Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow, Sky Blue

Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow, Sky Blue

Today’s Mom and reg; Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow Good maternity pillows are hard to find. It’s all about mom’s comfort when it comes to a pregnancy pillow and Today’s Mom and reg; Cozy Comfort is an excellent maternity pillow. Sleeping on a Cloud Today’s Mom and reg; has listened to the biggest concerns of. well, moms of course. One of the biggest pregnancy pillow problems has been hard edges digging into mom’s shoulder. The Cozy Comfort has a curve shaped, shoulder support design, that contours to the shoulder and provides a soft sleep. Another problem examined by Today’s Mom and reg; is lumbar support. The Cozy Comfort correctly supports mommy’s weight while she sleeps. An important upgrade mother’s demanded was belly support. This maternity body pillow features a belly support allowing the tummy to rest and support the baby comfortable. Perhaps the best feature is the large, square head rest area. Other pillows feature a flimsy, oddly shaped area for the head. The Cozy Comfort’s head support resembles a standard pillow to provide comfort. Convenience You can Count on This is one of the only pregnancy pillows designed with an easy to remove zipper-cover. Now, the pillow and case can be separated for washing. The case is machine washable. The pillow and case are made of a 50/50 combination of polyester and cotton, and a 200 Thread count percale. Please note that due to hygiene reasons, this product cannot be returned.

Main features

  • Pregnancy pillow includes Shoulder Comfort System
  • Keeps mommy’s back cushioned and keeps baby supported while nursing
  • Inner curve keeps mom’s back and belly supported
  • Designed to caress the natural curves of the body
  • Cradles entire body and keeps it in constant comfort

Verified reviews


It gets the job done!

I did a lot of research before deciding to order this pillow, and I am satisfied with my purchase. I am 26 weeks pregnant and my main problems were waking up during the night with lower back pain, trouble just “getting comfortable” in bed, and back pain throughout the day. Since I started using this pillow my pain has all but vanished! I still wake up during the night but I am able to fall back asleep much more quickly because it is easy to get comfortable. While I think I made a good purchase, there are definitely some pros and cons to consider:Pros:–You can switch from side to side without having to move or adjust the pillow–The pillow holds its shape and doesn’t get flat–The pillow has awesome back support!–Removable, washable cover in a neutral color (mine is brown)–I think this will make an excellent nursing pillow, supporting both mom and babyCons:–Cover is not very soft…I sometimes get the urge to put a soft blanket between my head and the pillow–It gets kind of noisy when I switch sides or am trying to get “adjusted”….not so good if your husband is a light sleeper. Luckily mine could sleep through a tornado!–It’s pretty big. If you are sharing the bed with your husband, it would be best to have a king size.–It’s a little pricey, in my opinion. But then again, can you put a price on comfort and sleep? At least the shipping was free!I would definitely recommend this pillow to other pregnant women. Just keep in mind how much space you have in your bed and if you have room to store it!

Deena Darlington, IN

Best all-around body support

UPDATE 3/25/12: I have long since had my baby, but thought I would share that I brought it tent camping while I was still pregnant and it was fantastic!! We did use a queen size air mattress, but with the air mattress and this body pillow, I was very comfortable sleeping in a tent by the beach.ORIGINAL REVIEW: I purchased this when I was at 22 weeks because I started experiencing hip pain. I tried sleeping with a pillow between my knees, but the pain persisted.I’ve been using this pillow for 2 weeks and absolutely LOVE IT!!!! It provides a head pillow, pillow support for my back, my belly, and for my legs all in one. I normally wake up surrounded by pillow softness, and the support (especially for my back and belly) has been amazing!! What’s even better is if I switch from my left to the right side, I don’t need to bring the pillow with me. It’s already there because it surrounds you. I just nestle into the keyhole opening and I’m good to go!I am 5’2″, and fit fine within this pillow. We have a queen sized bed, and it fits fine. In fact, its about as wide as half a queen size bed, so hubby can’t inadvertently sneak over and force me into a small space on my side. The pillow ensures I get my half of the bed!I like that the cover is removable and washable. I get very warm at night, so I wash the pillow cover on a regular basis. It’s not the softest material, but once I go to bed, I don’t notice it at all.Totally worth the price to sleep better from now until my baby is born.

