Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer, Blue/Yellow

Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer, Blue/Yellow

A multi stage bouncer with a versatile design and many features for baby. The Gymini bouncer allows baby to play, relax and develop their gross motor skills in a safe environment. The bouncer is designed to use from birth. The arches are easily moveable for ease of getting baby in and out of the bouncer. The seat features a colorful fun animal theme complete with toys music, lights and vibrations.

Main features

  • Exclusive adjustable arches for multiple positions.
  • 3 hanging toys that can be moved along the arches
  • Music and lights to engage the baby during play time
  • Calming vibrations will soothe baby during rest time
  • Allows for ease of getting baby in and out of seat as well as multiple positioning of toys
  • Exclusive adjustable arches for multiple positions, allows for ease of getting baby in and out of seat as well as multiple positioning of toys
  • 3 hanging toys that can be moved along the arches to allow for different views and play for baby
  • Music and lights to engage the baby during play time
  • Calming vibrations will soothe baby during rest time

Verified reviews


Recliner does NOT work properly. For babies less than 20lbs.

The bouncer can be reclined but when the baby is 18lbs the bouncer will recline on it’s own so that the baby is almost flat on it. Like, it snaps on its own… like “click, click” to the lowest recline setting and it scares the baby. At first I thought mine had a defect but then everybody that got one like me had the same issue. My daughter would cry when the bouncer would recline on it’s own because of the lound snap/click. She kept on feeling she was going to fall back. Seriously, it’s better to get a cheaper recliner… it’ll last longer. Also, with my other children I would use the bouncer until they were like 6-9months old. But with this one, not a chance. The bouncer can’t take the weight. Another thing, once the baby starts turning sideways…this bouncer is rolling with them. So for the price and how long it will last, the cuteness and price is so NOT worth it.One more thing, I’m the kind of mom that bounces the bouncer with my feet…like bounce, bounce, bounce…but with this bouncer, the recline level will keep changing on it’s own and it will make a loud snap when it does it and it is soooooo annoying and scary for the baby. Almost like a mini jolt everytime the level changes. Makes you not want to bounce the baby in the bouncher so the recliner doesn’t change… defeats the purpose of being a bouncer.

Kimberlee Lower Kalskag, AK

Poor posture and positioning

I put this chair on my registry from another store for a few reasons. First I thought the idea of the arms with hanging toys was great. And second because of all of the great reviews on the item on many different websites.Once my daughter came I liked the item. I wasn’t able to use it much the first month or two- not because if problems but I had a baby that craved human touch and didn’t like any baby items in the beginning. This does not affect my rating btw. What little I did use it in the first 6-8 weeks was without the arms to avoid over stimulation. From 8-14 weeks she seemed to like the chair, however the toys weren’t at a good angle for her to even look/play with them. Her head was turned awkward to look at them. I had to rig some rings between the two arms and hang toys off those for her to play with them. I thought no biggie. At about 14 weeks she started slouching in the chair significantly. As her weight increased even in the upright setting she was basically completely reclined. She kept ending up sliding down. Her little feet would be resting on the hard battery pack and she could barely kick if I got her excited and smiling. She would start fussing almost immediately after putting her in the chair. I knew it was because of her poor posture and positioning in this item. She was around 12-13 pounds when the issues started – not huge by any means.I hated spending money on another baby item, but I needed to be able to have something to sit her in so I could get a few minutes to do some work around the house or shower. So I caved and bought the really expensive bouncer from that Swedish company. Best decision ever.Besides the poor positioning of my daughter in the chair it’s horrible to travel with. You can’t easily pack it in the car without disassembling it.I can’t recommend this item.I recently tried the chair again just to ensure it wasn’t just a phase (she’s around 16 pounds now) and same thing only worse.Buyer beware!

