Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile, Blue

Tiny Love Soothe ‘n Groove Mobile, Blue

This uniquely designed musical mobile offers babies a selection of 18 different tunes in 6 separate categories. Babies and parents too, will certainly enjoy the variety. Once baby is on the go, the mobile can be converted into a fun music box that toddlers will love carrying around. The Soothe ‘n Groove has 2 high quality speakers, up to 40 minutes of continuous non-repetitive music and unique music shuffle button. Baby will surely be content watching the unique patented movement and calming night light. As baby grows into a toddler, the stand-alone music box will grow with them for endless fun.

Main features

  • Plastic, Polyester
  • Imported
  • Baby’s first music box with endless music choices; Different music categories like jazz
  • 40 minutes of continuous non-repeatable music, 18 different tunes and music shuffle button
  • Calming night light, 2 high quality speakers, baby activated buttons and overhead night light
  • Adorable monkey, giraffe and elephant have a unique patented movement and friendly faces to entertain and soothe baby
  • Grows with baby, from crib as a mobile to toddler as a stand-alone music box
  • Baby’s first music box with endless music choices; Different music categories like jazz, world, nature, classic, lullaby and white sounds
  • 40 minutes of continuous non-repeatable music, 18 different tunes and music shuffle button
  • Calming night light, 2 high quality speakers, baby activated buttons and overhead night light
  • Adorable monkey, giraffe and elephant have a unique patented movement and friendly faces to entertain and soothe baby
  • Grows with baby, from crib as a mobile to toddler as a stand-alone music box

Verified reviews


Was very skeptical this would meet most of my needs…

This was for baby #2 so I knew exactly what I wanted in a mobile. I was very skeptical this would meet my needs but it does! Here’s a list of what I was looking for and how this mobile fits the bill.1. Must be automatic!! – With my first child, I used the one where you have to manually wind the mobile every few mins and it was a pain in the butt! I saved all my baby stuff so I could reuse it for baby#2, but the manual mobile went straight into the trash!2. Must be cute and not too girly looking. – I bought the blue one for my daughter and it’s very cute and not to “boyish” for a girl.3. Must have bright colors – In order for you baby to be intrigued with a mobile/toy when they are a newborn, it must have bright colors.4. Must be easily removable – The reason why this is a must is because I don’t want my baby to be overstimulated. Overstimulation makes it hard for my daughter to fall asleep because she’s too wired and her brain has a hard time shutting down. When she starts to yawn or look away after 30 to 40 mins of playing, I simply remove the pole out of the music box. It’s very easy to remove or reattach. It’s great that I don’t have to remove the whole unit.5. Must have multiple options for sound and nightlight combination- This mobile does almost every combination you can think of. You can turn on night light, sound and rotate animals at the same time. You can turn off night light and just have sound and rotating animals. You can have nightlight and rotating animals on with no sound by just lowering the volume until it becomes mute. You can have just sound by removing the pole from the music box.6. Must stay on for at least 20 mins – I am thrilled this stays on for 40 mins. I haven’t seen any other mobile that stays on longer.7. Must entertain my baby – My daughter is 2 months and it entertains her for at least 30 mins! There aren’t many toys that entertain her at this age but this one does! There has been many times where she play for 40 mins and then passes out!8. Must be versatile – This is my 2nd and last baby (I think) so I hate the thought of buying baby stuff that can only be used for a few months. Since this can be used as a music box for a toddler, I was sold. Not sure if it’s going to really be useful but hey it’s better than nothing!9.Must fit on my crib! – My crib has thicker slats and I have found it hard to attach toys to it. I have no issues with this mobile. Fits like a glove and it’s very secure.There are 2 things I thought I wanted in a mobile but after using this I realized I don’t need it.1. Since babies like toys that light up, I thought it would be a good idea to have a mobile where the animals light up. I realized during the day that function is useless and at night I want my baby to sleep not play!2. I wanted a remote control but since this mobile stays on for 40 mins, I don’t need it. I thought not having one would be inconvenient but it’s not bad at all.If you’re debating between this one or the popular Fisher Price one like I did, I say go for this one! It’s cheaper, cuter, plays music longer and it grows with your child! You won’t regret it!P.S. – Only the giraffe on mine makes a clicking sound. I am not docking a star for this because the clicking is not a loud annoying click. It’s a soft click so it doesn’t bother me or the baby. Maybe if all 3 did it, it would be annoying.Update 10/9/13 – I still love this mobile, but I wish it had a timer for 20, 30 or 40 mins. Sometimes 40 mins is just too long and I have to go into the room to turn it off manually.

