Tommee Tippee Disposable Breast Pads, 50-Count

Tommee Tippee Disposable Breast Pads, 50-Count

Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature 50 Disposable Breast Pads is intuitively designed for more comfortable and discreet breast care. Comfort silky soft lining breathable pads pulls moisture away from skin. Discretion, slim shape contoured to fit, leak proof.

Main features

  • The comfort silky soft lining breathable pad pulls moisture away from skin
  • Leak proof security
  • Non slip adhesive keeps the pad in place
  • Ultra absorbent with leak proof barrier are packed in 50’s for extra value
  • They are ideal for putting in your handbag or baby’s changing bag as sealed in two’s to keep clean

Verified reviews


not the best shape for larger breasts

I don’t recommend these pads if you have large perky breasts. They’re rather flat and didn’t conform well to my breast shape causing my already sore nipples to rub on them. The tape was ineffective and the pad slipped and bunched up in my bra. After a few days I went and bought the Philips ones which fitted much more comfortably.

Candace Locust Grove, GA

I’ve tried every brand, these are the best

I’ve tried every brand out there, disposable version non. These are the best of all of them. Hold leaks great, stays in place, added cooling effect when I do leak. Love them.

Lorena Silsbee, TX

My favorite kind

I have tried several brands, and these are my favorite. I wear them all the time, and they protect enough for nighttime and aren’t visible during the day. I have recommended them to others and I will continue to do so!

Jannie Carlisle, IN


These are the best pads I have found. They are very absorbent, and they pull the moisture away from your skin.

Elvira Gordon, WI

Soft and work well

I’ve used several other breast pads (lansinoh, johnson and johnson, gerber), these by far ar my favorite. They hold up any leaks (never leaked out), soft and I like they are packaged as a set versus indiviudally as sometimes I am on the run and I like to keep these in my purse and its nice that they are packaged together as a set.

Georgia Hope, MN

The Best!

Very absorbent, not bulky, adhere to bra or clothing if you peel the back strip off, keeps the milk away from you= no wet feeling. Not lumpy in clothing. Wrapped in pairs.I have seen these pads and other tommee tippee products and my local Ross store- 50 count for $5….

Geraldine Bluford, IL


I’ve tried Johnson’s and Lansinoh as well, but these Tommee Tippee are my favorite disposable pads.They come sealed in pairs, which is so handy to just throw a few packs in your purse or diaper bag, they stick just the perfect amount without being difficult to remove or shift, they are very soft, and DANG they hold an insane amount of milk before they feel full or damp. I also love that they don’t make much of a crinkly noise. Definitely my favorites, and I keep ordering them!However, I did want to try reusable pads as well, so if you’re curious, I found all the diaper cotton reusable pads to be too labor-intensive (you have to wash them after every time they get wet, so you either have to own a bazillion, or you have to do laundry all the time! So I finally found a reusable option that works: LANAcare organic wool pads, specifically the Ekstra version. Wool has antibacterial properties, so you only have to wash the pads about once ever 2-4 weeks or so, so I own three pairs of the reusable pads, and that’s plenty! It’s very handy! They are expensive, but read the reviews and check out they’re website, because if it sounds like a fit for your lifestyle, THEY ARE WELL WORTH IT. I use the wool pads at night and whenever I’m at home, but I prefer to use these Tommee Tippee disposables for when I’m at work during the day, just because the Tommee Tippee have never ever leaked, while the wool pads have occasionally leaked a bit, and I just don’t want to risk it when I’m at work!Oh, but also note, if I couldn’t use these Tommee Tippee as my disposable choice for some reason, I would definitely use Lansinoh before I used Johnson’s again. Johnson’s is awkwardly curved with a weird nipple protrusion, and feels wet/full much faster than these Tommee Tippee ones do.

Lavonne Clay Center, NE

Worst pads I tried

I was so disappointed in these pads. I had used Lansinoh nursing pads and they were wonderful, so I thought these would be too. Unfortunately, they leaked on me! This happened a couple different times. I’m usually one who will just suffer through so I don’t waste the product I’ve already bought but I had to just stop using them, leaving at least half a box.

Shelia Webster, IA