TL Care Organic Cotton Nursing Pads, Natural, 6 Count

TL Care Organic Cotton Nursing Pads, Natural, 6 Count

Each organic cotton nursing pad is constructed from 5 layers of 100% organic cotton that is ecologically produced and healthier for you, your baby, and the environment. The 4.5″ wide pads are soft and breathable against the skin without sacrificing absorbency. All Natural Untreated Organic Material Contains Natural Cotton Oils That Need to Be Pre-Washed Multiple Times Before Fully Absorbent.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • All Natural Untreated Organic Material Contains Natural Cotton Oils That Need to Be Pre-Washed Multiple Times Before Fully Absorbent
  • 100% Organic Cotton Does Not Contain Any Waterproofing Protection
  • constructed with 5 layers of 100% organic cotton

Verified reviews


Soft and 4/5 on absorbency

If you have a serious let-down, you might go through a couple of these pads per boob. But they are much softer than any other nursing pad I’ve tried, and not itchy at all like disposables. So far I haven’t found anything that can handle my supply, but these are at least comfortable enough to wear around, and for someone with a light/moderate let-down they are probably absorbent enough. For me, these pads at least give me time to find a place to nurse and/or change my shirt.

Ester Strasburg, VA

Comfortable and absorbant!

I love these nursing pads. All of the disposable ones seem too scratchy and uncomfortable for me. These are soft and wash well. They are pretty absorbent, but I tend to have to switch them out every other feeding. This is fine by me, it’s more sanitary that way. I did have to buy 3 packs of them and have to wash them practically every day though.

Katheryn Sweet Grass, MT

Not Impressed

I purchased these in the hopes that I would be able to stop using disposable nursing pads and at the price with the positive reviews I looked forward to trying these. When I pulled them out of the package my first impression was that the were soft, a plus for my irritated and abused nipples. But my second thought was that they were thick and that meant bulky but if they were absorbent I could deal with the bulkiness. My first few wears of these were fine, they soaked up the little dribbles here and there just fine. The real issue came when my 4 month old had one of her random nights where she slept all night with out a feeding and I had a significant leakage event. When I looked at the nursing pad after cleaning up it didn’t absorb across the pad at all there was a wet spot slightly larger than my nipple straight through all of the layers of cloth. What’s the point of all of that fabric if not to absorb?

Leah Flint Hill, VA

great price, nice product

I bought these pads because I was going through a lot of disposable pads when I first started nursing and was hoping to find something I could reuse.Pros:soft and comfortablepliableabsorbentwashable/reusablegreat unit price (compared to disposables)Cons:no waterproof backingno non-slip backingthicker than disposable padsless discrete under clothingThese pads do the job I was hoping they would for a good price, however there are a couple of things to take into consideration. 1. You may want to put a disposable pad underneath them (which I wanted to replace altogether with these pads), since the pad is made of cloth and no waterproof backing. If you’re wearing a tight-fitting bra and/or shirt, take a second look at yourself in the mirror before heading out, since you may see the outline of the pads inside your bra and have to adjust. I do think this is a cheaper option in the long run, compared to buying disposables.

Anita Lebanon, WI

Great for Sore Nipples

These pads, once washed are excellent for wearing around the house. For the first two months of breast feeding, I would wear these inside a disposable pad since milk may leak through. I found these to be softer on my sore nipples than any of the disposable pads. Plus, at night or when I’m at home, I would much rather use something reusable.I accidently wore these to a pilates class and was pleasantly surprised that they stayed in place. At night they move around some.

Rachael Montague, NJ

I wish everything I owned was as soft as these!

I’m sure it’s easy for many women to buy "popular" brands for nursing supplies, and I honestly bought these based on the few but all positive reviews and I’m so glad I did. These pads are so plush, thick and extremely absorbent. I don’t even realize I’m wearing them, and they blend in well beneath an unlined nursing bra, tank, or sports bra.

Lillian Wheeler, OR

Leak through every time

I would give this product 5 stars for touch and feel. Very soft. Easy to wear and wash. However they are awful at containing any amount of leak. I go through all 6 pads before morning is over. And forget about them working over night. The smallest amount of milk soaks right through to my bra and shirt. I have gone back to disposable pads

Leanne Lenapah, OK

Soft and somewhat absorbent but….

