Tiny Love Double-Sided First Book

Tiny Love Double-Sided First Book

Tiny Love Double Sided First Book Tiny Love Double Sided First Book engages tots during initial developmental stages. It features high contrast illustrations in red, black, white for early visual stimulation, while the other side features 3 D figures that are bright and complex. It is great for peek a boo activity, too. Why You’ll Love It: Teaches and helps kids learn from an early age with bright figures and attractive designs. Age: 3 to 6 months Features Divided into two sides according to developmental stages Black, white and red figures on one side Colorful and bright illustrations on other side Great for meal time Can lay down or stand straight

Main features

  • Double sided for 2 developmental stages
  • can be used in crib or as a floor toy
  • easily folds and great for on the go

Verified reviews


Crib toy

I ordered this because it contains the colors babies are first able to see. I was disappointed with the quality. The pictures look like a five year old drew them and are somewhat scary. Great concept, poor quality.

Dolores Watsonville, CA

My four month old loves it!

When I first showed this to my baby, he was too young for it and didn’t express any interest, so I thought it was a wasted purchase. But when I tried again around 3 months, he was captivated, and he has been enjoying this for several weeks no, with no signs of losing interest! As he’s getting older and more coordinated, he is taking more and more interest in the unique features of each section of this “book” — like the string on the balloon, etc. I love that I can grab this and put it wherever my baby happens to be — it’s super portable. I’m glad I have this for my little one! It’s also nice quality and will easily hold up for future babies.

Patrice Drift, KY

Long life due to being soft

This would be able to be used beyond the first three months because it is soft and baby ant get hurt on it like they could on the stiff cardboard types which last only first three months,

Hazel Drury, MO

My daughter LOVE this!

I bought it while I was pregnant, and used it a day after we got home from the hospital. My baby is doing tummy time since day three, and the only reason she’s agreeing to do that is because of this book! At first I showed her the black, and white and since she was 2 months I started to show her both sides- and she loves it! She can play with it for 30 minutes!I highly recommend it, especially because tummy time is so important and you must have something that will amuse them.And also, I love the products of Tiny Love. They have great quality and reasonable prices!

Marion Eek, AK

ok but not great

The picture on this looks so cute, but when it comes in the mail it’s folded all weird and it’s way too stiff to straighten it out. It’s not folded like the picture, and it’s almost impossible to fold that way without serious effort. I ended up unfolding it as flat as I could and tying it to the outside of the crib toward the bottom so my 4 month old could look up at it during tummy time. One side is blue, white, black, and red – the other side is totally different with greens and oranges etc. – I don’t like the other side.

Corinne Morro Bay, CA

Nice but pricey

This is an adorable book but probably not worth the money. I like the look of it but my baby has yet to be mesmerized by either side of if (had from 3-5months of age). It’s also very bulky and difficult to fold up or to bend into the accordion shape you want (unlike a board book version). I would suggest Tana Hoben’s Black & White accordion book for kids under 6months – this has been a much bigger hit for us and folds up compactly and can be set up fairly straight out or bent into different shapes depending on the space you have.

Liza Elgin, IL

Fun to look at

bought this for our 4 weeks when she started tracking and looking at contrasting things…the mirrored section is a big hit, she will stare at this for quite a while and seems to enjoy it

Adela Glenwood, MD

Best infant book!

My son has stared at the images on this since he was one week old. It has ties on it so you can tie it to the crib. I tied it inside his play pen around the head end when he was 10 weeks old and it made him cry less at tummy time. In just 2 weeks, he now looks forward to tummy time so he can stare at the images. He looks the longest at the flower and the snail. Today I brought it out of the playpen, onto the floor (the accordian design keeps it standing up even after months of being tied to the crib side) and turned it around to the colorful side and the result was amazing! he cooed at it during tummy time for 15 minutes! This is especially great because I can fold it up and take it with me for the afternoon or on vacation so he can have tummy time anywhere! I would highly recommend this product!

Brittany Melcroft, PA

Great attention getter

We placed this on our changing table. Our daughter loves looking at the zebra and other shapes while we are changing her. She coos at it and it’s a great attention getter when we need her to stop squirming so we can change her diaper. We even bought one for Nana’s house and she loves it there too.

Rocio Belsano, PA

Nice pictures

I love the item because it is so versatile. It can be used for tummy time, in a pack and play, crib, or sometimes I wrap it around her high chair and tuck the edges into her seat so she can view it while I make dinner. The item is long enough for my liking, but it does not act as a crib bumper as it definitely isn’t long enough to go around the whole crib. Pictures are stimulating, but doesn’t keep her attention for long periods of time.

Sophie Howard, OH

great! worth the price

my infant daughter is now 2 months old and this has amused her ever since we brought her home from the hospital. we have it set up by her changing table and she inquisitively gazes at the black/white/red/cyan pictures. in fact its the only toy that she really enjoys as of yet. when she is older i am sure she will enjoy the other side just as much.

Jean Fort Drum, NY