Tiny Love Musical Nature Stroll Toy Bar

Tiny Love Musical Nature Stroll Toy Bar

A colorful flexible stroller or infant carrier arch, with a variety of engaging activities for baby on the go, for two stages of baby’s development: batting (0 3m) and pulling/manipulating (3m+). Special angle adjustments and new easy attachment clips make Musical Nature Stroll truly unique. Music offers auditory stimulation, while different colors and textures provide visual and tactile stimuli. Attractive toys encourage baby to bat or reach for them ; and later to catch and play with them to enhance fine motor skills.

Main features

  • Perfect for strollers and baby carriers with universal attachment clip
  • Each toy can be angled towards baby and the versatile arch caters to 2 stages of development
  • Baby activated musical mirror and propeller with teether handle
  • Other engaging toys include transparent lion prism and parrot rattle
  • 3 playful tunes to enjoy

Verified reviews


just your typical garish toxic plastic from China

I’m giving the star to the idea of attaching this toy to multiple baby gear. That can be useful, however I cannot say that the toy was attached well in any of the items we tried (high chair, car seat, swing). It never got detached, but when baby pulled any of the toys the arch would bend toward his face. I also think it is overstimulatig. Our sweet boy who rarely cries got so frustrated with this toy! The most he could take of this was 10 min, then he’d start batting angrily at the toys and cry in frustration. He was able to spin the propeller- not a problem- but he caught his fingers in the spinning blades a few times and wasn’t happy about it.The musical box has 3 tunes – about 3 seconds each. The first week only one of them would play (pop goes the weasel) and I got so sick of it. I wrote to Tiny Love about the problem and they never replied. Now for some reason, I get to hear the other two tunes, but the “weasel” is the one that we hear most of the time.This toy made me forever switch away from cheap Chinese imports to quality toys from Haba, Selecta, and the like. At least they don’t make me cringe every time baby puts them in their mouth, since safety standards are much stricter in Europe, and also because they use natural materials (e.g. wooden toys stained not painted, and finished with natural beeswax). Amazon carries quite a few of these toys for very reasonable prices. They are also more educational because they are simpler so allow the baby to use his imagination in using them. Toys with sounds and lights are no more educational than a TV.

Helena State College, PA

Cute but…not stable!

Few good features: the musical mirror is fun for my 5 month old son. It scared him the first time, it’s a little loud! He wants to put it in his mouth more than look at himself though! The hanging strawberry is the best! He loves to pull the string (while I’m holding it) & watch fan go around. Disappointed in how it mounts. The “claws” aren’t very secure & when my son pulls on the toys, as he wants to suck on everything, the whole unit pulls down into his face everytime! Buy something more stable!

Willie Pierson, MI

Really disappointed in this

My daughter is 7 weeks old and we finally decided to add this to her car seat. We have the Britax Chaperone and although it fits, I’m disappointed in this. It claims to play 3 tunes but so far we’ve only been able to hear 1 (Pop Goes the Weasel) and it’s about 3 seconds long. For the price we expected a bit more. The other toys are stimulating but if we knew that we would have to press the flower every 3 seconds to hear the music we would have just gotten their cheaper version without the musicTiny Love Take-Along Arch, Princess Butterflyand save a few dollars. The only thing my daughter loves on this is the music but its very frustrating having to do it so often since she’s unable to do it for herself.I’m at this stage trying to find a replacement that plays music a bit longer. Anyone have any suggestions?

Bertie Ronkonkoma, NY

Fits on the Rock n’ Play Sleeper!!

It fits on the Fisher Price Rock n’ Play sleeper, with no problems! Since pretty much everyone has one of them, this is an excellent thing to have, just to pop on it for a little stimulation. I hang other toys from it, too.

