Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym, Animals

Tiny Love Gymini Move and Play Activity Gym, Animals

The only gym that adjusts to baby’s developmental stages. The revolutionary sliding arches allow for endless play options, easy access to lift baby in and out and even space for parents to play along side baby. Baby will delight over the fun electronic light and music toy with 7 melodies. Adorable hanging toys can be positioned anywhere on the arches using the unique slide rings bringing smiles to baby as they reach and bat at their favorite toys. The extra large mat is thick and soft, with engaging animals friends, 3D zebra main. Peek-a-boo elephant ears and crinkle square.

Main features

  • 5 in 1 multi positions
  • The only gym that adjusts to baby’s developmental stages
  • 7 toys, electronic light and music, 7 melodies, extra large mat
  • 5 in 1 multi positions
  • The only gym that adjusts to baby’s developmental stages
  • 7 toys, electronic light and music, 7 melodies, extra large mat

Verified reviews


A little bit overpriced.

This gymini is nice but I don’t think is worth the price of $75.00. The oversized mat is great (can be used as a blanket for playing infants; until they start to crawl). Also it snaps for easy storage.Because such item can be used basically until baby is mobile- except for removable toys, I would get something at half price ( Tiny Love Sunny Day or more expensive Super deluxe gymini). Also Bright Starts playmat at similar to reviewed one price is batter, because the light and music part can be attached to something else (like car seat).My friends and I we have some playmats for our kids, and looks like mostly we pay more for a light and music part, so you can attach by yourself similar toy to a gymini (like a crib soother etc). Babies grow so fast and anything NEW is exciting for them, even measuring cups and toothbrushes. More expensive item is not always superior than cheaper one; when it comes to playmats they all nice anyway. So I’d get cheaper gymini and save for a bouncer or excersaucer, that your baby will use for a longer period.

Chandra Florence, CO

Generously sized playmat

I have mixed feelings about this Tiny Love play gym. I have experience with two prior Tiny Love Gymini models and while there are things I like about this one, there are also things that I don’t like. My first Gymini, and the one I like the best was the Gymini Deluxe which had a cotton playmat with crinkle and squeaking flaps along with several well made machine washable toys. This ten year old model is still my favorite.I have also owned another Gymini which had sounds and lights in the playmat. I liked this one the least. While many of the toys could still take a spin in the washer and dryer, the playmat was polyester and did not fold up nicely because it was so thin and flimsy. That play gym ultimately found a new home.This Move and Play Gymini has some nice features, like a generously sized playmat and the versatility to set it up several different ways. I like those features, but there are certainly things I don’t like about this gym. For one, the play mat, while machine washable, cannot go in the dryer. Tiny Love also recommends that you hand wash the mat for optimal care. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to baby products, I prefer convenience factors such as being able to pop the item in the washer and dryer so I have the item ready to be used ASAP. Most busy moms don’t have time to hand wash large play mats and line dry them. If you have a baby who spits up frequently, you’ll understand why the care instructions irritate me. The cloth toys are also not machine washable. My original Tiny Love mat had cloth toys that were machine wash and dry. They were also made nicer. Babies chew on toys and can sometimes spit up on them. Surface washing a toy that has been doused with baby spit up isn’t enough to get it thoroughly clean. The plastic toys that come with this gym are cute, and could easily be washed by hand.As I set up this activity gym I was struck by how much Tiny Love has cheapened their products over the years. Gone are the days of the nice cotton play mats and quality rattles. The rattles and cloth toys on this gym are certainly not of the same high quality of their older Gymini products. The plastic on the mirror toy is flimsy and cheap feeling. Even the links are of a cheaper quality plastic. The cloth toys seem no better than the cloth toys on the Bright Starts baby gyms.The mobile toy is cute and it’s flashing lights will capture the attention of babies. Putting batteries in this mobile isn’t the easiest process. In fact, the company realized they complicated the battery housing enough that they had to create a video on their website showing you how the battery housing is opened. I suspect that many sleep deprived parents will find replacing the batteries to be a bit of a hassle.Some of the good points of this play gym are:It folds up nicely for storageIt’s colorful toys and mat will be engaging for your babyThe toys can be positioned in a variety of ways thanks to the sliding hooks for the toysThe arches can be arranged in infinite waysThe play mat is generously sizedThe play mat can be used with or without the arches and the sides fold up and snap together to create a secure feeling area for a newbornOverall, it’s a nice play mat, but I wouldn’t say it’s superior to its competition. I’d say it’s pretty comparable to a Bright Starts play gym that I have, just with more bells and whistles. This type of baby toy will see the most use between 0-5 months. Once your baby is rolling, crawling and sitting a toy like this begins to lose it’s appeal.

