Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Animal Friends

Tiny Love Take Along Mobile, Animal Friends

On the Go Mobile is a versatile mobile that can attach to most pack n plays, and infant carrier seats. It easily folds up and can be taken anywhere to soothe a baby.

Main features

  • Easily portable mobile can be folded and taken anywhere you go
  • Can attach to most pack n plays and infant carriers
  • Adorable characters and soothing music will soothe baby where ever you are
  • Item requires batteries, not included in the box

Verified reviews


Not safe for pack n play, fell down!

I have a normal Graco Pack n Play, such as the one pictured in the instructions for the item. I followed the instructions about how to affix the mobile properly. It is kinda like a twist-tight clamp, it tells you to tighten it to a hard part on the Pack n Play (like where the button to fold it down is). I tried my hardest to tighten it but no matter how tight I got it it was still wobbly. I went into the livingroom to look over the instructions again to see if it addressed this issue and heard a loud crash. Went to check and it had fallen into the pack n play. Thank God baby was not in it. I tried again to tighten it just to see if I somehow might get it another time, no, it just does not get tight enough to not be wobbly. It is totally unsafe for use on a pack n play. Since I only bought it for that purpose (was not interested in using it on the car seat or stroller) I am returning it. I think they should recall this for use on a pack n play. It would work nicely for a car seat or stroller though…so for someone interested in using it for that it would be good, but I had to give 1 star only because it is simply an accident waiting to happen (very heavy toy + newborn with soft spot on head = big trouble, possible head injury). Contrary to other reviews the motor was not at all noisy.I sure wish there was a company that would make a nice mobile for a pack n play (that is safe) because that is all I use for my kids! I’ve been searching for years for a mobile for a pack n play, was pretty excited about this one even though it was so simple and didn’t have lights or projection (my babies LOVE projections!), just too bad it didn’t pan out as far as safety. I’m wondering if mine just had a loose tightener (although if they can be loose at all that is a saftey concern, they should make them like they do the clamp on seats so that every time you tighten it locks in place and you have to push a button to untighten).

Selma Hollandale, MN

Great for the Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper

This mobile fits nicely on my Arm’s Reach Mini Co-sleeper – just make sure you put the mobile right over the middle (and thickest) part of the ledge. It’s been with my daughter since birth, and she’s now 4 months old. It took a little bit of getting used to (probably about 1 month), but the soothing music is now a great help in putting her to sleep. I took off a star from the rating because the switch that changes between the OFF/Music/Mobile Only positions is hard to flip with one hand. I tried to do that a few times with my free hand while I have my daughter in my other arm, and I ended up almost knocking the mobile over. Also I wish there was volume control on this thing. But overall this is a great product and well worth the money.

Deena Manawa, WI

Slow, useless mobile

My baby is 2 months old and finally starting to enjoy looking at toys and things that move. She loves the mobile on herSnugabunny swingso I was excited to find a little mobile that I could clamp onto herRock ‘n Play Sleeperor onto her carseat to keep her happy and distracted. Sadly this mobile has not lived up to my expectations.The biggest issue is that it is sloooooow. Even with brand new batteries it moves so slowly I often can’t even tell if it’s on. And yes, I’m sure there are kids out there who would be lulled to sleep by watching some arthritic jungle animals creep along in a circle, but sadly my daughter is not one of them. When this mobile is on over her rocker she actually prefers staring at the light fixture above it.Other issues:- The music is very quiet, and if there’s any other noise in the room you probably won’t be able to hear it.- You have to really wrestle with the clamp to get the thing to stay put. My advice is to twist the ring until you think it’s really clamped on tightly, then twist it for another couple minutes because otherwise it’s probably going to fall on your baby’s face.Now that I’m done writing this review I’m going to go put this thing back in the box and return it.

Betty Bienville, LA

It’s just OK

I like that this is portable, and I usually like the “tiny love” brand, but the mobile moves too slow, and there is no way to secure the arm from swinging around (we like to use it in the car to help distract and upset baby). Since the arm swings around, a parent has to hold it if you use it in a moving vehicle. On the positive side, I like that you can shut the music off and my 2-3 month old is entranced by the mobile.

Florence Bar Harbor, ME

A Must Have!

