Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature First Sips Weaning Cup – 4m – 5 Oz.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature First Sips Weaning Cup – 4m – 5 Oz.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature First Sips Weaning Cup – 4m – 5 Oz. (Pink)

Main features

  • Plastic, Silicone
  • No more hard drinking spouts – The unique soft spout with flexible ribbing offers a natural transition from bottle to cup for comfort as baby learns how to sip.
  • Grows with your baby – Flexible spout and advance-flo valve support natural, healthy oral development and easy drinking.
  • Convenient for travel – Traveling with the Closer to Nature First Sips Cup is a breeze thanks to the included hygienic lid that protects the spout.
  • Safe for baby, safe for the environment Closer to Nature First Sips cups are BPA- and phthalate-free.

Verified reviews


Do not be fooled.

You can get this cup for $5.99 at the supermarket or babies R us. This price is a rip off. Do not buy from here, go online to babies R us if you need to buy online! This price is outragous.

Karina Fleetville, PA

Good, but less at Babies R Us

It doesn’t leak, but my daughter initally had problems using it. She just chewed on it instead of sucking. After using a couple other cups (that leaked EVERYWHERE) she realized what she was supposed to do with it, and then it was wonderful!Also, like the other reviews say, it is only $5 in the store, but if you’re like me, and don’t have the time to go to Babies R Us – or don’t have one near, the $16 is worth it. Just being honest… I’m posting a photo of my daughter using it.

Leola Hampden, ND

Nice looking BUT

I got this cup for my 6 month old baby, she was always breastfed so I wanted to introduce juices with this cup.PROS: it doesn’t leak, it looks beautiful, it’s the perfect size for my baby to hold by herself, the handles are absolutely amazing because I can use them in my other tommee tippee bottles.CONS: you need to clean it extremely meticulosly because mold builds up. If you use it for something else than plain water, be really careful to put every piece apart and clean it perfectly. Then let it dry for several hours until COMPLETELY dry and then you can use it again. Handwash highly recommendedAgain nothing wrong just too much work for a 6 month old baby mom. I want every that goes into my baby’s mouth SUPER clean, but don’t have time to spend 10 min cleaning just one cup.

Tania Gordonsville, VA

Don’t waste the money.

I am a huge fan of the bottles, so much so they are all I used. I hoped the negative reviews were isolated experiences regarding the sippy cup. I was sorely disappointed. This cup leaks everywhere. Used it once. In the discard box now. Can’t even give it away because of the poor functionality of it.

Marylou Fyffe, AL

nipple is too hard

My daughter is 5.5 months. Weve used TT since birth. This hard plastic nipple made her, the handles are perfect and they fit on all TT bottles…

Renae Adairsville, GA

My daughter hates this cup.

My daughter is 5 months and I wanted to start introducing jucie as we did solids. My daughter hates it. She cries everytime it’s in her mouth. It’s a really big spout IMO, but the pro is does not leak. I shook it and shook it over the skink before I gave it to her and it never had anything come out of it. The spout really is not soft, it’s hard. I was looking for more of a nipple type spout I guess. It’s super easy to clean and I love that the handles stay in place and don’t swivle around the cup! I wish she loved this cup. I’ll keep it and maybe she will use it later on.

Tia Kingman, ME


thought this was going to be a great cup, but it’s terrible. the spout will not line up in between the handles no matter how many times I try to reposition the threads and screw it on. it only works when the removable handles aren’t on-which totally defeats the purpose of a "weaning cup". bought the cup for the purpose of a cup so the handles are necessary. what a piece of junk.

Leslie Charlton Depot, MA

Great cup

Wonderful size for little hands and doesn’t leak!We wash ours in the dish washer and then leave out to dry before putting them back together. I have used this for both kids and love them. I did get free stoppers from the company when I used it with my third. It is way cheaper in stores.

Cherie Camp H M Smith, HI

Too fast for beginner

We bought this for our second child in hopes we could move off bottles faster. Tried it at 4 months and flow was entirely too fast. Tried again at 6 months and flow is still too fast for her. Since this is meant for beginning drinkers the flow should be regulated like a slow flow nipple.

Rita Porter Corners, NY

Good starter sippy cup but cheaper in stores

This is a good sippy cup guys, and the bad reviews is really because it’s so much more on Amazon than in stores. The cup is small so it’s not heavy for their little hands and it is a really cute cup! And I do love the fact that it’s got a lid so it keeps the nipple clean. The only thing i am a bit concerned is that my daughter is trying to chew on the nipple rather than suck it – since it’s kinda small. But she seems to really like chewing on this cup ha… I don’t know how long it will last us but it’s great to see her hold this cup with her tiny hands… and for 5-6 dollars, it’s not that bad, I wouldn’t pay 15 for it tho.

Julie Rio Medina, TX

My daughter never got the hang of these

My daughter couldn’t ever get the hang of these cups. She would just chew on them. I switched to the Nubby No Spill cups and she could use them right away without any problem! I feel like the nipple part was too hard or something. I really wanted to like these but in the end, I had to switch brands.

Camille Marion, ND