Stefanie Holden, ME

Love the Versatility!

This is by far the best play mat I’ve seen. It’s a huge step up from my previous one.My old play mat was overly bright. This one is tastefully bright and colorful with cute animal pictures on it.I have to say, I’m impressed with the toys. They’re cute and fun, and since they’re detachable, they’re fun to play with both on the mat and off. My baby likes the vibrating elephant. The mat comes with 7 toys or attachments.The mat itself is quite large, so there’s plenty of room for even older babies to play.Here’s the feature I love the most: The arch connector slides forward so you can change the arches to basically any position you want. Then the toy connectors slide back and forth along the arches so you can position the toys differently, too.This worked great for my young baby because he wasn’t able to focus on the toys when the arch was overhead. Then when I slid it forward, he loved it. I could also put the toys on his left (the side I’m supposed to turn his head to because he prefers the right). He could also kick at the toys by his feet.When he gets tired of lying down, I can sit him up to look at the toys in front of him when positioned forward. It’s also good for tummy time.The mat folds in half and snaps together for storage, but it is still very big.Be aware when unpackaging–The arches are spring-loaded, so when you pull the plastic off, they really pop out! I am so glad my baby wasn’t nearby when I opened them because it would have really hurt him if it hit him. So give yourself plenty of room during set-up.I’m very pleased with this fun toy!-

Paula Sammamish, WA

Cute, cozy, overpriced

Very cute and adaptable. I think hanging everything on it is overstimulating for babies but you can control what is used. I don’t think the individual toys are anything special. Although this is a nice product, it is not worth the price at all.

Rosalyn East Mansfield, MA

Just okay

I had a different tiny love gym in the past and loved it. This one, for the price, should have more to do on the actual mat. The arches are adjustable and that is nice. But my 4 month old can easily pull the arches all the way down when grasping the toys. The mirror is impossible to adjust so you can see anything on it. My daughter likes it but I wish I got a different one.

Nan Lafayette, TN

Great product! (2 updates — brakes but good customer service)

I decided to buy this activity mat after reading many reviews and I’m very happy with the purchase. The main reason i bought it was for the size of the mat. I knew i would have a long baby it would be important to have a mat that would still fit her past 3 months. I’m glad I bought this mat because we used a smaller mat at a friends house 2 weeks ago and her feet were already off the edge.My daughter is now 3 months old so I’ve had over a month of good use at this point. It washes well. I kept the dryer to ultra low heat setting just to be safe but I’ve had no problems washing it. My daughter LOVES the monkey rattle–we take it everywhere. Her face lights up when she sees it and she’s always cooing at it. The music isn’t bad even for the adults.As far as the adjustable feature – I find it useful more when I have her in the bumbo chair or sitting up playing with the dangling toys. I don’t find it super helpful with tummy time yet. She’s happier just staring at the monkey (same as the rattle) on the blanket part of the mat. Maybe in the coming weeks/months I will find it more useful for tummy time.I’m very happy with this item and would definitely recommend it to others.UPDATE — my daughter is now 5 months old and the thing broke! The adjustable piece lost its grip. If she doesn’t swat at the red monkey hanging from the adjustable piece it will stay put. However, if she grabs the monkey or swats at it, it slides down and has even hit her in the face. I emailed TinyLove 2 weeks ago because it is a potential safety hazard, but I have yet to hear back from them.UPDATE #2– I never got a response to my email so I called Tiny Love. I thought it would take several computer menus but I spoke with a woman very quickly. She was great to work with on the phone. I had to give them the serial number located on a tag on the mat. They sent me replacement arches which arrived within 2-3 days of my phone call. Their customer service was great. The only issue I had with the call was she told me the part breaks because it is moved around so much. I didn’t have the time to argue about it, but that’s the whole point of this mat! I will upgrade my review to 3 stars because of their prompt customer service and overall I am very pleased with the mat. My daughter is not really playing on the mat itself anymore but several of the hanging toys are her favorite chew toys, so again, I really like the product. I’m not sure I would purchase this item again because I’m not sure the longevity of the parts.

