Tommee Tippee 2-Pack Explora Truly Spill Proof Straw Cup 9oz – 12m

Tommee Tippee 2-Pack Explora Truly Spill Proof Straw Cup 9oz – 12m

Tommee Tippee Explora Truly Spill Proof Straw Cup is intuitively designed for guaranteed easier drinking and more natural transitions, our Advance-Flo Technology ensures that our truly spill-proof straw Cup is truly spill-proof, leak proof and easy to drink from, easing the transition from mealtime drinking to on-the-go active drinking. Unlike other valve systems, our Active Sensor valve is designed by a physicist to be both so sensitive that liquid flows on demand, yet truly spill and leak proof which makes this the perfect Cup for kids as they learn to get up and go! BPA free 2pk 9oz insulated bottles.

Main features

  • BPA free
  • Patented Advance-Flo Technology for guaranteed easy drinking
  • Super sensitive Active Sensor valve is truly spill-proof and leak-proof, yet allows liquid to flow on demand
  • Unique dura-straw for kids on the go with flip top and soft straw to protect childs gums and mouth
  • Insulated to keep drinks cooler longer

Verified reviews


We really like this cup

I had no trouble with assembly. If you need help, there is a great video from the Tommee Tippee company on Youtube that demonstrates assembly and dis-assembly. I really like the cups we have (boy colors), and so does my young son. Once you get used to the assembly set up, they are really not very hard at all. 🙂

Lupe Ottawa, KS

No leaks yes, but also no longer works!

I really wanted to love these cups, after going through countless other straw cups trying to find a good non-leaking one. This particular cup (both of them in the 2-pack), didn’t leak, but also completely stopped working after about a week. Nothing was assembled wrong, etc. but no liquid was coming up the straw anymore (yes valves were in correctly and tube as well), these just don’t work well, even if they leak very little. We have now switched to the Foogo straw cups and finally have found one that works well. Cannot recommend these cups at all, they are also pricey given how flimsy the straw/valve design is. I should also add, we never removed the actual straw part of the cup (I know better than this after owning the Zo-li bot cups :)!), these problems occurred from simple removal of the plastic valve and the tubing which comes out easily, and we replaced them exactly as they originally were—still did not work!

Aline Burdette, AR

Watch the TT Videos on Assembly!

At first I absolutely LOVED these cups. The very first time I gave my daughter the cup I must have lucked out & she drank great from it. Then after that it was SO hard to drink from (I was even having problems) so I then HATED the cups. And I had just bought 2 more thinking they were great. All 4 were not working for us at all. So I went on the manufacturer website to send them a complaint and I saw they have videos about cleaning & assembling the cups. So I watched it and Tadaa! They worked great again! So I wonder if some of the negative reviews would be changed if the parents watched the video and re-tested the product.I will say I only moderately like these cups now. What I don’t like is that there are SO many parts to put together I’m afraid of losing parts. Plus you have to be very particular in your assembly for the cup to work well.One last note is that these are sold in Target & Babies R Us for quite a bit less than I’m seeing them on Amazon.

