Tommee Tippee Breast Pump Adaptor

Tommee Tippee Breast Pump Adaptor

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Breast Pump Adaptor Unique to the tommee tippee Closer to Nature line, the breast pump adapter allows Closer to Nature bottles to work with any standard neck breast pump. Ideal when mom transitions from a manual pump to an electric pump. The adaptor connects with most standard neck breast pump so is ideal for moms with multiple pumps for travel and home. The breast pump allows mom to continue to feed baby from a Closer to Nature bottle whilst using any breast pump. Works with Closer to Nature bottles The Closer to Nature breast pump adaptor, allows mom to feed baby with the Closer to Nature easi-vent feeding bottle. We have designed the unique, easy-latch-on nipple shape with breastfeeding experts to mimic the natural flex, stretch and movement of mom’s breast. Together with the bottle’s super-sensitive easi-vent valve, this encourages your baby’s intuitive feeding action for comfortable, relaxed feeding. The Closer to Nature bottles are designed for comfortable bottle times with less gas and happier babies. Easy to Use The tommee tippee Closer to Nature breast pump adaptor is just a one piece assembly. Simply screw the Closer to Nature bottle to the adaptor and affix the standard neck breast pump of your choice to the adaptor Easy to Clean The Closer to Nature breast pump adaptor can be simply and quickly cleaned in hot, soapy water, a dishwasher or steam sterilized. Baby Safe The tommee tippee Closer to Nature breast pump adaptor is BPA-free for total reassurance Who choose tommee tippee? Tommee tippee, from the UK based Mayborn Group Limited, has earned a reputation for its clever ideas, product quality and simply intuitive designs that promote natural development at every age, stage and feeding need. Today, tommee tippee innovations provide comfort for babies and peace of mind for parents in 45 countries around the world.

Main features

  • Only from Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature, the breast pump adaptor allows award winning Closer to Nature Bottles to work with any standard neck breast pump
  • Ideal for inexpensive transitions from a manual pump to an electric pump
  • Ideal for Mom’s with multiple pumps for travel and home
  • Superior value and usable flexibility
  • Always BPA and phthalate free

Verified reviews


prefect fit!

Fits my medela pump in style and it also fit the ameda pump I used at hospital. Allows me to pump directly in bottle. I can even use a medela or ameda bottle cap to close the top. A must have for tommee tippee breastmilk moms!

Olivia Reynolds, IN

Works as expected, no complaints

Love this adaptor… have to buy two, so keep that in mind since one per package. But totally worth it in my case. I pump at work straight into the bottles with the adaptors and then leave the bottles with daycare when I pick up my little guy after work. This is so much better than taking home medela bottles, transferring to tommee tippee, then sending the next day… I tended to not have my act together and would be rushing to clean bottles often!

Bridgette Fairchild Air Force Base, WA

I wish I knew about these earlier

LIFESAVER in pumping directly from the standard mouth Medela pump into a Tommee Tippee bottle. I used to stupidly pump into the medela bottle, then put that in the fridge, then transfer it into the tommee bottles when time came to feed. I’d have to swirl the milk around before transferring to loosen the fatty parts of the milk, which could accidentally destroy the good stuff in breast milk. This cuts down multiple steps.

Melissa Delta Junction, AK

time saver

These are awesome and they save me the hassle of switching from "pumping" bottles to my trusted Tommee Tippee bottles.

Jennie Seco, KY

Lovely adapter!

This helps me use my Tommee Tippee bottles with my Spectra breast pump breast shields. It is really handy and made of high quality material.

Josie Sultan, WA

good adaptor

Adapts bottles so you only have to use one. Great way to eliminate extra steps when washing dishes. works well.

Brittney Clayton, IL

Doesn’t fit well with Lansinoh pumps

Not sure why, but it’s really hard to screw into my Lansinoh pumps – both the manual and the electric. It’s a bit better with Medela, but even then isn’t completely flush.

Rosie Cornucopia, WI


I couldn’t ask for anything better than this adaptor. It had made pumping easier right into the tommee tippee bottle instead of into the medela bottles then transferring into the tommee tipped bottles. Thank you for the time saver.

Joanne East Saint Johnsbury, VT