Love Clip and Go Musical Mobile

Help to improve your baby’s visual attentiveness with this colorful and musical Tiny Love Clip & Go mobile. The mobile plays 5 classical and folk music tunes continuously with 2 developmental stages. Attach to most baby carriers, strollers and cradles with the specially designed clip. The red, black and white images help to improve the early stages of visual development and stimulation. Hanging objects are soft, 3-dimensional and include bugs and butterflies. For ages newborn to 24 mos. Imported. 10L”.

Main features

  • Double sided for 2 developmental stages
  • 0-3 months: Contrasting black, white and red elements for baby’s early development
  • 3-dimensional colorful soft dangling animals for babies further visual development
  • Specially designed clip for easy attachment
  • Easy change from one stage to another

Verified reviews


It’s too heavy to clip on anything

We bought this for our infant carrier and it hangs very low and close to our baby’s face. The clip also slips and does not hold on tightly to the bar, and the velcro is not secure enough to rely on alone.We also thought it would be good to hang on our pack n’ play, but it is too heavy to clip on anything. We returned it and found that just hanging little animals on the bar are better than swinging a heavy mobile an inch or two from her face!

Mattie Massies Mill, VA

Must have!!

This is a great toy. My daughter loves it!! The music plays w/o need to wind up. Best purchase I made as far as entertainment goes.

Clare Macy, IN

Great Mobile

My parents were nagging me about how I don’t have mobile for my son (their first grandchild) and how mobile help with brain development and eye coordination, etc etc. So I wanted to get a simple wind up mobile since most of the mobile these days are all for crib use only.I’m glad I did some research and comparison because this is battery operated which plays music for hours on end if you wanted to, it virtually clips/attaches and easily removable so I can take it around, it had a great reviews, and MOST importantly my then 4 week old and now 8 week old son seems to be mesmerized by it.At 4 week I used the black and white drawing on the opposite side of the bugs (I tried the hanging bugs as in the picture first but he didn’t seem too interested where as black and white pictures he didn’t want to take his eyes off of)Battery operated is great so I do not need to wind it every minute or less.It has a velcro and a clip that will attach to car seats, bassinet handle, stroller shade, play gym etc. (I tied shoe strings down from air vents all around the house so where ever he goes I can bring it along and just clip it on to the string.)The part where the bugs are attached rotates 360 degrees so it flips from bugs to black and white pictures on the other side. One great thing I found out is that no matter how low the mobile hangs, you can rotate the wings of the mobile to my son’s field of vision so he can see the pictures/bugs even when the mobile’s right infront of him when he’s sitting.

Nettie Easton, TX

My favorite baby toy ever!!!

wow, I really hit the jackpot with this toy!!! The batteries last a really, really long time. I use this EVERY time I put my son in the car. I just changed the batteries for the first time since I got it, which was about 4 months ago. He was very different from my 1st son & didn’t really like the car and also really needed toys to distract him all the time. This toy was the first toy that made my son stop crying (as much) in the car & stare at this mobile for HOURS (well, as long as he was in his car seat)….I turn this on even when I put my son in the car seat but I haven’t quite gotten everything ready yet to actually get in the car…this is such a good distraction & he still isn’t bored of it. I bought this when my son was only a couple months old & now he is 6 months & still loves to listen & watch this move. The music is only 1 volume which is probably the only thing I wish had an option—softer or louder. I was & still am so happy with this product. I’ve had so many people ask me where I got this & how unique it is…but the best part is that it really is a life saver & the batteries LAST….and with all the batteries that are used in baby toys, I couldn’t be happier with how long this lasts! A definite must & I wish I had it for my first son.

Doretha Rossiter, PA

The Best!!

I must tell you, get so much use out of this little, versital mobile it’s crazy. I use it on my son’s carrier daily as well as his Amby* Hammock bed when at home. One of the best baby items i have ever purchased and he truly loves watching and listening to it. Oh and falling asleep to it, works like a charm in the department stores. 😉

Sherrie Colfax, IN

Entertains while baby’s awake & lulls her when she’s tired!

I bought this for my daughter when she was maybe five weeks old and she loves it still at 12 weeks! She loves it when riding in the car or when she’s strapped into her travel system. It keeps her entertained while she’s awake and lulls her to sleep when she’s tired. It attaches right to the carrying handle of the car seat and will also attach to the (First Years Carry Me Near) bassinet while most mobiles are only for the crib. The songs are repetitive but I find myself humming along.

