Tiny Love Take-Along Arch, Sunny Stroll

Tiny Love Take-Along Arch, Sunny Stroll

Your little one will delight in the colors, shapes, materials and sounds of the Sunny Stroll Arch by Tiny Love. Attach it to a stroller or carrier and it becomes an adventure for the senses that will stimulate motor skills, while keeping your baby entertained.

Main features

  • Transparent sun prism
  • Flexible arch with angle adjustment
  • Rattling butterfly ball with crinkly texture
  • Baby activated propeller
  • Easy attachment clips

Verified reviews


nice but not as on the box’s picture

it’s a nice toy, easy to attach everywhere, easy to arrange near/far low/high thanks to the flexible arch, great…I’m giving it only 3 stars because it seems since the original creation of this toy, tiny love brand have decided to cut a bit on the creation budget and have removed some little details, as the fleece on the wheel, the little colored accents on the sun, the textured fabric on the flower…etc…so, I do recommend it, but don’t be exited by the great details…you won’t have them…

Latanya Virgie, KY

Fantastic value and entertainment

This arch has a really secure and easy to use attachment mechanism, and some snappy bal joints that let you position it firmly forward and backward, and even adjust the height. I have owned the cloth covered ones from tiny love also with glorified clothespin ends which don’t stay attached very well, and can say that this plastic version is much much nicer. To compare, those arches came with musical wind up mobiles which this doesn’t, but who needs music on a mobile when you have an ipod.The toys on this are fascinating to my 3 mo old twins. They both love the rattly ball attached to the propeller, and love spinning the propeller, though they don’t quite know how to pull the ball strongly enough to make the propeller go — but they do try, and grab at the ball all the time. They also gaze through the transparent prismatic ” sun” plastic, and one of them loves batting at the spinning ball in the butterfly. The extra hanging toys on the sun, and butterfly are hung on with velcro, so later on you could swap them out with other toys that could loop through. I think though that the propellor will go a long way with mechanical minded babies. One toy so far where I wouldn’t change a thing.

Gertrude Shock, WV

Loved it till it snapped in 2!

My 5 month old LOVED this – I would have rated it one of our absolute best purchases. Then while I was driving one day and it was attached to his car seat the attachment part split – broke into 2 completely severed pieces. I don’t know which piece did it but my son had a little gash on his arm from it. I was just glad it didn’t make it into his mouth! I have returned it and am shopping for something else like it, but am a little nervous too.

Casandra Trenton, IL

Great for toddler car seats

I was hesitant when I purchased this because I wasn’t sure I could attach it to our car seat. We own two Evenflo Triumph Advance LX Convertible Car Seat – Hansen by Evenflo.I was very pleasantly surprised. I was able to attach it to the sides, tightly without any issues. It does stay up, even when my 14 month old kicks it. It also adjusts forward and backwards, that way I don’t have to remove it when I take my son out of the car.A great buy. Sorry I didn’t find it sooner.

Sarah Wilton, MN

Don’t waste your money

It is a great idea, but unfortunately it is of terrible quality. Not only were the clamps too flimsy and small to fit over the sides of my daughters car seat, but one of the toys broke after one pull. Even if the clamps had worked, I would of worried about driving with the toy since the joints seemed too loose to support itself. I ended up throwing it out and just getting some toys that connect to the car seats handle.

May Arcadia, MI

Looked a little cheapy

I am not sure how ‘good’ this toy would have worked as I returned it as soon as I got it. I thought the toys looked very cheapy! I have seen much better car seat toys for a cheaper price. Will be getting something else.

Luz Clifford, ND

Nice toy, but not really practical

This is a nice toy. Good in concept. But not really practical.We use this with car seat, to keep the baby occupied while in the car. It definitely gets our baby attentions. However, the toy is out of reach of the baby. If you think about babies short arms, their reach is only maybe 6 inches in front of their faces. So for the toy to be touched by the baby, the toys needs to be set up so it is right in front of her face. Not practical.So basically it ends up as a visual toy and not a toy that can be touched and manipulated.

Ebony Farwell, NE

stroller arch

this would be a great toy if it has music.I just ordered the musical one, hope it will better. I guess this will be an extra.update- stopped working

Kaitlin Gouldsboro, PA

Great item

Great toy for little ones, my 5 month old enjoys playing with it. He isn’t a good car rider. He fusses a lot, so we purchased this to keep him busy in the car. We have also used it attached to his high chair to keep him busy while I load and unload the dishwasher. He really enjoys it and I think he will enjoy it even more as he gets older and figures out how to pull the ball to make the pinwheel spin. Good toy, well made.

Shanna Indianapolis, IN

Great toy – easy to use with car seat, bouncy seat, and stroller!

