Tommee Tippee Bottle, 3 Count

Tommee Tippee Bottle, 3 Count

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature 9 fl oz Feeding Bottles (3 Count) With Closer to Nature Bottles, switching between breast and bottle feeding becomes easier than ever before. Closer to Nature’s range of Bisphenol A free (BPA) baby bottles are designed to promote content and easy feeding times for parents and baby. We have designed the unique, easy-latch-on nipple shape with breastfeeding experts to mimic the natural flex, stretch and movement of mom’s breast. Together with the bottle’s super-sensitive Easi-Vent valve, this encourages your baby’s intuitive feeding action for comfortable, relaxed feeding. Revolutionary Nipple Revolutionary nipple developed with breastfeeding experts and Mums to mimic the breast’s natural flex, stretch and movement, Closer to Nature Bottles makes feeding time easier for Mum and Baby. The soft silicone nipple feels like skin, and gently elongates and flexes during feeding to mimic natural breastfeeding action. Super Sensitive Easi-Vent Valve The slow flow nipple with a super sensitive valve eliminates excessive air flow, so little ones ingest more milk and less air. Breast-like Shaped Nipple The soft silicone nipple feels like skin, and gently flexes during feeding to mimic natural breastfeeding action. The breast-like shaped nipple allows baby to latch on easily and further supports the transition between bottle and breast. 3-way Compact Shape The compact shape of Closer to Nature bottles allows baby to feed in a natural position and to be closer to Mom or Dad. The easy hold bottle can be held in 3 ways—cradled comfortably in the hand, gripped in the same way as a traditional wide neck bottle, or held from the base—making feeding comfortable for everyone. Easy to Clean & Use Closer to Nature bottles and nipples are easy to clean and fill. They are microwave and dishwasher safe, yet light and easy to hold. The easy hold bottle is marked in millimetres and ounces and has a hygiene seal cap to keep germs out and drips in. Baby Safe All the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature bottles are BPA-free for total reassurance.

Main features

  • Allows for easy transition between breast and bottle
  • Wide neck nipple for easier latch on
  • Graduations in milliliters and ounces
  • Hygiene cap seals the nipple for travel
  • Contains 3, 9 ounce bottles

Verified reviews


Brilliant Design

The thing I love about these bottles is their simplicity and their functionality. I also love that there are only 3 pieces; most “breathable” bottles have at least 4, most have 5 or even more. Also, my son ended up being very picky about the shape/size of the nipple he would take and these bottles are pretty much the only ones he likes. We have been using them for about 3 months now.Regarding leaking problems, I have had a bottle leak on me once or twice. I think it’s more of an operator error. It did happen the very first time I used the bottle and maybe once since. If this happens to you on the first use, don’t give up. I have found that you need to pinch the valve on the nipple base before you use them. This will break the seal and allow air to come in so pressure doesn’t build up. When we moved up to the second flow nipple, we began having problems with pressure build-up in the bottles and I realized that the valve was still barely sealed and needed to be pinched open.As for cleaning, I find these bottles very easy to clean. I hand wash them because I don’t want the heat of the dishwasher to break down the plastic; I plan on using them for a very long time. I did not buy the Tommee Tippee scrub brush for this but use a silicone bottle brush instead, again, for longevity purposes. I don’t feel like the TT scrub brush is the only brush that can clean these bottles, but you do have to be very gentle cleaning around the valve as it is made with much thinner silicone in order to let air in.The size and shape of these bottles is also nice. The large ones are large without seeming huge. They fit well in a diaper bag. As of right now, I cannot think of any cons we have come across so far. All in all, a great bottle. Nothing fancy, but the design just works.