Jerri Marfa, TX

Is very nice

Pregnancy after sleep will feel uncomfortable, use the pillow, sleeping at night is safe and comfortable.It can also be used as pillows

Faye Winchester Center, CT

Love, love, love this pillow

I am in love with this pillow. I bought it over 3 years ago when I got pregnant, because it was becoming harder and harder to roll over at night and take my pillow with me without stealing all the covers with it. I sill sleep with this thing. Although I am sad to say this week the cheap inside material holding all the stuffing in burst, and released the stuffing inside of the pillowcase. The pillowcase does unzip and washes and dries very easily. I sleep with it the opposite of what the picture shows. I really love this pillow and will purchase a new one soon. Afte3 years it is now loosing it’s fluffiness and needs more stuffing. But it is a great product. I would even use it at night when I would feed my son. He had to be bottle fed due to his inability to latch, and so I would turn the legs of the pillow around and create a little bowl for my baby to lay in and have him face me while I fed him so I could see him. I really love this pillow and highly recommend it.

Herminia Amherst, NH

Thank goodness!

Before getting pregnant and round I was a stomach sleeper. I’m short- 5’1″, and before getting the bump was pear shaped- large hips and a small chest. I’ve had it since I was about 18 weeks and am now at about 27 weeks.Pros:-When sleeping on your side it supports both your front and your back, taking some pressure off of your hips. (It’s hard to describe and you can only really see what I mean when you try it.)-Before I got it I was sleeping with three pillows- one under my head, one in between my legs and and one hugged up to my chest. That made it really hard to roll over, taking all of the sheets with me and requiring a lot of effort. Now, I just have to roll over and there’s pillow on the other side of me, too.-It allows me to sleep sort of on my back/sort of on my side. I can keep my hips and knees wrapped around one side of the pillow, but I can lean my chest back so that it isn’t crushed. (It’s hard to explain, but hopefully it makes sense to some of you)-If you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (hahaha, “if”) you just fold up one of the “legs” and go. When you get back you just fold it back down and go back to sleep-no wrestling multiple pillows back into place.Cons:-It can be a little warm, but nothing a couple of degrees on the a/c thermostat cannot fix-I can see it getting a little “flatter” over time, but I think fluffing it and flipping it regularly (since I try to sleep more on my left than my right) should help with that-It’s big! We have a queen-sized bed and it definitely takes up my half of the bed and perhaps a bit more-Some might consider the cover to be a bit “scratchy,” though I thought it was fine. I bought two nicer pillow cases and sewed them together and covered the part where my face goes, but this was mostly for ease of washing.Overall, it’s not perfect. I still have times when my hips hurt or my arm falls asleep, but I feel like it’s better than it was before I got it. Actually, we went to visit family about two weeks ago and I didn’t bring the pillow because it’s so large. I didn’t sleep a wink all weekend because my back and hips ached without it. So, don’t anticipate that this will be a 100% fix, but I definitely wouldn’t want to be without it!

Rhoda Wrentham, MA

Much more comfortable for arthritics

I have had arthritis for five years now. It’s hard for me to be comfortable sleeping. This pillow makes it so much easier to sleep and be comfortable. It supports in the right areas without leaving sore knees touching. The knee pillows don’t stay with me and are too thick. I tried a different one of these type pillows. But, the curve where the neck goes was stitched too tightly. This one has a very comfortable curve that doesn’t cut into your neck or shoulder. I change sides during the night and it was nice to know the other side was right there waiting for me. I am a heavy person and the support for lower back and belly is appreciated, too. The only down side is that the pillow is a little “crunchy” sounding. I’m hoping with use, that will be more quiet. The cover on this ones goes on and off much easier than the other one I had.

