Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion Remote Mobile

Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion Remote Mobile

The Tiny Love Symphony-in-Motion Deluxe Mobile introduces a new generation of mobiles, based on studies showing that listening to classical music can encourage certain types of intellectual and emotional development, popularly known as the Mozart Effect. This new innovative mobile is unique in that it combines a multitude of fascinating movements and motions to captivate and stimulate baby’s developing senses with the finest developmental classical music by Bach, Mozart and Beethoven, carefully selected and adapted by top musicologists for maximum enjoyment and developmental benefits. The combination of both these elements working together is what makes this mobile truly unique and sets it apart from all others on the market today. The remote control allows parents to activate the mobile without disturbing baby.

Main features

  • Activate mobile without disturbing baby
  • Specially arranged classical music pieces in the mobile by Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven, 15 minutes each
  • Four different types of movement and motion
  • Soft and colorful geometric shapes angled to baby’s direct line of vision
  • Volume adjustment

Verified reviews


Good, but why a remote?

This product looks and works as advertised. The mobile worked very well and was very attractive to watch- it definitely kept my baby’s attention at times when we wanted him to stay in his crib. The music was mediocre in quality, and didn’t seem to sooth my baby. He liked to hit all the buttons on it, so regardless of the music duration, it was always off long before that. The thing I hated the most was the remote. Unless your nursery is the size of a barn, I’m not sure why you would want a remote. It’s just another piece of junk that takes AA batteries and clutters up a tabletop. That kind of poor engineering is just a waste of money.I’ve had this product for 3 years now. Our second child has actually used it far more heavily than our first did. He turns it on each morning and listens to it on his own for a while before fully waking up. Sometimes hell do the same when he goes to bed. Everything has held up well over the years. I still hate the remote, though. i would have preferred to save $5 instead.

Clara Newberg, OR

Love it (and true: the remote is really not that necessary!)

My two cents about this fantastically designed mobile by the Tiny Love folks: our two-month old gets "hipnotized" by the figures SO MUCH, that the truth is he stops noticing anything else aruond him. This is why the remote is not that big of a deal: he doesn’t really mind if you come in or out of the room, and as a matter of fact, he even loves the mobile if it’s stopped. As for the figures, they are very colorful and well designed too… and the elephant is just too funny, twisting like crazy because of his extra weight).All in all, a highly recommended mobile (any Tiny Love), but if you want to save a few bucks ($10 I think it is), skip the Deluxe version and get the regular one.

Alta Osgood, IN

Two boys that love it, and I love Tiny Love

I bought this for my first son three years ago. He loved it and I’d have to restart it for him over and over (with or without the remote) because it captured his interest so well. The motor (the purple ball-shaped section) died within the first three months, but when I called Tiny Love, the company that makes this, they sent a new one completely free of charge, and it continued to work well.The music is lovely and you can set it to just one tune or to cycle between the three different songs. The animals are fabulous to look at – black and white plus bold colors, with buggy eyes to boot.Now, my second son is enjoying it. As a matter of fact, now that it’s up again, my three-year-old likes to turn it on to watch and listen too.I’d have given it less stars for breaking down, but getting free replacement parts and great customer service won back all the stars!

Madge Core, WV

Very nice, but with warnings

The music is very nice (parent friendly)The mobile is very entertaining to babies.ALL remote control mobiles have a big weakness – the remotes only work when they’re in the same room as the mobile. This means you have to get up every time you want to restart it. No one has created an RF remote. At least this model runds a long time before shutting off.What you read about the poor design of the pole is really true. It doesn’t lock in place, and the segemented pole doesn’t even lock together. Truly a terrible design.I’m giving it 4 stars because ALL mobiles will in fact break apart and crash on a baby that pulls on the toys. Parents need to be careful with all mobiles – not just this one. The fact is that this mobile has more useful features and more engaging toys than all the others I have seen.Everybody complains about the poor arm design, yet they buy the product fully knowing what could happen. The FIRST day I caught my daughter grabbing the toys, I took it down. If your child can stand in her crib, remove ALL mobiles – period.