Our son started showing interest in music and would always look and smile at the mobile above his changer. We decided to buy this as a test to see if he would enjoy having a mobile in his crib before buying a much more expensive full size mobile. He LOVED it! We now use it on his playard and his carseat. It puts him to sleep for our five minute drive to his grandmother’s every day. A great must-have item for your registry. It’s compact yet effective and can be used on the crib, playard, stroller or carseat. We found a second one at a consignment sale for his grandmother’s house.

Zelda Omar, WV

Awful Product

This is a waste of money. It makes an awful buzzing sound like the motor is broken and it is very slow and soft. I would not buy this ever again and would have returned it if my husband had not tossed the package on me!

Fanny Kansas City, MO

Product works ok…is small

My 3 month old hates this mobile, he looks at it for a minute and starts crying. He doesn’t like baby swings either, but otherwise he is a very happy baby

Victoria Dougherty, TX

Disappointed … Connector arm was loose on my unit.

While this portable mobile is a good idea in theory, the unit I received was virtually useless because the connector arm was loose. Per the instructions, I snapped the 2 parts of the connector arm together, and then attached the mobile unit to the top using the velcro strap. However, the top part of the connector arm (the part that holds the mobile and hangs over a crib, bassinet, etc.) was very loose and wobbly, no matter how much I tried to adjust it. As a result, the mobile swung back and forth and was basically unusable with the bassinet of my pack-and-play. What’s more, the clamp that’s supposed to afix the connector arm to the railing of the crib, bassinet, pack-and-play, etc., wouldn’t hold the mobile upright, so it kept falling into my bassinet no matter how much I tightened it. Not only inconvenient, but also downright dangerous! The swinging connector arm only made the problem worse by rendering the entire unit unstable; the mobile kept swinging around, the clamp would give way, and the whole unit would fall into the bassinet. Needless to say, this item is being returned.

Matilda Indiantown, FL

Baby Loves It!

My 4 month old has a ton of toys. A ton. And this mobile is by far her favorite and has been for 2 months running (which is like 2 decades in baby years). I have no idea why. I think that the mobile is kind of cheap looking and, like many baby toys, garish and unattractive. But there’s no way that I’m taking this thing down because it’s the one thing that will entertain my baby to no end. I have it over her pack ‘n play (currently in the bassinet position and which I use as a changing table too), and if I need to put her down, I can always count on this mobile to make her squeal in delight. Her eyes literally get wide and she starts cooing and batting and talking to those ugly little animals. It’s amusing how she loves this mobile more than anything else that we have. The music is great too – soft and pretty, unlike some of the other toys out there that have horrible almost scary sounds.

Holly Weston, WY

Great Portable Mobile

I love this mobile & so does my 3-month old daughter. I have the Graco travel system, and strap this mobile to car seat handle when we are out and about. My daughter doesn’t like to sit in her carseat/stroller for that long so this distracts her long enough so that I’m able to do get my shopping done without her throwing a fit. However, the motor became very loud after a month, but Amazon was awesome & exchanged it. I would definitely recommend this mobile!

Lesa Covington, OK

Think twice if you have a bassinet…

I bought this for my son’s bassinet, and it doesn’t attach to the side of it. The mobile just spins around and falls over because it is not able to attach to the bassinet securely. I’m thinking this is because the bassinet has a layer of fabric around it, otherwise I think it would be fine. I really wanted to like this mobile, it seems perfect and so multi-functional… but I will be returning because it doesn’t work for us 🙁

Christie Greentown, IN

Cute, but far from perfect

I like this mobile almost a lot. Contrary to a lot of the negative reviews, I don’t think the mobile moves too slowly- it’s for a baby, guys. If you were using it for a younger baby (2 months or so) he would have trouble tracking the animals if it moved too fast. My baby doesn’t seem to mind the speed- he’s 3.5 months now, and really enjoys watching the animals.I also don’t think it’s too low, but I think that depends on how you position it. If you attach it to a crib, it probably won’t be loud enough for your baby to hear all the way down on the mattress since the speaker it on the unit, not down near the clamp. I have mine attached to his Rock N Play, so the sound is perfect. The only (tiny) problem is that the transition from one song to another is sort of abrupt, so my son sometimes startles when the song changed, since the old song fades and the new one starts quite suddenly. It’s never upset him, but it is a little weird.The real problem with it is the fact that the dang thing swing around ridiculously! If the clamp is not secure, it could land on your baby’s face! Plus the swiveling is annoying, since it doesn’t lock in one position, so if you move it out of the way, say to take your baby out of the crib/pack n play/bassinet, it’ll just swing right back to the way it was. Annoying.I would return it, but we have it clamped on nice and tight, and check it regularly so it hasn’t fallen, and my son does like it. And the fact that it goes on the carseat too is great.

