Tiny Love Musical Take-Along Arch, Hippo

Tiny Love Musical Take-Along Arch, Hippo

Keep your baby entertained wherever you go with this Musical Take-Along Arch.

Main features

  • Comes with three playful tunes to enjoy
  • Adjustable loops for varying the height of the toys
  • Extra loops for adding baby’s favorite toys
  • Adjustable angle for baby’s comfort
  • Three adorable plush musical toys included

Verified reviews


Bad Design!

Horrible design! I should’ve listened to the other reviews. It will stay on my daughters Graco stroller as long as she doesn’t touch it! The music hippo is cute and the toys catch her attention but bad design overall.

Suzette Twin Lakes, CO

Okay toy

I bought this for my daughter’s Britax umbrella stroller mainly. The clip has diffrent groves to be attached to differant things. It is really hard to open and clip on to things. the toys are pretty standard. one crinkles, one has a mirror, and the 3rd plays music. The one that plays music is hard to turn on for a baby it would take a very well cordinated child with a strong grip to push it in just the right spot to turn it on by themself. The music also only last for a few seconds and does not play the whole song. The toy is good enough to look at for a small child, but not really worth the $20 I paid for it.

Rowena Foster, WV

didn’t work with my seat

kept falling off my seat (orbit). also my 4mo old didn’t deem interested in it at all. He loves his whozit spiral!

Liza Orosi, CA

Love it!

I have this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it! It keeps her busy in the car and in the stroller or if she gets bored with her swing I clip it on that sometimes too. The clips are a little hard to get to work you really have to just use two hands to open them up and push down hard. But it’s worth it, in the car when you go over bumps the turtle will play it’s little jingle. She loves grabbing the little animals on it.

Simone Swarthmore, PA

Sent to niece for newborn

Keep in mind that this review is 2nd hand. I asked my niece if it fit the baby’s car seat well and did she have any problems with having it staying attached without falling off. She assured me that it fit well and she enjoyed the selection of tunes available.Unfortunately I did not check out the reviews on this product. There were several who complained that it would not stay attached and they were forever having to put it back on .According to my niece she is happy with it and so far so good. Perhaps they redesigned it to make it more compatible with more infant car seats.

Pearl Willard, NC


My daughter just loves this to pieces. So happy I finally caved in and got it after "eyeballing" it for the past few months!

Eddie Shelocta, PA

Fun fr baby

This is a good arch. It has a nice felt feel to it, soft. I had bought Little Einstein arch before, wasnt as good. It actually stays in place when baby pulls on the toys. Though, like with any other product, babies get bored fairly easy:)

Stephanie Marvell, AR


I use this one my fisher price rock n play sleeper. It’s so easy to use and flip up and down when you want to grab the baby. She loves to bat at them.

Melisa Shenandoah, PA

Easy to clip on, baby likes to bat at the toys.

I bought this and it worked great for the international plane ride attached to the plane bassinet. It also connected easily to her rock n play. The first one I received was broken (music didn’t play even after changing batteries). Amazon exchanged it, no problem. Though the second one had a dead battery.

Ila Poyntelle, PA