Felecia Morocco, IN

Highly Disappointed – Too Ex$pensive For Discomfort

I purchased this pillow based solely on the overwhelming positive reviews for this product on Amazon. I cannot state enough how disappointed I’ve been since using it. I find this pregnancy pillow to be extremely uncomfortable and somewhat difficult to use and here’s why:1. The Pillow Cover – the pillow cover for this product is very difficult to get back on the pillow once taken off. I had hoped that the cover would be loose enough so that one person could easily slide it back on. I couldn’t get it back on by myself at all! I had to have my husband help me and he did most of the pushing and shoving of the pillow back into the case. I washed this pillow with cold water once… there wasn’t a ton of shrinkage due to that. The cover design is poor in that it is too tightly fitted. No pillow case should require 2 people pushing, shoving and stuffing the pillow to try to get it to fit back in.2. Body Temperature Issues – Based on most of what I’ve read about pregnancy, most women’s temps go up at least 1 degree during this lovely time. Many pregnant women that I’ve spoken with constantly complain about how hot they are so I would think that a company that designs pregnancy pillows would take this into consideration and perhaps create pillow contents and coverings that would keep pregnant women cool or at least not overly warm. I keep the temp at around 70 or 71 degrees and have a drafty condo. While using this pillow at night with 20 – 30 degree temps and drafty windows, I burned up. I would literally wake up sweating whereas not using the pillow and having 2 blankets and 1 sheet I was fine. The only way for me to be semi-comfortable in regards to the body temperature issue was to literally turn the heat off. I was great after that, but my husband was freezing. I have used regular bed pillows between my knees and 2 under my head and I was never this hot.3. Overall Design & Comfort – I have had to use 2 other regular bed pillows with this product to make it comfortable. I’ve tried sleeping with this pillow positioned at opposite ends and both are horrible though the open end at my head is the easier to deal with of the two. One reviewer on this post who also gave the product two stars said that she tried placing her left arm underneath one of the legs of the pillow to try and get more comfortable, but that only managed to put her arm to sleep. Did the exact same thing to me. Since conventional medical wisdom is pretty much telling women to lay on their left sides for proper blood flow to the child, you really don’t have too many options of sleeping in any other position unless you accidentally end up that way in the middle of the night. I have not had one restful night of using this pillow by itself since purchasing it. I have to use other pillows to make it reasonably OK. I do not get the supposedly great back support that is listed in the description of what the pillow is supposed to give you either.4. Size – this pillow is huge. Too big, I think. I have a queen sized bed which is pretty average for most couples in America and this pillow takes up more than half of it. I think they could have made this either one long piece or 2 separate smaller pillows for pregnant women to use.Overall, I am highly disappointed with the money I spent for this product. If it wasn’t such a hassle (because of the sheer size of the thing and just being pregnant and feeling unwell most of the time) I would have shipped it back to the company within 3 days of using it. $70 is way too much to pay for a product like this. If you are dead set on buying this pillow, see if your local store (Walmart, Target, Sears, Kohls, etc.) has it before purchasing it online just so you can easily return it if it is not to your liking.The president of this company emailed me in early January asking me how I liked the product. He stated that if my review was positive to go ahead and post it on Amazon, but if not, to let him know before posting a negative review so that he could possibly “fix” the issue. I emailed him and told him that I was not happy with the product at all and since there isn’t a whole lot he can do about it, I didn’t expect much. I feel that I need to be honest in my review of the “Todays Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy Pillow” because $70 used in this economy and during an uncomfortable period in most women’s lives is too much to pay for a below average product. You really should save your money and either use your own pillows or buy 2 smaller ones at your local store.

Suzanne Shambaugh, IA

Really Helps with Laying Down Comfortably!

