Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion Mobile- Farm Yard

Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion Mobile- Farm Yard

Two things Baby loves most meet up in this delightful musical mobile. The Symphony in Motion Farm Animal Mobile dangles brightly colored beads and smiling little creatures over Baby’s head as music plays to soothe him to sleep. Just press the button on the detachable electronic music box to hear 15 minutes of continuous classical melodies from Mozart, Beethoven and Bach. Other features include a high/low volume control knob and swivel arm that can be moved from side to side for easy access to Baby in the crib. Fits most standard-size cribs. Imported. 28H”.

Main features

  • Ultimate crib mobile for baby’s development
  • Developmental music by Bach, Mozart & Beethoven for relaxation & development
  • Parents can activate with RC without disturbing baby
  • Angled to baby’s direct line of vision
  • Uses 3 AA batteries (not included)

Verified reviews


A little expensive but worth the price

I thought this mobile was very entertaining to my boy..it was a little expensive but worth the price. After he was old enough to pull it that they say to not have mobiles anymore, I took the whole toy apart and we played with all it’s pieces and the music box separately for many months.

Esperanza Gambier, OH


This may be the best mobile I’ve ever seen. The music is delighful, almost hypnotic. My children love it. The music isn’t too loud. It is gentle, soothing. The movement of the litle animals is rythmic, and allows children to follow what is happening. In addition, shapes fall(gently) as the mobile turns, whcih is an added delight. The mobile is durable. We’ve had ours for several years. Highly recommend this one

Luz Sparks Glencoe, MD

Quirky, FUNctional and durable!

This mobile is great! It is age appropriate, FUNctional and not a clone of all the other “whimsical” mobiles that are out there. This quirky one fit the bill for us. Our baby loves it! After he could reach it, we removed the mobile portion and he still listens to the music. And since the buttons are easy to press, he can turn it on himself! I guess this feature could also be considered a drawback!;)In my opinion the bright colors would be appropriate for a boy or a girl (the animals do have pink accents but not an overwhelming amount). We were a little concerned that our baby would have a somewhat distorted understanding of animals since the animals look so funky – definitely not the traditional Old Macdonald stuff! But that doesn’t seem to be a problem and he was mesmerized by it, so that works for me! The batteries last a long time and the volume control is another nice feature. Also, the classical music has a relatively good sound quality.This was also very durable, because even with moving the “arm” of the mobile around several times a day and my baby pulling on the animals before we moved it out of his reach, all was still well on the farm!

Dixie Bayport, NY

Works well, but has a flaw

In general, this mobile is fine. My baby does enjoy it very much. It can entertain her for quite a while if she’s not in a tired mood. It is true that it is a very large mobile and the noises can become annoying for adults. But she doesn’t seem to mind.My main complaint is that it needs a master on/off switch or an on/off button that is out of reach of the baby. My baby is very into kicking her legs. She even kicks in her sleep and the kicking causes her to roam all over the crib. Lately, her kicking has been landing on the on/off button of the mobile and so it turns on at 5 AM and wakes her up upon which she wants to play! Ugh. She now thinks of it as a game to try and turn it on and off. We have tried putting the mobile at the far end of the crib but as I said, she roams all over the crib – starts out on one side at the beginning of the night and ends up on the other in a few hours.The other thing that I wish the mobile did was actually help my baby get sleepy. I had read so many books recommending turning on the mobile to help baby get to sleep. And this mobile came with suggestions that suggested one of the music selections for bedtime. But there is no way my baby would sleep if this mobile was on. It is purely for playtime purposes. Not sure this is the fault of the mobile though but rather my baby’s temperment?Anyway, overall I am happy we got this. It was a shower gift. I think it has served us well. It probably isn’t going to stay up much longer though if my baby keeps using it to wake us up at 5 AM. 🙂

Nita Cummings, ND

LOVE it.

My son loved this mobile, beginning at about 3 months old. He would watch it, reach for it, LOVED it. I recently pulled it out of storage for Baby #2, and my son (now 18 months old) became very excited. He asked me to set it up and watched it again! This is more than just a mobile since it has so much going on! I don’t use mobiles for putting my kids to sleep, I use it to keep them entertained for a moment or two while I do a load of laundry or something. It was PERFECT for my needs, and it still works like a charm. Great!

Amparo Aberdeen, SD

Comes with free miracle!

