Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bib, Cream, Small

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bib, Cream, Small

Protect baby’s tender skin with super-absorbent Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bibs. Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bibs have a unique dribble catcher that absorbs moisture, helping prevent rashes on baby’s sensitive skin. Our Milk Feeding Bibs are super-soft on tender young skin, yet work really hard to soak up dribbles and spills before they can cause a rash. Perfect for those first milk feeds, they’re also ideal for the teething stage. Classically simple and will match all of Baby’s outfits

Main features

  • Super soft and absorbent to protect baby’s clothes and sensitive skin
  • Unique dribble catcher absorbs moisture and is ideal for drips or teething
  • Super soft fabric for comfort and helps prevents rashes
  • Convenient neck fastening makes it easier to put bib on and take off baby
  • Classically simple and will match all of Baby’s outfits

Verified reviews


Great bibs, but 1/3 the price at TRU

These bibs are great to help catch the dribbles while my infant is feeding. However, they are available for only $6 from Toys R Us, so I am hesitant to pay three times the price on Amazon.

Tricia Ridley Park, PA

Love the bibs-can buy cheaper

I’ll echo what a lot of other reviewers have said, I love these bibs but got them cheaper elsewhere. (Babies r us had them on sale.) With that said, for a mommy with a baby with reflux these are wonderful. Our daughter seems to leak milk all day long and I am constantly trying to scrub it out from under her chin. The rolled top to these bibs solves the problem and they are a nice length that prevents a larger part of her clothes from getting wet.

Erika Loyal, WI

Good for catching milk, but wears easily in the wash

My friend told me about these bibs when my son was 3 weeks old as the bibs I was trying to use for him were too big and gaping around his neck. At first I thought these bibs were a true lifesaver!! They fit so much better around my young baby’s chest and neck and they helped keep the dribbles from getting on his skin and clothes. However, I wasn’t too impressed with how these bibs held up in the wash. After several washes, the velcro started to wear and the cloth of the bibs was pilling quite a bit. Since these bibs are not cheap, I expected a bit better quality in the fabric and velcro tip. I think in general a button snap is preferable to a velcro bib since there is nothing worse than your baby falling asleep at the bottle only to have him wake up when you pull the scratchy velcro apart to take the bib off!

Wilda Wrens, GA

Velcro is awful, but I can’t find anything better

My 1 month old wears these bibs all day, every day. They do a good job of keeping milk from running down his chin onto his neck and clothes. I have kind of a love/hate relationship with these things. They do what I need them to do, but there are some problems with the materials.The Velcro is very scratchy and will destroy anything it touches, including the bib itself. You have to make sure you have it lined up and closed completely, or it will snag the baby’s clothing, or worse, scratch the back of the baby’s neck. It will also mangle anything it touches in the wash. I am also puzzled why a bib designed for newborns would not have a side closure. The baby cannot hold his head up, so it’s very difficult to fasten the awful Velcro at the back of the neck. The material of the bib also shows wear very quickly (but I am washing them every day, so some wear is to be expected).At the end of the day, I have not found a better option for a milk feeding bib, but I wish these had a snap closure on the side. At least they’re cheap (BRU has them for half what they are sold for here), because the quality is not that great.

Tara Greenway, VA

Awesome bib for bottle feeding

This bib is great. It does as advertised with protecting those neck folds from formula dribbles. There is a long piece of Velcro at the closure so the neck opening size is adjustable.The actual bib is bigger than I expected. It is plenty large on my 13lb 3 month old. I plan on using these when he starts cereal too because they cover enough of his body. The material is a very soft terry even after a few washes.And THANK YOU tommee tippee for making this bib the same color as formula! I have far too many white bibs that get formula stains and just look gross during a feeding with yellow spit up all over them.My only complaint would be that I wish the Velcro was Aplix (the not scratchy hook and loop) instead.

