Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bib, Pink, Small

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bib, Pink, Small

Protect baby’s tender skin with super-absorbent Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bibs. Closer to Nature Milk Feeding Bibs have a unique dribble catcher that absorbs moisture, helping prevent rashes on baby’s sensitive skin. Our Milk Feeding Bibs are super-soft on tender young skin, yet work really hard to soak up dribbles and spills before they can cause a rash. Perfect for those first milk feeds, they’re also ideal for the teething stage. Classically simple and will match all of Baby’s outfits

Main features

  • Super soft and absorbent to protect baby’s clothes and sensitive skin
  • Unique dribble catcher absorbs moisture and is ideal for drips or teething
  • Super soft fabric for comfort and helps prevents rashes
  • Convenient neck fastening makes it easier to put bib on and take off baby
  • Classically simple and will match all of Baby’s outfits
  • Prevents rashes and discomfort
  • Easy to use Velcro fastening makes quick changing easy
  • Classically simple and trimmed in pink to match all of Baby’s outfits

Verified reviews


Absolute must!

After using this, I got rid of all my other bibs & ordered enough for my twins to have a fresh one for each feeding! Super absorbent, the neck ring seems comfortable to them & catches a lot of milk before it rolls down their necks to wet their clothes – absolutely love this product! Also washes well & dries quickly!

Ernestine Delaware City, DE

Best Bibs on the market!

Hands down the best bibs, the neck catches spit up and other messes saving you from changing outfits at every feeding.

Claire Fortescue, NJ

Fits well, great bib!

These bibs are my favorite because they fit very well, not leaving a gap at the neck, so no pasta or food dribbles find a way under the neck like they do when using other bibs. I also like the velcro. Many of the bibs I have had weak velcro that comes apart in the wash and sticks to other things but this velcro is tight and strong even after many washes so it stays stuck to itself. It doesn’t have a plastic back but it is thick enough that I have never had an issue with anything soaking in enough to stain her shirt. It’s my favorite bib! Even though my daughter is a toddler already, I’m ordering another pack, so don’t let “milk feeding” put you off, it has been great for us for toddler feeding as well.

Angelica Dutton, VA

Cushioned neck ring works well to prevent “yucky neck”

My breast fed baby does not take the bottle especially well when need be and dribbles a lot onto her clothing and down into the folds of her neck. This bib works really well to prevent that from happening.

Candace Wellman, IA

Good for feeding, not so great for drooling

First off, I didn’t use this bib for it’s intended purpose. I’m giving it four stars because I figure that’s about right for what it was designed for. I bought it for drooling and the rest of this review talks about that.When baby hit 3 months she turned into a drool machine. Most of the bibs I had were those little cheapos that are made of some thin synthetic fabric that soaks through right away. I searched amazon for the best bibs for droolers and picked a few with decent reviews to try:aden + anais 3 Pack Nibble Snap BibsImse Vimse Organic Cotton Terry Dribble BibsTommee Tippee Closer to Nature Milk Feeding BibBaby is now 7 months and the drooling is gone, so we’re not using bibs much at the moment. When I was using them, I liked the aden and anais best.The Imse Vimse are very small which would have been fine for my purpose and they had the nicest colors to me- fairly neutral so they went with most outfits. They also fit nice and snug around the neck due to the tie. The bib cotton was thick and absorbent, but I rarely used them because the edging is made with some terrible rough fabric. If it’s cotton, they must be breeding a new special type with the texture of… gosh, I’m trying to think of a fabric with such a terrible texture, but I don’t know what it would be. Suffice it to say that it doesn’t belong in the sensitive neck rolls of a little baby. So, these got very little use.The Tommy Tippy are nice and probably well suited to keeping milk out of the neck rolls, but the bib itself is a thin synthetic material and not all that absorbent. So, they soak through too quickly to be of much use for a serious drooling problem. The bib size is perfect, not tiny like the Imse Vimse and not huge like Aden and Anais. I don’t love the velcro- you have to be careful that it doesn’t snag other things in the wash and if you don’t line it up perfectly it can irritate baby’s skin. The snaps on Aden and Anais are better.Finally, my favorite ended up being the Aden and Anais which are designed for eating, not drooling. They are huge, more of a smock on a 3 month old, but this is perfect for an eating bib. At three months baby wasn’t mobile yet, so being too large was no biggie- if I need to resume use, it may interfere with her crawling as they hang past the waist. They were also a big big around the neck for little one but we didn’t seem to have a big problem with the drool running into her neck so this worked out ok. The reason I loved them is that they are so soft and so absorbent, they never soaked through with the drool and I could take the long bib and wipe her face with it. The Imse Vimse were too small for this and the Tommy Tippy not absorbent enough. Another possible advantage is the rather loud pattern does not show stains as much as the plainer bibs. I do wish they came in more color options, I don’t love either choice, but on the whole I am happy and I know these will last forever, like the Aden and Anais blankets, they just get better with washing.