I remember back in my first trimester looking over’s selection of maternity pillows.I am so glad I decided on this one.The fact that it covers your back and front is really nice.The back on it provides me with just a little bit of back support, but what a difference that makes! The very first night I used it it helped me so much in getting a good nights rest.Now I am 34.5 weeks with twins and get back pain when I try laying down without this pillow. With it there is NO PAIN! I have had an extremely easy twins pregnancy, and this pillow helped with that.Now I don’t always get a good nights rest, but this pillow really has helped me. I sling one arm under the pillow, one over, I tuck the otherside into my back, and my head rests in the middle. When I need to get up (every 2 hours to pee) I simply kick the front of the pillow out of my way like a door, slide out of bed, and when I come back I just close the door again.It makes flipping over in bed easy to. I don’t have to move the pillow to the other side of me, since both sides are identical. I have to flip over about 4 times during the night when my lower arm starts to go numb etc.This pillow could likely also be used a nursing pillow, but having twins I wanted a more sturdy twins nursing pillow.My hubbie loves this pillow to, and has stolen from me on occasion!The cover is very comfortable. I remember someone posting it was “hot”. I don’t find that to be really true. I mean it is as hot as a sheet would be, not like a blanket. And you don’t really wear the body pillow on top of you, it is on the side of you.Anyway, I can’t imagine a better maternity pillow, and although $50 seems like a lot to spend, it really has been worth it for me, and I’m pretty dang cheap.

Jami Eagle Rock, MO

$70 for WHAT?!

I have chronic back pain and severe insomnia. Since I am pregnant the added weight doesn’t help at all with the back pain, and since I no longer take ambien, I need to get as comfy as possible (there is no such thing when you’re pregnant)After reading so many reviews on all the different pillows, I asked for this for my birthday hoping and praying it’d help with my back pain and to help with getting used to sleeping on my side. NOPEWhat a waste of money!1.)The pillow is not nearly as fluffy as pictured.2.)The pillow case itself is scratchy.3.)I still constantly wake up on my back every day.4.)I’d like to know how this has given any relief to people with back problems, because it hasn’t help a bit.5.)After a week of use, it already was creased from where my head lays.6.)If you like you’re head propped up, you’ll have to tuck another pillow underneath as I did.7.)My husband will tell you I’m always cold, this pillow makes me over heat, even with the fan on me. I wake up during the night sweating, it seems to trap all the heat inside.8.)My arms constantly fall asleep no matter how it’s positioned on either sides.I knew this couldn’t be returned as it states it right on this web site and on baby age, I am however so disappointed that I had my family spend $70 on this POS.

Adele Warren, VT

Did not meet my expectations

After reading all the glorious reviews, I bought this pillow. I already owned a snoogle from my first pregnancy and upon comparisions, I like the snoogle better. Upon arrival I noticed this pillow was folded in the area where the head goes and lost form. The pillow was too soft for my liking and does not hold shape. I still ended up using additional pillows to support my back. I wouldn’t recommend for anyone who is looking for some firm support during pregnancy.

Faye Golden, MS


This became more and more important throughout the pregnancy, because by the end I was proud of myself for just managing to turn from my left to my right side, and didn’t need the hassle of moving my body pillow with me. Ingenious concept. I did not end up sleeping with it as it is in the picture, however, because I found the middle portion not suitable as a pillow for my head. Instead, I just flipped it around and put the connecting portion down by my feet and it worked perfectly that way.

Florence Kenwood, CA

Nice pillow

This pillow has helped me sleep better since I got it. It really is huge but fitsfime on my side of the queen bed. My only issue is that it could use a bit more stuffing. I usually put another regular pillow under my head. Overal its better than other pregnancy pillows I have tried.

Charlotte Tuscumbia, AL

Too big

Thought this was my salvation when I ordered it. When it came I couldn’t wait to use it. Felt great, but if you have a bed all for yourself it is too big, so imagine how my poor husband felt? After a while it was just too much and it made me hot. Ended up putting it out with the donations to Salvation Army.

Noemi Blocksburg, CA

A God Send!

I bought this pillow when I was 10 weeks pregnant. I read the reviews and decided to take a chance, at that point I wasn’t experiencing much in the way of discomfort but I wanted to get one. I’m glad I did. Now at 29 weeks I don’t go anywhere overnight without it. There is a noticeable difference when I don’t have the front and back support. I just simply cannot get comfortable without Cozy Comforts help. The fabric that I’ve heard complained about I didn’t mind at all. The one thing I don’t do is put my arm through the neck rest. I add another pillow on top of this and put my arm in between the cozy comfort and my extra pillow as I like the extra neck support.We do have a king bed and there’s plenty of space with the pillow there. We have also tried this in a queen and twin. In a queen it does take up space but not to the point of it kicking out your spouse or significant other. In the twin you may want to use the back support side as a pillow for your spouse so it doesn’t take up the entire space. This has worked wonders for us.The only complaint would be from my husband since this has become my best friend. 🙂 Overall a very good investment that has helped me sleep throughout this pregnancy.Update: 1/17/2014 I am now 2 months past when our daughter has been born and this pillow is still holding up amazing. I still use part of it during the night and it has been very useful for helping me during her night time feeds. This truly was a great investment both during pregnancy and after.