Irma Cee Vee, TX

Great little mobile

While I do agree that the mobile is heavy, it was great for our needs. We weren’t going to use this on a car seat but we were going to hang it over the crib from a wire shelf (I know that sounds strange, but it was the perfect little device). There is no volume control, but thankfully there is a mute button for when I need my son to look and not necessarily want to listen to it. It has to be shut off manually. The songs are ncer than many of the items I had with my first son. I do wish the strap was more adjustable so it could extend further. We don’t use it at the crib except during naps but I usually keep it hanging over the changing table. Because it clips you can move it around everywhere and I have used it on the car seat once or twice. It’s a great little gadget.

Iris Trezevant, TN

Best thing to keep the little one occupied

I love this product, my little one HATES the carseat but this keeps him occupied. He loves looking at the red and black characters on the mobile.

Tiffany Kurtz, IN

Fun for baby but heavy

I bought this mobile to attach to my son’s carseat since he hates riding in the car and I hate hearing him cry. Unfortunately it is really very heavy and I worry that it would injure him in an accident so we are not using it for the carseat after all.Pros:-Baby loves it-Continues until you shut it off-Music or mute modes-Easy to change it from infant to older baby mobile by just twisting the petals and you can mix and match so you can have some flat pictures showing with one bug flying etc.-Two ways to attach, claw clip or velcro strip-You can use the claw clip for other toys since it is removable-Classical musicCons:-Music sounds tinny on the high notes-No volume adjustment-Heavy

Katina Rion, SC


When my daughter was less than 5 months old this was an entertaining car toy. She has never liked being in the car so I really needed something to help entertain her and keep her happy. She would smile at this toy and occasionally fall asleep with it on. I like that it lasts for a long time and the music is pleasant. There is also an option to turn the music off and keep the mobile spinning which was nice once she was asleep.The only drawbacks I have with this is that it is really heavy and long. It was too long to hook directly on to the car seat hood, it would have been right in her face. I actually had to find a way to hook it up in the car so my daughter could see it and it would still spin, it was a little tricky. The clip is very strong, which is helpful.I think Tiny Love does a great job with their toys!

Dessie Lewistown, IL

I Wish I Had Bought It Sooner!!

This mobile is FANTASTIC! Unlike other travel mobiles which have to be wound up by hand, this one is battery operated. So you can just turn it on and it will stay on until you turn it off- no automatic turn off. Also, it has two modes- one which plays music while it spins and the other is mute- so no music while it spins. I love the two sides- black and white for when they are little and then little soft, stuffed bugs that hang down for when they are bigger. Also- it has two ways to attach it- a large lobster claw and also a velcro strap for those places where the claw won’t fit.My little boy- 4 mo. old, loves it! I really hesitated to buy it because I thought $25 was a little excessive for a car toy but I’ve realized you can use it anywhere! We’ve used it in the infant carrier, on his bassinette, etc. A lifesaver on those two hour drives to visit our relatives! We’ve had it three months and used it quite frequently and still have not had to replace the batteries.A great buy!

Laurel Superior, WI

Convenient but HEAVY!

My son really likes this but it is so heavy that I won’t put it on his car seat while driving. So I clip it on his play mat.

Faith Bremo Bluff, VA

Unique, useful in many situations

Our baby slept in a portable crib next to us until 4 months– we used this when he would wake up in the wee hours of the morning to entertain him and put him back to sleep. The claw that hangs the mobile is strong and secure so I never worried about it falling on to the baby (the mobile itself is pretty heavy). We will be bringing it with us on some upcoming *long* travels to entertain baby. It has simple ‘friends’ and doesn’t overstimulate our little one. A unique item that you won’t commonly see.

Martina Star, NC

Great for in the car!

I hang mine from the safety handle in my van above my child’s car seat. It is a great on the go mobile, especially for on the road. I think it is too bulky to attach to the handle to the car seat itself though. It is an expensive item here on Amazon, so I would recommend buying one used or getting the “Tiny Love Animal Friends Take Along Mobile.”

Madeline Oak Park, IL


My husband and I love this product. We love being able to hang it in her bassinet on the cover, so she can watch it. Also, we love the fact you can have the music on or not, since there are times I think she needs to wind down from sensory overload, so just watching it works great. the batteroes also last a long time. We have been using it for a month now, at least a couple times a day and haven’t had to change the batteries. We also love that we can take it wherever we want to go and we can keep her happy and amused.Again, we love this product! Exactly what we were looking for!

Casey West Burke, VT

Great mobile

We use this mobile in the car seat and also attach it to the middle of our Tiny Love play gym on occasion (have never used the clip, just the velcro – works great).Baby loves to watch it, keeps him entertained (nice that it has two sides for something different).4 stars because motor is a bit loud, but hardly noticeable with other background noise.

