Tiny Love Spin Ball Toy

Tiny Love Spin Ball Toy

Features: -Spin ball.-Spinning character that reflects in the mirror.-Unique rolling effect.-Rattling rings.-Easy-to-grasp.

Main features

  • Easy to grasp ball
  • Multi texture
  • Colorful

Verified reviews


Great toy for even the youngest baby!

This is one of the most beautiful toys my son has. I love the rainbow of colors. The clackety-clack of the outer segments, the colors, and the changing shape of the globe keeps him interested. He’ll still look at it now that he’s 15 months old. It’s also very durable–it shows no signs of wear still.

Lydia Pacific Grove, CA

Cute toy

My 6 month old niece loves the toy, the mirror in the back always makes her smile and giggle a lot!

Goldie Brooklyn, MI


This toy is so much fun to play with for my toddler. Even I find myself doodling with it occasionally.

Hattie Lily, KY

Son LOVES this toy!

I purchased this toy for my son when he was 5 months old and at the time of writing the review he is 8 months old. When it first arrived the color is what drew him to it. That and the bumps on the edges. He tried to fit it in his mouth to chew the bumps. Over 3 months he’s progressively become more interested in other parts. He likes to spin the face around and hear the rattle. He likes to turn it over in his hands and hear the outer colored ring clack-clack-clack on each other. I roll it around the floor to get his attention and encourage him to crawl towards it.

Aimee Hot Springs Village, AR

Baby’s favorite

This toy instantly became my five-month old’s favorite. We also have the Baby Einstein Bendy Ball and he far prefers this one. It’s a partially complete orb with plastic “slices” that move around the outside. They slide easily and make a nice clacking noise that my baby likes. Each “slice” is a bright color and the outside is textured, while the inside is reflective. The little character in the middle spins easily.

Carol Conshohocken, PA

Great toy, very cute

my 9 month old son love this toy, the quality is very good and the colors are beautiful, he plays with this everyday.

Bianca New Salem, PA

It amazes my lo

My daughter is amazed with this ball and loves it…it is probably her favorite toy that she got for Christmas!!!

Bernadine Haverhill, IA

Funky ball

Great colors of each shell that baby can slide them, easy to grab, mirror effects inside of the ball, the shell claps each other and make sounds when baby roll the ball. Little smily face inside of the ball rotates when baby touch and has rattle effects inside of the face that makes sounds. Baby loves it.

Kristina Le Claire, IA

Love Tiny Love brand!

I bought this for our 6 yr. old when she was an infant and loved it and repurchased now for our 6 mo. old. This was one of our favorites and had to make sure my 6 mo. old had the same toy. So glad they still make the toy, and it’s exactly the same, well built and very entertaining for her. It’s a toy I used for motivating both my kids to start crawling.

Nannie Thaxton, VA

Fun and entertaining for babies

Great for both younger and older babies. Bright colors, mirrored insides, rattling ball, and clacking sounds. It even has nubby textured outsides for teething babies. For younger babies, it’s easy to grasp, small, light enough to hold, and fun to look at. For older babies, it’s fun to roll on the floor and crawl after this ball toy. It creates quite a multi-sensory experience. This was definitely a winner with my son.

Charlotte Birchwood, TN

I love it

I love it and so does my 6 month old. This is a great toy. He creeps after it and it keeps him busy for a while

Bessie Terra Ceia, FL

Cheaply made

I had high hopes for this considering the reviews. However, I was disappointed and ended up returning this. It is very cheaply made and is very small.

Elise Moundville, MO

Good but not great

Ball can roll, but only if an adult does it a certain way. My 7 mo old likes the toy, it catches his eye due to the mirrors while rolling and he teeths on it for a bit. Not much more exciting than that.

Beulah Groveton, NH

Great toy rattle ball

Little hands love shaking it. As it rolls they can see the face and chase. Would buy as gift for others.

Dawn Ringwood, IL

Simple fun

My 10 mo old son loves it. We probably should have gotten it when he was much younger but he picked it up in a dr office and wouldn’t out it down so we couldn’t resist. He loves that you can make noise with it.

Claudia Tidioute, PA

Baby loves it

My little one loves to play with this. It is smaller than I expected but it was perfect for her little hands and she loved the noise that makes when the sides click-clack together.

Mari Staffordville, CT

This is great

This is a great little toy. My daughter definitely likes to play with this at 6 months of age. My only worry, which has barely happened is slight pinching her fingers between the slots. Not dangerous and actually this may be a good thing for her to learn!

Sierra Summerdale, AL

Unique, Stimulatung Toy

My baby plays with this toy often. He is attracted to the mirrors inside the ball and the happy face. It’s a great toy to develop his hand eye coordination. There are many ways for him to hold it, and use his hands to spin the happy face inside. Negative reviews complain the ball doesn’t spin or roll. It is the middle piece that spins, and you can roll the ball if you throw it hard enough, or it will roll a little bit with normal play. I liked that it didn’t roll too far when my son was younger, because he wasn’t able to crawl after a ball, but had fun with toys that moved around a bit.

Benita Jerseyville, IL


Our 5 month old son loves this ball. He has a bunch of other toys , amny making noices where you can press buttons etc. but this is one of him favorit toys. It is easy to grip and the ratteling and the mirrors keep him entertained.

Vivian Rushville, NE

Nice toy for crawlers

This toy is very nice with great colors, textures and a nice clicking noise. Good for little one’s who can crawl after it.

Winnie Cupertino, CA