Tiny Love Tummy Time Fun Activity Mat, Frog

Tiny Love Tummy Time Fun Activity Mat, Frog

Tummy Time Fun Frog is an activity center that is designed to encourage extended tummy time play. It is portable and great when you are on the go. The tummy time fun frog pillow and mat includes a comfortable padded play mat, a tummy time pillow and a large mirror.

Main features

  • Friendly frog design
  • Tummy time pillow
  • Engaging mirror
  • Soft and washable padded mat
  • Teethers and squeeze horn

Verified reviews


On second thought…

I bought this thinking that it would help my baby get over his hate (at the time) of doing tummy time. He did tolerate more time but he lost a lot of the strength he had gained by doing tummy time the normal way. After returning to the traditional way of doing tummy time he has regained his strength and neck control and is moving along quite nicely. Maybe this is something older babies can use later on but I would not recommend it for younger babies just starting to develop their neck strength.

Alyson Radiant, VA

Must Have! Love It!

I love this play mat! My daughter loves this and spends lots of time on her tummy now, before this she would scream/cry whenever i would giver her tummy time, but not ever since this play mat has been an addition to her toy collection, she does 3 intervals of tummy time for 15 mins a day w/o any fussiness. If you have a baby that hasn’t adjusted well to tummy time, this is the purchase to make!

Katina Alta, CA

too many bells and whistles

Maybe it’s because my baby is only 3 and a half months old, but she is not interested in all the different things attached to the pillow. She also couldn’t care less about the bright colors at this point. However as a tummy mat it’s decent. I do wish though that there was Velcro on the bottom of the pillow so it could attach to the mat. The material of the mat is very slippery and the pillow moves off the mat. I think a much simpler mat, or even a rolled up towel on a blanket would have been efficient, but hopefully my baby will use the mat a little more as she gets older and start to enjoy all the little fabrics and squeak toys attached to the pillow part.

Peggy Silver Creek, NE

Not too thrilled

I mean this thing does its job but it is not a wow for me. My baby didn’t love it. That pillow is way too loose, in my opinion. But, I mean, for right in the beginning when you want to practice the tummy time is fine.

Liliana La Porte, TX

Great first tummy mat.

Can’t go wrong. 6 months old and still looks new despite many washings and lots of use. Great choice for a portable mat as well, we fold ours in our large diaper bag for longer outings, trips to friends houses for dinner, etc.

Keri Oceanside, CA

Good tummy time mat

If anything is wrong with this mat, it’s that we bought it a little late at 4 months. Our kid HATES tummy time, and he would cry and wail so profusely that actually this mat was primarily intended to protect bed, crib, carpet, etc. from his torrents of tears. Sad, but true. Now that the little imp has figured out how to roll over, the mat is not necessary because he won’t stay on his tummy (put on his tummy, he rolls over). How this kid is going to crawl facing upwards is beyond me. If your child is on the long side (ours was 24″ plus at birth), this mat might be a bit small if your baby is rambunctious. The little attached teether toy is a favorite for our little one (loves the rubber leaves), more so than any actual teether toy we bought for that reason. Go figure. This mat is worth the investment, although if your baby hates tummy time as much as mine, you may need something with more. . .eh. . .I dunno. Yeah, just buy this one. It’s good.

Sharon Athens, IL

Nice mat – not a miracle however

Like most babies who sleep on their backs, our son hates tummy time. This is a really nice mat but I can’t say that it’s made tummy time any more enjoyable for him. He tolerates it a little longer with the mat/pillow than without it. Our son is a large baby but the frog pillow is a nice size so it works well. The pillow can be used to lay the baby on his chest for tummy time or back for other play. I use the mat anytime I put the baby on the floor to play because he likes to look at the bright colors. It’s nice to have something in between the baby and the floor. He also loves the little mouthing toy that came with the mat. The mirror is nice to have but the baby has to be able to push up pretty well on his arms in order to be able to see himself in it. Don’t expect miracles with this mat but it’s worth a try if your little one doesn’t want to spend any time on his belly.

Megan Odem, TX

Baby Loves This!