Monica Advance, NC

mutli products in one!

We really like this item. This is a good size, a lot of mats I’ve seen have been much smaller. I think this is rather expensive for the 75.00 price tag. I don’t think we personally would have purchased this because of the price. There is so many interactive things on this mat but how much is useful for a 3-5 month old? Everything seems to be well made and sturdy. I did not like how thin this was. I wished it had been made thicker.

Marguerite Paullina, IA

Just Wonderful!

This is an excellent baby gift and the baby gives the gift of enjoying it. There are fewer things more beautiful than watching a happy baby who is also learning. Add to it is that this product helps chart a baby’s developmental milestones in what the baby can do while using it.You can rearrange the toys or even take them with you. The portability factor is a major plus. In addition to the thick, soft and vivid mat, you get soft, stuffed animals; arches for the more mobile baby to pull up on; a mirror for a baby to enjoy a reflective moment and you can even snap the whole shebang when you want to take it someplace.Not only is this an ideal baby gift, but a gift everyone can enjoy because of the baby!

Jeanette Motley, MN

Great for Babies

Been using this for baby. The mat is soft and nice for baby to lie on. Lots of colors and visually attractive to eyes. The hanging toys entertain the baby. Easy to put together, just a few snaps. You do need some batteries to play music but not included. Might be a littel more expensive than other brands out there, but worth it.

Holly Ovid, CO

This tiny Love Move and Play Gymini is an excellent and FUN gym for any baby …

I had another name brand play gym for a grandchild, but this Tiny Love Gymini is simply amazing. If you get a chance to look at one in a store or actually get a chance to watch a baby’s eyes light up when they are on one, you’re going to have to have one for your child or grandchild … and you won’t regret the purchase. What you might think as a colorful play mat is much more than that. It takes into consideration the baby’s developmental stages and will encourage him or her to reach certain milestones. Of course that is wonderful, but the best part is the fun the baby has on these mats. Smiles and giggles.If your baby gets bored or cranky you can change the layout of the mat by moving the toys around. These toys are loveable and you can also take them with you in a stroller or bag without taking the mat along. The mat can easily be rolled up and taken with you. The arches aren’t quite as portable, but if you pack carefully you can get the whole thing in a suitcase if you want to go visit grandma (hint, hint). As an experienced mother this Tiny Love play mat is like bringing a bit of home along, making the baby more at ease.What is in the box and/or what it features:1. A fantastic, colorful mat that features a zebra with a securely sewn mane and tail (this is soft and raised), an elephant whose ear flap opens up (peek-a-boo) and a crinkly sounding toy with an animal on it. The hands down favorite is the big colorful zebra. You can throw the mat in the wash or wipe it down easily with the exception of the zebra mane and tail.2. If you want you can close the snaps on the edges up to form a little “box.” This feature is good for making the younger baby more comfortable.3. Arches. You have the option of detaching them or leaving them on. You can move them to suit you or your baby/little one. You can move the toys along the arch to get closer to the baby. The snail mirror, which is not tiny at about 5″ in diameter, is a fun one. It’s fun to move it toward the baby and hear her giggles. Here comes baby!4. There are seven fun toys: two rattles (a monkey and the sun and cloud), an elephant, a monkey, a teether (I like the ones you can put in the freezer better, but this one is cute), the snail mirror, and the crinkly toy on the mat itself.5. The Tiny Love mat is thick enough so you can put it on hardwood floors and not have to worry if baby is uncomfortable (the other play mat we had was a bit on the thin side).6. The way the mat is set up you can interact with your baby. It is also designed and set up so your baby can interact with the mat.We’re very pleased with this mat and think it’s a step above its closest competitor, which we also have. I think Tiny Love has the best design and this mat is getting and will be getting a lot of use in the coming months. It would be a perfect gift or purchase that any new baby and mom will love. Hope this was helpful!

