Tiny Love Super Mat, Orange/ Blue

Tiny Love Super Mat, Orange/ Blue

Inspired by a popular European trend, The Super Mat is a big, portable play environment that baby and mom will love.

Main features

  • Cotton
  • Imported
  • Beautifully illustrated mat has a lot of fun developmental features to keep baby entertained
  • Roll it up and use carry handles to take it anywhere, baby will have a clean, soft, comfortable place to stay
  • Mat can be used indoor and outdoor and is machine washable
  • The mat measure is a thick quilt.
  • Beautifully illustrated mat has a lot of fun developmental features to keep baby entertained
  • Roll it up and use carry handles to take it anywhere, baby will have a clean, soft, comfortable place to stay
  • Mat can be used indoor and outdoor and is machine washable
  • The mat measure is a thick quilt and measure 59×39. The dimensions of this item when shipped is: 19.1 x 3.5 x 29.1 inches when folded and fitted into a clear plastic case.

Verified reviews


Nice, big play mat

I like this mat. It has bright colors, different textures and sounds to appeal to a baby and make him want to explore and move around. The material dries quickly and it is easy to keep clean. My only problem is that there is no grip, it is very slippy. When you have a young baby trying to learn how to move around this is not very conducive to movement and it can be frustrating and discouraging for the child. I’ve gone to a regular blanket for now to try and help my baby find some grip as he learns to move with plans to go back to this mat as he gets stronger and masters his mobility.

Sofia Barnwell, SC

Great play mat but provides no shock absorption

I love that it’s colorful, attractive, big and has built in toys. My son enjoys the “crinkly” paper and the attached teething toy the most. It also comes with a mirror and 1 built in squeaky. It also has different patches of texture. I bought this when my son was 2 months old and I loved it. It helped with tummy time especially since he hated being on his tummy. I would put him on his stomach with a boppy underneath and he would be happy looking at the colors. The best thing about this play mat is how portable and versatile it is. When my son was not mobile, I would fold this to fit my Joovy playpen so he could have a more colorful play area. I have also used this on top of my bed so I could lay down next to him while he entertained himself (always under supervision).It is a breeze to take to your relative’s/friend’s house or even to the park. You fold it in half twice and hold it by the green handles. It actually works. I was skeptical by looking at the picture, but you can carry it this way and it does not come undone. It is very very light and is totally machine washable. I don’t recall what the washing instructions are but I have washed this numerous times and it comes out just fine. I wash this on gentle cycle and then dry it on medium heat but I remove it promptly once it’s dried. Colors do not fade either. With that said, now that my son is 8 months old (96% in height & 85% in weight) and is sitting and rolling around, I have replaced this play mat with a more thicker, bigger foam mat with more cushion. My son thinks it’s real funny to throw himself backwards while he’s sitting. He has cried many times with this mat even when I use it on carpet. It doesn’t have enough cushion to adequately reduce the impact. If you use this on hardwood floors it will definitely not protect your little one’s head.As much as I have enjoyed this, if I had to do it over, I probably would not buy this again. Reason being is because I was looking for a play mat to use at my house and portability wasn’t really a must. There are so many things I have to take with me when I am out with my son that I didn’t feel compelled to add 1 more thing. In my opinion, this is not a play mat that you can use for a long time due to it’s thinness. It’s so light that my son is able to grab one end and roll around with it. Once your child is around 7-8 months and becomes more active, you will want to get something thicker for protection. Now that I have replaced this mat, I actually don’t miss it. Yes all the built in toys are nice but my son has tons of “crinkly” toys and several teething toys he can play with. I would personally save my money and just splurge for the bigger cushier play mat from the beginning.Bottom Line: If you have long outings with your baby and need something super portable and also want something bigger than a normal activity mat, then I highly recommend this. It’s a awesome playmat for you to play with your baby before they are super mobile. If portability is not an issue and you are looking for more of a stationary play mat at your house other than those interlocking tile play mats, then I would recommend theBaby Care Play Mat – Pingko Friends (Large). This is what we use now and it has protected my son’s head from a lot of falls!Here’s my husband’s two cents: “It’s soft like a comforter but not dense enough to provide any real shock absorption.”

Lorrie Rosman, NC


I had no idea what to get my 3 month old for Christmas. I decided on this. I love it. I just know that as soon as he’s scooting around, this will be his favorite place to do so. He already lays on it and I can tell he is interested in all the images and bright colors. I love that it’s washable, because he’s already spit up on it! Lots of sensory things for him to feel, chew, look at.