Isabella Harold, KY

great portable mobile

We bought this mobile to replace the one on our pack-n-play that didn’t have any motion or sound. Our son, now 10 weeks, absolutely LOVES this. He sits underneath staring at it, talking to it and flailing around with general excitement. Its great for distracting him when I need a minute to get get his bottle ready or answer the phone. The clip is easy to attach and seems very sturdy. I don’t know that I’d hang it on a carseat or bouncyseat arch as it would be too close to baby’s face for my preference, but its perfect for use in a portable crib (we’ll be taking it to grandma’s next weekend!)

Millicent Hazel Hurst, PA

Great product for size and price

I have this clipped onto the canopy on the bassinet, it’s a great product for the size and price. It clips on beautifully and is very secure, I have never seen it budge or slip as yet. The music is great, it plays quite a variety of songs as well as plays continuosly too. The music is soothing and you really get used to it quickly,not at all irritating or tinny sounding. I am pleased with this little mobile, it’s really versatile with the clip as crib mobiles aren’t suited to using on a pack and play. You can also clip it onto just about anything else including a play mat etc. I would buy this item again.

Rosemary Portola Valley, CA

Wonderful toy…and wonderful sounding!

My daughter and I both love this toy – she loves the music and the “0-3 month” side of the mobile “paddles,” or arms (the flat ones with stickers). I love the music as it is all classical, and a fair representation of the actual music (only Chopin gets a little “tinny” on a few notes, but nothing I cannot live with).Other favorite elements include: 1)it plays continuously (I hate musical toys that turn off after a preset period of time – so annoying), 2)it has a “mute” setting, for movement without sound (great for restaurants and bookstores) and 3) it comes with the “lobster” claw attachment, which is removable from this mobile, and useable to attach a multitude of other toys to just about anything (I totally disagree with the reviewer who said they could not attach this to virtually anything – I can attach it to virtually *everything*…I use this all over, with multiple toys from multiple brands. It was most useful in attaching everything to the hood of a bassinette).I like that one can attach the mobile via the lobster claw OR the velcro-ed elastic strap: very versatile for a multitude of objects. It is a perfect size for travel: not too small, and not too large.My daughter ADORES this mobile. She would stare at it contentedly for parent-friendly blocks of time (from 3-5 mo. or so) in the bassinette. She never liked the older-child, soft plush figures as much as the flat, 2D, images in black/white/red (even after she could see color, and 3D). She loves the music even now at 8 months, so it’s not a big deal, but Tiny Love (TL) could improve the color contrast or interest of the plush “guys.” She and I also liked that the plush figures stick w/ velcro to the three rotating paddles, but can also be pulled down to dangle via the attached string below the paddles for added movement/interest (they don’t come off completely). Three different viewing modes for the price of one.I gave it four stars due to the so-so interest on the plush toy side.In general (not affecting my review of the mobile), TL should include this “lobster” claw attachment clip with all sold-separately accessories such as the Baby’s First Wind Chimes – Garden. I highly recommend both this mobile and the chimes as a perfect pair for months 3-5…and beyond.

Sharlene Medford, OR

Love how portable it is!

Bought this for our daughter before she was born and started using it about a week after she was born. She loves to look at both sides (the 3 “paddles” are reversible). She is almost 8 weeks now and loves batting at the cute little bugs hanging down.The music it plays is not too annoying – we’ve had it on while we slept more than once without a problem! And if you’re somewhere music isn’t appropriate (although I don’t care if anyone has a problem with the music – would they rather hear a screaming baby???), there is a mute option and the mobile keeps spinning.I use the lobster clip for her bassinet and stroller and the velcro for her carseat. I had heard bad things about the lobster clip not working, but I’ve never had a problem with it at all. The mobile is a little heavier than you would expect and I have worried about a possible injury if it were to fall, however, if you’re worried about it, then just use the velcro attatchment instead of the lobster clip. But like I said, I’ve never had a problem with the lobster clip and she bats at it quite a bit!GREAT FOR SHOPPING TRIPS, RESTAURANTS, DOCTOR APPOINTMENTS, ETC to keep your baby occupied!One recommendation would be to get rechargeable batteries so you don’t go through so many. I just recently changed the batteries for the first time, we used it A LOT, and it lasted about 6 weeks so I think that’s pretty good.I considered Tiny Love’s other on the go mobile that is wind-up, however decided battery operated is best for outings when you don’t want to be messing with it all the time.Great price.Love the colors.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED – You won’t regret getting this!

Katharine Blue River, WI