TODDLER PILLOW by A Little Pillow Company – Hypoallergenic – Double Stitched for Durability – Machine Washable – Made in Virginia Premium Product – Kids Love It!

TODDLER PILLOW by A Little Pillow Company – Hypoallergenic – Double Stitched for Durability – Machine Washable – Made in Virginia Premium Product – Kids Love It!

CHOOSE THE TODDLER PILLOW WITH THE MOST TRUSTED REPUTATION We started A Little Pillow Company in 2007 with the sole purpose of providing The World with the best and safest pillows available. No other toddler pillow company has been around longer so choose the Brand you can trust! PEDIATRICIAN RECOMMENDED At 13″ x 19″ our toddler pillow is the recommended size by pediatricians: not too big and not too small. Our pillow won’t lift little necks out of whack with a hard, unyielding amount of fill. IT’S SAFE & CLEAN We use only the best 100% cotton super soft 200 Thread Count Percale. Inside is the safest hypoallergenic fill available; one that won’t cause allergies! For the highest quality control, we hand-stuff every one of our pillows – not blowing the fill in sight-unseen like the other pillow companies. CARE & MAINTENANCE Our machine-washable toddler pillow is so easy to maintain! Simply wash on cold or warm and dry thoroughly on low or medium. A few ‘thumps’ is now all you need to return your pillow to its original shape and comfy perfection! ACCESSORIES We have a line of 30+ super-cute Toddler Pillowcases for your Toddler Pillow as well as a line of matching sheets and decor pillows to outfit your child’s room in perfect cuteness! OUR COMMITMENT We at A Little Pillow Company LOVE our country and make sure that EVERY aspect of our pillow is made right here in the USA by people who love and care about the work they do. This has been our commitment from the very beginning! Our fabric is purchased here; our Deluxe Fiber is made here; and every one of our workers lives right here as well. When you buy from us you know you are supporting a fully American Made pillow.

Main features

  • *Premium Product* Made in Virginia, USA
  • Allergy Free – Machine Wash and Dry – No Flame Retardants
  • Double Stitched Pillow Shell: Soft 200 Thread Count Percale / Pillow Fill: 100% Hypoallergenic Deluxe Cluster Fiber
  • Superior Quality & Personal Customer Service make this the Most Trusted Toddler Pillow since 2007.
  • Over 30+ Envelope Style Toddler Pillowcases also available (*sold separately)

Verified reviews


Baby And Great-Grandma Love Their Pillows

This has turned out to be the perfect little pillow for two family members. It’s an ideal transitional pillow for our 16 month old grandson, who’s not quite ready for anything bigger. I like it for his use because the pillow is not too lofty, adds cozy support and is just the right size for cribs and playards.Pillowcases can be bought separately from A Little Pillow Company’s website, but I chose to purchase inexpensive, but very nice handmade flannel and super soft ones through Ebay and Etsy. This pillow measures 13 x 18 inches–14 x 20 inch pillowcases fit perfectly. The ones I bought from Etsy open envelope-style, so the pillowcases don’t come off no matter how much baby tosses and turns.My mother-in-law, who goes to dialysis, also loves this pillow. It sure makes sitting in a chair for a long three hours more comfortable. She likes the pillow because it is softer and slightly bigger than traditional travel ones.Two age groups–one favorite little pillow.

Dollie Madison, MS

Perfect toddler pillow!

We got this pillow for our 19-month old and she just loves it. It’s the perfect size for her without being too thick. We feel very comfortable with her sleeping on this pillow. And I just love the fact that it’s hypoallergenic and machine washable. My daughter loves is so much, she insisted on sleeping with it before I even found a pillow case for it.

Jenny Halifax, VA

Much smaller than anticipated, but works

I was looking specifically for a toddler pillow to fit a standard toddler pillow case that came with my daughter’s new bedding set. The case was much too small for a standard pillow. When this pillow arrived, the toddler pillow case engulfed it. I was surprised by how small it was when I opened the box. Nonetheless, we are using it for now until I can find another pillow that actually fits. It’s not a bad product, just much smaller than I realized.

Carla Randalia, IA

Perfect toddler bed pillow

I purchased this pillow for my 2 1/2 yr old once we converted her crib into a toddler bed. Regular pillows took up way too much space and were too thick/high. This little pillow is perfect! It doesn’t take up the entire width of her bed so she has room to put her teddy bear(s) by her head. It took her a few days to start using the pillow but now she actually sleeps on it every night and even loves to play with it when she is supposed to be napping.The only drawback to this pillow is finding a pillow case for it. We bought our daughter a toddler sheet set and the pillow case that comes with it is for a full size pillow. I am sure I could easily sew a pillow case for her but it would be nice if toddler sheet sets came with toddler pillow cases to match.