Lesley Ellison Bay, WI

Great bottle if your baby is a breast fed baby with bottle feeding on the side

I’ve had no problems with this bottle. It never inverts when my daughter sucks on it. But she was also almost exclusively breast fed with only 2-3 bottles given to her per week up until she was 12 weeks old. I then had to return to work and needed a bottle that would work for her while I was gone for most of the day but still keep her from learning to suck improperly on my nipple when I breast fed her at nights and on weekends.I think that the issue people are having is if you change from a harder nipple to this softer nipple or if your baby was never breast fed in the first place. This bottle is meant to mimic the breast, but if your baby isn’t breast fed most of the time, then what’s the point?The softer nipple, in my opinion, is more like a real nipple, but if you aren’t breast feeding your baby then your baby doesn’t care. I think these bottles are more benificial to moms who mostly breast feed so that when they bottle feed, the baby doesn’t learn to suck improperly and in turn hurt mom’s nipple when she goes back to the breast.Baby’s suck differently to feed from a bottle or to feed from a breast. I think this bottle is designed to accomidate babies that are used to sucking from a breast and are experienced at it. Newborns can still have issues with not latching properly because they are learning as well. Breast fed babies suck more deeply as they are used to having to take the full nipple and areola in. I think they are also a lot easier on the nipple part of the bottle as well. Bottle fed only babies never have to learn to latch properly to a nipple, because they don’t have a mom in pain on the other end forcing them to latch correctly so they will often times put pressure directly on the nipple possiblly causing collapse to a soft nipple.My suggestion is that if you are planning on bottle feeding only, these bottles may not be for you. If you are breastfeeding most of the time, I would say 80-90% of the time or if your baby was exclusively breast fed with very minimal bottle feeding for the first couple months and you need a bottle that is breast like for when you return to work or leave baby is someone elses care, then this bottle would probably work well for you.New update: I bought new 5 oz. Bottles for new baby. She started having issues with the nipple collapsing! I thought it was her being a newborn without her latch established. Turns out it was the valve on the nipple. Some of the valves are not actually open and therefore cause the nipple to collapse. Easy fix is to stick something small and pointy in the valve to open it. Once I did that, no more collapsing nipple! Glad my mom noticed this issue when feeding her!

Carla Mikkalo, OR

Nice design, but much too messy

I bought these because I liked the “natural” shape. Watching my daughter eat from them, I have to say it really did look most similar to breastfeeding compared to other bottles. BUT, the problem is that the nipple is so large/shallow she can’t eat without lots of milk spilling out the side of her mouth and running all over her. The bottle itself did not leak – it’s milk she sucked out and then lost out of her mouth. So maybe for other babies, or older babies with larger mouths or something, but for my girl (10 weeks) these were no good.

Stephanie King, NC

Overpriced here..but,

I have a daycare in my home. Breastfed babies have always been a little bit of a challenge to feed. I bought a set of these bottles recently to try for my newest daycare baby. She took to it immediately, and slept peacefully. It’s the first really good day we had, and she’s doing well on the bottle now. The Dr Brown Bottles were gagging her and causing us both a lot of frustration. I highly recommend this product, but I’d look for them at Babies R Us instead.

Nola Sand Lake, MI

Went through several getting baby ready for day care

These were not the ones that a purely breastfed baby wanted in our case. Instead the only ones she would take were these.;=1789&creative;=390957&creativeASIN;=B001IXYOD2&linkCode;=as2&tag;=stupisms-20

Iva Springfield, MO

Not for my baby

I have several friends whose babies love these, but my daughter fussed so much during feedings (and she normally never fusses during a bottle). She only BF for 3 weeks, so maybe these work better for babies who were able to BF longer and need the anatomical aspect of these. I really wanted these to work out because I thought it would be easier for her to learn to hold it as she got older than the Dr. Brown’s bottles she loves, but she wants nothing to do with these bottles at all. Not good for all babies I guess. 🙁

Malinda Mantua, UT

Unfortunately, mess for us

My wife added these to the registry along with other types/brands of bottles so we could try them out and see what worked well. Nice shape on these, easy to hold but feeding our newborn (3 weeks old) results in a wet mess from leaks. I don’t know if that’s due to the bottle design or with how we or the baby use them but our purpose is to feed the baby all the precious nutrients and the job isn’t getting done completely or cleanly with these bottles, whereas with other ones that appear to cost a little less, it is. Not all products work equally well for everyone. These don’t work so well for us but I’m sure they do for some folks. For that reason, I think 3 stars is the fairest assessment. The design intent is good and practical but unfortunately it just doesn’t work for us.

Verna Greenfield Park, NY

Cute, but not for us.