Francine Wingina, VA

works great

very happy with this. I’ve used it on bouncy chairs that didn’t have interesting toys, car seats, and swings. I thought it was very handy…the only draw back is that I was hoping that it was easier for the baby to make the music play. Only the center toy has the motion activation and it has to be hit pretty hard for it go off…but as my son gets older, he hits it more (or eats it more!)…I got this when he was only a couple months old because he was the type of baby that needed things to look at all the time. this was very interesting for him…the fan/spinning wheel that turns when pulling the string is very interesting as well.

Carolina Denton, GA

Great multi-use toy!

We have attached this to a car seat, stroller seat, bouncy seat and the hospital crib my daughter was in for a long time. The colors and mirror encouraged her to look to the side we placed it on, which was helpful in the hospital. She is 3.5 months and is starting to bat at it. It will be a while before she can really interact with it, but it’s a great, flexible toy to have around. It also folds up pretty small for storage or travel.

Bernadette Worden, MT

So cute! My son loves it

I purchased this one instead of the “sunny stroll” toy bar because I thought this one looked more boy than the other. It’s so cute, and my son loved it right away. At first I thought the little pull toy with the part that spins would be sort of dangerous, but he touches it all the time while it’s spinning and doesn’t seem bothered by it. One of the hanging toys plays a small music clip, but it’s nothing to get excited over. I had actually thought it would be “musical” as advertised, but it just plays like one or two short tunes. It also does NOT fit on my car seat (Britax Marathon 55) and as this one is the smallest of the Britax car seats, I’d imagine it won’t fit on any Britax convertible. However we still use it a lot. It goes on the stroller, the grocery cart, the playard, a canoe, whatever…just not the car seat!

Kellie Portola Valley, CA

How did I survive without it?

My baby loves this thing! We started using it when she was about 4 months old, but I think she could’ve enjoyed it on some level when she was a bit younger.We clip it on her pack and play (chicco lullaby lx) as well as her fisher price rock n play as well as her car seat (britax b-safe). It will fit basically on almost anything. It’s totally adjustable and can be arched higher, lower, or even put side ways.Baby loves to look at herself in the mirror (middle piece) and pull the red handle to make the blue plastic thing spin. She had a hard time reaching the butterfly but now (7 months) she’s getting good at grabbing it.The middle piece plays music when "swatted" which she also enjoys.All in all, this is a great toy to keep her interest, and after 3 months, she hasn’t tired of it yet.

Angelita Jamestown, VA

Great, great toy bar!

Encouraged by the positive reviews I purchased this activity arch for my son when he was 6 weeks old. He was quite alert baby from the beginning and he loved staring at the colorful toys attached to the bar, especially at the spinning propeller. Now he is almost 4 months old and I think now he can fully appreciate the versatility of this wonderful toy! I do not want to repeat the detailed description of the toy bar as it was already depicted beautifully in other reviews. Let me just say my son loves grabbing the hanging music mirror, squeezing the rustling butterfly and staring and touching lion prism, pull the propeller rope. This is a really great product!Before purchase when reading the reviews for this product I was seeking the information on names of stroller and car seat brands that actually fit this toy bar. So for a reference I list the products we use that fit:- chicco keyfit30 stroller- chicco keyfit30 newborn car seat- graco play ‘n pack

Toni Peru, KS


the music didn’t last longer then a week and the stupid thing kept falling off. get the mobile its a much better/smaller toy.

Deidra Paullina, IA

Awesome toy

My son loves this toy. I attach it to his stroller and he plays for a long time with it. It clamps on to a variety of things and it bends and moves to make it fit. He loves it and it makes being in his stroller special for him. I usually wear him in a carrier so this makes riding in the stroller a special time. All of my girlfriends love it and want one as soon as they see it or their kids try it out.

Tamara Tyaskin, MD

Entertaining BUT broke in 4 months

I bought this for my son when he was about 6 months old and he seemed to really like it on his stroller. Even as he got use to it through the months he would still play with it for a bit each time I put him in his stroller. Unfortunately one day one of the hinges broke and it could not be fixed. This toy did take a fair amount of abuse with my son kicking it but this is how kids treat their toys and it should have been able to withstand it. Unfortunately I gave this toy only 3 stars because for the price I think it should have lasted at least a year or more.

