Tiny Love Nature’s Serenade Mobile

Tiny Love Nature’s Serenade Mobile

This innovative mobile intrigues, calms and entertains.

Main features

  • Soft lighting creates a soothing atmosphere
  • Calming night light
  • 20 minutes continuous music with four melodic tunes
  • Includes remote control
  • Birth to 5 months

Verified reviews


Incredible Mobile Rendered Useless by Faulty Mount Design

My wife and I absolutely LOVED this mobile when we found it online. The Tiny Love website even has a demo that shows how unique this mobile is compared to all the other mobiles on the market. We were sold, and we bought one.We we received the shipment, I installed the mobile on our baby’s crib, and we were enraptured by the amazing features of this mobile, from the beautiful music and nature sounds to the glowing light mode to the many interesting motions of the animals, bugs, and geometric shapes on the mobile. I found myself in a trance just watching it (I wished for a moment that they made an adult-sized version to put over our king-size bed).Now the bad news. About 2 months after installing it, but before our baby was born, I discovered that the mobile was very wobbly on the crib railing. I figured I would just crank the knob on the attachment bracket to tighten it down more. This did two things. First, it damaged our brand new wooden crib by permanently marring the finish and denting the wood in several places. Second, it caused the bracket to bend (it is made of hard plastic). Still, the mobile was not secure enough for our peace of mind on the crib. Hence, we have world’s most beautiful and incredibly mesmerizing mobile, yet it is rendered completely useless, as we cannot mount it on our crib. We do not have an odd crib by any stretch. It is a brand new crib we bought from JC Penney, and it is very similar to many other wooden cribs found at Babies R Us and elsewhere. I see that some of the other Tiny Love mobiles have a different looking mount. I am very disappointed that they tried to improve on their past mount design, as this mount will not work for us. I am so bummed out that this incredible mobile will not be usable for our baby. Even worse, it is too late to return the mobile for a refund.If you are thinking about buying this mobile, think twice. If it doesn’t fit on your baby’s crib, you could find yourself in the same predicament as us. At the very least, mount it immediately to see if it fits. If it does not, hopefully you will still be able to get a refund.

Nannie Roselle, NJ


I generally like Tiny Love products and have purchased a mobile from them in the past. I needed a second mobile for my newborn twins and thought i would try a different model for variety. BIG MISTAKE. Not only was the motor noisy (a constant loud whirring noise) but the mobile itself was WAY TOO NOISY. the cute little figures that skit across the “pond” make a loud clacking sound that i can hear clear across the house. and finally, the quality of the music is terrible. when i compared it to the other (older model) Tiny Love mobile that has the exact same music/song selection, it sounds like crap! like a bad recording. YES i used new batteries (in fact i tried replacing the batteries twice, but no better). i sent the mobile back to amazon for a refund. i was that dissatisfied. I even called Tiny Love to give them this same feedback. BOTTOM LINE: DON’T BOTHER. try a different mobile.

Deborah Bailey Island, ME

Perfect Mobile!

My son and I love this mobile, actually, everyone who sees it loves it! It is perfect.I have to say, when I first took it out of the box I was ready to pack it up and send it back. It looked cheap to me, and for the cost, I was greatly disappointed … but then I put the batteries in and it came alive! My son was so in awe of this, and still is after five months. It is just beautiful! The sound quality is nice, there are two volume settings and multiple songs/sounds, and the little clicking bugs that move around in the lighted blue water are very soothing when he is sleepy yet seemingly thought provoking to him when he is awake! lol He loves it!I read someone’s review saying it was too loud, and if you are the type of parent that will be tip-toeing around when baby falls asleep then this may not be for you, the clicking may bother you! I, however, make sure to maintain livable noise in the house lol I want the baby to be use to noise and he is, sleeps through mostly everything. I do laundry, vacuum, dishes, and have three dogs, You have to continue living, babies adjust/adapt : )Love this!!!

Tasha Princeville, HI

A unique mobile

I really love this mobile. I waited until I found the right mobile before I bought one. I am so happy that I did. This isn’t like the traditional “boring” mobiles that just turn and play music. I love Nature’s Serenade because it’s attention grabbing, and it has more than just the strung creatures going in circles. There is a plastic turtle and lady bug on a squiggly track inside that jiggle their way down as the mobile turns. There are stars and other shapes on the outside ring of the mobile that also fall. The first night we had it in my daughter’s crib she stayed up (quietly) in her crib for an extra hour just watching the mobile.The music has two volume settings, and you can turn off the blue light at the top of the mobile, but not the green frog at the bottom of the mobile. This comes with a remote! It’s so awesome because sometimes you want to covertly turn it on/off without your child seeing you and thinking that you’re going to pick them up causing them to fuss. The only cons about the remote is that it only turns the mobile on and off, it doesn’t change the tune, the volume, or any other settings. The music lasts a really long time so you don’t have to turn it back on every few minutes. I’ve gotten so used to the music that I sleep through it now even on high volume. It’s peaceful enough.The umbrella part of the mobile comes off and you can keep the base with the frog and music attached to the crib. This is really great as I found my daughter with her little hands wrapped around the pink flamingo’s legs (which I just love that there’s a pink flamingo and a hippo in the first place).Yes, this mobile was expensive, but I’ve had it for several months and we’ve never changed the batteries or had any issues with, we use it every single night, and for naps as well. I plan on using this for any other children I have in the future.

Sophia Whitewater, WI

great 🙂

our 5 month old son loves this mobile! as a musician, i have to say the music options are terrible and we never never use them, but he enjoys even just looking at it and definitely loves it when it moves. worth the expense. 🙂

Judi East Otis, MA

Perfect if your baby likes to be entertained!

We have a 3 month old and he was not interested in a mobile we received as a gift but we really needed something to make his crib fun. I hunted around and finally came across this jem! It has lights at the top of the mobile, assorted music, moving bugs on the mobile and a remote. This has everything for a hard to please baby. By far my favorite! The only con I have is that we have a 4-in-1 crib and had to modify how it attached to the crib. The set up to attach this to the crib is for a smaller standard crib. It was worth the work to figure it out though!

Lakesha Bridgewater, CT

perfect except for price

My daughter absolutely loved this mobile. I caught myself on many occasions watching it!Not sure about this one, but the recent tiny love mobile comes with an attachment to attach to any size crib.The top detaches and the music box can be used forever. It plays 4 classical songs. I think all tiny love products are great. So cute. Great colors. I’m not sure about this mobile because I hadn’t bought it new, but the other tiny love mobile I bought came with a remote control!

Aimee Olsburg, KS

Great but eats up batteries!

This mobile is colorful and the music is great and peaceful, some people say it is too loud, honestly it didn’t seem so loud to me. I would not recommend it for night time though. The blue light is strong and the sound of the ladybugs of the zigzag is distracting. It is great to keep the baby distracted for a 20 minutes while you get some things done. My baby has fell asleep with this mobile a few times but sometimes the zigzag noise wakes her up. The awful awful thing about this mobile is: BATTERY LIFE…I probably used it with lights 20 times and by that time, the light didn’t turn on again, and it started playing the music a bit slower and the movement was slow as well, I thought it may be a defect and was thinking of returning it but, I changed the batteries and surprise it worked again.So please…Tiny Love company: IMPROVE BATTERY LIFE it is so very dissapointing. (The remote also consumes an incredible amount of energy of the batteries and fast!) I would not buy another Tiny Love product knowing this issue.

Gayla Guntown, MS