Selma Pendleton, OR

A Very Entertaining Mobile, but Probably not for Sleepy-Time

The Symphony in Motion mobile is a very entertaining diversion for babies. Its bright colors and high-contrast black-and-white pieces create a scene that will captivate your little one. For this reason, it’s an invaluable crib toy that can buy you some of that hands-free time that’s always in short supply for new parents.The music box plays a choice of three classical pieces. While each is a soothing mid-tempo tune, the mobile is best suited for play time rather than nap time for two reasons: first, with the mobile running, baby will be too involved in its motion (and could get overwhelmed and fussy if he/she is ready for some downtime). Second, even with just the music box playing, the music is a little too loud for most young babies to sleep through. As a result, we kept a separate item in the crib as a sleep-time routine (the Fisher-Price Aquarium, which is also excellent).We’re using our mobile for our second child now and it’s been a hit with each. Even after our older one was too big for the mobile (i.e. could push up and reach/pull the pieces), he loved the music box by itself and would often turn it on by himself to entertain himself after having awakened from a nap.It comes with a remote control that lets you start/stop the mobile and music box for a distance in case you don’t want to be a distraction to baby’s downtime. We’ve found battery life to be very good compared to most toys.PROS
• Excellent attention-grabber; the combination of color and black-and-white really keeps baby’s eyes following.
• Nice playback of classical tunes – not too electronic or “toy” sounding.
• Battery life is generally very good.CONS
• Volume is too loud for soothing most babies to sleep.

Taylor Beatty, OR

Love this mobile!

My daughter loved the mobile on her pack-n-play so much that we decided to splurge on a nice one for her crib. The symphony in motion one we got was the same as this only with farm animals and black-and-white swirls istead of colored ones. She didn’t like it at first… I think she was too young and got overstimulated. When she grew accustomed to it, she started looking eagerly for it to start when I’d put her in her crib during the day (starting about 6 weeks). At first she’d watch it for a few minutes but after a couple weeks she’d watch it and “talk” to it for up to 2 hrs straight… I’d just have to go in and push the start button every 15 mins! Other times I’d put her down to watch the mobile and come back 20 mins later to a peacefully sleeping baby. I love the classical music too… there’s a couple fun and fast selections and a slower one that you can either cycle through or pick one to play all 15 mins. It looks a little crazy at first, but if it’ll entertain a 2 month old for 2 HOURS it’s worth it’s weight in gold!

Lilia Port Townsend, WA

Great Classical Music Mobile with Helpful Remote

We bought this mobile after a defective Fisher Price one didn’t work at all. Although the animals on the FP mobile were cuter than this one, the music on the Tiny Love is very high-quality, long-lasting and impressive. The volume choices are just right for us – neither too loud, nor too quiet. The colors are great and the googly eyes on the animals catch our 2-month-old’s attention. Works great on our cradle so far – the “hook” that holds it in place is another added advantage over the FP mobile we had. It’s worth the price for the remote control extra – just think you can sit across the room or at the door and just press the button to restart the mobile. Worth it!

Corina Berkeley, CA

Love this mobile

This mobile has great colors, is very interesting and totally captivates the attention of my 10 week old. It has nice music (not too mechanical or tinny sounding) and plays for a good amount of time – about 15 minutes. I love to look at it too!I haven’t had any of the mechanical problems that others have mentioned, but have noticed that sometimes if the mobile doesn’t want to move, I just need to adjust it by moving the mobile unit in the stand (that attaches to the crib rail) just a little to the left or right. The mobile will start back up at that point.

Marisa Modale, IA

This mobile allows me to shower.

My son will watch this mobile for about 30 minutes, sometimes he plays and sometimes he watches it and falls asleep. I don’t know what it is about this toy, but he loves it. I’m really glad we got this mobile, it’s a little pricey, but worth the money and it’s runs for a long time. It seems like 15 or 20 minutes.

Ashlee Crozet, VA

Great! While it lasted…

This fantastically colored and designed mobile held my baby enthralled. The classical music was easy on MY ears (though I found I would hum the pieces over and over).Once I wrangled the batteries in and screwed the cover shut, installation was easy for my Jenny Lind style crib.I thought the remote was sort of silly. I just want to point out that you can get all three composer’s music to play with the remote, even though another reviewer had a problem with this. It’s not very intuitive – you have to press the bottom button on the remote.Now here’s where the review heads south. After about two months, I started encountering problems with getting the mobile to play and spin. First the music developed a scary loud scratchy hum that made my baby cry. Replacing the batteries fixed that problem. Then I was unable to get the mobile to spin. The base plays if I remove the wand with the mobile. Sometimes, if I jiggle it just right, the mobile will spin and play. But inevitably it stops again. VERY FRUSTRATING!5 stars for design and music choice.1 star for very frustrating low quality.

Alicia Arvada, CO

Perfect Mobile for our Newborn!

This mobile may be an eye-sore for your color-schemed decorated room, but it’s worth every penny and obnoxiousness. We have gone through about 3 mobiles and our 2-month-old baby girl would not lie by herself in her crib without crying. Once we turn this mobile on, she has lasted for as long as 30-40 minutes!!! Our only complaint is that it should not stop. As soon as it does, we can hear her starting to get fussy again. They really should let the parents decide when toys should turn off (or at least have that option). The remote is a nice touch so that she does not see us in the room. However, she is so busy looking at the mobile that she does not notice us. This mobile is a life saver. We just wish it were a little more attractive….

