Tiny Love Follow Me Activity Toy, Fred

Tiny Love Follow Me Activity Toy, Fred

Tiny Love Follow-me Fred Tiny Love Follow-me Fred is a self-rolling toy that encourages crawling and improves overall cognitive development and motor skills. Tap it a little and it will walk and bark, encouraging your baby to follow along. Turn it a little and it will walk in a circle, inviting your baby to crawl and play. Follow-me Fred has crinkly ears and a soft green tail that are fun to grab. It also has a special button on its left paw that plays a puppy tune when pressed. Why You’ll Love It: This toy enhances the overall growth of baby. Age: 6 months and up Features Baby-activated electronic dog with adjustable speed control Multi-directional, accordion-shaped body Moves in a straight line and circular motions Colorful button on the paw plays cheerful puppy sounds

Main features

  • Moves when touched by baby
  • Speed control for different crawling stages
  • Flexible accordion shape
  • Barks to remind baby to come and play
  • Three friendly tunes

Verified reviews



I got this toy for my son to crawl after but it’s the lamest toy ever. First, I don’t think it speaks english. It sounds like it’s french or maybe spanish? It’s so quiet I can’t tell. Second, it doesn’t move very long or fast on carpet. It’s a cute toy but it doesn’t serve it’s purpose and my 10mo old is certainly not entertained by it.

Beth Liberal, KS

Don’t buy – babies has no interest in it!

I got this for my baby as well as my friend. Both of our babies only munched on the ears and face at the first time. They had no interest in the barking, moving, etc.Later they don’t play with it at all. Better off with something else.

Sabrina Browns Mills, NJ

Never worked

This toy never worked for us. As much as I like Amazon’s return policy, you often don’t know that you are not satisfied or an item doesn’t work until it is opened and then it is too late. Tiny Love was worthless when trying to either replace or get a refund for the item. We are quite disappointed and won’t likely purchase from this manufacturer again.

Serena Cambridge, ME

Cute toy….but I think they sent me someone elses return!

I got this toy and the packaging was covered with scotch tape and quite sad looking. It would not work when I took it out of the packaging so I checked the batteries and they were corroded! I put new batteries in and it still doesn’t work! I’m returning it.

Christi Isabella, PA

Doesn’t work well.

Very cute toy but it never seems to work very well. It doesn’t work on carpet at all and its very sluggish on hardwood. Also, my 9 month old daughter who is a very happy, easy-going child is absolutely terrified of the toy so its going in the next garage sale. The toy is crap!

Minnie Boyce, VA

Doesn’t move on carpet

I really thought this was adorable and was so excited for my son to use it. He has absolutely no interest in it mostly because it just stayed in one spot on the carpet. This is a fun toy in theory, but I wouldn’t waste your money unless you have all hard wood floor or tile.

Thelma Sound Beach, NY

Fun new friend for child

Loved this so much the day care kids asked if he could bring it to day care

Lacy Geismar, LA

Don’t waste your money

I was really excited to get this toy thinking it would help my son when we was learning to crawl. I thought wrong! This thing barely moves… It is so slow!!! Also, the sounds and noises are not catchy at all. My sons never plays with it. The only thing he would touch are it’s crinkly ears.Don’t waste your money on this one.

Helga New Augusta, MS

Doesn’t work 🙁

This was a gift but if I had bought it myself I would be returning it for a refund. She barks and play music but only walked the first time I tapped her and never again. Super dissappointed.

Ruthie Amagon, AR

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Not only is this toy a great quality, it is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter started to crawl because of it! She was so interested in the sounds and movements! BUY THIS!!!!!!!!!!

Elizabeth Sherman Oaks, CA


My older daughter has so many toys so I wasn’t sure what to get my younger daughter. I found this and thought it was too adorable. My younger one (almost 6 months) is now starting to play with toys and I’m sure she will love this, but I’m not sure the dogs will!

Carolina Peru, ME

Cute toy!

Fred is a great toy! When ever he is touched, he starts moving forward and barking/whining. My munchkin loves to follow him around!

Carmen Harpster, OH

My son loves this toy!

We gave it to my son for Christmas (he was seven months) and he loved to chase it. Now he is walking and he likes to grab it by the ears and carry it around with him. He loves the crinkle ears and the barking. I would definitely buy this again.

Lauren Caratunk, ME

Great Toy

I absolutely love this little dog and so does my baby boy. We had it go in circles when he was little and he would watch it for ever and now that he is crawling he chases after it and it’s soft so when we chews on it he never gets hurt. Would highly reccomend!