Becky Unionville, NY

Boring mobile

This mobile would have been great if it had lights or glowed in the dark characters. Unfortunately it doesn’t and the music is too loud and you can’t adjust it. Only good thing is that it’s very cute with cute characters.

Maribel Ozark, AR

Great mobile for pack ‘n plays or bassinets

We found that our newborn was really interested in the mobile we had on his crib (also by Tiny Love), so I was excited to find this mobile that can be clipped onto anything. When our baby was 2 months old, the mobile was closer to him because we had placed it on the side of the pack ‘n play. We found that he was fascinated by the movement and the animals — and that he started to try to follow them with his hand! He spent a lot of time trying to ‘catch’ them. He’s now 5 1/2 months and he still likes the music and to look at the mobile. Other pros include the long battle life (haven’t changed it yet), it turns itself off after it has cycled through the music, and the music is pleasant to hear often. My only complaint is that there is no way to adjust the volume of the music, but it is set to a low volume so it is okay.

Earnestine Dover, NH

Good Travel Mobile, But A Bit Flimsy

Good Travel Mobile. Small, plays music fairly loud. Good for car seats or other travel usage. My biggest issue was with the ‘clamp’ portion of this product. Since it’s a travel item, you would expect that the clamp is going to be pretty simple since its not tailored to any specific product. Although I’ve never had an issue, I always worried that the mobile would fall over because the clamp just felt so flimsy. If you’re using it in a pack and play style crib or even in a car seat, it’s a little unsettling to worry that it’s going to fall over and hit your baby in the face. Again, it never happened to me, but the setup would make me tighten and retighten the clamp constantly when I was using it.

Kelsey Farmerville, LA

Great mobile!

Our son has hated his car seat since about 10-12 weeks of age. We got this and it helped so much with short trips. Longer trips it worked for a while and then he still wanted out of the seat, but we would recommend it to everyone whose little one hates the car seat. We had to stop using it because he could reach it. It also worked on the pack and play edge.

Marla Elton, WV

It’s OK

I like that this mobile can attach to the Pack N Play BUT this mobile is so boring! It’s pretty low, baby can bat at the soft toys but I almost have to say that it might be TOO low because as the baby grows bigger, it almost touches his face! I would have kept it except the motor started making a really loud winding sound after only about 1-2 months of light use. The clamp is fine on a Pack N Play. I would just tighten it every time you put the baby down, just for good measure. I can see how it might fall and hit the baby’s face if you don’t make sure it’s tight. I also used it on a Rock N Play and it was great but tends to tilt more down and hit the baby’s face. We also have theTiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobilewhich he LOVES! I would really recommend that mobile for the crib but if you really need one for the Pack N Play, this is the only choice out there and it is decent.

Lindsey Morgantown, IN

Not a fan

Seller was very helpful and amazing about making sure i was happy. However, the music on it isn’t nice for my baby. And the toys hanging are ok. There is nothing at the bottom of it when baby is looking up at it except that its white. But the hold of it for the playpin is great!

Karyn Camden, TX


I bought this to keep my ten week old distracted when in her carseat. She stared at it for the entire car ride and didn’t cry once! The music is very nice and the little animals are colorful and cute. The arm attaches to her arm’s reach cosleeper very securely. I think the versatility of this mobile is great. It would make a terrific shower gift, too.

Maryann Indian Hills, CO

Music too soft, we can barely hear it

I don’t recommend this mobile. I wanted to love it. We wanted a mobile that we could clip to the stroller since my daughter loves the mobile in her crib. But this product is just not well made.CONS:- The music is way too soft. We can barely hear the music! Which is sad because some of the music seems really nice.- The mobile moves too slowly. My daughter can’t get interested in it because it won’t catch her eye and attention.- Looks cheap. I was not expecting it to be amazing, but the animals are so small and cheap, no wonder my daughter does not really like them.Disappointing. Keep looking.