I am glad I bought this, although I didn’t use it for the first few weeks or so with my young son…initially baby didn’t care for it, so I would put it away for a week and then try again. My baby is now 3 months old and has happily been using this mat for the last couple of months or so, he enjoys tummy time MUCH more when on this mat with the low boppy style pillow, as compared to just being placed on a soft blanket. I know I won’t use this for long and it’s by no means a “must have” but I am very glad to have purchased this mat. Colorful, easy to wipe off any spit-ups, and comfortable for baby.

Aline West Milton, PA

Poor quality & mirror does not fold correctly & too small

I brought this item for my newborn to experience some Tummy Time and I was very disappointed with this quality of this product. It is very cheap and surface area is very small … and this side mirror that it came with does not fold correctly ( I almost don’t know what to do with this item ). Anyhow, I would not recommend to purchase this product for tummy time. It is better to spend more money and purchase a Playmat instead. I want to return this item but my husband already threw away the box. This item is already in the storage.

Patrica York New Salem, PA

Son likes it!

This item has been a great way to support our little guy’s upper body while he practices being on his tummy. At four months, he has just started enjoying the activity even though he’s been using it for over a month. The removable leaves have become one of his favorite toys since all of the pieces fit in his mouth, and he can grasp the toy with his hands. I like and dislike that the u-shaped part is removable. I don’t like it because it creates almost a hazard if he is not monitored 100% of the time. He starts moving off of the cushioned surface to the floor which isn’t as baby friendly to his skin. I do like this quality because I have put that piece on the bed, on the ottoman, or wherever it suits us for him to practice on his tummy. That makes the piece very versatile. Overall, I recommend it.

Shelby Osseo, WI


Pros:- nice, vibrant colour- pillow is good size for wedging baby in sitting position as alternate use- mirror is good (image is not distorted like some other toy mirror), and my baby loves to chew the mirrorCons:- unlike those gym with activity cross bars, this is just a tummy mat, and nothing more, so I think it wasn’t a smart purchase- the mat is quite small so it’s no longer in use after a couple months- after a few washes the mat is a bit wrinkled, it wasn’t too bad, but not as flat as new- pillow material is not as smooth and soft as I’d like it to be

Kelly Warner, OK

Very Helpful

This product is very nice, it’s well designed and well made. My daughter lasts a little longer for tummy time than she did without it, but I can’t say that it has made a huge impact on tummy time for her. She is 7 weeks and has decent control of her head but really doesn’t enjoy tummy time. I purchased this hoping that it would help her enjoy tummy time a bit more. However, though it’s very cute. I haven’t seen much of an improvement. This is a very well made product and it is absolutely adorable.

Marisa Bucyrus, OH

Good tummy time mat

My baby doesn’t like tummy time, but this mat helps to keep her distracted and stay on her tummy for longer. There is enough going on between the crinkles, bell, bright colors, peekaboo ladybug, and the mirror which you can place anywhere.

Noreen Orderville, UT

Makes tummy time tolerable

I bought this mat for my 2 month old baby who hates tummy time. I was hoping that the mat would make tummy time more fun. My baby is now 3 months old and he still does not love tummy time but he seems to tolerate it better with the mat. For one thing its slippery so he can move around easier than on carpet, plus he likes the mirror and he likes that certain parts of the mat make a crinkle sound. The u-shaped pillow is just the right size for propping him up so he can get a better view of the room. Nevertheless, my baby still will only do tummy time for maybe 10 minutes at a shot. But you have to try something, right?!

Kara Maricopa, AZ

Very Bright

This is very bright and cute the only problem is the mirror knocks over easy but I still would buy it again

Carolyn Davisboro, GA

just ok

I thought that this mat would make tummy time more enjoyable for my little one. I was kind of disappointed by the fabric of the pillow, I am not sure what it is but it seems kind of cheap. Baby likes it ok he is willing to spend a few minutes longer with tummy time on this than with the rainforest jungle mat but not sure that I would purchase again. Also, the pillow can not be washed in the washer machine, it says not to submerge in water and to spot clean, I guess because of the crinkly paper in the arms and face of the frog.

Kerry Strang, NE


It’s ok. The U shaped pillow is rather small. It’s really not useful for a baby that has difficulty holding itself up.

