Tiny Love Fruity Pals, Anna Banana

Tiny Love Fruity Pals, Anna Banana

This Tiny Love Fruity Pal is shaped like a banana and has several delightful features that are bound to make it a child’s favorite. Every part of the body makes a sound, from a squeak when you shake it to rattling feet to a crisp peel sound. The Pal’s arms and legs stretch and are bouncy, and the feet have a baby-safe mirror at the bottom of each. Banana peels halfway down for even more unexpected surprises that enrich sensory and motor skills. Can be used with Tiny Love Gymini or Activity Arch. For ages 6 months and up. Imported. 18L”.

Main features

  • Springy arms
  • Soft teethers
  • Mirror feet
  • Rattling bracelet
  • Crinkly peels

Verified reviews


Nice toys

These toys are great for baby exploration and the like but they have a big flaw(in my opinion):they all pick a LOT of lint and I have to continuously get it off of the toys. I do not like that but my son seems not to care about it.

Charlotte Troutville, PA

fabulous Fruit

Tiny Love’s toys are always tops in our house, and the tiny fruit line is no exception. You can peel this one, peek inside, look in the mirror, and it is just the right size and shape to promote clasping and lifting. FANTASTIC!!!

Melinda Rolling Fork, MS

Many features will keep baby interested as he grows

Just wish the ring had some grips on it so it didn’t slide to the side on his stroller arch. Otherwise he loves it. The jingling feet and mirror are his favorites so far but he hasn’t opened Ozzie up yet. It’s much bigger than it looks in the picture; I was expectingly to fit it in my purse but Ozzie instead stays in the stroller or bassinet.

Melinda Berrysburg, PA

it’s ok

I think my 4mo old is too young for it. Can’t enjoy the pull apart peices, too big to hold, too hard to chew. Mirrors and colors on feet are small and not bright enough to catch interest. It’s cute though.

Sherrie Franklin, IN

A hit with the babe!

My daughter immediately took to this toy. It is adorable with many aspects that she will eventually explore over the months to come. It is relatively large and seems to be made very well. I wish I dad gotten it for my first two kiddos…

Jordan Friendly, WV

We love Anna!

I have this toy attached to my son’s car seat and he loves to play with it as we drive along. I can hear the constant crinkle of the peeled leaves. He has had several toys attached to the car seat handle and this one has been his favorite so far. He does like Anna better than Ozzie the Orange, but he is probably still too young to grasp the concept of pulling the middle ball on Ozzie.

Karyn Atglen, PA

Shopping fun for your little Banana

My Anna Banana loves to shop with Anna Banana. I can stick her on the cart and it’s a great distraction as I get the things on my list. She also likes playing “peek-a-boo” with the peels.

Cherie Pulaski, IA

Ozzie Orange

Got this for my daughter, and my son also plays with it. They love playing with the different things on it and I am especially happy that is actually BIG. It is definitely not one of those little toys you see hanging on strollers or carseats.

Annie Emeryville, CA

Cute, simple, durable

We bought this toy for our daughter three years ago and she loved it. It endured incredibly well, being her favorite “going out” toy. Now our son is using it for the same purpose and the toy is just as beloved.It requires no batteries but it is recommended surface wash only. We’ve washed it in the machine and it’s come out fine. It has lots of chewable spots, is soft, has a pull-tab “baby” inside and keeps little ones busy in several ways.We call ours “Mister Pumpkin,” since it looks more like a pumpkin than an orange. Mister Pumpkin has been through a lot and looks pretty darn good. This is a great investment and will be loved and used by your little ones for years.

Elaine Roslyn, SD