These bottles are really cute, and I wanted them to work for us. However, they seemed to make my baby pretty gassy. Also, milk gets left on the curve of the bottle and it can be hard to shake it down. Maybe not a big deal for some, but I was feeding my daughter breastmilk…and I don’t want to waste a drop of that! There would always be a little left no matter how hard I tried shaking it down. Do make sure you pinch the valve on the nipple to make it open before feeding otherwise it might collapse while baby is eating. We switched to Dr. Brown’s bottles and the gassiness went down and no milk was wasted!

Dominique Upperville, VA

perfect for avoiding nipple confusion

they were great for alternating between bottle and breast. son never got got frustrated at the breast due to being spoiled by the flow of the bottle. easy to clean and very durable. handed them down to a friend a year later (new nipples of course) and they looked barely used. did have some trouble at first with the nipple collapsing but after looking through the instructions well it was solved by pinching the valve open after every wash. would recommend.

Roseann Emmetsburg, IA

Excellent product and quality.

Update on ReviewI have been using the product for 6 months now and recently switched to the 9oz bottles. I have talked to other moms who have complained about how their babies with extremely sensitive stomachs continue to spit out milk or have significant reflux with these bottles as well. As far as I understand it , these bottles do help sensitive stomachs but are much more focused on the colic problem than anything else. Babies still need to be burped rigourously after feeding every time, and in my particular case (ask your pediatrician always) its quite normal for babies to spit out a little bit of milk sometimes even an hour or so after eating. Reflux I have found is an entirely different problem, and I dont think these bottles are designed to fix that particular problem. So please talk to your doctor if you feel your baby has it.Besides that, I have found these bottles wonderful. I have learned a few more things:1. bottles tend to come a bit too closed from the valve at the bottom, so if brand new, use a small knife and make sure they are properly opened (they should all come with a side to side slit in the small bubble valve) at the bottom, or the nipple will colapse when eating. And actually the regular bottles also have a small valve but this one in the nipple that sometimes comes closed or too tight as well and needs to be opened manually when you buy it.2. if the valve or tube are filled with water from the dishwasher or the sterilizer, make sure you check them and open them to get out all the water, or the nipple will colapse while eating.3. the tommee tippee electric sterilizer although expensive, turned out to be the best choice, because it fits everything in one try (valves, bottles, caps, nipples, the works). it fits 6 bottles at least (9oz) if you use the racks, and if you dont , it fits a lot more (although I know Im suppossed to use the racks, but hey sometimes you just want to get to bed).4. if the bottle leaks, make sure the valve sits properly before you screw in the nipple. it doesnt have to sit perfect it tends to get wabbly, but it should allow the nipple to screw in properly. i have found this to be the same with the dr brown and others as well.5. if you have sensitive and normal bottles make sure you dont mix them up after a clean, i know the nipple rings are quite different, and the nipples are marked but sometimes you are just in a hurry. or wash them in set that way no mix ups happen. if you try to use sensitive nipples and rings without its valve they will leak.Yes , sometimes it feels a bit of a mess and fussy to assemble and wash, but I must say in my case it was worth it. Colic problems reduced significantly. Now that she is a bit older, I use the sensitive stomach bottles in the afternoon and evening mostly, and during the day use the normal ones. To avoid colic in the evenings I have found that is the best way to use them.Also my sister, that had a preemie, found that the shape and size of the nipple was ideal to go back and forth between the breast feeding and the bottle. She had found some other bottles to have the nipple too large and went down too close to the throat of the baby and made it very uncomfortable for the baby.Also a couple of extra tips for decreasing severe colics: dont mix your formula by shaking the bottle, use a spoon to stirr it in, the shaking only increases the air in the mix. Dont use the microwave to heat it, I really dont know in my case if it was coincidence or not, but it seems like the microwave added to the air problem in the bottle. But I might as well share.Tommee Tippee and Dr Brown also discourages use of microwave due to the uneven heat generation.I hope you find this helpful.Cheers—————Great product and delivers on its promise. The baby adapts easily, and the fit is quite natural. You can go back and forth after a while between breastfeeding and leaving milk on tommee tippee bottles with it while you are at work. So far marginal stomach upsets, mainly from other causes but the bottles work great. Highly recommended.