Emilia Jumping Branch, WV

Finally, a toy that he likes!

I purchased a Tiny Love Gymini, FP Ocean Wonders Aquarium, and some other misc. toys to entertain our little one (now 2m). I thought they were cute. He couldn’t care less about them….at least not right now. He loved this mobile from the moment it was pulled out of the box. He will stare at it, talk to the animals, coo, and giggle. It keeps him entertained for a whole 15 min. and sometimes longer which gives me time to put in a load of laundry, grab a quick bite to eat, and etc. He’ll even stare at it when he’s not in the crib, which keeps him entertained during diaper changes. It’s expensive, but oh so worth it. Two thumbs way up!

Aurelia Webster, SD

Great Mobile

Overall I love this mobile. The music is great quality, although i wish it had an even lower volume setting. the remote works great and what i love the most is that the box can be set to activate the music manually, or that the music can only be activated by the remote. my daughter loves the animals and it is really very stimulating in color design and motion. the reason i took one star away is that on each arm there are 3 shapes that slide around, making too much sound for my daughter. it startled her every time when she was about to fall asleep, so i took a rubberband and fixed it around the shapes so they wouldn’t slide anymore. since then, it works like a charm. i have not had any technical problems with it so far, 3 weeks of use, so i keep my fingers crossed.over all it’s a very nice mobile, and having two kids, i’ve been through quite a few, still haven’t found the perfect one, but this is the closest i’ve found to perfect.

Ann Playas, NM

Love it, but be careful!!

This is a great product – my 2 month old is very entertained & loves to watch & listen!! Be careful, though, when first assembling the mobile – there’s a little plastic piece that can easily break off if you don’t follow the directions exactly, which can result in the mobile falling into the crib! This happened to me the first time, but Babies R Us was great & let me exchange it for a new one without a problem. Also, I disagree with other reviewers that the remote control is a waste of money. I love it – it allows me to keep the mobile going without my son seeing me, which will often make him remember that "hey, I’m in a crib & not out with my people!!!"

Brenda Huntington Station, NY

Exciting for a baby

My 3 month old daughter absolutely loves this mobile. At first I thought it was a bit crazy looking and it didn’t quite go well with our theme but overall, I’m so happy we registered for this. The music, colors and movement keeps her attention. I have to warn, if you’re looking for a mobile that will put your baby to sleep, this isn’t the one for you. It’s too stimulating for rest. We also have the Ocean Wonders Aquarium in her crib and use that in the evening to soothe her to sleep.

Cathryn Buffalo, OK

Excellent Mobile!!!

If I could give it 6 stars, I would. It was the first toy my son paid any attention to at all, starting around when he was 3 weeks old. Just when I was starting to feel desperate for him to have some fun on his own, I turned on this mobile and bingo! I was shocked. He enjoyed the sights and sounds for 20 minutes!Since he loved this mobile so much, I tried another mobile. No dice. He only liked this one. Something about it absolutely mesmerized him. We have had it now for months and I have moved it to be used more as “nursery decor” since he’s too old to have it where he might pull it down.This is a wonderful product. Great gift for a shower, or for entertaining a very picky little baby!

May Waves, NC

Don’t waste your money!!

I purchased this mobile for my little one thinking it would be a slam dunk. Pretty colors, remote control, several classical tunes… well, it would be perfect if it worked. It broke the same evening I put it together. Though the music played, the mobile didn’t go around as it was supposed to. I contacted Tiny Love and they sent me replacement parts, but it still didn’t work. I ended up returning it to BRU. Reading the other reviews I guess I was not the only one with the same problem. I do give it one star because it is pretty… but that’s about it! 🙂

Justine Garden City, SD

My daughter loves it

I bought this when my daughter graduated to the big crib at three months. She laughs continously when I turn this on. It isn’t very useful to lull her to sleep but I use it to entertain her in the morning when I getting ready. My only complaint is the way it attaches to the crib, it’s a bit awkward and it damaged the wood finish a little, however a little padding under it has solved the problem. I have never used the remote, so I can’t comment on it.

Merle Lytle, TX

my daughter is mesmerized

I will lay her down and she will go through all three fifteen minutes settings, only fussing if we take to long to start it over. I wish the one I purchased had a remote, and I also wish that it worked with an adapter, because the battery gets used up real fast. Overall, very very happy with this product… that’s both me and my daughter

Rosemarie Lima, OH