Sharon Elbing, KS

Clamp not so durable

Bought this when my baby was 3 months.I like the idea that you can attach it like anywhere, in our stroller, in the playpen. There are joints along the arch that allows you to move the toy closer/farther to your baby. Most parts make crinkly sound. The mirror reflection is not so nice. I don’t know for what reason, if you press the flower/mirror it will play the same sound over and over again but if you tap it, it will alternate between 3 sounds. My baby likes pulling the strawberry but there are certain angles that make it harder for her to pull and the propeller to turn.My baby seemed to enjoy it but after a month of using, the clamp cracked, and now I can’t attach the thing. Wish the material is more durable.

Tanya Pentwater, MI

Very Nice and Bright for little ones…

Got this one today and its just looks great…I have seen other negative reviews but this doesn’t looks like will hold true. This looks like a great product for little ones, yet to test and will update my review. The color are bright and the product looks sturdy and nice, I love the fact that it can attach to a Crib and a Car Seat!!!

Aisha Waltonville, IL

Awesome Toy bar

I use this in the car for my son who loathes being in his car seat. Any time we stop he cries. It’s a nightmare. This toy actually keeps him pretty busy and I can get to near by places without screaming! The only down side is that the musical sun didn’t work, even after I replaced the batteries. But I needed it so desperately I didn’t want to send it back!

Sheree Eau Claire, PA

Great Toy for all kinds of applications

My son has really enjoyed this versatile toy.I was thinking of the car seat when I bought it, and it fits nicely across the seat, entertaining him when he’s fastened in for longer periods of time.The clamps open quite wide and screw down tight so the baby can’t really pull the toy down on himself.It is hinged in 4 places across the top (horizontal adjustments) and 2 hinges at the clamps.When he was smaller, the hinges as the clamps allowed me to position the colorful toys over him so he could look at them. Now that he’s a little older, they are positioned further away and he can reach for the string to pull the propeller and the spinning ball. The fabric around the sun as well as the parrot and the butterfly is “rattly”, which he really enjoys.The only negative that I can see is the mirrored ball plays music, but he has a pretty hard time making it play. It actually worked a little better when he had less motor control – when he was flailing his arms, it would hit it with enough force to play it. But he cannot squeeze it hard enough to play the music.I would definitely buy this again!

Patricia Selah, WA

I like it, don’t love it

This arch is pretty cute. I cannot get the sun toy to play the music like it’s supposed to though. I’ve changed the batteries several times and only gotten it to play a couple times. Not sure what’s wrong with it. Also it seems it would be pretty difficult for my almost-5-month-old baby to press the sun to get it to play the music anyways. The spiral wheel is fun but again, my baby can grab the pull, but cannot pull it hard enough to get the toy to turn. Maybe when she’s a little bigger. It is easy to secure it to her rock n play sleeper and fits perfectly on it. I haven’t tried it with her carseat or stroller yet. Reading other reviews, just thought it would be more than what it actually is. Again, I like it. don’t love it.

Mayra Lecompton, KS

real handy

This thing is great! It is way better than those toy bars for the carseat. My 4 month old loves it. He enjoys reaching for the fan handle, and the hanging mirror. It can also bend back and forth so you dont have to remove it when getting your baby in or out of the carseat. I got compliments on this thing the very first day I used it. a must have for all moms!

Sarah Camden Wyoming, DE

Baby loves

It makes long car rides a little more pleasant. That’s enough for me. I like that the joints allow this to work with a variety of carseats, strollers, etc…

Melba Plymouth, MI

Great product

Very easy and durable clamps to attach on to many baby items. Also, very durable and my daughter loves it!

Lynette Eagarville, IL

She loves it

And it is versatile enough to attach anywhere. Our carseat is not standard and this is the only toy that fits. It fits on her stroller too.

