TL Care Organic Cotton Mittens, Natural, 0-3 Months

TL Care Organic Cotton Mittens, Natural, 0-3 Months

Organic Cotton Mittens are made with soft 100% organic cotton interlock material, organically grown, free of pesticides and chemicals. Even the color is the natural shade of cotton. Perfect for baby’s soft and sensitive skin, prevents scratching and thumb sucking.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Mittens made of soft 100% organic cotton interlock material
  • Prevents scratching and thumb sucking
  • Free of pesticides and chemicals
  • Washable

Verified reviews


Useless due to shrinking!!

They shrink upon washing! Do not buy! Definitely a Total Waste of money! Don’t make thesame mistake, Purchased aug 2012

Tammy Naples, ME

Sloppy looking and don’t really fit

What can you say about these really? They were around $3, you get 2 pairs, they are organic cotton, they are sewn together rather sloppily and for some reason they all have bows – which is awkward if you have a boy baby. I removed the bows from ours – but then didn’t even end up using these as they were a little large and kept falling off of his hands anyway. By the time they fit he didn’t need them anymore.So basically – they are sloppy looking and don’t really fit and there is no way to customize the fit. I much prefer these:guavamitts 1 pack neutral baby mittens : dots (cream). Not only do they look 100% better, but you can customize the fit around the wrists. Yes, they cost 4x as much but you might be able to actually use them while your child still needs them. They are made out of bamboo and organic cotton so they are also very soft – and reversible so it can match your child’s clothing.

Verna Osteen, FL

Good and bad

I would have given these a 5 but the elastic on some of the mittens isn’t strong enough so they fall right off of baby’s hands. The ones that are tight though are super cute, soft, and stay on.

Allene Colbert, GA

Soft, strong and stay on

I really love these mittens. They are cheaper on Amazon then at Baby R Us. For the price, these mittens are so soft, dry fast and most importantly they stay on. My son loves to pull on his mittens and the other organic mittens never stood a chance.

Muriel Winsted, CT

Not impressed

The feel of these were great, however they were too loose for my 8lb newborn. They never stayed on, baby socks would have worked better.

Lorie Richland, PA


Ended up never using these because the lactation consultant told us that it’s important for babies to use their hands when first learning to breastfeed. She said to trim their nails in order to prevent scratching, but even if they do scratch themselves, it’s very, very minor and goes away in a couple of days. I found all this to be true for our baby. She’s always using her little hands and her nose to find the nipple and get positioned just right, so I felt like the mittens would just get in the way and never used them.

Erna Malcolm, NE

works well!

These are soft, stay on and are large enough. Other mits we tried were too small. Our daughter couldn’t spread her little fingers in others and they wouldn’t last long. These are actually large enough to last for months!

Liliana Port Angeles, WA


I don’t know ANY newborns with hands the size of a 6 month old… These are ENORMOUS, and just fall off. File or clip your baby’s nails… They’ll be fine.

Maribel Primm Springs, TN


These mittens didn’t work out as well as I had hoped. They don’t stay on my son’s hands for a long period of time and he doesn’t seem to like them like he likes a different set sold here on Amazon. I am glad they seem to work for other parents’ children I just wished they worked as well for my son. 🙁

Hannah Dycusburg, KY

Great product!

Fits my one month old baby, very soft and nice fabric, stay on, prevent scratching her face and my breast when I breastfeed. And my little one has super sharp nails whatever you do to them. So these mittens are life savers! Buy them!

Joann Folsom, NM

Don’t buy

I purchased these and thought I would use them in the hospital on delivery day…too bad they were way too big, and just fell off of my baby. Small socks worked better than anything else. Save your money.

Agnes Grosse Pointe, MI

Poor fit

As many other reviewers have stated, these mittens are huge. They didn’t fit when my kids were born and even now at 3 months, they are still too big. A waste of money. Stick with onesies and sleep and plays that have the fold-over fabric.

Eugenia Athens, WV

not too tight, not too loose but juuuuuust right

These are fantastic! They are organic cotton, which is great, and they wash well. The elastic is tight enough that they dont come slipping off like many others will, but they don’t leave any marks whatsoever. Very satisfied with this purchase 🙂

Melody Hopkinsville, KY

Great for those first few weeks at home

We ordered these for the birth of our second child. Overall, I felt that the quality of these were great. They were soft and stayed on well. However, we ended up not using them as much as we did with our first son. Our pediatrician told us not to use these with newborns, as they were a choking hazard. We’d never heard this with our first son and previously used them all of the time. While the advice was probably overly cautious, it freaked us out a bit and we ended up just using the pajamas that had the hand covers. Therefore we didn’t end up using these quite as much, but in the end they were a good quality product.

Cherie Descanso, CA

Organic Mittens for eczema

I bought these mittens for my 5 months old son who has really bad eczema on his face. My son is constantly rubbing his (day and night) and these mittens come in handy during the time when is is too hot for him to wear his scratchmenot. I washed them with cold soapy water and tumble dried them before I placed them on my son’s hands and they are still soft and I am also happy to report that these mittens didn’t shrink or stretch.