Laurie Preston, IA

Belly saver

This baby has been a true belly saver for me during my pregnancy. I was super sore in the beginning, and it helped my back and boobs and trained me to start sleeping on my side. The one drawback is that it does take up a lot of space in bed, and it creates a barrier when sleeping next to my husband (and I missed cuddling!). As I progressed in my pregnancy though, it’s truly helped me sleep as well as I can throughout the night.

Mercedes Auburn, MA

LOVE this pillow!!!

I absolutely love this pillow! I’m 26 weeks pregnant and was having the worst back pain at night. This pillow has helped so much and I am able to sleep pain free! It supports my entire body. Yes it takes up a lot of room but I don’t care, I am pregnant and sleeping well is what’s important. I use a my regular pillow on the top to support my head, which is fine with me because I am use to a really firm pillow for head support. Every pregnant woman needs this pillow! Some people said they didn’t like the cover, that it was too rough, I have no clue what they are talking about. I think the cover is just fine. It’s not as silky as some finer sheets but I think its a pretty standard pillow cover and I don’t get too hot from it. All in all this is a great product and anyone with back pain will benefit from it 🙂

Brittney Wickenburg, AZ

Excellent buy

I am 5’9″ and have used this pillow since week 14. I also vary the use of it–sometimes I use a regular pillow and only use one of the edges (tuck the other back or off the edge of the bed). We even took it on our vacation with us for a week.The only drawback to this pillow is that the cover looks like a huge turd on our beautiful comforter, but that’s from an aesthetic POV only. The cover is made from cotton and washes well, but I hate the brown color. When I got it, I thought I might be able to turn it inside out and get a pattern from it to make my own, but you know how you don’t have the time to do that when you have baby on the way.So, my husband and I sleep with the big turd in our queen-size bed, and turns out, sometimes he cuddles with it, too, if he can’t reach me. LOL.

Dawn Caldwell, KS

you should try it!

I would not be sane without this pillow. I am 29 weeks pregnant now and I got this at about 20 weeks because I was having so much trouble sleeping comfortably and not waking up in pain that I knew I needed to try something new at first I was hesitant because of the price but it was well worth it. I would for sure buy again or recommend it to someone else.

Christina Index, WA

Like a kayak made of pillow

It’s like being cuddled by a pillow monster while you sleep. I like it. The cover is definitely scratchy, but if you wash it (I washed and dried it on the delicate cycle, then ironed out the wrinkles) it’s much softer. A benefit I hadn’t expected is that, when I have to sleep practically sitting up because of congestion, this pillow makes it 100x more comfortable to do so.

Rosalyn Eudora, KS

Takes some getting used to, give it time!

My sister bought me this pillow for Christmas when I was only 8 weeks along, and at that time I saw it as totally unecessary. However, I am a belly sleeper, and was having trouble keeping off of it, so I decided to get this thing out around the beginning of my second trimester.At first, it seems like overkill. It is soooooo fluffy when you first take it out of the box, and took up half the bed, creating a wall between my husband and I! But trust me, after sleeping on it for a while, it compacts down to a much more manageable size. Then, you can just fluff it in the areas you need the most support, and/or add more pillows in those areas as needed.This pillow really helped me keep off my belly because when you wrap your legs around it, you’re not really going to move much in your sleep. I had a love/hate relationship with it at first because of this, it was definitely a little bit tough to roll over to my other side in the middle of the night, but at the same time I was glad it was keeping me off my growing belly.Eventually, I got used to it, and it became much easier to flip sides in the middle of the night. I’m not one who can stay in one position for an entire night.So for a while, I wasn’t so sure about it, but as I got more and more used to it, I learned to love it. And then we went away for a weekend without it, and I was miserable!Give it some time to get used to it and I’m sure you’ll love it too 🙂

Leanne Falkland, NC

Your results may vary! My wife likes her long body pillow better.