What a weird shape. The edges don’t lay flat so wearing them in my bra is not my favorite look…they look like hockey pucks. I also have pretty small breasts, even for a nursing mom, so you would think the pads would always be in place but no. Often I have to rearrange the pad to cover my nipple during letdown and if I forget the milk soaks one side of the pad so thoroughly it leaks through. I wouldn’t recommend these to anyone.

Maritza Pinetta, FL

Wished that it would work

I liked the idea of organic and reusable, but unfortunately these nursing pads were useless. They don’t hold enough liquid. Since the entire pad is constructed of cotton, there is no moisture barrier between your leaky breasts and your bra. I ended up buying the disposable Avent nursing pads and have no complaints thus far. They are also cheaper than the Lansinoh disposable pads.

Adrienne Reydell, AR

Comfortable and better than bamboo

I tried two different brands of bamboo nursing pads (one was Bamboobies, I don’t know the other brand) and I found both to be very uncomfortable and scratchy. These cotton pads were much more comfortable and non-irritating. I gave them four stars because they worked great for me, but I only wanted them as a reusable option to wear at night. If you are looking for something to wear during the day and that won’t show through your clothes, you may want to consider disposables, as I haven’t yet found a reusable brand that fills that need. These are absorbent enough for me to wear at night, partially because it’s a shorter time period but also because I don’t care as much if milk gets on my nursing bras and they don’t get as soaked when I’m lying down as when I’m sitting/standing and walking around. I don’t know if that’s true for everyone.

Bettie Manderson, SD

Stay away if you have leaky “faucets!”

I am terribly disappointed with these pads. While they are incredibly soft, they are thick & bunchy around the edges causing them to be extremely visible–even through a padded/lined nursing bra. Unfortunately I stopped caring about the edges being visible when I realized that I consistently leaked straight through these pads. Bunchy edges are much less humiliating than big wet spots. I guess they wick too well & go all the way to the other side because I have yet to wear these without ending up with spots. If you just need to catch a few drips, maybe these would do fine, but if you’re a milky gal, steer clear!

Erma Monroe, OR

Very necessary product

I bought this product for my sister and she was very happy with it all the time. Is very important that it is washable.

Lottie Georgetown, DE

A mixed bag

Love the material in these because they are really nice on my skin, but they tend to move around a lot and aren’t very big. Also, a decent leak will go right through.

Lizzie Abingdon, IL

Oddly shaped, thick edge seams

These nursing pads are inconveniently obvious under any clothing I’ve tried, and they soak through QUICKLY. Back to the disposables, I guess.

Ada Oakhurst, NJ


You might have to go through at least 2 pairs during an entire day. However it does the job of keeping your shirts dry. Stays thick and absorbent after many washes. Actually wish I had bought more.

Gail Stone Park, IL

the best!

i loved these, I had no problems with them at all! great absorbency and i could use them all day with no issues, and they were not able to be seen under my bra. will reuse and buy again!

Nona Washington Island, WI

Leaked Through Them

These pads are incredibly soft and comfortable, unfortunately, I have one side that leaks rather heavily and woke up absolutely soaked! I leaked right through. I realize this isn’t the pad’s fault since the other side was just perfect, but I thought I should say that if you are a ‘leaker’, you might want to consider something more water-proof. Otherwise, these are a great investment!

Patsy Tylersville, PA

Nursing pads

This product arrived in small packaging and it arrived on time. The product is great because its organic and safe for baby since baby will be the one close to this skin.

Dolly San Saba, TX

These are awesome!

These are excellent nursing pads. I had been using Lansinoh disposable pads and found that my nipples were raw all the time and never seemed to heal. I was advised not to use any breast pads with plastic lining and I ordered these immediately and they made a HUGE difference. These breast pads are soft and absorbent and most importantly, they breathe. I highly recommend these to all nursing/pumping moms.

Corina Romeo, CO

Good Product, I didn’t care for them.

