Tommee Tippee 2-in-1 Bottle and Nipple Cleaner, Colors may vary

Tommee Tippee 2-in-1 Bottle and Nipple Cleaner, Colors may vary

Did you know sponges and dishcloths can harbor harmful bacteria. The Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottle brush is sponge free and designed to effectively clean all the nooks and crannies of a bottle and nipple and it is sterilizer compatible for ultimate peace of mind.

Main features

  • Wide reach bristles to give maximum cleaning power
  • 2 in 1 bottle and nipple cleaner
  • The nipple/spout cleaner is incorporated in the handle for extra convenience and easy storage
  • Sponge free for ultimate hygiene
  • BPA and phthalate free

Verified reviews


The handle is unnecessarily too wide!

The only positive thing about this brush is that its bristles seem to be of high quality. However, I can’t use it long enough to testify to the bristles’ longevity. The handle is unnecessarily too wide (and along with the long bristles) to easily fit into the narrow neck of the Medela standard bottles. I truly wish it were smaller and really don’t understand why it has to be that big. The nipple cleaner is just a piece of rubber — not too impressed with it either.I ended up purchasing the Playtex SmartBrush instead. Love its nipple cleaner.

Ebony Anaheim, CA

Good bottle brush but teat cleaner sucks.

Big brush is soft and works in Comotomo bottles but teat cleaner sucks. I hope the soft brush doesn’t scratch but I am not 100% certain it doesn’t. I also found it in the “R us” store for less since they do B1G1 50% off on this and other baby items.I actually found sponge bottle and a sponge teat cleaner to work and I know there is definitely less scratching of the bottles or teats with my sponge ones.I don’t think it is worth paying over $6 for it.

Cathleen Grand Prairie, TX

Perfect bottle brush

I initially bought this brush because it was Tommee Tippe and i figured it would work best with my Tommee Tippee bottles. It cleaned the inside of the nipples with the handle part really well and the bottles always came out super clean. I used this on Tommee Tippee and Medela bottles. I used this brush couple times a day and it held up really well. After about a year i had to buy a new brush because my husband left the brush in the sink with a sauce pan and it turned the brush red. So i figured maybe i would try a different brush, bad idea. I won’t say which one but the one i bought was horrible and doesn’t compare to this one. So i bought a new tommee tippee brush. My son doesn’t use bottles anymore(2.5 years old) but i use the brush on his sippy cups and the nipple cleaner works for inside the sippy cup lid. I even would toss this brush into the tommee tippee microwave sterilizer to clean it and it always comes out brand new. Honestly i use this brush on all of my sons cups/plates. The bristles seem to catch everything and makes me feel like I’m getting a really clean cup. The only other observation i have is my first brush was green and it did tend to come apart more often while cleaning. I don’t know if this is because i used that brush a lot more but the 2nd one i bought was blue and it’s over a year old and i have never had that problem. My guess is maybe some of the first brushes maybe didn’t fit as well and the newer ones maybe they changed the way they hold together. I have family and friends who use this brush and theirs doesn’t come apart.Either way it never bothered me and the new one has no problem.

Nina Bagwell, TX

You get what you pay for

This is more expensive than the Munchkin brush, but also much higher quality.We use the Tommee Tippee bottles, and they don’t recommend using a nipple brush with bristles- This brush has a silicone nipple cleaner (which is actually difficult to find).The biggest con (besides the price) is it doesn’t have a stand. This isn’t much of a con- we just place it upright in our Boon Lawn drying rack

Karen Leon, OK

best bottle brush i’ve used so far

i initially got this brush as part of a starter set i received as a shower gift and used it just fine without any thought, but once it came time to replace the brush, i realized now terrible other bottle brushes were. i tried all the different brands, even ones from Japan, but none of the other brushes measured up. these bristles have the perfect amount of stiffness so it cleans well but isn’t too soft or too stiff. this also has the least amount of soap splatter of any brush i’ve tried. the nipple cleaner is just the right size so it actually cleans nipples without destroying them. i’ve seen reviewers where people say the 2 pieces come apart but i haven’t had any issues with it. the only improvement i would like to see is for it to stand up on its own, but that’s not a deal breaker since you can just stick it in a cup when not in use.

Alejandra Douglass, TX

Too Expensive!

Please don’t waste your money on such expensive bottle washing bottle brush. This was way to expensive and it didn’t even clean the bottles as good as the Munchkins bottle brush did.

Henrietta Agana Heights, GU


I like everything about this brush except for the detaching handle to clean the nipple, somewhat of a hassle but at the same time it is kinda cool.

Jasmin Pine Valley, CA

Difficult to use

I bought the pink one in a babies r us (horrible store btw) for my 5 oz tommee tippee bottle. The bottle brush is OK for that particular bottle, however, bottle brush doesn’t fit any of the other bottles I own or into the nipples (the brush has a very wide top), and the nipple brush is really bad at cleaning the nipples versus nipple brushes with bristles. First you have to squeeze the nipple around the rubber brush and second, it always leaves residue. I don’t recommend this brush.

Kathleen Skandia, MI

Favorite bottle brush!

This is my favorite bottle cleaner. The bristles are soft so it really cleans the formula off the bottom of the bottle. The hard bristle brushes seem to always bend over and stay bent so they work for about a week. This one I bought to replace my old one that lasted several months, but my husband left it in the sink drawer where it got grimy and I just think it would be gross to keep using.

Natasha Sidney, OH

great brush for bottles

perfect for cleaning inside the tommee tippee bottle and any other bottles for that matter. great brush for any bottles

Haley Horsepen, VA

Shower Gift

This wasn’t on her wish list but every new mom needs a bottle cleaner and this one came with a handy nipple cleaner too.

Socorro Cordova, NE

Useful and universal.

I just this on my tommee tippee bottles and other brand bottles. Keep the pieces apart most the time for easier use.

Shawna Otoe, NE