Reba Limestone, PA

Making a Buzzing Noise

We really liked like mobile at first. I like the music, good sound and the blue light is great at night when I want to check in on my baby with disturbing him. With all the said, I can only give it 3 stars because only after 1 month the motor is making an annoying buzzing sound. My son is not bothered by it but I can’t stand it. I hope the motor will not stop working any time soon because my baby does enjoy it.

Rowena Bronson, MI

Best mobile out there

The first mobile I bought for my baby before she was born was a mobile that matched her bedding, as I wanted a nice looking room. Little did I know that nice looking rooms are not necessarily the most practical ones, especially when it comes to babies. She loved that first mobile, but it had to be rewinded every 3 minutes, and the least I can say is that if you can get a baby to sleep within three minutes, then you are a very lucky parent!So I wasn’t going to make another mistake for the next one. I spent quite some time looking around, and actually even trying to put myself in my daughter’s place in the crib to see what she sees. And I realize that a circular movement wasn’t any exciting. And then one day I saw that one at my local Buy Buy Baby store. I just fell in love with the ‘3rd dimensional’ movement of the animals. I had a major concern: my daughter was already 3 months old and you are not supposed to let babies older than 5-6 months have a mobile, so was spending $50 on a mobile worth it.Well, I ended buying it and I can tell that, yes, it was and still is. Even though my daughter is older now, we found a way to elevate the mobile so that she can’t reach it (by attaching the mobile to the highest side of the crib) even when she sits or stands up. She loves everything about it: the animals, the variety of music, the soothing light. She falls asleep within SECONDS with the white noise mode on. I have to agree with the reviewers that say that the music isn’t exactly soothing, because they are very few of the songs apart from the white noise that would make her go to sleep. But that’s not a bad thing for us, since she is having a blast in her crib and develops her sight and sight tracking skills with it. This mobile has a double use for us: soothing with the white noise option, a toy with other modes. She especially loves the ‘World Music’ mode, it is so unique and unexpected as ‘baby songs’, and yet it works!And last but not least: you can turn it into a music box once baby is older. A excellent thing for someone who doesn’t like to spend money on short lived items. I recommend this mobile to every new parent, and would definitely recommend this one over the ‘girlish’ design even if you have a baby girl.

Corrine Marty, SD

Baby LOVES this

I scoured Amazon’s reviews to find the perfect mobile. My son loves, loves, loves this mobile. He ‘talks’ to it and I love hearing him coo at it. It keeps him very entertained and I am able to do some stuff around the house and I know he is safe in his crib. He also loves to be able to kick his feet and change the music.

Gayla San German, PR

Universal Mobile for Any Crib Style.

Mobiles are a must have product for babies. This mobile has met all my expectations.Pros:1. This is a major plus – The mobile is universal. You can place it in any crib style. I bought a very expensive crib with lots of intricate wood details and found that it was hard to put one of those mobiles they sell with matching bedding sets. I also use it in my cradle. Very versatile.2. Animals are big enough for baby to pay attention. The Elephant, Giraffe and Monkey are attached to two strings and they move their heads down and up to face baby as they approach the baby while going down.3. Lots of music and lasts longer than most. White noise did help calm crying baby.4. Can be adjusted to different heights by adjusting the music box. This is a great feature for when baby can reach up to grab the mobile.5. Sound level can be adjusted.6. Night light is awesome. By the way you can turn it off, it it bothers you. There are two on features. One with night light the other one without it.8. Baby can press on buttons to change music.Cons:I really don’t care about this one, but it does make a clacking noise. It doesn’t bother my girl. I did figure out why it does this. The blue disks that hold the animals shake when the animals turn. The disk has to be able to slightly turn in order to allow animals to twirl around and have heads smile at baby as it starts going down.Overall, I love the mobile. It has given me some sanity by entertaining my baby girl. Best of all she loves it. She even talks to the animals.

Britney Odebolt, IA

baby loves it!

Assembly was easy. The speakers are of good quality so that the music doesn’t sound like a electronic greeting card. There is enough variety in the music that I don’t get bored listening to them. The color scheme (blue) is gender neutral and nicely done. Most importantly, my 6-week old loves it, and this is the first toy we got her that she actually pays attention to.

Priscilla Boring, MD

Don’t bother

When I assemble this, it appeared to be exactly what we were looking for. The “Clicking” sound is annoying, but did not seem to bother our baby.My dissatisfaction stems from the audio/speakers. At the lowest volume setting, the sound quality is absolutely horrible. Also the lowest volume setting is still quite loud for being attached to the crib. There has to be better options out there.

Edith Greentown, PA

baby girl loves it!

This thing is a god send! When it’s time for bed I can put white noise on or lullabies and between the music and calming blue night light she is out to dream land! During the day the upbeat songs and colourful creatures really catch her Eye! I have had this since she was 2 weeks and out has been so useful. Definitely glad I bought it for my little princess.