Julie Manchester, VT

Good Bottles ok nipples

Love these bottles for the most part. The one problem i keep running into is that the nipples wear out rather quickly. The hole on several of them have expanded so that the milk pours out causing my little one to refuse to drink it.

Nina Plainfield, IL

Bottles for nursing babies

I wanted to find a bottle that my boys would take after nursing. So far they have liked this bottle better then a couple others that we had. I love the shape and small size they are so cute.

Bettie Llano, CA


perfect for the holding the dispensers with cereal/ formula in them and on the go. just pour and mix and done

Abbie Loranger, LA

No nipple confusion!

My son refused every bottle and pacifier I tried. I got one of these bottles to try after playing w/ the nipple in the store. It’s shaped like the real thing and had a more shallow tip. The longer nipples of other brands made my son gag. The tip is thicker plastic, but the base or “areola” part is soft w/ similar give to a boob. Of the whole bottle, the nipple alone is what makes it worth the price for a breast-fed baby. Shop for prices though. I have found them cheaper at Target.

Brandi Diamond, MO

My breastfed baby will not take these bottles.

I like these bottles because they don’t have a lot of parts. We previously used the Playtex VentAir, which has a separate bottom and valve. Unfortunately, my breastfed baby will not take this bottle. So far, the only bottle he will take is the new bottle from Similac, which we received as a sample. I plan to keep trying since I’ve invested in these new bottles. One note, the box was not sealed in any way. It was just a box with the bottles rattling around inside. I’m used to boxes being wrapped in plastic, or glued shut, or somehow sealed. This box didn’t even have tape on it, you could just open it up and the bottles fell out. It made me feel like the bottles may have been returned. It was just very odd compared to the typical packaging you see on any baby product nowadays.

Paulette Recluse, WY

Love these bottles

I was breastfeeding and looking for good bottles so my baby did not get nipple confusion. When she would suck these bottles her mouth was the most like she was nursing of any bottles I could find. These are awesome bottles and I have not had any issues with them. The air thing on the top works great so she is not too gassy. I love these bottles and this brand. They have worked great for our family.

Leona Peterstown, WV

not all they are hyped to be

We started using the playtex drop ins and have used them for a while without problems but now the slow nipple is too slow but the medium nipple is way too fast, so we are looking for a new bottle. Tommee Tippee is supposed to be wonderful so we decided to give them a try. Unfortunately the nipple collapses every minute so my daughter has to stop and I have to fix the nipple multiple times. Very frustrating.

Michael Poyntelle, PA

Love the wide opening of these!

The wide base nipples make for easy transitioning from breast to bottle feeding. Because the opening of the bottle is wide, it makes for easy cleaning too!The shape of the bottles makes for easy handling when your baby is old enough to hold his/her own bottle.Tommee Tippee offers two designs for girls that I’ve seen online. I just wish more of a variety of colors/designs were available. That’s my only complaint.

Lavonne Bluff, UT


No problems at all with these bottles. They work great, the nipple is soft and a great shape, my little girl doesn’t get gas from them and they wash easily. Everything you could want in a bottle.

Rachelle Mcarthur, CA

Awesome bottles…

Our little one took to these right away. We were worried because she had been exclusively breast-fed. She did not seem to have any trouble at all and now, at 8 months old, takes these bottles or the breast without fuss.

Lydia Wayside, MS

Didn’t like it, use dr. Brown instead.

Milk comes too fast from these bottles and it always made my baby gassy. I switched to dr. Browns instead and it worked great!

Blanca Buncombe, IL

Tommy is out, born free worked better

I wanted to like this bottle. Heck I needed to like this bottle. My daughter (4 months) was EBF but slowly begain refusing the breast more and more and I knew I needed a plan B for the day that she went on a complete boob strike. After trying a few other bottles ( Momma, Medela & Avent Natural) I finally buckled and bought yet another one, enter Tommy Tippee Closer to Nature. She fought me on it, but I was persistant and eventually she DID take it. But here’s the kicker: she begain nursing all wrong. Her lips were not latching properly and she would get upset when let down wasn’t immediate. I talked to my lactation specialist and after some brainstorming she pegged this bottle as the culprit. She proceeded to tell me how difficult this brand is for nursing Moms… It creates lazy babies. They no longer have to work for their supper. So I stopped these as soon as my bornfree bottles came in and havent looked back since. Born free bottles are ugly and annoying to clean (5 parts) but my girl sure loves them and I love that they dont leak.Of course with babies its all trial and error. For some it may work for others it wont. Such is the life when we spoil our babes!!!