Kathrine New Holstein, WI

great play mat

With my little reflux baby I needed a play mat that was large and easy to clean because he spits up on it daily. This was a great purchase. It does wipe clean easily because of the nylon material, and dries quickly too. Machine washable was a must for me, and it has held up great so far (I do not put in dryer, but hang to dry instead). I think the padding is plenty substantial, though we mainly use it on carpet anyway. It does fold up (though folded in thirds it’s still fairly large) and has the carry handles, but the one thing lacking is a way to keep it closed once it is folded. Because there is no closure (simple velcro would do the trick) it does come unfolded easily. Not a big problem as I don’t really travel with it, but would be a nice update to the product. My little guy seems to love it, and all the little details are adorable.

Maribel Kingston, NJ

So cute!

I love this mat! It is really big and has cute features. I can’t wait for my son to use it! It is very padded and soft and will be great for tummy time play!

Tameka Kennard, TX

Large mat!

This is exactly what I was looking for! It’s large so my little one can use it past 6 months and it has all sorts of textures on the mat the keeps his attention.

Joann Hatboro, PA

Love our big mat

So cute, baby is comfortable on it. It’s really large, which we love. It doesn’t seem to be washable, though, and I know she’s going to spit up on it one of these days! So far we’re happy with it.Update: we washed it and let it air dry. It was hard to get the squeaker working again but all is well. 5 stars!

Lorene Ingleside, TX

Love it!

We got this as a baby shower gift, and up until our baby was 3 months old I did really see the point of it. Jump forward to now (6 months old) and I can’t imagine not having it. There is a stage when your child is too small for those tiny round activity mats because they are rolling everywhere, but still taking headers and you want something soft under them. This has been a lifesaver for these last few months and I foresee using this for at least a few more months… if not longer!

Dorothy Pence Springs, WV

Great buy

My little one enjoys the activities on Tiny Love Super Mat! By the way its not as Tiny but love that you can fold it and still have a super time.

Marla Kremmling, CO

luv it

I love the fact that I can fold and take this anywhere. I wish the bottom was made from waterproof material so I can take it and even if the ground is a bit damp…I can put it down and the baby can crawl wherever whenever she wants.

Dianne Walthill, NE

Great for travel

If you are traveling with a baby that is not yet mobile, but is starting to roll, get this mat. It provides them with a clean place to hang out in a hotel room, condo, etc.. It’s large, soft, washable, attractively bright, and comes with a detachable mirror, a teether and some fun sounds for your little one. If you purchase a car seat travel bag, just throw it in with the car seat. You’ll be happy you did.

Nicole Barnard, VT

Well-Padded, Useful until baby is mobile

We use this play mat everyday and love it. It’s really squishy, nicely padded for putting on top of hard wood floors and protecting the baby from banging her head. The mirror has proved very popular, especially since it comes away from the mat and can be mouthed at leisure. This has just about replaced our play gym now that my baby is 5 months old.Update: We stopped using this mat once my baby started rolling around all over the place at 8 months. It was really useful while she was stationary.

Morgan Hilton Head Island, SC

Perfect size

I really love this mat. We don’t travel with it…. It doesn’t seem that travel friendly really….it has 2 handles but the thing will unfold if not wedged under an arm. It’s her play mat in the living room where our carpet is a bit rough on the knees. It’s colorful, interactive, she spent a good amount of time discovering things on the mat…that pigtail thing totally had her for a while!!! And she still pets the soft orange square. And occasionally she finds and chews on the attached chew toy.

Chris Grover, WY

Kid loves it

It’s got a lot of fun textures and it’s a clean, safer spot to let your child play with toys.

Sadie Moffit, ND

Safety and Fun

This mat was excellent for my 10 month old grandson. I thought that he would not stay on it because he likes to crawl, but he enjoyed the various stimulating features. It was a safe place to place baby since my floors are all ceramic and very hard. I would sit him there, he would play for a few minutes, crawl around the house, then return to the nice soft mat. It is quite large and covered a good portion of the living room floor. It stores nicely in the bag that it comes with under a bed.

Emily Walhalla, MI

Great mat for babies

We bought this mat when our baby outgrew his play gym. We use it daily both at home (on top of an area on rug that is on top of hw floors) and sometimes at the park in the grass as well! It washes easily and air dries really fast. Our baby likes playing with the elephant ear that crinkles and the attached leaf. The mirror flops over really easily, so he barely ever used it. We ended up just detaching it altogether. At almost 10 months, we still use this mat, although now we have surrounded it with safety gates!

Georgette West Warren, MA

Easily washed in the wahsing machine

Bright colors, huge play area, and can be washed in the washing machine. Squeeks, crinkles, etc. Good tummy time mat. Did I mention easily washed? That’s a must!

Ivy Marmarth, ND

Beautiful and durable mat!