Laverne Tipton, MO

Tiny love Soothe’n Groove Movil

This is all that we expected and more, because after having the Serenade Mobile for my 16 months old twins that cost A LOT MORE than Soothe’n Groove, Thought that this one would not be as good, but I was just wrong, it is perfect and better, made of nice soft plastic and very handy, has a nice night light, can play 40 minutes of music and my 2 months old baby girl loves it!!Highly recommended.

Raquel Bethany, CT

Too loud/bright and distracting

I was excited to get this mobile but after using it with my 5 month old I realized it is too distracting to help him go to sleep. If you want a mobile in your babies crib just to keep them occupied, then this is a good choice. My baby could also hit the large bottom on the front and turn it on himself which was cool. I just wouldn’t recommend it if you are looking for something to help your baby go to sleep.

Juanita Llano, TX


My son loves this mobile. I searched high and low for a mobile that actually angles the items twoard the baby, and discovered this one. It has a ton of different songs. It makes a weird clicky noise when the animals go around, which is a little annoying, but it’s not a high quality item, so you get what you pay for.

Yolanda Fingal, ND

Son loves it

My two month old son loves this! He likes to watch the lights on the side and giggles at the animals. I like that I can continue to use it as a music box as he outgrows the mobile. I wish when it turned off the movement part would stop too.

Elise Selma, OR

very cute

This is such a cute mobile. It is well made and my baby loves watching it. This mobile has so many more songs than others we’ve had in the past. The lights are just the right brightness. I also like that this turns into a radio and is able to be used as a toy after the mobile isn’t needed. It easily attaches to the crib and hasn’t taken off paint like other mobiles in the past. I deducted one star because it doesn’t have an option to turn off all the lights while on. Some times at night, the music would be enough to soothe the baby and the light could be too bright. I really like the mobile overall the best compared to all others we’ve had. And the price is great!

Tanisha Keene, KY

Entertains baby when I need a break

My 10 week old loves staring at this mobile, even when it’s off. It gives me the break I need to go get ready in the mornings. Other reviews sum up this product. Clacking noise doesn’t bother my baby. I can’t wait to watch her use it herself when she is a little older.

Lizzie Avon, SD


This mobile is a great buy! One of the best features is the 40 minutes of uninterrupted music. My son (10 weeks) is absolutely fascinated by the little toys and will happily just lie on his back in the crib observing the little animals that hang from it – this was true even before I got the batteries to get the music operational. In fact, sometimes on mornings I don’t realise he is up since he’s just quietly lying in his crib staring at the mobile and laughing/cooing at the animals. The little clicking sound that the mobile makes as it goes around is hardly noticeable and certainly hasn’t bothered me or my son in the least. I highly recommend it.

Mollie Defiance, MO

BETTER than the other mobiles out there!

LOVE this mobile! Got this for our baby girl when she is 2.5 or 3 months old, and she has loved it since the first day. SHe’s now 4 months old. The stuffed friends are really cute, great quality, and the spinning is very noticeable. The music selection is really wonderful… and there are I think 30 songs! That makes a big difference from other mobile that only plays 4 songs…The color is not as florescent pink as in the picture, which is good!We have it on during her changing so she would stay put and not rolling over and wiggling around. We also have it on during our bedtime routine while she’s waiting for her bottle.It’s the best $$ we have spent so far.The only thing is … we couldn’t put it on our crib anymore, not because it didn’t fit, but because it was a little too stimulating for our baby (she gets stimulated easily and doesn’t sleep as well)… so we took it out of her crib and just have it near changing area on her bedroom floor.

Denise Essex, CA


Bought this 2 months ago and we still use it daily, my 5 month old loves it and yesterday he managed to change the "channel" of music all on hi own

Caryn Barrytown, NY

Great Product

I purchased this mobile really only because I bought the Davinci mini crib, and as others mentioned on that link, this is the only mobile they have found to fit on the crib. It does have a mounting that would fit well on many crib styles. Very happy with the quality and versatility of this mobile. I have had it in my wish list for a few months and glad I finally spent the money. I don’t notice the clicking as much as others have mentioned and don’t find this affects the product. No baby yet, but I’m sure she will love it as much as I do!

Caryn Columbus, MS

My baby girl loves it

My baby girl loves this mobile! She can stare at it for 30 minutes before getting bored. I love the choice of music and the volume control and blue night light for night viewing. Great product!

Imogene Murray City, OH

Baby loves this mobile!

Our baby is now 5 1/2 months and he still loves this mobile. He still seems to enjoy staring at the animals and likes all of the music. I also like the music (which is important because you hear it repeatedly). There is a small click when the animals rotate, but we only use this mobile for our baby when he wants to play, so that is not a problem. I would definitely get it again.