This is one of those items a husband will buy his pregnant wife in hopes of helping to ease her discomfort and hopefully allow her a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, this did not work for her 5’3″ frame on our Tempurpedic foam mattress.Here are some important things to consider when deciding to purchase this:1. Your frame size and possibly type of mattress may matter2. The top-rated review here says she was 5’8″ and another 3-star said she was 5’4″.3. This is a relatively heavy pillow, if your hip starts to hurt and you need to switch sides, it is very cumbersome to do so. I personally tried it myself and to get your knee and arm out from under it, push yourself to one side, then lift your hip onto the pillow and slip your knee and arm back under the pillow, I’m not quite sure how I would do that if I had a pregnant belly!! Now do that 8-10 times a night and holy cow, I can really empathize!4. This item is not returnable to the manufacturer, nor would you want to pay return-shipping even if it was.4a. This is not sold by Amazon directly, it’s sold by a third-party (who doesn’t accept returns)5. On a King Sized bed, it takes up a little less than half the width, but probably 3/4 the length. We haven’t tried this on a Queen sized bed, but I’d pay close attention to the reviews that do and determine if the pillow might be too big or if your partner is a bed hog and if there will be conflicts thereafter. :-)6. I have a good habit of making the bed every morning, and this pillow simply doesn’t go anywhere, heh. It looks like a life-size Domo-kun.Domo-Kun : Domo Kun Plush – 10″7. Think about this, even if we were to put it on Ebay or Craigslist, etc, who would want to buy a used body-pillow?? What family member or friend would you really feel comfortable giving a used body-pillow to? (See 4 and 4a above)My wife says 3-stars is a reasonable evaluation for this pillow and we both hope you have the best of luck! And guys, remember, Happy Wife, Happy Life!!! 😉

Imelda Yarnell, AZ

A good nights rest!

I was hesitant to spend so much money on a pillow. Luckily the 5 star reviews outweighed the 1 star reviews and I took a chance on this pillow. I am SO happy I did. This pillow is wonderful. While it is large since it is a horseshoe shape I can switch sides as many times as I want and still have a comfy pillow to rest my arm and leg on. I am 5’4″ so the length of the pillow sides is great for me. I literally had the best nights sleep the first night I used the pillow. It prevents me from rolling onto my stomach (which is very uncomfortable) and from rolling onto my back (which my ob has advised to avoid sleeping on). My ONLY complaint with this pillow is the rough cover. I put a king size pillow cover on both legs of the pillow and tossed a fleece over the top to counteract this problem. If you are not sleeping well I highly recommend purchasing this pillow.

Janie Stanton, TN

went from 4 star to 2

Look out, the very few people that gave this item a low rating due to the product not having enough batting are right. When I initially bought this item I was pleased, it seems like I slept better and was more comfortable. Now that I have had it a month I have noticed that the batting has gathered away from the areas I don’t lye on and I seem to be adding more pillows to the knee area. I am not a huge person, size 12 pant, and am not even in my third trimester. By the way, this is likely cheep polyester batting that was used and I can’t reshape the pillow. I have no idea why this product has such rave reviews, other than the first week I would have given it 5 stars.

Courtney Buxton, ME

After a slight modification…

I found a position that works best for me. The first night of sleeping with this pillow as pictured, I found that the was not enough head support, all the cushioning in the very top seemed to separate to either side leaving a pretty big gap. So I turned the whole thing upside down, leaving the opening up near my head and the bottom of the "U" shape at my feet, so I can continue to use my favorite tempurpedic pillow. I don’t mind that it props my feet up a bit. Pillow offers good support and I love feeling "hugged" all throughout the night. I’ve always been a side sleeper and I roll around from side to side during the night… I tried using a standard pillow but found it too difficult to roll over while keeping it between my knees. It is bulky and completely takes up my side of our king mattress, much to the displeasure of my husband but whatever makes you sleep better at night when you’re pregnant is well worth it.