Heidi Hooven, OH

Oh Tommee Tippee Explora, what a disappointment

I bought the green/orange/blue set and figured it’s Tommee Tippee and it looks like it should be pretty good when compared to the many other sippers out there. Quite the disappointment.First off, if you’re one of those people that said “man, I do not want to use Dr. Brown’s bottles or Born Free bottles b/c of all the pieces to clean” when your baby started on a bottle, stay clear of this cup. There are exactly 6 pieces.Cleaning is somewhat painful, you unscrew the top, then take the straw portion (that is usually submersed in liquid) to clean that portion. Then you take the white plastic piece that holds the straw to the silicone straw that is integrated into the cap. The silicone straw needs to be cleaned as well both inside the cap as well as where your child sucked their drink from. Then there’s the little lever at the top of the cap that is either brings up the silicone straw or closes it. Of course, then there’s the cap and the cup itself. When drying the cup, you have to leave the cap portion at a little bit of an angle. You cannot put it completely right side up because where the little lever is, there’s a reservoir where water can pool. You can also take the lever off for cleaning that section as well.Then there’s the ordeal of putting it back together. Remember to wash your hands before reassembly, because you’re going to be touching everything except the inside of the cup. The easiest way I’ve put it together is by getting the little stopper on the side of the silicone straw through the white plastic portion to confirm it’s properly through. If it isn’t, this thing is not going to work well at all. You have to make sure the silicone portion is completely covering the white attachment piece. Then you seat the whole thing back into the cap, which may require you to pull on the silicone straw, where your child would be sucking from. Yes, sucking because this takes a fair amount of sucking power to get even water out. Then you can put the straw back onto the white plastic portion. If you’ve removed the lever, make sure you reattach it after threading the silicone straw in. Voila! (*snicker*)Had I known it would be such an ordeal, I would not have purchased this in the first place. My daughter is used to using it so I continue to use it (and clean it). I’ve been trying to transition her to a sippy cup so she can learn how to use a regular cup, but we haven’t succeeded yet.Another negative, sometimes you have to tighten this a bit more than you’d think you would to help with the seal (I’ve had it leak on me from the cap/cup portion), but due to the design of the cap, it can be hard to open the bottle. I have smaller hands so it can be an issue but my MIL has De Quervain’s Tendonitis due to lifting the baby, which makes opening this thing sometimes painful for her.One plus is that she has a tendency to throw things from her high-chair. This thing is taken quite a few falls onto our tile and although you see some of the stress on the lever portion (whitening of the plastic), it hasn’t broken.Edit 11/24/2012:I’m going to take another star off this set. I seriously cannot believe that they would allow this item to go to market the way it is. I hand wash my daughters cups and I’ve been washing this thing for several months. I recently realized exactly how poorly they designed this for cleaning. There’s a white plastic piece that connects the hard plastic straw to the silicone portion that attaches to the cap. That white piece needs to be dried very well or cleaned very well. In the hole where the hard straw would insert to, there are four 1-2mm grooves that catch water and keep it pretty well. Right on the outside of that plastic cylinder is a gap where it’s also difficult to get a brush or sponge and water can sit here. On the other side are two triangular impressions on either side where the silicone ‘nipple’ goes through. Water will also sit here unless you make sure you shake it out or dry it. Just be aware that these areas need to be properly washed and dried or slime and mold may appear.

Marissa Avondale Estates, GA

Absolutely NO leaks!! (initially)

These are great cups. After trying another brand that leaked everywhere, I decided to upgrade. I read several reviews that said these were hard to get liquid from. When I first bought these I brought them home, washed them, then put them back together w/o reading the directions (these are sippy cups, not rocket science, how hard should it be??) Well…no liquid. I pulled out the directions and easily fixed the problem I’d had. Since then we’ve had zero trouble using these. They are a little harder to clean than some other cups, but the few extra minutes at the sink are TOTALLY worth the lack of milk all over the diaper bag and kitchen floor. We’ve had ZERO leakage since I got these. My 15 month old uses these easily and has no trouble extracting milk. They’re insulated which is nice, tho you can’t see how much liquid is inside w/o taking the lid off (not really an inconvenience…I have to take off the lid to refill it anyway). I really love these cups, but I do recommend taking 2 minutes to read the reassembly instructions. It will save you some frustration!Update: I had to take 1 star off these cups. They’re still the best straw cups I’ve found, but they do start to leak after a few months of use. If left open they pressurize and milk comes out the top. In a diaper bag they leak if not kept perfectly upright (which is obviously impossible in a diaper bag). I still like these, I just have to bring extra wipes with me whenever we travel. When new, these cups work like a charm. I’ve realized there are no leak proof baby/toddler cups…I guess they just need to be replaced every few months.

Paula Diboll, TX

Leaks leaks leaks

Kids hate them. After one use they wanted a bottle. And it leaks at every angle. Hard to put together. Hard to suck out of and it leaks.

Norma Brimfield, IN

Difficult to assemble, BUT so worth it!