Caryn Fromberg, MT

Great play mat!

Great play mat! I didn’t want something overly stimulating for my 3 month old. She really has been enjoying it, the music is nice, you can make it so she has to pull to make the music go, and there are lots of toys for her to choose from. The mirror is a bit tough, but if you hold it she can see. Definitely would recommend.

Sharon Altoona, IA

Great toy from small business

This is a bit pricier than some baby gyms, but it has a lot of options and I love that it’s so adjustable. You can maneuver it based on where you are and it provides a little variety for baby. The songs are sweet, the blanket seems comfortable. The straps are all padded. Baby enjoys herself more than most other toys we’ve given her. It would be a wonderful gift for any new parent!

Stacey Newport, NH

We love this for SO many reasons

First let me say that I am one of those people that has to research EVERYTHING before i buy it- i looked at a zillion of these mats before narrowing it down to this one. I couldn’t decide between-the fisher price jungle mat,-this one,-the boppy circus mat.i chose this one because of that super cool feature it has that allows you to customize how the arch is positioned. I wasnt sure if we would like it or not- but it ended up being one of our favorite features!Things i love about this1. my kid loves it. he is 2 months old now and has really just started interacting with it, but before this he would LOVE to stare at the lights when we had it turned on.2. I DID NOT KNOW the light up/sound flower was removeable. this is nice.3. the music on the flower is not annoying at all4. NOT ADVERTISED: there is a red monkey dangling from the center of the sound flower- when the baby hits it, it triggers the lights/music.5. there are two settings for the music/lights- continuous, or a setting where the baby has to hit the arches or the monkey to activate it.6. the fact that we can position it however we want7. the raised edges are great for tummy time right now- they really capture my sons attention- i had no idea! :)8. the mat is MACHINE WASHABLE. this is wonderful.9. if you have those links laying around (and what new parent doesnt? haha) you can link your toy to wherever you want on the arch.10. we can use it for a boy or a girl11. the toys that come with it are cute- not cheap like a lot of toys that come with these mats.12. the lights hold our sons attention really well13. we can easily fit two babies for when i have a friend and their baby come over.TO SUM IT ALL UP: this is an awesome product, and I am a tough critic….i usually dont write reviews but this is such a great product I felt compelled 🙂

Muriel Cheney, WA


This baby gym is adorable. The mat is thick and comfortable for baby to lay on. I love the bright, vivid colors and the adorable animal illustrations. The little toys that come with it are super cute! My baby especially loves the mirror, the elephant, and the monkey. I love that it adjusts to fit baby’s developmental stages. I also love how it snaps at the corners to sort of “contain” baby a little bit (at least it seems more comfy that way!). The music is alright – slightly annoying as most baby musical toys go, but definitely not the worst I have heard. My baby loves turning on the music by pulling on the hanging toy. Very nice, high-quality product. Love it!

Viola Villas, NJ

Gentle fun

I was surprised at just how big this “arena” is. There’s room for baby, and Mom can cuddle close, too. Movement of the suspended parts is gentle, and as baby grows and learns, he can grab and hold on! The mat and arches allow unstructured, gentle play time. The dangle-y pieces are detachable, which lets me move a favorite one to the stroller for outings. Very nice.

Betsy Parkston, SD

Very nice play mat!

This is just an awesome playmat that any baby would love to play on! There are so many visually stimulating toys and nice “touchy/feely” ones, too! I like the fact that it can play music or not. You can turn off the lights, too. I really like the larger mirror it has. It seems like most baby toys have the smallest mirrors on them! All of the toys can be removed and changed around as you like. It folds up nicely to carry on the go or to put away. I can’t wait for my granddaughter to try it out! This is something I would definitely recommend! Would make a very nice shower gift!

Christina Buhler, KS

Quality item that can grow with your baby!

