Toddler Bed Rail by The Shrunks | Inflatable Safety Bed Rails for Toddlers for Travel or Home Use | Single Bed Side Rails

Toddler Bed Rail by The Shrunks | Inflatable Safety Bed Rails for Toddlers for Travel or Home Use | Single Bed Side Rails

With The Shrunks Inflatable Bed Rail, you will never worry again for your child’s safety while they are asleep. This toddler bed rail comes in a slim design that is easy to slip under toddler bedding, or any fitted, twin, queen or king sized bed sheet . Our portable bed rail is recommended for kids 2 years of age and up. The design of The Shrunks bed rails for children creates a proper barrier to prevent “roll offs”. While it also allows room for a parent or guardian to sit or lay next to their child. When this inflatable bed side rail is not in use, simply deflate and fold up for compact storage. This toddler bed rail can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Many bed rails for toddlers are big and bulky, while The Shrunks Wally, with the manual pump, repair kit, and storage bag make it ideal for easy storage and travel as a travel bed rail. The Shrunks Children’s bed rail is the perfect combination of entrepreneurship and design. The safety bed rail for kids is engineered by The Shrunks team with the utmost care. Their attention to detail and their conceptual design is the reason parents love this product. This is the perfect blend of form and function made specifically for toddler bed rails. Rest assured that our product will provide your child with the safest and most comfortable sleep setting.

Main features

  • Keep your child safe every night from rolling off the bed with The Shrunks safety bed rail
  • This Shrunks inflatable bed rail is sized 48 x 7 x 4 and recommended for kids ages 2 and up
  • Our toddler bed rail comes with a compact foot pump and storage bag for convenience so your portable bed rail for kids easily becomes a travel bed rail.
  • The Shrunks bed rails for children for full size kids bedding sets, toddler bedding sizes, as well as King or Queen size bedding are BPA-free, Phthalate-free and lead free
  • Easily slip this bed side rail under any fitted standard sized twin, queen or king sized bed sheet

Verified reviews


Great for cosleeping!

I was looking for something affordable to prevent my baby from rolling off the edge when we cosleep sometimes or when we’re nursing in bed. This fits the bill completely and works really well! I agree with the previous reviewer about having a better fit with deep pocketed sheets, but we use it on our king bed and it’s not an issue for us. On only one side, the sheet won’t come down all the way to tuck under the bottom of the mattress, but the rail holds in place without a problem and our sheets stay in place too. I actually like it better because our sheets are tighter so it doesn’t fold in the middle our bed like it used to sometimes when it was looser. It successfully prevents the baby from accidentally rolling off and I like how it doesn’t have a strong plastic smell to it (only very mildly when you first open it from the box) and is BPA/phthalate/lead-free. It inflates very easily and quickly with the provided pump and will deflate easily and fold up for compact packing when traveling. The only thing is that I wish it were longer, but otherwise, I have no complaints!

Maria Severy, KS

nice but hard to fit under a sheet

I bought these because we travel a lot and I got tired of lugging the pack and play around. These are not good as far as fitting under the sheet. You have to use a size bigger to do that, and that is difficult at a hotel. However, I did buy fabric and make an enclosed case to slide these into and now I love them. They make my life so much easier!

Dona Otter Rock, OR

Deflated on me

I was very excited when I found this item online. It looked perfect and we especially liked it because it was easy to travel with as we were tired of putting pillows up in hotel rooms. We got it b/c we were transitioning our son from bed rails to no rails. he currently uses one on only 1 side. When we got it, we had trouble inflating it so we thought it was defective and returned it. We received another one in the mail, but after inflating it (easily), it seemed to only last about 8 hours. We tried each day and the same thing happened – the air only lasted about 8 hours before getting too soft. Needless to say, we returned the item entirely.

Aurelia Bishop, VA

Never worked

This hasn’t worked well from the week we received it and I’m not sure we’ll ever use it again. I really wanted to like this. We ended up buying a blow up mattress from LL Bean with inflatable sides that is more more effective for temporary travel.