I wouldn’t normally have considered paying $40+ for something which in my childhood was considered basically a bit of nursery decor – of course back in those prehistoric days mobiles were wind- or parent-operated paper cutouts on strings. I splashed out in desperation when my 4 week old seemd to have developed an aversion to being awake and nothing I did would amuse her or quiet the screaming. Eureka – instant solution in a box. Nine times out of ten she calmed right down literally within a minute of being set down in the crib under this enormous contraption. A few weeks on, now she’s starting to become more aware of movement and color, she’s even more fascinated by it and focuses on and tracks different elements as they move in and out of her range of vision. It doesn’t put her to sleep but it captures her attention without overstimulating. It’s also good for calming her down before ber pre-bedtime bath. I don’t find the music overly loud as some reviewers have commented, in fact I rarely use the quieter setting as even a fan running or traffic outside the open window tends to overpower the music. It has a nice slow motion which balances out the complexity of the movement, which I could see might be a bit unnerving if it was faster. One of the animals looks a bit psychotic to my adult eyes, with its eyeballs pointing in different directions, but I don’t think it really makes any difference to my daughter. It is rather larger than most mobiles so I guess some kids could be a bit freaked out by it looming over them, but mine doesn’t seem fazed by anything much! I have noticed a slight clicking sound starting up from the mobile hub so I hope that doesn’t bode ill or get much louder but hopefully it’ll stay in check. A great buy.

Ashley Ferguson, IA

Thank god for this mobile, I can take 15 minute showers!

I don’t know what everyone is writing about the music being too loud. I don’t find it loud at all! There are two settings and the lowest one is perfect. My baby ADORES this mobile. The minute I hooked it up and put him in the crib to look at it, he couldn’t contain himself. I wish I had gotten this much earlier than I did. Once I got it, I could suddenly take long showers and know he was being entertained, not crying, and totally happy for a while in his crib.He’s 5 months old now, and just starting to get a little bit bored with it because he can’t touch it.I *highly* recommend this mobile. The best baby toy I own, hands down.

Lorrie Hartford, SD

A life saver

My son absolutely loves this. It is very stimulating and the 15 minutes of music is a nice variety. The best mobile I have seen yet…

Emma Bailey, CO

Best Best Mobile ever!

It’s so good we got a second one for daycare. He’s 6 months old now and he still loves it. The music is okay, the volume is not loud and not low, the hanging toys move a lot and they have a lot of colors, also they all look down to the baby who’s watching them which is how they should be, so the baby gets really engaged with it. It’s been a lifesaver for me a lot of times, my favorite baby sitter when I needed to take 5 mins to do something when my baby was a newborn!

Rose Littleton, CO

Pure Delight

Kicks her feet and squeals in delight. I had bought one for my Mom’s house and once I saw our little girls reaction I replaced the one I had in our home with it. SHE LOVES IT!!!

Terry Ulster, PA

Wonderful features

I’m shocked that anyone would not love this mobile–it’s great! When the baby was very small and slept in our room, we kept it on the play pen downstairs (we were able to jimmy it into the corner of the playpen). Then, when we transitioned her into the crib at 3 months, she loved watching the mobile to go to sleep. And now, at almost one year, she loves the music box (we removed the mobile at around 4 months). I think that controlling music in her crib gives her a little sense of control, and the music is quite pleasant.

Amber Bolivar, MO

Great Mobile!!!

My son loves this mobile!!! We originally got him a mobile that requires manual winding, but we got tired of winding that mobile every few minutes, plus it was wearing out from our frequest usage. It was great after we bought this battery operated mobile. We were sad to retire this mobile when our baby can reach and grab the animals. Even though we took down the mobile portion, it is nice that we can still use the music box in his crib to entertain him.

Alfreda Lady Lake, FL

Baby’s crazy about it, we’re not driven crazy by it!

My daughter LOVES this thing- it’s one of the best things I’ve spent 40 bucks on. The music is melodic (it’s put both of us to sleep a few times!), it has volume control, and it shuts off after 15 minutes. It doesn’t suck up batteries all that quickly, and it’s easy to assemble. I totally get why babies dig it- the colors are really vivid and the animals are cute. I will sometimes peek over her crib and she’ll just be watching it, smiling and cooing at it. I highly recommend!

Alana Chestnut Mound, TN

Sound, not the music, can get irritating

The music is okay, although the baby gets tired of it before he gets tired of the moving bits. Wish it could work without the music as well. The sliding things on the top are cloth with plastic rings that slide and they make a horrid noise as they scrape along the plastic arms. Wish they were removable. I do like the music choices though, and the way the animals don’t just move in a circle, but around kind of like a ferris wheel car.

Emma Kaylor, SD

fun for all

This mobile isn’t the loveliest to the adult eye, but my newborn adores it. When nothing else works to entertain her, she will watch and listen to this. In fact, some of her first gurgling and cooing was to this mobile. And it gives her parents a 15-minute break to shower, answer email, or eat! We love it.

Betty Magnolia, AL