Let me start off by saying that I love Tiny Love because their products meet international safety standards (Europe has such higher standards than we do!) and contain no PVC, phthalates, BPA, or flame retardants. They’re the only company I could find that could make those claims! In my opinion, they don’t advertise these facts nearly enough – I only figured it out after a lot of research.Now, as for the actual gym itself, it’s a hit in our house! I can’t believe that all activity gyms can’t adjust like this one!Notable features:ADJUSTABLE ARCHES. The best feature of this gym is that you can raise or lower the arches depending on your baby’s developmental stage. Tummy time is so important and this feature allows your baby to fully engage with the gym while on his/her tummy – before they can even fully lift their head! The mechanism to do this is extremely simple and straightforward. Lastly, the arches have movable hooks from which the toys are hung. This is great because you can move the toys around or even add your own toys that have loops!TOYS. The toys that come with this gym are great. There’s a mirror, a monkey that stretches and bounces back, an elephant that has crinkly ears and also stretches and vibrates back (love that feature!), and 2 little sets of “keys” – one that’s plastic and one that’s more rubbery. Each of these toys has engaged my infant at different times!LIGHTS/SOUNDS. The sounds that go with this gym are pretty standard. You have the option to have them play continuously or to have the baby initiate the sounds by pulling on the red rubber monkey that’s connected to the middle of the device (this setting is changed via a plastic switch). The lights play correspondingly, lighting up different plastic pieces that have various animals on them. My biggest gripe with this gym is that I wish there were an option for playing music without the lights, as the lights are overstimulating for my son.MAT. The mat is large and soft. It’s easy to wipe clean if anything gets on it. It has large, bright pictures of animals on it. The elephant’s ear crinkles and the zebra’s tail is soft and three-dimensional. There’s also a hanging “tag” that crinkles. The crinkly sound is the first one that interested my baby!This activity gym assembled in seconds and has become our first activity every morning. Above all else, I’m happy to know that the materials coming into contact with my baby are consciously chosen to be safe and non-toxic.

Mitzi Tohatchi, NM

Hours of fun.

This is great to lay on the floor and watch your child play with this for a few hours. I like the tunes that it plays its not overbearing. This is also great to pack up and take to grandmas house.I love the part where you can put up the edges so the baby does not roll out. (for younger children)The monkey rattle is the cutest and these have some of the nicest colors as well. Watch your child’s eyes light up with this. This is great because your child will grow this blanket.

Bobbie Faith, NC

a nice place for a baby to relax…

Keep in mind my baby is now 2 months, and so he’s now just getting use out of his play mat……but it’s definitely an investment I recommend if you can get one. There are so many things to buy for a baby, things that baby stores say you
• need.
• Is a play mat one of these? Um. I guess so. If you want. If you can afford one. It’s kind of equivalent to laying down a thick blanket and shaking toys at your baby, adding on the thrill of music and blinking lights. But when you can’t sit there with your baby, it’s a nice thing to have that can distract your baby while you do other things. It’s doesn’t hold my baby’s attention for that long– we get a lot more use out of our bouncer and swing if I need a place for him to sit– but it’s definitely nice to have, and it’s easy to bring with you to other people’s houses.The good:The mat is washable. My son is a big spitter, and seems to love to spit up on his play mat. It’s easy to spot clean, too, since the material is kind of water/spit up resistant.The toys can be switched out. Babies eventually get bored with the same toys, so you can switch them around or replace them with other toys.The mobile at the top is fun for him to look at, and he enjoys the music.The mat can be folded up to be more compact.The toys that it comes with are cute and can be detached to bring with you.The not-so-great:It’s not really necessary. Like I said, you can easily engage your child the same way this mat does without spending the money.It’s big. Even though you can compact it, it’s still big, and the bars on the top can easily get in the way when it’s folded or open on the ground. My two kids constantly run into the bars, and it often causes the mobile to move and go off center.I really don’t know what to do with the mirror piece. I guess it just loops on the bar and sits on the ground. My son likes it, but it doesn’t stay put too well.Anyway, it’s a good baby shower gift, and a good thing to get if you can afford it. It’s not one of my top picks of things a baby
• needs,
• but it can easily save your sanity.Edited to add: Within the past few days, my son has started to really enjoy the playmat. I think I should add that the mobile on the top is actually a really nice idea because he loves laying on his back looking at the blinking lights and batting at the little monkey. Our previous playmat (also by Tiny Love) had lights and sound at the bottom, which okay for tummy time, but I think this mobile is a much better design.

