Tiny Love Musical Stack and Ball Game, Orange Elephant

Tiny Love Musical Stack and Ball Game, Orange Elephant

Keep Baby busy with this adorable Musical Stack and Play toy. One toy, it has many uses. When the balls are dropped into the cone, Baby is rewarded with flashing lights and music. The balls then come rolling out of the open shoot for time-and-time-again fun. The 4 colorful plush rings stack over the cone, creating a friendly elephant. Imported. 11Hx7Wx7D”.

Main features

  • 2-in-1 electronic stacking toy and ball game offers multi-sensory experience
  • Integrates lights, sound and textures
  • Made with baby-soft materials
  • Includes easy-to-grip soft links and rings, crinkly ears and 4 colorful balls with rattles inside
  • Recommended for children 6 months to 3 years old

Verified reviews


Parts are more fun than the whole toy

I got this for my twins when they were 11 months old. For the first 10 minutes, after I showed them how to put the balls in the funnel, they had great fun. Now, 2 months later, they have more fun with the individual parts than with the toy as a whole. They have fun with the rings; two of them have velcro feet/hands and they enjoy putting them together and taking them apart. They also enjoy playing with the balls, which have beads inside that rattle. They try to put other things in the base, like pacifiers, and will reach in to push in the button to make lights and sounds come on. So, I would give the whole toy only 2 stars since it didn’t keep their interest, but the individual parts would get 4 stars.

Kathi Mount Carroll, IL

Not a bad toy

My son received this as a gift when he was around 6 months old. He never really played with it like he was supposed to, though.At first, I showed him how to drop the balls in which would prompt a sound and music when it hit the bottom. That quickly became annoying. But his only interests were the head and the rings. He would take those rings and wear them as hats, bracelets, necklaces, etc. He also loved to put them on me as well.After a certain point, we just put the base away and kept the rings and elephant head out. The batteries had long since died (and with the annoying sounds, I wasn’t rushing to replace them) and the main purpose of the toy just wasn’t engaging for my son. He already had theFisher Price Laugh & Learn Learning Homewhich has a water spout feature in which you drop balls. With that toy, the sound would be made AS the ball fell (not when it hit the bottom) and he could watch the ball roll around when it landed. With the elephant, the ball would be inside and would sometimes be out of sight, out of mind.Not a bad toy, but a little expensive for what it is. Should probably be in the $12 range.

Victoria Lakeshore, MS

Cute, baby loves it!

I purchased this recently for my 7 month old. He hasn’t quite gotten the hang of “put the ball in the elephant’s head and it makes music”, but I’m sure that will come with time. He looooves pulling the whole thing apart. I don’t know why I bother putting it back together again. He loves the head, the base, the little rings. Over time, I’m sure he’ll grow into liking to keep it altogether, which is what I like about this toy.

Geneva Venice, FL

My 6 month old loves this

This toy is the upgraded version of the classic stack the ring game. The elephant is adorable and my son loves playing with the different rings.. The balls also rattle which gets my son excited. He hasn’t figured out to drop it in the elephant head but I anticipate many more hours of fun when he does. I would recommend this toy to anyone with a curious baby!

Nannie Grantsville, UT


This toy has captured my son’s attention since I took it out of the box. This morning he even went for it over the full laundry basket on the floor, a first for any toy! He hasn’t fully mastered the art of dropping the balls in but he claps with joy when mommy and daddy show him how it works or he accidentally drops it in. He is currently trying to bang it on the ground to get the lights and music to work (like all his other musical toys do) so I suspect he will figure it out soon. He loves the balls and plays with them on the floor throughout the day (they are NOT choking hazard size). He is still a bit young for stacking the rings but loves to carry them around, especially when a chain is made out of them. He has fun pulling the elephant head off it and trying to put it back together. The sounds are the least offensive to me of all his electronic toys.At Thanksgiving, we had kids here from 5 months to 3 years and all of them had a blast with it. You could really see that it would last through many years and developmental stages. WE are very pleased with our purchase and I suspect that a few will be sold to other parents here on Thanksgiving.

Bernadette New Braunfels, TX

Very cute!

I would recommend this product. This elephant has provided many hours of enjoyment for my grand daughter. It is sturdy and she loves the musical sounds that go off when she puts the balls into the elephant’s head. I love it because it is not too loud. She is creative with the rings–putting them on her arms like bracelets.

Isabelle New Milford, PA

Nephew’s favorite toy

I bought this as a gift for my seven month old nephew for Christmas and it was his favorite! Even his cynical dad thought it was nice and admitted that he played with this the most and had a lot of fun with it out of all his Christmas presents. I was happy with the purchase- it was packaged nicely and was a cute and colorful toy.

Octavia Lithonia, GA

7 mo. old loves it!

Loves to take it apart, play with the balls by shaking them or hitting them together. I can see this toy lasting a while, looking forward to when he figures out he can toss the ball back in the top for music and lights!

Ola Hurricane, UT

very fun for kids

We purchased this for our daughter as a birthday present after she played with one at a friend’s house and loved it. She loves the music and dances along to it. This is a fun toy for a 1 year old. She’s 18 months old now and still plays with it, but not as much. I would definitely recommend this for a baby 6 months – 2 years old.

Gina Matthews, MO

Cute Toy!

Very cute toy. My 5 month old daughter and 15 month old niece both love it. The music is cute and not too annoying!

Carmella Windsor, NY

Perfect toy for ages 6-18 months.

Well made, attractive toy with a few variations on how it can be played with and appeal over several developmental stages- it’s a winner! And I like the size of this- just right for a seated baby.I have played with my daughter and this toy since she was 7 months old. She liked it but it didn’t hold her attention long for the first couple of months- except to chew on the soft parts or shake and rattle the sturdy balls. This week, at almost eleven months old, she just figured out how to drop the balls in the top of the toy all by herself, then catch them at the bottom and was thrilled (and repeated the action over and over and over…)! Also, when her 20 month old cousin comes over, she also loves this toy, so I think it will be a favorite for some time around our house.The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars was that it doesn’t have a volume control, only an on/off switch. The sound effects aren’t too bad, but no electronic/musical toy without volume control (or at least a high/low choice) gets 5 stars from me, that’s a must-have 😉

Allene Waldron, AR