Alicia East Lynn, IL

Good for about a month

there’s no volume, speed, or timer switch. Only an off-no music-music switch. It spins at a snails pace which is okay but wish it had a timer. you can switch it from connecting to the crib to hanging off the carseat or a bassinet/playpen that already has an arch for toys. If you use it on an infant carrier beware- it comes down pretty far and swings so you would have to be stationary to use it(unless you have a huge infant carrier or stroller with an adapter). we mostly had it on the crib on the arm it came with. We only moved it two times before the tightening device snapped in half and rendered the mobile useless. Sure we could still hang it off the claw and attach it to something but we bought it for crib use not playpen use. for the price I didn’t expect too much but overall I’m disappointed.

Earlene Maribel, WI

Pretty good but wish the mechanism was placed differently

I purchased this product when my baby was 2 months old so he would have something to look at wherever I placed him. His bassinet has a mobile built in so I wanted this mostly for the stroller and car seat. I have a Graco Snugride car seat and I used the Velcro attachment to secure the mobile to the handle. However, I found that since the mechanism is under the Velcro strap, the mobile hangs very low and is practically in my baby’s face. I wish they had made this product so the mechanism would rest above the car seat handle so the mobile wouldn’t be as low as it is. It doesn’t really work well in the car seat, which was primarily why I purchased this mobile. I have not tested the clip for a stroller hood yet since I still use my car seat in the snap and go as a stroller but I would imagine this will work well in a stroller when my baby outgrows the snap and go. Again, my bassinet came with a mobile so I didn’t need this for my bassinet but I did test the attachment and it seems to work well.It is pretty easy to take off and put back on the pieces to convert from bassinet to stroller to car seat so I would imagine that if you wanted to use this in several places it would be very easy to move around. The mobile itself is colorful and attractive and the music is nice. It’s not so repetitive like other baby toys that can drive you crazy after a while! The music plays for a half hour before turning off automatically.It turns out that I mainly use this product attached to my baby’s activity gym so he can look at the mobile as well as the other hanging toys. He really likes it and can sometimes lie there looking at it for the full half hour. I like this mobile since my baby seems to like it but if I were buying again I’d look for something that worked well on the car seat as well.

Heidi Goodspring, TN

Good product for the price

Like – cheap, easy to use, can take anywhere and attach to pretty much anything, can hang or attach to side of things as shown in the picture.Dislike – fell off the side of bassinet (thankfully while baby was not in it)This takes aa batteries for the sound and movement.

Eleanor Belton, KY

I love it!

I love that this can attach to anything! The mobile doesn’t spin very fast so it doesn’t keep my childs attention very well. However she loves the music. I love that i can turn it on and forget about it bc after about 30 mins or so it turns itself off. Love this!

Helen Pittsville, MD


My son loves it when I bought for him when he was only 12 weeks. I used it when he was in the car seat. He just loves this mobile so much that he refused to stay in his pack n play bassinet while awake until I set this up for him.Back at home in his cot bed, I bought the followinghttp://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005VDX2RO/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B005VDX2RO&linkCode;=as2&tag;=travguid0ca-20

Ester Corona Del Mar, CA

Must have for baby!

Super great for entertaining the baby. Love that I can detach it and put it anywhere. Very helpful for entertaining little baby.

Erna Addy, WA

Great Product!

I actually really love this mobile. The bright colors and it make my little one so happy she laughs and talks to it! One star off b/c the music is a little short and you have to keep doing it to last longer. I would recommend this product to a new mom. VERY useful and affordable small mobile.

Michaela Keene, NH

peanut likes it

music lasts 30 mins. have only used it on the crib my daughter who is almost a year now still likes to look at it hanging from the ceiling. the arm stayed on the crib until I moved it to hang higher so she couldn’t reach it.

Antoinette South Charleston, OH

Great Versitile Mobile

I think the great thing about this mobile is that it plays continuous music for 30 minutes – just enough time for our little one to drift to sleep and not be startled by it all the sudden stopping like a lot of mobiles. It attaches to the crib easily and then can go to the carseat, bouncy-seat, and pack and play! It is a little slow, but he hasn’t seemed to mind that much as we use it to get him to sleep – not really for entertaining.

Suzette Lowell, MI

Super cute and easy to put together

This is adorable, and colorful. It is very useful, and can be used in the crib, car seat and play yard. It is also very affordable.

Saundra Cecil, GA