Octavia Russell, KY

This is great to keep baby entertained…

I have new twin Granddaughters and it’s hard to keep them entertained now that they are sleeping less. I purchased a couple of these in different styles so that the babies would not get tired of the same old thing. They do love looking at these and it’s awesome that they can be attached to just about anything but I wish they had an on / off switch and maybe light up and music that would keep playing if you wanted it to. Overall, the babies seem to really like them and I would recommend them.

Marion Capon Springs, WV

Greatest thing invented for Kids

Attaches to anything out there. Car seat, sleeper, crib. We can even just attach it to pillows around our daughter when she is in the bed. She loves these and spends hours playing with the toys.We got it starting around 3 months and I would recommend getting them sooner. We watcher our daughter go from swatting at the toys to occasionally grabbing them to being able to hold them on demand. These are great for building dexterity.We have both the version. This one as a musical mirror thats a big hit and the handle is much easier to grab than the ball in the other version. I highly recommend it for your baby

Elma West Des Moines, IA

Great toy for a baby!

I have tried many of these as I already have an older daughter and they are usually difficult to attach or they hang on the wrong side. This toy is phantastic, the attachment method is really thought well, easy and you can attach it anywhere. My 2 month old son already loves it as despite not being huge it has many things to entertain him. And the best of all is once you detach it you can fold it easily making it smaller so you can put it in the bottom part of your stroller. Great buy !!!

Pat Garrison, KY

Buy this!

We have a bugaboo bee and this is the best accessory for it! It keeps my little one entertained and busy enough to sit and stay put! Plus now that he’s grabbing things, he’s able to easily access the toys hanging on to this! He also loves stuffing the sun into his mouth–good thing it’s detachable for quick cleaning!

Celeste Cardiff, AL

Very cute and fun.

Bought it when my baby was a few months old and she is 14 months now and still loves it. It is fun to watch her go from just staring at it to knowing how to actually play with it. I highly recommend this. It is very easy to put on and off and stays in place once it’s on. I use it on her car seat and stroller.

Gail London, WV

Baby loves this!

My daughter loves this toy! It’s perfect for her Graco stroller and I put it on her playard changing table so she has something to look at while I am changing her. She loves the cord that she can pull on and loves to smile at the toys. I would highly recommend getting this toy.

Maria Addison, AL

Love this.

We love ourFisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘N Play Sleeper, Yellow, but my baby loves mobiles and the like, so that was the big flaw with the rocker. Little toys would entertain her for a minute or two until she dropped them and she was done. However, this arch fits perfectly on the rocker for entertaining the baby. We can bend the joints to change which items are closest to her, depending on her mood and interest. It goes on and off quickly with the little grabby attachment things and doesn’t get in the way of removing your child from whichever seat they are in. I also love the flexibility–I can use it on the rocker, on the carseat, on the stroller. It will also JUST BARELY work on a Pack and Play with the bassinet insert. Of course, most importantly, my baby loves the toys on it. There’s enough variety in the toys that it keeps her busy and interested, but not so much that she’s overwhelmed by it.

Edna Chester, SC

Dead batteries 🙁

Received this item today to attach to our bouncer/swing… baby loves it! He’s too little to understand the mechanics but he was batting away at it and holding on to the strawberry. Amazon gave me Tiny Love’s number 888-846-9568 for free replacement batteries since it’s a common issue. I’m hoping the batteries are just dead and not that the item is defective. I will update when I find out 🙂

Myra Seabrook, TX

Keeps baby entertained

At the beginning baby was very intimidated by the loud (the music box is loud) music coming out of the mirror, every time he hit it. But it took a few tries and he totally mastered the pully thing, loves to play with the mirror and now even plays with it with his hands AND feet. Its really cute. It snaps everywhere, on the swing, the bouncer, the car seat. We took it on a road trip and it was great.

Kelli Hughson, CA