Esperanza Viking, MN

Cute, but never worked correctly

I bought mine from a local retailer, not via amazon.com.Opened the box and thought the dog was interesting and cute. My infant daughter liked it. However, it has never, aside from the first day we bought it, moved. Even then, it would go a few inches at most. I wish I realized how broken it was and returned it right away. Now I’m stuck with it.Even broken, this toy is entertaining. It’s been heavily loved by 2 children and aside from not walking, everything else is still going strong. I can’t tell you the last time I had to change the batteries — probably a few years ago. This toy is not a battery hog.If it worked and crawled I would rate this 5 stars.

Antonia Williamsburg, VA

It is fun n cute

My boy started to crawl about 2 weeks before I bought this toy, he likes it. Sounds great, the dog is cute. But the battery runs out too fast. Wish it is rechargeable toy.

Denice Grace, ID


I really loved this toy when I saw it and it really is a cute toy. However, it didn’t keep my son interested at all nor did it encourage him to crawl towards it. He does chew on its tail occasionally (ironically). It may work for some babies as far as the crawling thing but just not him. I’m going to keep it around though as I could see a child beyond the crawling stage playing with it.

Flora Crowheart, WY

Perfect for crawlers!

I wasn’t sure about this toy, but my mom bought it for my 9-month-old for Christmas and it turned out to be the perfect toy for him! He loves chasing after it and grabbing its tail. He immitates the barking noises it makes. I like that you don’t have to turn it on and off. When baby stops paying attention to it, it stops moving.

Alyce Fontana Dam, NC

Love Fiona.

She is a adorable, crawls slowly enough for a young baby to catch her. Nice little song and rhythmic bark. Durable, crawls on carpet and hardwood. She’ll be part of the family for a long time.

Shelby Holloman Air Force Base, NM

Just falls over and annoying

This toy seemed like a good idea to help encourage my daughter to crawl. She seemed interested in it at first, but it quickly fell over and that was the end. I would keep putting it upright but as soon as she’d get to it she’d just knock it back over again defeating the whole purpose. It also continued to make its annoying barking and howling noises long after the "play" was done.

Edythe Sheffield Lake, OH

Nice idea but the Baby doesn’t really follow Fiona…

I was so excited to purchase this toy for my baby when she was about to start crawling around 6 months of age.However, Fiona generated very mild interest.For me as a mom The dog looks great but my baby just wasn’t that interested.Fiona plays nice upbeat melodies. It moves at a good pace: slow enough for baby to stay interested and comes to a stop within a couple of feet.Traction issues are a separate story. Initially it worked well on our wall to wall carpet. Then after the carpet was thoroughly shampooed the dog stopped moving. I guess the carpet got too plush for this dog. Mildly frustrating….Overall, Fiona is a good idea but it didn’t work well for us because of the surface issues and its inability to keep baby’s interest for long.

Mercedes Hopkins Park, IL

Want to trow Fred off the roof…

This toy looks great and has a great concept. Unfortunately, I cannot give it 5 stars as it does not work 99% of the time that I try to turn it on. So, my son keep constantly witnessing mommy slapping Fred to try to get his wires in the right position ( the screws are not standard so you can’t open it), wish is probably is now a very good message for a little one. I tried changing the batteries, but no luck. This toy gets 3 stars because baby still loves it. However, the quality of this thing is terrible…

Andrea South Deerfield, MA

Does help motivate crawling, but annoying.

The song and the bark will grate at your soul, but luckily it does have a mute mode. Its ok, my son likes it enough, but really just the ears and the tail and its intermittent crawling ability, every other feature seems superlative.

Lena Blue Hill, ME

Broke easily but great customer service

This is a great toy while it lasts. My daughter loved follow Fiona around when she started crawling. It broke couple months later – it still moves but no longer barks. I contacted the customer service. The representative was very friendly and sent us another Fiona within a week. Unfortunately, it stopped barking 3-4 months later…

Michele Sunapee, NH


I purchased this for my little one, hoping that it would encourage her to crawl. The instructions aren’t clear and my husband and I could never really figure out how to make it work. The dog "barks" are strange and the music is odd too.

Millicent Belleville, IL


I purchased this toy for my 6 month old granddaughter to encourage her to continue crawling, however, the toy does not serve that purpose. It does not catch a young child’s attention and the "noises" it’s supposed to make to draw attention are barely audible.Would not recommend it.

Alisha Florala, AL


This is a cute idea. My son seems to like this okay. I am trying to give this the benefit of the doubt since we always run it on carpet…it doesn’t seem to move for very long and needs lot of encouragement. Basically only distracts my 11 month old for 30 seconds.

Nola Ballouville, CT