Robin Prudenville, MI

Love it

Love the bump at the top so nothing gets in those cute little baby neck rolls =)) best bib for nursing and bottle feeding

Yesenia Buffalo Prairie, IL

Amazing bibs for bottle feeding!!!

These were the best (bar none) bibs for bottle feeding a newborn!! The slight roll at the neckline of the bib really keeps a lot of milk/formula from running down a baby’s neck, which can get really gross. Also very absorbent!

Samantha Glenwood, NY


The ONLY bibs we use!!! We’ve put all of our cutesy bibs in the closet because these are the only ones that are REALLY absorbent and the collar around the neck is awesome for bottle-fed babies and drooling from teething- keeps drips from getting all over clothes. Our babysitter LOVES them too. We own 22 of them- trust me once you buy them you won’t bother with anything else!!! Do wash them "closed," with the Velcro latched, or you’ll have them stuck to all your other baby laundry

Frances Rincon, GA


My daughter wants more for their baby. It keeps her neck dry when breast or bottle feeding and it is comfortable for mother and baby. I wish these were around when I had babies. I hated the milk pooling around their necks. A MUST for every baby.

Felecia Luling, LA

baby gear that you can’t live without

This helps keep the baby’s clothes clean and most importantly any spit up from going on her neck. We keep it on our daughter during a feeding and for 20 mins after. It’s big and saves her clothes from getting puked on.

Marla Fawn Grove, PA

The best bib I’ve used!

Every time our little one drinks milk, a lot of milk leaks from the corner of her mouth, which runs down her neck and wets her clothes. These bibs are perfect solution for us (well, except they are a bit expensive and I don’t want to replace all her bibs with this one…). The size of collar is ver adjustable, leaving very little gap for milk to reach her clothes. Also, the cushion at the collar absorb pretty much all the milk. The material used in this bib is very soft. The best bib I’ve used so far (and I have 2 kids so far).Check the price of these bibs at your local stores first. Two different local stores here are selling the same thing at $6.99 only.

Molly Dulles, VA

Velcro is awful and you can’t dry the bib!

I loved this bib for the collar, but I was always concerned about the velcro. It’s extremely rough and can scratch your baby’s delicate skin. The velcro also shredded the soft loop half of the bib, so it doesn’t stick anymore, but it will stick to everything else in your laundry and damage your clothes. I contacted Tommee Tippee and was informed not to put the bib in the dryer…seriously, you can’t put a bib in a dryer???

Robert Lake City, CO

Perfect for teething babies

When they start to drool gallons, this is comfy and soft and protects their skin from rashes and their clothes do not have to be change as often. Gave my daughter several for her twins coming next month!

Jimmie Glen Allen, VA

Not for tiny babies

Pros:These bibs do keep the milk from running into the neck crease and around back to her hair. So for their intended purpose, they are working. I did not have a problem putting mine through the dryer.Cons:This is not a product for preemies or even small newborns. The roll was too thick to fit under her neck until she got to be about 10 pounds. I can see that it is best they make it that thickness because babies grow fast. Just don’t expect to use it right away if you have a small baby. Also, like other reviewers, don’t like the velcro, very rough and a little too strong so I feel like it is jerking her no matter how carefully I try to get it off.Overall, I am happy I purchased them, despite the price. I don’t use them every feeding; just mostly when we are going somewhere and I really, really want to keep her clothes clean. Around the house I just tuck a burp cloth under her chin.

Loraine Polvadera, NM