Concepcion Trinidad, TX

highly overpriced…and poor return process

This is definitely a cute idea — a little blow up plastic tube to keep your kid safe in their bed. The product itself resembles a fairly inexpensive pool toy, with a couple of strips of anti-slip material. I tried to use this product for a couple of nights and found the plastic smell quite strong (again, very similar to a cheap pool toy when you first blow it up). The anti-slip material seems to work, but only on surfaces that are themselves less likely to have slippage, such as fleece; it seemed to slip and slide just on regular sheets. It also takes up about a foot of space on the bed, under the sheets.I decided to return this product, but unlike all other Prime returns, this one is subject to a re-stocking fee of up to 25% and from what I can make out from the seller’s email, I have to pay for shipping too? It’s too much hassle to bother.

Hallie Valley View, TX

Excellent! We love the Shrunks, best possible purchase.

We originally purchased these bed rails for our two and a half year old for a trip to Alaska, as a backup in case we couldn’t get pack and plays at the hotels, which we did. Having never opened them, we thought we would return them, but we purchased our son the Step2 Corvette bed and in using his toddler crib mattress, there is space on the sides of the mattress as the bed frame is big enough for a twin mattress. Anyhow, we inflated and now use the Shrunks air bed rail tucked into the gap – it’s a perfect fit. Some nights, most in fact our son can be found sleeping half on his mattress and half on the bed rail (as it sits perfectly next to the toddler mattress in the gap and is flush). Apparently it is just as comfortable as his mattress and equally important it is solid and does not lose air contrary to some other reviewers; ours holds the weight of or now three year old son no problem, and without needing to be blown up at all.

Selena Artesian, SD

Awesome product!

These bed rails are awesome! They do exactly what they are supposed to do. We are vacationing with our 2 year old (who sleeps in a toddler bed at home) and we feel 100% confident that he is not going to fall out of the bed. They are very sturdy, easy to inflate, and work great. The only thing I would add is that if you have a regular fitted sheet, they may not fit. The hotel we are at uses larger flat sheets as the bottom sheet, so it was easy to slide them under, but I imagine if it was a tight fitting fitted sheet, you would have difficulty getting them to work. You could just ask the hotel for a larger flat sheet though. We are 100% satisfied with our purchase. We will be using these at Grammi’s house when we get home. (Note: you have to purchase 2 separate rails, each box contains only 1 rail).

Rowena Lakemore, OH

Works very well!

We bought this to keep our 4 1/2 year old from falling out of her big girl bed. We’ve used Shrunks products in the past and have been very happy with their performance. We were equally as pleased with the inflatable bed rail. It works well under the mattress pad/sheet and keeps our little one secure all night. So much better than messing with the other plastic/metal bed rails out there. We love it!

Rosalinda West Sand Lake, NY

These dont work at all! They slip and slide off the bed.

This slides all over the place and over the side of the bed if the child moves. might work if you had a queen bed and had it in the middle of the one side, but it will still slide. We have large and small sheets and have tried with both. the only way it wont slide is if you roll up a blanket and put it beside of it-kind of defeats the purpose. The supposed ‘grippers’ are plastic…hmmm how does plastic grip on sheets…it doesnt.With this our child has fallen out of bed at least 3 times and we have not owned that long. Luckly his bed is about 5″ from the floor, but he wakes up terrified. Not good.Do yourself a favor, get a long round pillow or even a regular pillow or two and use those, cheaper and does a better job.Not sure about those reviewers that label them great, maybe its just so the child doesnt hit the wall and its a bumper. Because as a stopper from rolling off the bed, it doesnt work! I barely EVER give a 1star, but this is a rip off.If you need a bed rail get one, who cares if they are ugly, it will protect your child. I didnt want it cause they are ugly, and my child has hit the floor at least 3x. Realized its not about me…going to get the bed rail 🙂

Josephine Sanford, TX

Great Product

Easy to blow up and they stay in place. I bought 2 of these for co-sleeping with my baby who is 4 months old. She moves around A LOT. These kept her secure in her own spot. They are easy to store as you can just deflate them and roll them back into the drawstring package they come in. They also come with the air pump to blow up.