Cheryl Shelly, MN

people are jealous

Everyone loves this bouncer. My DS likes it. I am sure more than any other bouncer, he may just not be a bouncer sort of guy. He liked it for a few weeks, but I think it does not move enough for him. He does sleep well in it when we travel, though. He just prefers swing. He is only 7 wks old and may appreciate it more once he is older. Many of my friends think its awesome and are jealous “where did you get that?” They love the dual bars, the crab and the ability to move things around and that it does not turn off (at least anytime that I have discovered – yet i have not managed to kill the battery!) My friends complain that theirs turn off after 30 min., RIGHT after their child falls asleep and…. the miracle that is vibration stops and child awakes. Battery life is great.Downside- Its giant and does not break down well (that I have discovered) traveling with it is a pain.

Haley Palermo, CA


This is a great little bouncer. I am able to trade toys back and forth between the bouncer and the Tiny Love play mat that we have. The upright position is truly upright which is great for baby to see the rest of the world. The tilt recline is nice for when baby falls asleep. Someone posted previously that they had a problem with the seat suddenly reclining with a loud clicking noise but that’s not the case for us. The recline requires pushing down two buttons at the same time, otherwise it does not recline. I even tried yanking down with my weight and it does not fall back on it’s own. It doesn’t make a loud noise when I recline it either. My daughter loves the light up crab and it can clip to just about anything. My only complaint is that the crab is a bit loud and can’t be turned down, though it can be muted all together. The side bars can be pushed all the way down to the floor, or removed completely, which is nice for when you want them out of the way. The pad is easy to remove in the event of a blow out. It’s worth the money.

Elsa San Diego, TX

I like it and so does my daughter

My daughter is very comfortable sitting in this. She loves to sit and just look around…we don’t even use all the bells and whistles it comes with. Occasionally the vibration comes in handy but mostly we just use it as a seat for when we’re trying to eat. I can sit her in it and bounce her with my foot if she fusses. She calms instantly. I only wish it weren’t so obnoxiously bright and cartoon-ish. When we pulled it out of the box I told my husband it was probably the most ugly useful thing we’d ever get and I was right!

Lorene Waukesha, WI


This is garish and defenitly not as sleek and stylish as some of the $200 bouncer seats we considered. In the end we went with this based on reviews & decided we could buy a handsome chair if this one was really an eyesore. Turns out we think it’s cute andNostalgic and our baby loves it. As a newborn he slept in it as it reclines pretty well (during the day when I couldWatch him, not at night). As he grew older he happily bounced away while I showered. The musical crab toy that hangs is totally the selling point and I’d buy this agin just for that toy. My son has long out grew his bouncy seat days but he still loves the funny, little music crab. This chair is sweet and very sturdy and cushy. Much nicer than any I’ve ever seen at major retailers.I am editing to add that te base of this chair is amazing & sticks well to any surface so an older toddler couldn’t “scoot” the seat! We have a 15 month old now & when we used this seat for company this past weekend out little guy wasn’t able to pushy the baby around 😉 and the guest baby seemed just as pleased with this seat as our baby had been!

Sue Irene, TX

I love this bouncer!

I wasn’t really sure which bouncer to register for/buy back when I was pregnant. I didn’t really love any of the ones I saw in the stores. The one I got for my shower I ended up returning and after reading a bunch of reviews, I purchased this one from Tiny Love on sale. It works perfectly for my daughter who is now 7 months old and 17 lbs and still uses it. She mainly uses it in the morning when I am in the shower and she doesn’t mind lounging and playing. She loved the crab when she was younger and still plays with it now. I like that the bouncer is easy for me to move from room to room with one hand while holding baby. I have never had an issue with the vibration – we are still using the same batteries. I also like that the crab’s music can be turned off but the lights will still be activated when pulling the star. I like the two recline positions – she used the lower setting as a small infant and we mainly have it more upright these days. I would say she is almost grown out of it so expect to only use it up until 8 months max (in my opinion and if your little one is within the weight limit). We also used it at friend’s houses for her to sleep/nap in.

