Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Stage 2 Easy Reach Chewther, 4Months plus

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Stage 2 Easy Reach Chewther, 4Months plus

The closer to nature stage two dual ended chewther teether is the second of four stages of teethers designed to soothe your baby through every teething stage. The teether will help with your child’s oral development in preparation for speech and feeding by supporting lip seal, muscle coordination and jaw development.

Main features

  • Self soothe – sized and shaped for your baby to stimulate and develop gums
  • Speech development – helps develop lip seal and muscle coordination for speech development
  • Progressive feeding – encourages jaw and muscle coordination appropriate for each feeding stage
  • Tooth care – textured surfaces help care for fragile new teeth

Verified reviews


my 6 mo old likes it

I like all 4 of the Tommee Tippee Chewthers. My son likes to chew on them, not just when he is teething, but any time. They aren’t his favorite thing by any means and they don’t keep him entertained for long, but they are just nice for a little extra something for him to chew on now and again.

Maura Shungnak, AK

Love it!

A friend of mine had one of these for her son and he loved it. She then got one for me, and after I fell in love with it I bought one for another friend who was expecting. The TT chewther is definitely making its rounds among my circle of friends. My son has not taken a bottle or a pacifier since day one and he began teething around 2 months. When he started teething, we discovered that he just did not like teething rings at all. The doughnut shape of teething rings just seemed awkward while he was so little. This chewther was a life saver. Even when he was tiny, he would put one whole side in his mouth and he could sit for twenty minutes just going to town chewing on it. The shape makes it easy for him to hold onto and it keeps me from worrying that any parts will go too far into his mouth. I never worried about leaving him unattended with it. Very handy little product! He’s still getting more teeth and we still carry this with us!

Isabella Vandervoort, AR

(Almost) the best teether ever!

My son loves his Sophie Giraffe teether but we were going to a wedding and didn’t want the squeaker going off. This is his next favorite. I love the two sides (one rubbery and one harder plastic) and that it is quiet and easy for his little hands to grab, its super easy to clean too.

Janis Fulton, KS

Great teether!

Gave this to our son when he was 4 months and starting to teeth. He didn’t care for it too much. I think it was too big for him at the time. We tried about a month later and then he loved it. It was the perfect size now. It’s great when his pacifier is just not enough. The only thing that could make this better were if you could attach a pacifier clip. When my son is done with it, he tends to throw it over his highchair and onto the floor. Otherwise this is great!

Lisa Spring Grove, MN

A little big!

I love the idea of this,I use the Tommee Tippee with my 5M baby boy. He wont chew on anything other then his fist and my fingers so I thought it can’t hurt to give this a try. So far he is taking to it well I have to show him what to do as he was not a binky baby.Pros- BPA free, durable, great quality, easy for baby to hold/Con- Just one its a a bit big not a good idea for the age range they are going for.

Nadine Loring, MT