Jennie Clarksburg, NJ

So so

It’s good in theroy. We have only used it a couple times and maybe I’m doing something wrong but, it always slips out from under the sheet. This kind of defeats the pourpose.

Lilia West Newton, IN

good for cosleeping

We cosleep with our infant and this is a good way to prevent her from falling over the edge post-nursing. This way we don’t need the bed up against a wall and i don’t have to move her to the middle of the bed after nursing her to sleep. A hole developed sooner than I expected

Crystal Murdock, FL

Great product

This is know on its second go around and has been doing exactly what its supposed to do. This product has a great gripper on the bottom of it that keeps it from going all other the place. I put this under the sheet between the mattress protector. If I had to buy again this would be the one and I don’t think I will have to buy again cause this one looks bran new even after years of use.

Dollie Garfield, WA

Still great after 18 months

We have used this inflatable rail several times for travel, and it’s now living at the foot of our 3 year old’s bed. After 18 months of periodic usage, its still working great. No leaks, no deflating, no trouble. Quick and easy to blow up, folds very small to tuck into luggage, and slides easily under our sheets. At home we have tempurpedic-style mattresses that aren’t super thick (no pillow top) and we have no trouble with fitting this rail under the fitted sheet.I do prefer to use a more traditional metal rail for our primary bed rails at home, as they don’t infringe on any bed space like this product does. But for travel, or as we’re doing with just the foot of the bed for extra security while our toddler transitions to her big-girl-bed, it works great.

Casey Quecreek, PA

These work great

Perfect to take on a long trip for use with our 2 year old on twin beds. Barely deflated even with our son tossing and turning. Easy to inflate and deflate. Would recommend!

Maggie North Blenheim, NY

<almost> perfect

I read and read and read reviews of various products to help keep my 3 yr safely in his bed when we travel. He’s in a toddler bed with rail at home. One review I read suggested using pillows instead, which I did use sucessfully in a hotel bed, but in a twin bed at my parents and my in-laws there’s just no room for a pillow wall. This works pretty well, deflates and inflates easily, takes up almost no space in the suitcase. It fit great under a FITTED sheet and stayed in place against the mattress, BUT when I used it at a hotel with a flat sheet it was not held snug enough against the mattress and he was able to push it out. I actually found him sitting up next to the bed, mostly asleep still, so no major harm, but did not work great in that situation. So 4 stars instead of 5. But if you’re putting your toddler in a bed with a fitted sheet, this should do the trick!

Angela Chapel Hill, NC

Perfect for toddler in big bed and on the go.

We got these for my son who recently switched from crib to bed. They are just shorter than the length of the mattress which is perfect. They are sort of triangular shaped when inflated, and one side has a grippy side so it sticks to the mattress under the fitted sheet. They stay inflated well. Good secure valve. I’ve only had to "top them off" with air once in the past 4 months. They stay in place pretty well under the sheet. We took them on vacation too and they folded up and packed slim. We also have the trunks toddler air mattress. Love their products.