These breast pads are a good product, absorbent for a few hours of use (would not make it overnight with me in first month of breastfeeding). They fit under any nursing bra and are soft. What didn’t work for me was the thickness. It smushed my nipple in an uncomfortable way and the seam around the edges left an impression on my skin under my bra that irritated me. While I did need these for the first few weeks while my milk was coming in & I was leaking a lot, I couldn’t wait to switch to the BAMBOOBIES after that. They are absorbent enough for day use and SUPER SOFT. This product was soft too, but the heart shape of the Bamboobies is much more comfy on your boobies.

Colette Duson, LA

Absolutely love these!

This brand has been a great find, and their nursing pads live up to everything else I have purchased from them. I wanted something that wasn’t disposable and these were perfect (for the record, disposable pads irritated my tender and sensitive skin terribly). These are so soft, no too thick, wash and dry very well, and were exactly what I was looking for and needed. They’re a great price for the amount you receive and I highly recommend them for nursing moms!!

Mara Muncy, PA

Doesn’t stop major leaks

They look nice and are very soft but they’ve leaked through my shirt twice now. I think these would be good for small leaks later on in breast feeding but at the start when the milk is still balancing itself and leaking, it doesn’t help.

Doreen Pride, LA


These, and other washable pads like these, stick to my nipples and hurt to pull off. Then, I have cotton stuck on there and have to wash it off before I can feed my son.

Cara Carrabelle, FL

Great green alternative

I was unable to use disposable pads because they gave me heat rash (summer baby). While these need to be changed more frequently, they are soft and do absorb more than I expected. I prepped them like cloth diapers, and I wash them with my daughter’s cloth diapers so they do not get build-up. They are still going strong after 8 months of use!

Rosalyn Leland, IL

Not my favorite

These pads are ok, but not great. They shrink in the wash/dryer and then they seem too small. Especially for nighttime when they shift around in your bra, a lot of times I wake up and they aren’t covering me anymore. They absorb well, but I am not a heavy leaker so not sure how they would be for more leakage. I no longer nurse in the night and they are pretty wet by morning. Also these are thick and show through clothing (the outer edges are visible through my shirt) so I can’t wear them to work. However, all of my reusable pads have this problem. I have to wear Lasinoh disposables when going out in public.

Rhonda Randall, IA

Shrinks quite a bit

There should be some rule that says cloth product dimensions should be the after-washing shrunk size, or the products should come preshrunk. These cloth pads are soft and feel much better than disposables on sore nipples, but after 2 washed they came down from the stated 6 inches to about 3 inches, enough to just cover the areola. Since these are thick, they look like a platform just over the nipples, which totally show through nursing bras that are typically unpadded. I can’t say much about absorbency since I never leaked. They did stain from motherlove and EMAB creams as well as lanolin but did not seem to repel because of them.

Araceli Mango, FL

Absorbant, easy to wash

These nursing pads are great. I leak a lot of milk and they do a great job keeping everything dry for short periods of time. Could I wear them all day? No but I have other products for that. They are a soft material so they don’t bother my nipples and I just through them in the washer after a use. I have 2 packs of 6 so that at least 2 of them are always clean.

Marjorie Trussville, AL

would not buy again

pads are ok size wise and I liked the packaging. but that’s about it. they are soaked thru too quickly and I end up washing them every other day. You would need to buy a lot for a week supply. I use them at home only and use disposable pads when I’m out.

Sarah Sour Lake, TX

Leak through

I purchased a pack of these and found that it was not enough to keep in rotation. I was leaking through so much. So, I purchased another pack and also a huge pack of disposables. I find that I like the disposables better (unfortunately) for coverage, but I like the way that these feel against my skin, especially when it’s sore and sensitive. So, around the house I use both (I would use these in between the disposables and my skin)!Update: Now that I’m less sensitive I don’t use these at all. They are soft and good quality though.

Tamra Swanzey, NH

Leaks right through!

I bought these pads at Babies R Us, thinking that using organic pads would be slightly better for the environment, etc. However, I found that they’d leak right through in under an hour. I find that the Medela disposable pads and Loving Moments cotton pads (sold at Wal-Mart) are much more absorbent.

Jenna Fountain, MN