Maryellen Dorchester, NE


We bought this for our second baby. She loved it and spent a few months using it. It was very durable, even when her older brother jumped in it. It lasted well until she learned to crawl and was over it.

Minerva Linwood, NY

One of my most used baby items

I can’t say enough positive things about this bouncer. Having a baby with reflux, this has been a lifesaver as I can put him in it for 20-30 minutes after he eats and it occupies his time. I have used it since he was about 2 months. He is now a very squirmy 8.5 month old and I still rely on it to contain him when I have to be out of his sight for a few minutes. Well worth the money spent!

Lizzie White Mountain Lake, AZ

We use every day

We LOVE this and use it every day. It’s the place our newborn sits for play time (when we’ve already done tummy time, etc.). Wish the print wasn’t so bright and busy but otherwise it’s so great. I love that we can hang toys from it and angle them just right. If it seems like our newborn is getting overwhelmed, we can move the toys so that they’re out of her view. The moose it comes with was the first toy my newborn smiled at and I think I’ll keep it forever!

Mary Zoe, KY

Baby Likes It

This bouncer works well. I only use it occasionally because my daughter prefers a swing, but I’m still glad I purchased this. During the first two months, the vibration feature did a great job of keeping my baby from fussing while I took a shower or did some chores. Since she could focus, she’s been intruiged by the dangling leaves. It was the first thing she batted at, and then the first toy she reached for. She’s four months now and almost 15 lbs, and now enjoys sitting in the chair while I watch an occasional tv show.

Tonia North Salem, NY

So fun!

My baby loves this thing and so do I! It’s super cute and very entertaining. The toys are all removable, the toy bars fold away and can be adjusted for babies pleasure, it vibrates, has two seated positions, and bounces easily. The crab toy lights up and plays playful music. My baby coos and smiles at it. It’s comfortable enough that she falls asleep in it. I like that I can easily bounce it with my foot when I need my hands free. My bay can already bounce it herself by kicking her legs at 11 weeks old. The colors are bright and the fabric is wipe able.

Eula Elgin, IA

Poor construction

This is definitely a cute bouncer. That being said, it is a piece of crap! It’s flimsy as can be. The first one I got didn’t ever work so I returned it…. and the second one was also defective! It’s made of cheap materials and just can’t stand up to the quality of other bouncers. For just a few more dollars, you can get something your baby will love that won’t be a wasted purchase. I certainly wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

Lizzie Mound City, KS

Very nice bouncer

Got this as a baby shower present. It’s absolutely adorable. The colors are nice and bright .. love the use of pink and green in the bouncer. It was pretty simple to put together. I like that the toy bars are on the side rather than horizontally over the bouncer. This helps with taking the baby in and out of it. Also the musical crab that comes with it is sooo soothing and nothing like the loud obnoxious other baby toys. It also comes with this butterfly and teether toy .. very cute. Overall – I am happy with this purchase and would recommend this bouncer.

Margie Schuylkill Haven, PA

love it BUT

bought the other color for my son and it is wonderful and he loves it. bought this one for a baby shower(girl) and had a horrible time putting this one together. and to top it off it didn’t have one of the toy ring holders on it .. like I said for a baby shower and didn’t have time to return it…was disappointed that this one wasn’t like the first one I bought.

Beth Chaffee, MO

amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This bouncer is amazing we were given it second hand and when we got it you would have thought it was new. it is so durable. over Christmas my 18 month old nephew who is a very big lad was all over this chair and it held up to some very rough play.The adjustable arms are great for a kid like mine that doesn’t like things in his face. and the fact that we can change toys in and out and move there positions which keeps him entertained. This is a feature most chairs don’t offer.this product made both my son and myself very happy. It is a wonderful piece.

Eliza Georgetown, CA

Love it

I love this bouncy seat mainly because it was pretty much the only one I could find where I can adjust the recline – it has two positions: more horizontal for a little baby and more upright for an older baby. The padding is very soft, and the toy bars are removable. The bars also come in handy when I take the seat outside – I can very conveniently drape a thin muslin sheet over them to protect the baby from direct sunlight.