Leann Varna, IL

Actually for babies

I love this bib! I am nursing my baby but he’s a spitter-upper and this has saved me from many outfit changes. The best part is the sizing. All of the other bibs out there are made for toddlers but this one actually fits snugly on a baby ( he’s 8 weeks). The fabric is soft too and doesn’t irritate his skin.

Sara Hoagland, IN

Good bib, velcro sucks!

The thick neck works great but the velcro was a mess after the first wash and it gets stuck on everything. It’s very hard to get the bib on and off because the velcro is so sticky. They do wash up well and are very soft. They fit my newborn very well.Because of the velcro I would not buy these again.Update 11-28-12We have started solids and these are now my favorite bibs! They ate still soooo soft and not stained at all, even after multiple feedings of orange veggies! What mom (or dad) doesn’t wipe their baby’s face with the bib? With this one, it’s not scratchy and he hates it less than other bibs. I still hate the velcro, but I am willing to deal with it because these are so soft on his face. They are also thick enough to absorb the massive amounts of teething drool without needing to be changed every hour.

Deanna Bryant, FL

Great Bib!

My 1 month old spits up a lot. The normal bib would allow the milk to slip down her neck and soak everything. This bib has extra padding at the neck which would absorbe the milk before getting to her neck. I am super happy with it, but wish that I would have read the reviews about buying them at BRU first. I would have saved some money…

Alyce Westphalia, IN

LOVE these! Great for drooling/teething babies!

I use these bibs as teething bibs to catch all of my son’s drool. These are the only bibs I know of that have the padding near the neckline. Love these bibs. They keep his chin and chest dry. These were also great when he was a newborn, because babies have folds in their necks and if drool or milk gets in there, it can cause a rash. These bibs keep the neck area dry and protected. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Terrie Pittsfield, NH

Not as good as I was told

I bought these after friends recommended them. They do catch the dribbles from feeding but it just soaks through to the bottom and wets the shirt. We use cloth diapers or Gerber burp cloths under his chin and haven’t had a soaked collar since.

Ilene Willow Street, PA

a little pricey

I am giving them 4 stars only because the price on Amazon is almost double what you pay in stores…but when they were difficult to find a few weeks ago, A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do! I am a huge fan of this style of bib for my infant son. Regardless of what we feed him, he always seems to spit up. Other bibs do not offer the protection around his neck, nor the absorbency of the material.

Sandra Edwardsport, IN


These are our favorite bibs. They are very absorbent. The food or milk doesn’t just drip down the bib and you can use it to wipe his face as well as you are feeding, wiping drool, etc.

Meagan Atlantic Beach, NY

Love these!

These are great for my newborn who dribbles milk all down his chin and neck. The extra material around the neck absorbs really well, yet they are still soft and comfortable. The material is very nice. Only small criticism is that you have to take care to lay the Velcro fastener flat at the back otherwise it stick in baby’s neck and is uncomfortable and scratchy. Love this product otherwise.

Bernice Hanscom Afb, MA

Best bibs

These are the best bibs that i’ve tried so far. They fit snug up under the chin so even milk that dribbles down the cheek or chin is soaked up. They absorb very well and are soft for baby’s delicate skin.

Amalia Westport, PA

Super soft around the neck and for the face

I have almost 30 different bibs from different brands and this one is by far my favorite. Although my son outgrew them by 9 months, I still use them as face wipes while he’s eating. It’s super soft, even after weekly washes. I love the idea of having a thicker neck line to keep food from getting into his shirt which his other bibs aren’t able to control.If you’d like more tips about must have baby registry items, what to expect in your first year of motherhood, and even what recovery after delivery might look like, visit the website,

Laverne Sterling, CT

Great Bib

I got tons of bibs at my shower… they are cute ones but do not work for my newborns who are bottle feeding… maybe better for eating solids when they are older. These bibs are perfect for babies who are bottle feeding catches the milk dripples. Argee with what pervious person said too $$$ on amazon $6.99 for same thing at Target.

Deloris Honomu, HI