I got this for my son when he was about 3 months old. He’s now almost 6 months and plays with it even more now. It’s gotten more interesting to him now that he can grab at the different pieces. It’s very easy to install/un-install. I move it around constantly. I use this with the Britax Roundabout car seat by opening up the clamps of the toy as far as they will go, moving the fabric aside on the car seat “arms” and just jamming the clamps directly on the plastic. It stays put with no problem.

Agnes Brodnax, VA

Love it, But my son’s finger got hurt!

I love this toy and so does my son. It fits on his car seat, the shopping cart, and the stroller!We only have one draw back. The ball on a string that the kid is supposed to pull and the fan/birds go around; it got wrapped around my son’s finger when no one was in the backseat with him. When my mom got home and realized what he was fussing about his poor thumb was purple! Luckily (24hrs later) there are no marks on it today and my son seems to have nothing wrong with his thumb.My mom and I have decided that my son will not be allowed to have this toy when no one is in the back seat to watch him. My mom said she was going to cut it off!UPDATE.Never did cut the ball off. Recently I hooked it to the bottom of a chair and my son loves to crawl over to it and spin the ball with beads in it and scratch at the flower and sun.Since I wrote last time it has never been allowed back in the car!

Kari Chalfont, PA

okay! Wait to you see this item on sale

I have seen an upgraded version of this same toy, that plays music, when the child hits it. I would get that if I could do it over again. The only thing my son enjoys about this toy are the three toys that dangle. He likes to swat at them. He doesn’t seem to notice any of the other features, perhaps because they are too high. He can’t reach them, so it’s as if they don’t exist!The clasps work pretty well. I have easily transferred it back and forth between a few baby seats.

Emilie Saranac Lake, NY

Didn’t fit correctly…

My daughter uses a Graco infant car seat, and I couldn’t get the toy to fit on there right and stay on. Plus, it got kind of annoying when putting the handle bar of her car seat up and down. We only ended up using this a couple times. Very disappointed!!!

Haley Foster, NE

Cute but not functional and baby did not like

The whole thing was heavy, so it would still manage to move around after securing it. I’ve tried to secure it to the graco snugride 30, graco pack n play corners, playzone play yard, anything! The wheel is not easy to spin, as the string catches whenever you pull it. I should have known better than to order the pink one, as the colors are not as attractive for a baby. I love pink, but baby prefers the bright and contrasting colors such as blues and reds with yellows and greens. I usually give any toy a few months of chances as I’ve noticed that if my daughter doesn’t like a toy at 3 months, she may at 4 months, or even 6 months. Since we bought this when she was 3 months old, she still does not like it at 12 months old. Too bad as it’s adorable!

Kristy Pyote, TX

Fun but tricky to use

We bought this for our 2month old who screams uncontrallably in the car seat/car (our daughter was the same way) partly due to boredome, inability to sooth himself, and acid reflux pain. We were hoping it would be a distraction. It is interesting to look at but he liks to look more up or straight ahead and the way it attaches to his seat he has to look down a bit. We had to flip up the car seat padding to attach it and it still isn’t very secure. For instance if he were able to pull the string on the spinning toy it would probably come detached form his carseat as it will if you hit it too hard when putting him in. Also the string is too hard to pull I think for the average baby of any age. A plus is that it can pivot forward and back while attached so you can pivot it forward all the way to put your baby in their seat and then back up to where it’s comfortable for them. It’s worth buying if you’re desparate for a car toy but it definitely could use some tweaking in the design and will probably be liked more by an older baby (there’s no black and white on it and is almost too busy for a newborn).

Ericka Malaga, OH

Very happy after 5 months!

I have used this toy for my daughter the moment she was born. Thanks to this toy i’m able to prepare meals, take showers, and drive with a happy baby in the back. This is the best purchase ive made for my baby.Highly recommended!

Alisa Leopold, IN

Perfect for baby.

I love this. I am not fond of the little fan with pull cord, it seems loud, and dangerous if baby gets her finger in the fan, but it is plastic and doesn’t turn too fast, but it is loud and fast enough to hurt if a finger is in the way. It is great otherwise, mounts well and is very cute.

Teri Saint Rose, LA

Muy lindo

es muy lindo el producto muy colorido excelente para entretener al bebe es super adaptable a diferente lugares como el coche corral silla porta bebe, moises.

Lawanda Gould, OK


This item is wonderful. It can be clipped to anything: car seats, swings, strollers, high chair, etc…And the 2 clips can be adjusted to grip different thickness.Many reviews forget to add that this item actually moves on its own. The green flower/ wind propeller item on the arch can actually spin on its own. You or baby just have to pull on the lever/string that dangles on the arch (connected to the flower/propeller). No batteries needed! The flower that is attached to the arch, the center area is actually a mirror. Which my baby LOVES. She gets so excited every time she sees herself inside the flower.And this item can be taken anywhere. And on car trips, this is life saver!! It keeps my baby quite while she is busy playing with it.Highly recommended. And it is low in price. Don’t let the low price fool you, this item is HIGH quality. Easily could cost more in stores.