April Pendleton, NC

Love this product

What I love about it.The bouncer vibrates as well as bounces. It comes with the three toys shown and they can be moved around on the bars. There are also extra places to place some of baby’s favorite hanging toys. The bars can be placed in different positions including all the way to the sides so its out of the way. The crab toy has three settings. It can be turned on to play music continually with accompanying flashing lights, or set to play music with lights only when the baby hits or grabs it just right (that’s where most of the learning occurs) or an off position if one wishes quiet time. Baby can be strapped in.I love that it bounces easily just with baby’s movement or a light push from someone. My baby was 3 month old when we bought this toy and she still loves it at six months. She finds the vibration soothing. At three months she was just starting to develop hand eye coodination and the colorful and musical toy crab that hangs from the bars in front of her encouraged her to develop that important skill. I could literally see her learning curve grow inside the bouncer. At six months she still loves that toy now. I like that it is light and does not take up much space. I would definitley recommend the bouncer to a friendWhat I don’t Like- I wished it folded flat and was easy to transport.- It took some work to get it sitted just right on the floor. It tended to be out of balance unless manipulated just right. We almost returned it thinking it was broken.-Besides the crab toy, the pther two hanging toys are kind of useless. Luckily you can hang other toys in their places.

Malinda Lehigh, IA

Baby boy loves it!

I bought this for my baby boy before he was here. I had a c-section, so when we came home it was too hard for me to sleep in my bed. I ended up sleeping on the couch for about a week, baby boy slept wonderfully in this bouncy. The vibration would sooth him right away. Plus it was so nice to be able to just swing the toy arms out of they way in stead of having to remove them or just dodge them. He is now 5 months old and still uses this bouncy at the babysitters house. The crab is a cute little toy to go with it that he does pay attention to. And the straps are nice to keep him safe in it, especially now that he loves to wriggle around.ProsComfortable for babySwinging arms are easier to put baby inCute designAdditional toys, especially crab is cute and niceSafety StrapsConsThe arms do making a noise when you move them so if you swing them out of the way and the baby goes to sleep if you move the arms they could wake the baby.He gets bored in it? (Like everything else)I would buy this again and recommend it. I do wish it had the option to plug in because it will run the battery down quick. And a timer would be good on it to because its easy to forget to turn it off!

Selena Pray, MT

Tiny Love makes the best products! Glad to see a bouncer from TL!

I was so excited to get this bouncer. I have tried about 9 different bouncers across my 3 children. Only this one and the Fisher Price sensory selections (impossible to find now) really caught and captured the attention of my the kids and impressed me. The seat recline option is nice because it allows 2 different angles for baby to choose from. We just started using this with my 3 month old and it is the first bouncer she will tolerate. Aside from the seat angle options, what impresses her and me is the open concept (the bars move away and close together) and the musical crab (so nice because you can take it with you and easily attach it to a carseat, too). As usual, tiny love’s music is whimsical but not annoying. The lights are nice and it’s nice that there’s a mute function for those times you want the lights but not the noise (maybe a restaurant). Anyway, move over Gymini (also a tiny love product that my 2 older children liked), because you can attach the gymini toys to this bouncer. So versatile, so fun and a really good price for what you get–gymini flexibility and entertainment, bouncy seat functionality, plus a toy that goes with you if you want. Did I mention we love the look of it, too? 5 stars, easy.

Verna Kenney, IL

Fun and Interactive!

We chose to forgo the purchase of a Bumbo this time because of the hindrance on physical development. That being said, my son wanted so so badly to sit upright and look around. I searched through many bouncers and came across this one. While he is still somewhat tilted back (so not sitting completely upright) it Is a major improvement from many of the others. He Is learning to grasp at things and the toys on this are just the thing to help him work on his fine motor skills. You really can’t go wrong with purchasing this.