This is probably the most difficult cup to assemble, especially the first couple of times as you get used to it, but I LOVE it now! When we first tried it, my son couldn’t get any liquid out, so I called customer service line expecting our cups were defective. Customer service was very nice & helpful, and it turns out I was not assembling the straw piece correctly. So save yourself some sanity and $$ and read these instructions carefully when you assemble the straw:- There is the clear,flexible membrane that is egg-shaped, and it goes inside the white plastic egg-shaped piece- When you put these 2 pieces together, there is a tiny round nub on the clear flexible part that muse go all the way through the little hole in the white hard plastic piece. You have to use your finger to push it through all the way.- Once this piece goes through the little hole, put the two attached pieces into the lid of the cup.Then, the cup works great! They are my favorite cups and are very spill-proof… now that I know how to assemble them correctly. 🙂 It is truly the best cup I’ve ever used as far as being spill-proof. I love that it is insulated and is a reasonable price compared to fancy Thermos/Nalgene brands. I like that the straw is easily folded in to keep germs out, and protects even more against spills in my bag.Final note: the base of these is slightly larger than most sippy cups, so it doesn’t fit in the cupholder of my older model stroller. They are still my favorite, but I wish they’d make them a little slimmer.

Josie Sardinia, SC

one of the better straw cups – but $9 for 2 cups at Target

As other reviewers have mentioned, these are definitely not the easiest cups to clean or put back together. That said, they are pretty great otherwise. If you put them together properly (meaning that you need to attach the straw part to the white part before putting the straw through the lid), then they are pretty spill proof. Heads up though that $20 here is very high – these cups are 2 for $9 at Target.

Cassie Port Jefferson, OH

Our Favorite

I’ve found that Amazon reviews are usually dead on, but I was really surprised by the negative reviews of this product. We bought several different types of straw sippy cups to try out with our son before buying more of one brand (to minimize the assembly of different types and parts, etc.). Two of the cups we tried were munchkin brand, two were vital baby, and then we got two of these. After a month of use: one of the two vital baby cups broke after a drop from a high chair (we liked it before it broke, but it only lasted 3 weeks or so), one of the munchkins my son doesn’t like because you have to bite the straw to get water to flow out, and one of the munchkins spills tons of water out if it hits the ground. These have become our favorite so I’m buying more of them. They’ve survived drops from high chairs and strollers without leaking, hold up well in our dishwasher, and my son loves them. They’ve survived the dishwasher and, once I figured out how to put them together, they are pretty simple to assemble (I’ve found that all of them have a few annoying parts to assemble).

Ina Perkasie, PA

Excellent straw cup and truly spill proof

My wife and I like Tommee Tippee products in general, although we have found a few items they make are not deserving of a five-star rating. We feel this one is one of their best products, so we were surprised to see the relatively poor ratings. Maybe that’s because it takes some time to understand the mechanism and cleaning procedures at first.When we were looking for a good straw cup for our then one-year-old son, it was very important to find a product that was BPA free, colorful and truly spill proof. After a lot of product research, we decided we’d go with Tommee Tippee again. We had very good experience with their bottles, sippy cups and spoons.We watched the video on their website about cleaning and assembling this cup. My wife had a hard time with it for weeks, and was cursing the day Tommee Tippee was born there for a while. But once you get the design down it really works great. The most important is to understand that the little stopper on the soft silicone straw has to go through the hole in the white plastic connector. If you don’t do this, no liquid will come out when the baby sucks on the straw.Seeing my wife’s initial frustration, I wanted to give this product a lower rating, but now she is a convert and insisted it must get five stars even though it drove her crazy at first. We’ve never had a spill and we’re coming up on a year of use. It is very durable, with no problems even though it gets dropped on the floor several times a day.Cleaning takes about one minute with soapy water — even though we disassemble it completely. Note that Tommee Tippee says it can be cleaned without full disassembly, but we wouldn’t recommend that, especially if you use it for milk, we most often do.Just to make things a little more complicated, every week or two, we actually clean the parts of the straw assembly withpipe cleaners. We do this whenever we see discoloration starting to build on any of the three parts of the straw assembly, which happens sometimes in nooks, crannies and the inside of the straws. The pipe cleaners work great at getting any yellowing buildup out quickly. Even with this complication, we still are fans of these cups.Once you get the hang of these, they really are great. They last and last, handle abuse, and can basically handle anything our toddler can dish out without spilling a drop.

Lelia Pennock, MN