Cristina Townsend, GA

My daughter loves her pillow!

Ever since i got her this pillow bedtime has gotten to be a piece of cake. She hated going to sleep but now she has gained independence and security with this pillow! It is the greatest thing! I have to keep using exclamation points!! She doesnt have a stuffed animal or blankie but she "wuv wuv WUV my pillow!"

Joni Plymouth, FL

Not meant for a toddler

These pillows are small, but too "thick" for a toddler – they look more like pillows I would decorate the couch with. Not comfortable to sleep on. Better to use a full size pillow – no toddler sleeps in the same spot all night long. Regret wasting my money on this!

Johnnie Boston, MA

Great until you wash it

It is the perfect size for 18 months old and up; however, my daughter is hot sleeper, so had to wash. Mind you, there’s no instruction how I can wash this, so I washed in hand wash cycle, which is the gentle cycle with cold water and hang dried.Well, it held the shape well and did not shrink, but inside fillers were all stuck together in chunks… You have to hit it with a bat (old style) to break the fillers from sticking together before it gets air dried.

Erna Armorel, AR

Great pillow

I love that you can wash this pillow and that it feels the same afterwards; fluffy, soft, yet somewhat firm. It is the perfect size for a toddler.

Michael Goodell, IA

Great little pillow

This pillow is the perfect size for my 2 year old. Good quality, nice shape, and an overall good buy.

Dianna Santee, SC

Too small for a toddler

My child is 2 years old and the pillow is too small. It fits her head but there’s no room. When she tries to turn, her head goes off the pillow. In retrospect, I should have bought a hypoallergenic adult size pillow. I don’t see any difference between this pillow and a high-quality adult size pillow, other than the size obviously.

Sheila Kotzebue, AK

Great Pillow for My Toddler

This pillow is a great size for my 20 month old. I wanted to add a pillow to his crib when I noticed he was using a stuffed animal as a pillow, but I didn’t want to put a full size pillow in there. This pillow is a great addition to his crib. It’s the perfect size for him without being too large for the crib. My husband has tried out the pillow and he thinks it is very comfortable. I think we might purchase another one to have as a travel pillow for the car!

Marlene Hamilton, IL

Too fluffy

Much more firm and fluffy than I would want for my DS neck. Liked the size, but was too billowy to use. I use it for travel.

Nannie Sturgis, KY

Great little pillow for our son

We recently converted our 2yr old son to a toddler bed and were nervous about him having a pillow but after reading the reviews on this we decided to give it a try. It is perfect for him! He was so excited when it came he took it right to his little bed, he was so proud and he sleeps great with it! I don’t know how long it will hold up it seems to be going a little flat already but right now it is perfect for our little guy so I’m not too worried at this point.

Lacy Fort Necessity, LA

Great little pillow but hard to find a case

This is a perfect first pillow. Just the right size and softness, and I love you can throw it in the wash and it doesn’t take forever to dry. One warning: find a pillowcase you like before you buy it. It’s an odd size and I couldn’t find a cute pillowcase that would fit. I had to make my own, which is pretty easy, but not something everyone wants to do.

Lorrie Hastings, MN

Perfect Size!

I have bought a few pillows now for my two year old. We have converted her crib into a toddler bed and most pillow are either too big or too small. This pillow is a perfect size for toddler beds. I am going to buy another one so I can switch them out to wash. This a great pillow for your 18 mo., two or three year old. Wish I had gotten this one before I bought all the other pillows.

Angelia Haldeman, KY

Love it

Great pillow for toddler. Its soft and nice. My son loves it!! Just get a cover for it. I wash it with the pillow case on it and its great.

Gwendolyn Cabin John, MD

Nice but not for younger toddlers

I bought this for my 16 month old just to see if she was ready for her own pillow after showing interest in mine. While it’s a great pillow, firm but not too hard and fits in a crib, its too thick for her. My baby is not tiny either. 33" and 26lbs and it still makes her neck sit a funny angle. Just a bit too thick for her. So again, great pillow, but definitely made for 2+. Saving for future use.

Angie Brownsdale, MN

Perfect for toddlers

My daughter LOVES this pillow! She refused to use a regular pillow and just slept with her head on the bed until she was 18 months old. Then I got this pillow. She loves it, I love it. Perfect size, not too thick. The pillow case from Little Pillow Company is a perfect fit and feels very soft.