Peggy Wanaque, NJ

UPDATED REVIEW-Motor makes loud noise, but she still loves it

This is my 2nd update to the review. We received a replacement mobile and after about a month it also started making a mechanical noise, but in all honesty it is still great and she doesn’t seem to even notice. I think we have just gotten used to it. The noise is only in the mobile unit so if you are just using the music player you will not experience it at all. All in all I would suggest it to friends and we would buy all over again.My daughter STILL loves it, but we had to send the 1st one back because the motor started making a terrible noise. We got a new one quick and with no problem but now this one is starting to do the same thing. I am so scared that we are going to have to just get rid of it…which really sucks because there isn’t anything like this…but this…My daughter is only 8 weeks old and she loves this mobile. I can’t wait to see her grow and enjoy it! I just wish we would have had one for our older son when he was a baby…he loves it too and he is almost 4!Also the color shown is not the true color (thankfully)…it is a much calmer shade of pink. 🙂

Katherine Rochester, PA

Great but Noisy

Really loved the concept behind this mobile and it is very cute, but I agree with other reviewers who have complained about it being noisy. The flipping noise made as the saucers turn really can get annoying from time to time. My baby does enjoy the lights and we do enjoy the 45 minute shuffled music option. All in all it’s a great mobile if you can get beyond the flipping noise, but I really wish they would redesign that aspect of this product. Because my daughter loves it so much I would say I would buy it again. She is not annoyed by the noise, like her father and I, but all babies are different.

Kris Roanoke, VA

Love it! Love it! Love it!

Fantastic mobile. The music is so versatile: some upbeat, some calming/soothing, some white noise/background sounds. I love the "shuffle" button. I love that we’ll be able to use it for just music once my son outgrows the mobile portion. I wish there was a mode where all of the lights would turn off.

Shanna Mount Berry, GA

Best Mobile!

I spent a lot of time researching mobiles that would be good and fit my crib. It is hard to find mobiles that fit convertible cribs, but this one does! There is no piece on the back to hang over a rail, so you can put it in between any rails using the attachment that just screws on. On top of that, it’s a very interesting mobile! Not only does it spin like a normal mobile, but each of the three characters spin on there own too! Double spinning! My baby absolutely loves it. Sometimes she even gets made if I take her away too soon. 🙂 It plays a wide variety of music and she just lays their cooing at the rotating animals! She isn’t old enough to play with it has a music box next, but how awesome to have a mobile that will still entertain after she is too big for mobiles!

Sheri Masonville, IA

Great mobile

My son loves to watch this mobile. Vibrant colors, lots of varying songs, and night lights make this an awesome mobile. It also can be made silent while the mobile still moves.

Cassie Walsenburg, CO

Unique & engaging design, great variety of music, but makes a loud clicking sound

We ordered this mobile from Amazon for our 2 month old based on other reviews after our second expensive Fischer Price projector mobile died. I love the variety of songs, the soothing glow of the night light feature, the cute, colorful faces of the animals, and their unique movements. I will say, however, that when the animals spin around, the mobile makes what I consider to be a somewhat loud click sound. It bothers me, but it doesn’t really seem to bother our daughter. I just keep looking over at her, paranoid that the click will wake her up (but I’ve never seen any proof that it does). I was really surprised because none of the other reviews that I read mentioned this sound.I’d suggest 2 improvements to this product: 1) Offer a setting where the music can be used without the mobile even when the mobile is attached (you can use the mobile without the music, and you can use the music without the mobile by detaching the mobile), and 2) Somehow redesign the product to silence/eliminate the click when the animals spin. If these improvements were made, it’d be perfect. I’d also love a remote feature, which our defective Fischer Price mobile had, but that’d just be icing on the cake.

Lee Geyserville, CA

Fast services, good product! Love the quality

I bought this for my daughter, and first time when item arrived it was factory defect that sounds was played not clearly enough, so I returned it and got a new one after 2 days. Fast shipping, item as described. I love the quality of sound, and the colors of the toys. It has a little bit of sounds while playing but it is normal for this kinda engine inside the bar. Overall, I like it and recommend this one due to good price and quality.

Angeline Essington, PA

So Fun!

My little girl Loves this! She boogies to the music and watches the animals pass by, she looks absolutely fascinated. Just beware, we use it to entertain her, not go to sleep.

Latonya Del Rio, TN

The very best mobile and later, toddler stereo!!

I cannot say enough good things about this mobile. My daughter is just about two and still listens to the lullaby music at night/nap and then carries the radio around to play all the different songs. There is quite a variety and it’s real music.

Letha Etterville, MO


This adorable mobile arrived today. It was easy to put together and our 7 week old LOVES it. He is currently grinning and cooing at the animals. The music is not terribly annoying either. Good product!

Jeanette Marietta, OH