Ursula Albany, WI

Best play mat I’ve used.

I have had experience with several play mats in recent years. I have 6 grandchildren, all 4 years and younger. Of all the play mats we have used, I am most impressed with this one. The features seem to be well thought out. The mat is larger than some and the corners can be snapped together to make it have a bit of an enclosure or it can be left flat so there is more room. There are also snaps on the back so it can be snapped together for storage. The arches also snap into pockets in the mat, rather than just sliding into pockets as some of the others do. This makes it harder, if not impossible, for a child to get them out. Even an older child would have a hard time removing them.The toys in this system are very appealing. They can hang from the arches off one of 5 hooks, or they can be played with loose. It would be easy to remove them to take along in a diaper bag or hook onto a stroller. There is a set of colorful rings, teething discs, and two stuffed animals. One can be pulled and will vibrate as it goes back to the original position. There is also a mirror. At the top of the arches is a flower-shaped box that has lights and plays music. There is a plastic monkey hanging from it. You can set it to play music continuously or to play it when the monkey is pulled. In that setting, it also plays when the arches are kicked or other motion is detected. There are two volume settings. The box requires 3 AAA batteries, which are not included.The mat itself is very colorful with an animal theme. It is pretty thick and provides a cushion. My granddaughter enjoyed playing with the zebra’s mane and tail. There is also an ear on the elephant that crackles as well as a rectangle that crackles hanging from a short cord down by the monkeys.The arches are easy to move into different positions, making it easier for baby to reach the toys, as well as easier to put them in or get them out from under. There is a button to press on the music box and everything slides in whatever direction you want it to go in. This feature is not one I have seen on other mats I have had. Oh yes, have scissors handy when unpacking the box. Lots of tape and plastic ties.The one thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is the recommendation to hand wash the mat and not put it in the dryer. All baby items need to be machine washable and dryable. Who has the time to hand wash and air dry?

Kristen Fairfield, OH

What a wonderful item

Got this for my sister-in-law who is expecting twins in a few months. She going to really need this to definitely keep one busy while feeding the other. The mat is extra large so it should accommodate both of them nicely. It’s extra thick and soft. Lots of visual stimulation to keep them busy, hopefully for hours!!! It’s very vibrant in color as well. Can’t wait to see the twins on this!

Queen Gold Bar, WA

Huge hit!!!

This gym was gotten for a 4 month old boy, and he loved it from day one! Assembly was a bit tricky, but I was admittedly in a hurry. Converting it to grow with him is very instinctive and simple, and it seems to bevery safe for babies of all ages. My 3 year old even wanted to play with it!

Lula Frenchtown, NJ


Update 02/06/2012:Now, at just past 6 months, my daughter is well versed with this play mat and all it has to offer – she still loves it. I like that I am able to switch out the toys – and have done so with some more advanced/entertaining/age appropriate toys.I wish it had more music choices. The same song gets kind of painful the millionth time its played but its not that big of a deal. You can hit the button to play music when the mat is “moved” or to play continuously. My daughter has realized this and thinks its quite entertaining to grab on to something and shake profusely until the music turns on. Pretty cute! Oh, and two sound volumes, medium and loud.Now that she is older, she also seems thoroughly entertained by the additional sensory things located on the mat itself. The tail on the zebra, the crunchy paper ear of the elephant etc.If I had to chose to replace one thing it’d be the mirror – good idea, but not really practical. She can’t really see herself laying on her back and she isn’t that interested in it when she’s on her stomach. She’d rather things she can grab or chew on.Batteries last awhile by the by, we just replaced them after almost 3 months of multiply times a day use.Still a great mat, very gender neutral and entertaining!—This is like the Rolls Royce of play mats! My daughter is not quite old enough to fully appreciate all its bells and whistles but she does seem pretty amused at the dangling toys and blinking musical lights.It has a ton of fun toys, music, and bright colors – pretty much everything a baby wants.Only drawback? I find it slightly annoying to store.This is an amazing, fun baby mat!