Carole Chapman, NE


This bouncer chair is probably one of the best buys I made – my son LOVES it! I was desperate for something to put my son in while he was awake since he didn’t like just lying on his back in the sofa/crib. At first, I must admit that he wouldn’t stay in it for more than 5 mins or so, but by the time he was three weeks to a month it has become his constant companion. He will happily stay in that chair (even without the vibrations or music) for 30 mins or more and just watch what’s going on around him, he even naps quite comfortably in it. The little toys (especially the giraffe) are also a useful bonus. The chair was relatively simply to assemble and is also pretty light but sturdy which means it is easy to move from one room to another. The only drawback that I have experienced thus far is the fact that it isn’t collapsible so it makes travelling with it a little cumbersome but since I use it primarily in the home that’s not too much of a bother for me. I highly recommend this product.

Maura Hatfield, MO

My baby loves it now

At first I thought I had overspent on a bouncy chair as my baby didn’t sleep i it and loved his swing, but now he loves this chair!He’s 3 months old and can grab the toys, turn on the crab by grabbing the star and bounce the chair when he kicks. He loves it and it lets me get a shower, make some dinner, etc.He still won’t fall asleep in it but that’s ok.I also like that it is light so I can carry it from room to room with ease and the footprint is not as big as a papasan bouncer.Now if I can just convince my 2 year-old that its not for her!

Olive Cocolalla, ID

Baby loves it

Our 3 month old baby loves to be in her bouncer (she prefers it to swings) and I like that the arms on this are movable. You can move the arms to pick up your baby and to move the bars out of her eyesight to you. It bounces easily through baby’s movement or by the parent pushing on the legs. I don’t really like the pattern on the seat, but our baby loves this bouncer.

Karin Acosta, PA

Great bouncer

So easy to take your little one in and out of compared to the other bouncers out there. Crab is great.

Ebony Van Buren, OH

The best bouncer out there!

I only bought this bouncer because my Fisher Price Ocean Wonders bouncer stopped vibrating after only 3 months of use. I’m SO glad it did, because my son and I love this bouncer WAY more. I don’t have to actually remove the toy bar from the seat to get him in and out now, plus I can hang other toys on the toy bar for him to play with. He loves his Freddie the Firefly toy, and I can clip this on there for him. He absolutely can’t get enough of the musical crab toy, he loves it to death. Another great thing is you can remove the crab and put him on other things. I take it off and put it on his infant seat handle for car rides, and he’s so happy. I definitely recommend this seat. I also like how this seat has different recline positions, unlike my old one. My son is very large for his age, almost 11 pounds at birth, and I have not had any issues with the recline not working, as some other reviewer mentioned.The only thing I would change about this bouncer is to add a “white noise”, relaxing sound to it. But, that’s not really a big deal because I can just sit his white noise dolphin next to the seat when I’m wanting him to go to sleep.

Ava Nevisdale, KY


Wish we had bought this for our first child! The great thing is that the arms move, and it is easy to clip on your own toys. Our baby loved this even as a newborn (in the reclined position). Now a 7 month old, she loves to make herself bounce.

Bernadine Scottown, OH

We love it!

Very unique, works great! Colors are vibrant and the handles hold a few toys and room to add your own or change them out. The crab is amazing and baby loves it!

Carolina Fort Atkinson, IA


Fabric is great and it is cute for boy or girl. Chair is very bouncy, which baby loves. When he moves at all, it makes the toys move which re-gain his attention. Love the moveable arches, which allow me to move baby without waking him up trying to get him out from behind bars. Love the toys and that they are moveable.

Corina Arizona City, AZ

nice little bouncer

It does not come with batteries which is the only letdown. It does vibrate pretty well it rocks/bounces easily and plays music. The toys it come with are cute and soft, overall a great value. My baby likes it, I also have to say it is extremely soft.

Priscilla Raccoon, KY