Lilia West Farmington, ME

Love these bottles

These bottles have worked great for us! The flow is perfect for our little one and where I am breastfeeding they don’t cause nipple confusion. He is less gassy and doesn’t spit up when we use these bottles; we’ve tried other bottles previously and he would always spit up after feeding or milk would leak out of the corners of his mouth, we don’t have that problem with the Tommee Tippee bottles. However, every baby takes to bottles/nipples differently, so even though they worked great for us, they may not for other people, so keep that in mind when reading reviews and trying to make a decision on bottles. With that said, I do recommend giving these bottles a try, especially if you are breastfeeding and worried about nipple confusion.

Irma Port Crane, NY

Doesn’t fit in bottle warmer

We bought these and didn’t hardly use them. They didn’t fit in the bottle warmer and the way the nipples went into the cap were hard to get in. Do not recommend them.

Aimee Sea Island, GA

Baby Prefers These Bottles!

I have a breastfed baby who has also been taking bottles from very early on but has always stopped a lot to burp or fuss while taking bottles (particularly the Dr. Brown’s). I tried these out on a lark and she LOVES THEM. Doesn’t stop at all the whole bottle. She does leak some around her face because she’s eating so intensely, but I’m ok with that because she really really likes the bottles and has been very happy. After fighting with the Dr. Browns for months and finding they made her MORE gassy because she didn’t latch onto them well and swallowed a lot of air, I’m so happy to find these. I’ll take a messy face over an unhappy baby who has to stop 3-4 a bottle to burp that we had with Dr. Brown’s.

Isabelle Chehalis, WA

Tried Many, But The Only Bottle We’ve Stuck With!

By far this is the best bottle on the market! Due to having a very colicky and gassy baby, we tried many different bottles to try and make feeding time better. Doctors and friends recommended the Dr. Brown’s and the First Years Breast Flow Bottles, but neither worked as well as the Tommee Tippee’s. Now at 9 months, it is the only bottle our son will take and that’s fine with us. He also likes the pacifiers and sippy cups. We will remain loyal customers of this wonderful brand – these bottles saved my son from alot of pain. They are simple to put together – not too many parts like the Dr. Brown’s or First Years – and easy for my son to hold. We also love the formula storage cups that you can have premeasured and “stored” in the bottle until you need it. Overall, I have no complaints for this company or bottle!

Hilary Wilcox, NE

No nipple confusion

I breast feed my baby, but introduced this bottle to her when she was 5 weeks old. She took the bottle without any issues and did not get “nipple confused.”These bottles are on the expensive side, but it works for us.The only thing I dislike about this bottle is the shape of it. It’s hard to get the last few drops of milk down because of the curves on the bottle.

Reyna Gagetown, MI

No Nipple Confusion!

All of my friends who have had babies ended up loving TT bottles the best, so that is what we immediately started with instead of trying other brands. I’ve been breast-feeding exclusively but started storing excess pumped milk in these bottles. My MIL started giving baby a bottle w/out telling me while I was asleep during the first week! I was upset and scared that she would end up with nipple confusion so early on, but it’s now been almost 2 weeks and she gets bottle-fed once a day almost every day. And so far, NO nipple confusion! YAY! I like the shape of the bottle and the nipple & base is a much closer to “mom’s” than the Medela ones I got with our pump. I also like that they can be used with the Medela pump with the adaptor and I can pump straight into the bottle! The storage lids are also great and I find them pretty easy to stack a few in the fridge or freezer! And I love that the opening is nice and easy to clean and dry inside.

Jeannette Menlo Park, CA

the design is great but if your baby is really good “sucking” and …

the nipples of this particular brand are too soft, the design is great but if your baby is really good "sucking" and is not a very calm baby it would be a problem, the tip would move all around and interoupt the process

Marian Forest, OH


my child love these bottles and had very little issues with gas…. they’re also very easy to clean since they don’t have many parts.

Geneva Bar Harbor, ME