Janine South Wellfleet, MA

Get this one!!!

I got this pillow and bought some handmade satin cases of eBay. My daughter is 2.5 and has been using them for about five months and LOVES them. She sleeps much better, which means so much since she has a hard time sleeping anyway!

Bette Addison, MI


Wonderful pillow. It is so soft! I wish I could find one for me. My daughter loves this pillow and has to have it with her for every nap and at bedtime.

James Waterbury, NE

Daughter learning to love her pillow

Daughter has had this pillow since 15 months old and within 2 months learning to lay on it every night. She loves it. We like that it is hypoallergenic.

Sabrina Oak City, UT

perfect for my 2 yr old

i bought this for my 2 yr old son and its the perfect size for him. its soft enough without gettign too flat. this was a great find! highly recommended!

Marjorie Monticello, ME

Perfect for toddler bed

This is our toddler’s first pillow. It is perfect for little beds and little heads. I just fold a regular size pillowcase over and safety pin it since toddler sheet sets have regular size pillow cases.

Sonia Polvadera, NM

Perfect for my toddler!

Great first pillow for my toddler! We’ve been very pleased. Would be nice if it came with a pillowcase, but gives option to find one you like.

Nola Denver City, TX

So far so good

So far so good….. My son just turned two and we decided he might need a pillow in his crib. So far he loves it! He puts his head on it, snuggles with it and seems to really enjoy it. You can use a regular size pillow case but have to get a bit creative. I turned the pillow case inside out, inserted the length of the pillow to the width of the the pillow case then turned the loose half of the pillow case back over the pillow.

Belinda San Marcos, CA

Great Toddler Pillow

We are very happy with this little pillow. As Tempurpedic users we had planned to give our toddler a memory foam pillow, but she found ours so bulky and large that she didn’t like them. This was a better option for her little noggin and neck and much easier to clean as well. We waited until she was asking us for a pillow (almost 2 years old) to give her one, since we wanted her to go as long as possible without one to reduce the risk of SIDS or problems with her posture. She’s had this pillow for about a year now and I have not seen any negative effects on her posture, and she’s still alive so it hasn’t smothered her in the night obviously. She still occasionally doesn’t feel like sleeping with a pillow and happily sleeps lying flat on her back, but when she is in the mood for a pillow this is her favorite one. She still her her Tempurpedic one and other novelty pillows, but she keeps coming back to this one as her favorite.We purchased the same size pillowcase from the same company and it fits perfectly. A standard size pillowcase can wrap twice around this pillow. To reduce SIDS risk, I highly suggest purchasing a pillowcase that fits this size pillow.

Carolina Crook, CO

The perfect toddler pillow!

I was in search of decent pillow for my almost three year old son. I first offered him one at around age two, but he didn’t have an interest in using one until maybe two and a half.First we bought a toddler pillow that turned out to be too thick and he wouldn’t use it, so instead he was using an old adult sized pillow that was flattened out. That worked okay, but seemed so big for him and I thought surely there had to be something sized for a toddler, both length/width wise, and thickness.Amazon is my go-to place for just about everything, so I checked here and came across this pillow from A Little Pillow Company. At first I thought it was little expensive for a small pillow, but then I saw that it was made in the USA and I’m always willing to pay more for something made here, especially if the rating and reviews are also great, as was the case with this pillow. I also checked out their website and read about how they fill their pillows with a top of the line material, and they’re machine washable which is a must with a toddler!So, I went ahead and ordered this along with a pillowcase from the same company (I picked the owl design) and I’m thrilled with it! The quality is great and the size and thickness are absolutely perfect for a toddler. Most importantly, my son loves it and uses it every night! He looks so comfortable sleeping on it! He also uses it as a back pillow when sitting on the couch if we’re watching a movie or reading.Again, very satisfied with both the pillow and the pillowcase and I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this again!

Yvette Westfield, WI

Absolutely perfect!

I bought this to go with my 19 month old’s new toddler bed. It is the perfect size for her. It’s not too deep and it’s not flat either. She never slept with a pillow before and immediately took to this. Would recommend and will likely buy another one.

Edith South Lima, NY

Hey look, a small pillow!

Nothing fancy here, just a small pillow. My two year old likes it fine in his bed. We washed it before use as it had a mild "new pillow" odor, but was fine after a wash.

Gina Hanover, NM

Good product.

Good little toddler pillow. Seems to be holding shape 3 months later. No complaints. Grandma makes pillow cases to fit.

Eugenia Marthaville, LA