I love this mat and so does my baby! The colors are bright, the pictures are cute, it’s got lots of interactive features which my one year old still likes to meddle with, and the fabric is very soft and smooth. I’ve washed it a couple of times as well as wiping the surface off multiple times. It still looks brand new, and the colors are still very vibrant! Highly recommend this mat! 🙂

Rosanna Stotts City, MO

Great Mat

We really like this mat. I wish it had something on the bottom to stay better – it is smooth (obvisouly) so it slides around on the play mats we have. But it is a good size and perfect for them to play on.

Geneva Mc Lean, VA


I got this mat for my son when he started rolling around! I love it! It’s big and bright and durable. My son uses it many times each day and it looks as good as it did the day I got it! Even after the spit up abuse my son gives it! He loves the built in leaf teether too. He is starting to crawl a bit and manages to get off the mat now, but he prefers to be on it! It’s softer than our carpet. I’d totally recommend this mat to everyone!

Anne Bells, TX

Super practical

Its a great size so we can take it anywhere. Colorful and fun, my baby is always entertained while at tummy time. Easy to clean eventual spills with damp cloth or simply throw in the washer machine.

Marianne San Jose, IL

Great mat; perfect for indoor travel

We love this mat for use in hotels and when visiting friends. It takes up about twice the floorspace of the Tiny Love GyminiTiny Love Super Deluxe Lights and Music Gymini Activity Gym(also a great product) and is perfect for babies who have outgrown the activity gym but aren’t too mobile yet. It has a water resistant backing and the mirror/teether/textures are great add-ons. It folds up nicely for travel and has a handle. It has decent cushioning (thicker than a standard quilt) making it perfect on thin carpeting and acceptable on hardwood floors. It also machine washes easily and air-dries in less than 12 hours. A great buy!

Hollie Camp H M Smith, HI

Love this!

This mat is perfect for my son who is rolling everywhere and try to sit up/crawl. It is so colorful and has fun little toys on it (the mirror is great). I like that it’s portable and easy to clean too. So happy to find this and wish we had it much sooner! A little pricey but worth it! Be aware your dog and/or cat will want to use it as their new bed 🙂

Margo Ubly, MI

A nice big mat!

I love this mat so much that I now have two of them. One is at my house and the other is at grandma’s. Nice cushy mat with sounds and textures on it that keeps the baby interested for awhile! Also, great for when we visit the grandparents…there’s no crib so we just put the mat on the floor and the baby just takes a nap there!

Elisabeth Cecil, WI

It says Super and its SUPER HUGE!

I love this mat, I have a 5 year old and a 4.5 month old (both boys) and this give the 5 year old some boundaries to not set on the babies area. Also no more blankets on the floor! At least for awhile. Even if I make everyone take their shoes off I just didn’t feel comfortable for my baby to play on the carpet. This thing is HUGE! Soft and vibrant. I also purchased http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B63M9VS/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_5 this and its huge too so he has plenty of room for now. Love it! Would buy this for a friend or recommend this.

June Millfield, OH

My kids like it!

You get exactly what you expect to, it is not expensive and really useful. Easy to wash, materials are good and … my kids like it!

Nan Haughton, LA

Great mat!

This mat is a very good size with many great activities. Easy to wash. I highly recommend this mat for infant play.

Mallory Oroville, CA

Great mat for baby

I was looking for a soft mat to put over my carpet floor for my daugther to play around in. We got this when my daughter was 6 months old. We uses it for her tommy time, for her to learn to sit and learn to crawl. I feel more comfortable for her to lay on the mat than on the carpet, since there can be a lot of dirt and allergens trapped in the carpet.The color is really vibrate and great for babies. There are couples of educational toys for the baby to discover. Most importantly it washes up really well.We’ve owned it for 4 months now, and she still uses it and still looks great!

Leigh Richmond, VA

nice and durable mat

My daughter likes it now. She looks at the colorful pictures and tries to grab them. At first i did not like the material, bcoz i prefer cotton one. But it is easily cleaned and good to put on parquet flooring and outside.

Doris Riverside, MO

It should be in every mom’s registry

I absolutely love this mat. I was looking for a mat that I could take to the park, use it outside or take to someones house to have my son sit and play with his toys and this is perfect. I take it everywhere with me and it’s big enough that I can sit next to him. Everyone that sees it loves it and even the bigger kids want to sit with my son and play. It’s cushioned so it’s comfortable even on bumpy surface. The bottom is tick so even when sitting on moist grass the top doesn’t get wet. I wish I had bought it before for tummy time also.The handles could be a little better centered but it works, I wish it had a velcro or something to hold it close, but I just carry it around the plastic bag that came with it.

Jimmie Honobia, OK