Tiny Love Take Along Arch -Tropical

Tiny Love Take Along Arch -Tropical

Our unique and versatile Take-Along Arch for the stroller and baby carrier will delight your baby with its bright colors and special set of adorable, soft first toys. Your baby will have fun gazing at the dangling toys, and will get a work out practicing their motor skills and eye-hand coordination trying to connect with these toys. (Birth to 10 months.) Features: A bee with crinkley wings A colorful mirror toy An adorable musical snail Adjustable loops for varying the height of the toys Extra loops for adding other toys Large push-in clips for fast and easy attachment Folds conveniently to fit in the diaper bag May be adjusted to desired angle for baby’s comfort May also be used on a bassinet

Main features

  • A bee with crinkly wings
  • A colorful mirror toy
  • An adorable musical snail
  • Adjustable loops for varying the height of the toys
  • Extra loops for adding other toys

Verified reviews


I like it but…

I bought this for my 2 month old figuring it would be versatile enough she can use it for a long time. So far she likes the bright colors and the music. She seems to enjoy following the bugs when they swing as we stroll along. My only complaint is that it doesn’t attach very well to her Graco infant car seat. If you jostle it, it has a tendency to pop off on that side. I’m hoping when she gets older it’ll fit better on her stroller and carseat. It does however fit quite nicely on her bassinet.

Nanette Royal, NE

Nice idea, but hard to clip on

This is a nice little clip on toy to entertain your child, however, it is very hard to clip onto my daughter’s Quattro Tour Latch Travel System (Graco). I was able to get it on, after about 20 minutes of work, but it wouldn’t stay in an upright position. Before you buy this toy, make sure that your stroller or carseat, etc. has a thin bar/rail that the toy can be attached to.One bonus- it did fold very easily and fit nicely into my daughter’s diaper bag.

Gwendolyn Hazlehurst, MS

Fun, stroller toy

I did not use this with my son’s infant seat. I used the Fisher Price bugs (great product!) I bought this item for his stroller. So far, so good. He enjoys playing with it when we are out and about. The toys kept him entertained for a while, I guess a few months. I recently bought the Tiny love trio to switch out the other toys with and now he is playing with it again. Now that he is older he does pull it off the stroller, but he is still enjoying it and I haven’t lost any toys. Overall, fun stroller toy.

Janis Spring Mills, PA

Does not stay attached to car seat

My 3 month old loves playing with this toy when he is in his car seat, but he can now grab the toys and pull them. When he does this the arch comes off the car seat and it has already it him twice on the head. I wish that this product was designed better because my son really does love it.

Cornelia Lansdowne, PA

Better products out there

We didn’t have this toy for long because it would not clip onto anything. I bought initially for the carseat on the road, (can’t have the bar up while driving) but it wouldn’t clip on to the carseat. It also didn’t clip on to his bassinet. There was no point in having this toy, so we returned the item.As other people said it would collapse easily.Instead I use the Lamaze: Link Along Friends. I clip those to the hood of the carseat while driving. He loves to play with those toys.

Ollie Hopwood, PA

Doesnt work as advertised

This is a cute toy, I will give them that. And I didnt realize until much later that it played music. But it doesnt clip to ANYTHING. We have yet to find something that this toy will clip too. It collapses on everything, it falls on her. We ended up taking the toys off of it and hanging them from other things. We could have done that with toys she already had. This was a waste of money.

Jimmie Adrian, GA