Earlene Foothill Ranch, CA

A little loose, but does the job if you need them.

Our newborn worked herself out of these pretty easily. She was born average length and weight, but she was exceptionally wiggly and active. Maybe all mothers say that, but honestly, even the medical professionals at her birth commented on how active she was. So perhaps that was more of the problem than the sizing. Still, they did seem loose. I suppose it’s a tricky business though b/c you certainly wouldn’t want them to be too tight.My suggestion would be to not purchase infant mittens at all. I know some people find them very helpful, and I can understand why– none of us want our babies to scratch themselves!– but our midwife and lactation consultant both said that the hands are important to have uncovered b/c they tend to smell like being in the womb, and it’s comforting to the newborn. Even once they are washed the hands tend to retain that comforting smell. Or so we were told! Also, bare hands are more conducive to breastfeeding, for those of you going that route.

Octavia Sparta, NJ

Mini boxer

These were cute in that they made my daughter look like she was gearing up for a boxing match. One of the mittens opened on the seam after two washes though (with very minimal wear time) hence the 4 stars instead of 5. I liked the design and that they are bigger then most of the mittens so they actually stayed on her hands.

Constance Nelson, WI

So soft

I really like these!! I didn’t know there were two pairs with this, there is an off white and a tan pair! Makes it an even better deal for a $3 add on item! They are really soft and seem to be a good size, not too tight or too small!

Rena Onward, IN

Great quality

Great quality mittens – soft and they stay on. I bought another pair that were of such poor quality. When I got these in the mail, I was ecstatic.

Jennie Oxly, MO

Best Ever!!

We bought the Gerber hand mits and nothing can compare to these TL hits. They fit perfectly and have done great! This review was done late due to our childs birth but after 6 weeks, they are fantastic. I had to make sure to write a review in hopes that it helps other parents. I would highly recommend if you are looking for mits that stay on and are not easily removed. They have not caused our child any of the dreaded red rings like socks can. Great product and highly recommended!

Berta Hallsville, TX

Love that they’re organic.

These are very soft and basic little mittens. There’s nothing loose or hanging off them, nor is the fabric "furry" like mittens made of yarn, so they’re okay to be chewed on, which will undoubtedly occur. Cute and easy to put on.

Mamie Wilber, NE

Great at first but elastic wears

These were great at first because they are lightweight and big enough for my baby (who ha larger hands). However, after a few washes, some of the mittens lost their elastic and the mittens wouldn’t stay on.

Gloria Kwigillingok, AK

It’s fine but,

Nice, feels soft, little bigger then expected for a newborn, but don’t regret getting it, just small little thing though, I thought I was getting a white and tan one , but one is light yellow the other is tan, so much for going off the picture, will use it though, so no worries here.

Alana Waverly, IA

Best mittens

These mittens are absolutely it, hands down. This is the third time we’ve bought some, not just for ourselves but for friends too. They hold up so well, the elastic in the fabric is high quality along with the stitching throughout the glove. Do remember to check for loose threads though, as they can tangle around little fingers and cut off circulation. These mittens are large enough to accommodate an infant up to 4 or 5 months, but hopefully by then their fingers are big enough to really clip their nails good. Very happy with these mittens. Oh by the way, they hide milk stains very well too. Little hands always seem to find a way to the little mouth 🙂

Bernadine Glasgow, PA

These mittens are great for scratchy babies…

Our baby girl tends to flail around a bit both when she is falling asleep and just waking up…so mittens are necessary until she grows out of that. I think these run a little big though. Our baby is 3.5 months old; these mittens are for 0-3 months old, and they are a little big on her. I really like that they are organic, which is always so nice and soft. I would definitely recommend these.

Brenda Wabeno, WI

work great

I used these while in the hopital because the nurses wouldn’t trim or file my daughters nails, and these kept my daughter from scratching her pretty face. The only thing is the elestic for the wrist is a little loose for me I kept having to pull them back down, but she was pretty small so it might just have been my problem.

Lucy Dallas, TX

Better to go with built in apparel

Were too big and fell off for the first couple weeks ( my son was born 8 lbs and 22 " long), didn’t need them after that so goes under the list of baby things that were a waste of money. They were soft though.

Jeanette Martin, ND

These ones stay on!

I decided to go organic with mittens when I saw how often my little one chewed on them, and happily discovered that these did not slip off like all the others. Because of that, these ended up being her "going out" mittens, since I never had to worry about her losing them and they matched everything.

Doretha Byrnedale, PA

Long-Lasting Product

These gloves are very soft and durable. They fit comfortably over my child’s hands and do not slip off. My first order of these was placed through Amazon’s "Add-on" program and well worth the value.

Hattie Carlton, PA

Very soft, touch comfortable

The material is very good. It is very soft and it must comfortable for baby. But it looks a little larger for one month baby.

Janette Holyoke, CO