Darcy Henderson, MI

Bright Idea

I bought this for my son at 8 weeks old who absolutely hated car rides he is now four months and we are still using this daily. Although it doesn’t always prevent crying in the car he loves this toy and so do I. The sun is bright with crinkly rays and has a smiling face that my son loves to look at and coo at. He has just started to get the spinner to work although it is more accident than design on his part but he is thrilled when it goes. His older brother will make it spin for him and it makes him smile and sometimes laugh. He is always impressed with himself when he hits the spinner ball with noisemakers inside.I love that I can clip this to just about anything, his graco carseat, the pack n play (in the corner), baby swing, infant seat, our couch. We can hook it to almost any location and get his attention. The toy has segments on hinges so you can lengthen it or make it a higher arch with less space, you can also bend it over so when we have it hooked to the pack n play corner we bend it down so he can look into the sun’s face. **it doesn’t clip to his new convertible carseat; the britax boulevard is too fat for the clips**I would recommend this to others and feel my son will continue to enjoy this toy for several more months.

Francine Plevna, MO

Perfect for a napper , bouncer

If your napper or bouncer didn’t come with a toy bar this is great! As baby grows or needs something to look atThis adjustable bar latches on perfectly has many things for baby to look at and when baby has had enoughJust remove.

Goldie Bokeelia, FL

Very versatile and baby likes it

My baby got this at 4 mo old as a gift from Santa. As soon as we attached it to her high chair she started pulling the handle to make the flower spin.I love how you can attach it to practically anything, her high chair, her pack and play (yes, it streches that far), her bouncer, her car seat, stroller, etc.Baby is now 6 mo and still playing with it.It’s a quality toy and the colors are super nice. It makes ME want to play with it 🙂

Diann Minneapolis, MN

So frustrasting to install

This was too annoying to install. We’d get it on, then our son would kick it off. We ended up returning it, it was just too frustrating. The toys look like they would have been fun to play with, if we could have gotten it to stay up!

Kathie Hackett, AR

Saves me in the car, but clamps can be hard to unscrew

I bought this for my daughter when we were about to go on a long car trip. It totally saved me then. Now with our new son he entertains himself with it is the cars without me having to worry that he is going to suffocate himself with toys (because everything goes in his mouth right now) or throw the toys away making me take my attention away from the road.The clamps can be hard to unscrew at times, and I wish that you could interchange toys so the kids don’t get bored with it. But other than that I really like this product.

Shawn Harwich Port, MA

Great fun for little one but not as much detail as the one pictured.

I ordered this as an alternative to the “piano” that originally came on my son’s bouncy seat. As noted in the other reviews, it is no identical to the one pictured. The basics are there but detail some of the detail is missing. The extra ribbon and details around the sun are gone and there are no pictures on the spinning wheel. That being said. My son LOVES it. The center flower that hangs below the sun has a mirror in its center which he finds ineresting. He also loves the fact that he can pull the cord under the green spinning “flower” to make it spin. I loke that face that it has several joints that make it easily adjustable for our needs. For example, I can tilt it down when getting him out of the seat and tilt it back up after putting him in to keep the toys at his level. Overall I would consider the quality good for the price, I just think the detailing pictured is more colorful and eyecatching that what I received.

Justine Rock Valley, IA


It does get limp after some time, but it’s a great, versatile buy for your child. I would recommend it.

Bertha Parker City, IN

Entertainment for just about anywhere!

We got this when our son was a couple of months old. We’ve used this thing everywhere: stroller, carseat, changing table, and on and on. The screw-tight claws on each end make it easy to clamp on pretty much anywhere. Our son stayed entertained during stroller rides and diaper changes for a long time. I’d say that we probably stopped using it around 8-10 months, but it was worth it for the time we did use it. I have seen a different version that had sound. I would’ve preferred it to have music because my son LOVES music, but this did the trick.

Bertie Machesney Park, IL

Love it!

I bought this to use for my 2nd son, primarily to attach to our Baby Bjorn bouncer (got the idea from Amazon reviews, actually). LOVE IT. Much cheaper than the Bjorn attachment, too. Baby L is mesmerized by it. I do a lot of research before buying toys/gear and the reviews really are legit for this item.

Jenny Kearney, NE

Five Stars

This has become one of my daughter’s favorite toy

Catalina Sanbornton, NH

Best toy bar EVER!!

I wanted something to put on the car seat to entertain my son and I have never seen something so awesome! My son loves it and it entertains him the whole car ride. Definitely would recommend this to anyone!!!

Mavis Melrose, MA