Carey Fruita, CO

Great for my purpose, which is a little different than what it’s intended for

I bought this for an unorthodox purpose, and it worked very well for me. Since my son was born five months ago I nap with him in my bed, and before I was putting a pillow on the other side of the bed in case he rolls over. Now he’s beginning to actually roll over, so I was afraid a pillow wouldn’t be enough to stop him from rolling over. I do hold on to his feet when we nap and to date I have never changed position while sleeping with him (I have a very sore arm to show for that, but he loves sleeping in the big bed with me and gets cranky if I change the schedule), but he now reaches over to the pillow and I was afraid he might pull it over himself. I didn’t want a rail that attaches to the bed because I have a platform bed with wood slats and a very thick pillow top bed. We have almost no space left in the room, and there was no space to have a rail that folds down. I also didn’t want to risk ripping the mattress with a rail that slides underneath, and since that side is my husband’s side we can’t have the rail in permanently. I bought this thinking it would be great because we could deflate it when not in use. When I opened it, it has a pretty strong vinyl smell, but I actually like that smell. It reminds me of some old items from years ago, though I can’t remember what they were. To me it seems like an 80s smell, not a strong chemical smell. It comes with a pump to inflate it, but it’s a manual pump, not an electric one. I thought it would be difficult to inflate it, but it’s actually not. I am in horrible shape, have asthma, and was able to inflate it with the pump using my hand in about three minutes. It really blows a lot of air into it. Once I inflated it, I put it on top of the sheets to test it and I found I couldn’t move it. I can’t put it under the sheets because the sheets barely fit on the mattress as it is due to the thick mattress, plus I also have straps along the bottom of the mattress to keep the sheets from slipping. I was not going to be lifting the mattress every day just to put this under the sheet for the 3 or 4 hours we nap. It’s quite long, and extends about 2/3 of the length of the mattress. I used it for the first time today (11/4/13), and my son noticed it right away. He rolled towards it and pushed on it a bit, but it didn’t move. He seemed to like the texture of it. I put most of it under the sheet and blanket (I never put the sheet and blanket all the way up to where my son can grab it just in case) on one side of the bed, and even when I pushed against it it wouldn’t move. We slept just fine; once the novelty wore off he turned back to me and fell asleep looking at me the way he always does. I love that I can deflate it and put it in the carry bag that comes with it, though for now I just stand it in the corner. It seems very strong, and it even came with two repair patches just in case. The instructions weren’t very clear though; there are two tubes sticking out of the pump, a red one and a blue one. The blue one in my pump blows out air, and I’m guessing the red one sucks air in (there’s a rubber piece in the valve that helps prevent air from escaping while you close the valve) to deflate. It would have been nice if the instructions had mentioned that so I didn’t waste time trying to figure out how to connect it. There are also two different tips to put on the hose that connects to the pump; I found the pointy one didn’t work well and only used the one that fits in the valve. Overall a great purchase and it works for me!

Sonja Cowen, WV

Used for our Co-Sleeping Family Bed

At home and when traveling, these were great physical barriers up until about 7 months and now they’re still good for creating a boundary for sleeping babies. I wouldn’t use them unsupervised (in person for sleepy or awake babies, video monitor for sound asleep babies) and we use them on our mattress on the floor because they won’t really prevent a fall, just discourage going near the edges. Even though they don’t "contain" small babies/toddlers, we still take ours everywhere and love them. We have two, but I’ve often thought about buying a 3rd.

Cathryn Oak Run, CA

Great travel item!

Much easier than the side rails and portable! Easy to inflate and deflate. Easy to carry in your luggage. Great product.

Felecia Ellendale, ND

Had hole in seam that wouldn’t patch after only 2 uses

We got this for traveling. First trip it was OK although it slipped off the bed by night’s end.While it kept him from rolling off the bed, he could easily just go over it.And on our second use it kept deflating & we found a small hole on the seem that couldn’t be patched. We did try the useless repair kit…No luck… Hole continued to leek. A rolled towel or small swim noodle work better than this overpriced, overrated piece of plastic. Unfortunately the return window expired so needless to say its was a total waste of money!!

Patrice Buena Park, CA

Works well enough but can slip.

Works well enough but can slip. Need to reposition when making the bed. Also, not long enough for King size bed so have to supplement with pillows. Even stil, 2 year old managed to go around it one night and fell off the bed.

Bessie Mainland, PA

Kept kid in her bed

Worked very well. Was able to keep my 3 year old in her bed. Only problem was the Velcro that came with it. It wasn’t able to stay on the mattress so we had to make some changes to make it work.

Melba Gasburg, VA