Terri South Milwaukee, WI

She still hated tummy time

I got this hoping to convince my daughter tummy time wasn’t as bad as she thought. The mat is very cute and the ladybug provides some sensory stimulation with its crinkly face but it wasn’t enough to sway my daughter. I’m glad it worked for some babies but it didn’t do anything for ours.

Thelma Orwell, NY

works great for babys who hate tummy time

My daughter would scream at the top of her lungs when we would place her on her tummy. So we bought this in hopes it would make tummy time a little more enjoyable. And we were right she does up to 20 min of tummy time without any complaint. The best part is its machine washable and with any baby toy thats an answer to any parents prayer

Janna Vermilion, OH

used this mat a lot!

My baby is now 14 mo, but I bought this mat at 3-4 mo and have certainly got my money’s worth!Pros:
• small and portable. I would fold this up and stuff it in teh diaper bag when going to friends, events, or anywhere where she could be put down.
• Padded nicely. See above. I used this in place of a blanket may times because it had a bit of padding.
• the tummy pillow works well as a mini-Boppy, or as a toy. My baby liked the yellow face
• easy to wash and dry. I’m sure I washed this thing 50x, and it still has the same quality it did when I bought itCons:
• the velcro on the mirror is on the wrong side to make the mirror stand correctly. When looking at the picture, you would think the velcro would be on the surface that touches the floor, but it isn’t.
• like any tummy-time mat, this isn’t as helpful once they’re more mobile. The mat is a bit too small for wiggly babies.Overall, I would recommend this to a friend, or would buy it as a shower gift.

Kitty Havaco, WV

My son loves it

I got this item as a gift for my baby shower. I put my son on this everyday and he is getting stronger at lifting his head. It’s cute…

Callie Bat Cave, NC

Cute but my daughter didn’t use it long

This is a very cute mat but really not necessary for tummy time. I bought it mostly because it comes with a pillow but we really didn’t use it much at all. Now the pillow and mat are stuck in the closet and we only use the mirror. I don’t think it’s really this product in particular, but tummy time mats in general seem unnecessary. You live and learn.

Mallory Aberdeen, ID

cute, neat mat

Keeps my daugher entertained and happy! She especially loves the mirror. Helps make tummy time more enjoyable for little one.

Nanette Hydesville, CA


I bought this for my grandson who is 2 months old. He uses it for tummy time and loves it!. We also use it for him in his pack N play to lay on his back and look up at his mobile. Well constructed and brightly colored. Perfect for little ones!

Tami Garrison, MT

Good quality

This was a good quality buy. I didnt like that the pillow part didnt actually attach to the mat though. It made it hard for my son when he started wiggling around. Its made out a soft silky material so he would always slide off. We ended up not using the mirror to often just because it doesnt stand up too well, ecspecially on carpet. Overall its a good tummy time mat but I wish I would have looked around a little more for something that was possibley one peice.

Lesley Wilson, MI

Great for tummy time, once they can hold up their heads for longer periods…

Very cute with the pillow, mirror and extra things attached. When I first started tummy time with my baby girl she didn’t like it at all because she couldn’t hold up her head and she cried after a few seconds. Now that’s she’s almost two months she can hold up her head for longer periods of time and she is very happy looking up and around. Highly recommend once they get to that stage!

Briana Hiawatha, KS

Cute and Comfy!

My daughter actually likes tummy time ! which was a hastle since shes a little chubbz and doesnt like to be on her belly but the boppy helps her support her chest and arms.. A must have for babys 3+ months..

Celia Harrisburg, SD


Bought for our grandson who wasn’t much into tummy time. He loves this time now with the support to hold him up and view the world from his tummy at 2 months. The mirror is his favorite.

Leanne Okemos, MI

Excellent for newborn

I put my newborn daughter on this every day for her tummy time. I love the pillow so I can put it under her chest to give her a boost.

Mae Culver, OR

Absolutely Great

This tummy time mat is great, it has beautiful colours and is nicely designed to keep baby interested while on his tummy. It comes with a variety of sounds and a really nice mirror.

Joanna Fort Ransom, ND