Anastasia Colfax, ND

Love it! Great safari animal theme!

So many of the similar products have random themes … or just lots more lower quality hanging items and mat designs. This one is excellent! Really nicely designed mat … smaller number of toys, but all nicely made and consistent with the safari theme. My wife and l have a big affinity for Africa, so we really look forward to our newborn sharing in it from an early stage!

Rosalyn Keyes, OK

Great playmat – can adjust the position of the toys, making it good for tummy time.

Ok, so this is a little expensive but it seems that all of the activity gyms are on the costly side. That being said, this is a great mat. It’s very colorful and has different settings on the monkey in the middle – you can make the music play constantly or you can set it so the music only plays when your little one kicks / pulls on the monkey (which my baby loves!). It’s great for tummy time too because you can push a button and change the position of the of the music console / arches – put them all way down towards the floor and this becomes a great tummy time mat. It seems to be good on batteries too – I have only had to change them once in 6 months. You can also change out the toys or add more if you want to – just slip them onto the rings or around the arches.Overall it’s a great playmat and it ships very quickly. I would definitely recommend this.

Sheila West Leyden, NY

education, entertaining, and soft

This play “gym” is great for training the little ones to reach for toys. It’s an interactive tool, inticing all the child’s senses – feel, move, sound, etc. But most of all, it’s great for giving the mother or the sitter some time to not have to hold the baby. Sure, the baby still has to be observed, but there’s no need to play with the baby one-on-one, freeing up the adult to do something else in the meantime (like get milk ready for the next meal!).The soft surface for laying the baby on is great too. As the baby grows, the arches can be adjusted to be higher to provide more exercise for the baby.

Regina Armona, CA

Perfect for Wood Floors

I bought this to set my baby on since we have wood floors and he is just learning to lift his head and roll over. I didn’t want he to bang his head off the floor. The mat is padded to provide protection.

Sara Guaynabo, PR

Large and Flexiable

This was much larger than play mats I’ve seen before and also has many more configurations so baby can reach the toys more easily. It also can kind of turn into a little boy so that little ones can’t roll off of it as easily which is a nice feature. It’s pretty easy to assemble and not too hard to find a place to store when not in use and my daughter seems to enjoy it so I would recommend it if you want a larger than average more versatile play mat than the standard ones.

Brandy Neihart, MT

My baby enjoys this

I have nothing to compare this to, but I’ve had this for about a month and my 4 month old baby seems to get more enjoyment out of it as time goes by, especially after he figured out how to get the center red monkey to play music. He also likes the mirror sometimes. Of course he gets bored after 10 minutes or so. Because of that, I take away a star since it is an awfully expensive toy for only 10 minutes of use. We don’t have a mobile and I wish I would have bought a mobile instead. I’m trying to minimize the amount of useless toys.I haven’t machine washed the mat part yet but plan to on a gentle cycle. As another reviewer mentioned, it would be much nicer if it were made of cotton. Not only for washing, but for helping baby get some traction. When I put him down for some tummy time in there, he tries to push off with his feet, but he slides. In his crib he’s getting a good work out because his cotton sheets give his feet some traction and he can push his butt in the air.All in all, at least for this stage of development, this toy has done what I wanted it to do. I wanted to give him practice grabbing objects, and learn cause and effect, and he’s doing just that. The red monkey in the center is really key to this gym. I think the detachable teethers will be nice when he begins to teeth. Also, I removed the purple vibrating elephant and attached it to my son’s car seat; a great distraction when we’re in the car and he starts getting restless.Other toys we have and my son likes:Lamaze Mortimer Moose (he really likes this one- great antlers for chewing, and feet that make nice crinkle noises)Genius Baby toys reversible crib bumper (he likes looking at the black, white, & red part)Green Toys Twist teether

Pamela Atascosa, TX

baby love it.

This was a fantastic way for our baby to be entertained while she was still on her back and not crawling yet. I highly recommend .

Savannah Placedo, TX