Trina Poneto, IN

This is a lifesaver!

I love this pillow! I’ve been sleeping on it now for almost six months, and I could not get by without it. It supports everywhere I need it to, and when you twist it up like a pretzel around your body, it lets you sort of prop yourself up in bed to watch TV (Great when you are on bedrest with twins!). The cover comes of easy for washing, the fabric is smooth, the zipper works great. Its a fantastic pillow! One of the nicest things about this style is that you can roll over in the night without having to take the whole pillow with you. Its a BIG pillow, but it easily fits on our king size bed without encroaching on hubby’s side. I highly recomend it to anyone.

Helena Arnoldsburg, WV

Sooo comfy!

This pillow is amazing! Best sleep I have had in a long time. Im almost 14 weeks pregnant and can no longer sleep on my stomach and this pillow is perfect! No more tossing and turning. I will even continue to use this pillow after my pregnancy.

Jodi Myersville, MD

Good product, but takes up a lot of space

Be prepared that this thing is huuuge! You can tell by photo, but it still surprised me. If you sleep with a significant other and don’t have a king bed, I think this pillow would be too big. It was comfy and did the job. I used it through two pregnancies.

Lilly Hurdland, MO

It helped me tremendously

I bought this pillow in the 6th month of my pregnancy but waited until the baby was born, to review this pillow. I am fully satisfied with my purchase and would gladly recommend it. I am 5 feet 3 inches, 158 lbs. Towards the end of 5th month, I had lot of back pain that caused me 3 consecutive sleepless nights. This was my first pregnancy and I had no clue that pregnancy pillows existed! After searching for remedies, I came across the concept of using body pillow and after an extensive search, decided to order this one. It was ranked as the second best pillow but the best pillow was priced @$100. I am not a big spender and spending $76 for something I am not allowed to return didn’t make me happy but I had to take chances. I fell in love with the pillow the day it arrived. It helped me a lot with my back pain and is very cozy to sleep in. In fact my husband liked it too and was kidding that we should order one for him too :). I had 7-10 days of back pain till the end of my pregnancy even though I used to have lot of back pain even before pregnancy. Also I kept the closed part of the pillow towards my head with my regular pillow on top so my head was raised up, which helped me with heart burn. I used to be a back sleeper and with this pillow I got support on my back and could sleep on my left side.From 8th month, I had lot of pain in my ribs which made sleeping on either side quite painful. The only position comfortable was back sleeping. My doctor said I shouldn,t be entirely on my back but If I could place a pilow below my back and be half-way between back and left side that should help. So I used to rest my back on the right arm of the pillow and it did help.I was induced for labor and my labor went on for 51 h! Since I was on pitocin, I was not allowed to move. Good thing I took his pillow with me to the hospital otherwise the uncomfortable hospital beds would have caused me so much trouble.We have a queen bed and my husband had good amount of space. But both of us are not too broad.Although I still think that the pillow is priced high, I think it worth purchasing cause it can really help cruise through the discomforts of pregnancy.

Anita Zumbro Falls, MN

So comfy

This is one awesome pillow. I was happy I picked the pricier two-sided one, as it’s nice to be able to switch sleeping sides at night and not have to readjust. I am at 6 months right now, but honestly might keep sleeping with this post-delivery. I think the fill level is good – not too fluffy or thin. It does get a little warm since the fill is polyester. The cover is pretty easy to remove and put back on for washing. My husband has caught our dog taking midday naps in it. Can’t blame her! I am 5’8″ and I think if I were much taller this might feel a little short. Would absolutely recommend this pillow for a winter pregnancy. For summer, I would go with something made of natural fibers that is more breathable.

Nettie Marshall, MN

Have a place to store it!

This is super comfy, however, my husband calls it my “barrier” because he has a very hard time cuddling with me. Poor guy. So I don’t use it every night, because I tend to get uncomfortable easily and sometimes without it is a nice change. Also, have a place to store it because it’s bigggg. Obviously. A pregnant woman’s dream, though. It really relieves pressure in lots of areas.

Harriett Butlerville, IN